Love For The Fellas: Chapter 4, Taken

I woke up in the morning smelling the sweet smell of Colombian coffee being brewed. Being half Colombian myself, I naturally love they type of coffee. Having dramatic ass around is pretty cool, he knows the right of coffee to make. I just wish he would let Bryce do his job for once. I’m not paying him to lounge in my pool cause Clark wants to do everything. I guess asshole didn’t have much help around other than some crazy old nanny bitch. But Clark said he was to have some independence in his life. With my genie I honestly didn’t need Clark or Bryce to do work around the house but I didn’t want to be alone. That’s why I have Bryce in the first place. I guess I didn’t need him so much now I guess. But I like his massages so I’ll keep him. I’ll get sore a lot from dancing so I do need him after all.

Dramatic ass is always cheery in the morning and wants to chat. After my first cup of coffee I need another one with vodka. I can’t deal with his friendly ass this early in the day.



“How do you like the coffee? I always wanted to try Colombian coffee.”

“It’s good, smart choice you made so far. Needs more vodka.”

“Vodka, this early?”

“I’m a Montigo, we don’t care about time.”





“Cece, I was wondering if I could borrow your laptop to make a profile for a dating site. I’m a little shy on meeting women and want to give a dating site a shot.”





“A dating site? That’s for socially awkward losers who are too butt ugly to meet anyone and they live with their mama. Sure you can use  my laptop.”




“Are you implying that I’m a socially awkward butt ugly loser? However I don’t live with my mama. I want to try something new in hopes of meeting a nice lady. I would love to start my own family one day or you rather have me live with you forever?”





“Maybe Clark. Why don’t we hit up  that one bar here in this town?”

“I couldn’t really do the bar scene. I don’t know how to approach a lady.”

“Just buy her a drink and she knows to put out. Bar women are easy.”

“I’m not looking for a quick lay, Cece. I’m looking for a soul mate. Someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with.”

“Sounds gay.”

“It’s not, Celsia. Have you ever been in love?”

“That depends on your definition of love.”

“Ever had someone who you believe you couldn’t live without? Someone who makes your heart skip a beat when you see them? Someone who makes you feel whole?”

“I feel that way about vodka and grape soda.”

“You’re hopeless, sis.”




I’m gonna hate it when or if Clark finds true love. I bet he’ll be all lovey dovey and more annoying than he is right now. I guess I could help this poor fool out. I let him use my laptop so he could join a dating site.




“What do you think about my profile now?”

“You’re lying about the being brave part. You’re afraid of the dark and ghost.”

“I need to tweak my profile a bit so ladies would find me appealing.”

“Liars are appealing.”

“It’s a little lie, I bet they won’t remember that part.”

“Yes they will when they see a roach and want you to kill it. Your bitch ass would run and cry.”

“I would not. I could be brave for my lady.”

“Yeah right.”



I sent out some random invites about my mini strip club. Men were showing up and I was getting excited about it. I didn’t know this many men would show up just to see me dance for them. I knew I was about to get paid. Clark didn’t like this one bit and stayed in his room the whole time. I didn’t care, he knew this would be happening time to time.




I did all my best moves and the dollars were coming my way quick. But I found myself not feeling so good like I was about to throw up. I’m still praying to the toilets but not so much. I told the guys that I needed a little break and I would be back.




I ran to the bathroom cause I was about to blow chunks again. Bryce was cleaning the sink when I came running in.

“Not feeling well Miss Montigo? How may I assist you? Do you need some water and crackers for your stomach?”

“No Bryce, I just need a dirty martini and I’ll be fine.”




As I waited for my dirty martini, I notice this one fairy guy by the bar. He’s not bad looking and I never been with a fairy boy before. I wonder how good fairy men are in bed? He mumbling to himself about some girl named Nova and was looking around like he was looking for someone. He walked away before I got to say anything to him. I hope he isn’t no crazy ex boyfriend type stalker. Is this Nova chick some ex lover of his? Whatever, I hope I run into him again.




After finishing my drink, I return dancing for the night for the guys. The night was a success and I made 2 grand that night. Maybe I should open every night if I’ll make 2 grand a night.




As men left, I found Travis staying in my foyer  He looked a bit displeased or sad, I really couldn’t tell. He told me he was returning Sunlit Tides because his mother is very ill and needs him. He didn’t know how long he would be gone but wanted me to know where he was going. He didn’t want me to think that he was avoiding me. I think it’s sweet but unnecessarily. It’s not were dating or anything.




The next morning I felt like I was hit by a train. I couldn’t tell if I was hungover or this random sickness is acting up again. I looked at my clock and it was it was almost 1 PM. I slept in late today. It’s okay, it’s not like I needed to be anywhere.




“Good morning sleepy head or should I say good afternoon.”

“Shut up dramatic ass, I’m in no mood.”

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m making you a fresh batch of coffee since you’re up now. That batch is no good.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“You’re a grouch today. I guess you wouldn’t want to go to the spring fest?”

“We can, just give me a few hours to sober up. I feel like shit.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”



It was near sunset before I was ready to head out with Clark to the spring fest. Maybe I’ll meet some guys there. I haven’t been to the fest yet and I hope it isn’t lame. I wonder if they serve vodka there? I could use some right about now. I still feel like shit but better from when I woke up.




I tried out the kissing booth, I know I would have guys lining up just to kiss these tasty lips of mine. So far I’m seeing this teenage boys here. I see them looking my way but I’m not kissing no stupid boy. These lips are for men. Grown ass, manly men. Dramatic went on a easter egg hunt so he’s so not a manly man.




“Any second now, men. No little punk ass boys who live with mama!”



“Hi pink hair guy. What’s your named? I’m Anne.”

“My name is Clark. I’m new in town.”

“I can tell.”

“May I ask why you’re dressed like that?”

“I’m hiding.”

“Oh, are you in some kind of trouble?”

“No, I’m just hiding from the aliens.”





“Yes! Aliens! They are watching us and waiting to abduct us all and implant alien babies in us.”

“So dressing like that will prevent aliens from finding you?”

“Yes! I think you should disguise yourself too. They aliens will get you if you don’t!”

“I highly doubt that.”

“I’m not taking my chances with those green creeps out there. You’ve been warned Clark!”

“Um, okay.”




When we got home, I wanted to try out on a massage on dramatic ass. If I’m good then maybe this could be my other income. Massage men then fuck em like the Asians too. My genie happy ending would be the best!




“This really hurts.”

“You’re just a wimpy ass!”

“No really, Cece. It hurts! Maybe you should take some classes before you try this.”

“Whatever! You’re just a wimpy dramatic ass!”




“What the berry is that? Is that… that… a… UFO? Is the crazy lady right?”





“Oh my stars! the crazy lady was right! What if a alien baby is implanted like my brothers Serpent and Borage?!”




“Tixxis knows you are a Gelman.”

“Wait, are you my niece Bobbi’s mother?”

“Tixxis is Bobbi’s mother.”

“Why did you take me?”

“Tixxis knows Gelmans make good hosts.”

“Host as in carrying a alien baby like you made Serpent do?”

“Tixxis must go now. Tixxis will come back.”




“Hope it isn’t true.. I hope I’m not a host for alien baby like my brothers were. Oh no. What do I do?”





Dear Serpent,

I was just abducted by a alien tonight and it was your alien, Tixxis who took me. She said something about Gelmans make greats hosts. I fear that I might been implanted with a alien baby like you had. I don’t know what to do. I sure hope I’m not pregnant with a alien baby like you were. I do want kids but this wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. I am afraid of what will happen next. Tixxis said she will be back. What does that mean? Talk to her, tell her to stop. – Clark



“What are you doing, dramatic ass?”

“Sending my brother a email.”

“Is he hot? Wait is he my brother too?”


“Damn. Do you have any other hot brothers who aren’t my brother too?”

“My mother had a bunch of kids.”

“Your parents are both whores.”

“Hey! Dad is your dad too. Don’t talk about my mother like that. I wouldn’t say that about yours.”

“I disown that asshole.”

“Why do you dislike our dad?”

“Cause he’s a ho daddy like your mom! Ho mama.”

“Stop talking about my mother!”




“Cece, would it be okay if I stayed in here just for tonight?”


“I was abducted by aliens tonight and she said she would be back for me.”

“You wanted a soul mate, there ya go.”

“I don’t believe she wants to date me. She wants to implant a alien baby if she haven’t already. Can I stay in here? You’re bossy and mean, you’ll probably scare her off.”




“I guess you can stay in here, wimpy dramatic ass. I’ll protect ya from the big bad alien lady.”

“Thank you Celsia.”

“Yeah whatever. If you fart, then I’m kicking your ass out.”





We watched some TV before Clark fell asleep as I protect him from the scary alien lady. I wish Clark would grow some balls but he is my little brother after all. I guess I could do the big sister thing every once in a while. I like sharing my bed but only with a sexy man who isn’t my brother!




By morning I saw dramatic ass was still sleeping in my bed. Those aliens got him shaken up a bit. What the fuck did they do to him? I can’t have him crawling in bed with me every time he’s abducted. They better not come after me!

10 thoughts on “Love For The Fellas: Chapter 4, Taken

  1. LMAO! I love the dynamic with these two. Looks like we got all the Queen kids paired up between us: Clark/Cece, Devon/Scarab, Serpent/Carrie. Well, at least they won’t be lonely now. :3

    I’m still reading up on the Frost Rainbowcy, but I could swear the fairy guy is one of the brothers from the first generation (and maybe second gen, but I haven’t read that far yet, lol)

    I’ll get an email out from Serpent whenever I get back in that game. I still have a few things I want to do with Elena before I jump around again.

    • They all ended up with a sib they didn’t grow up with haha.
      The fairy guys is from the Frost Rainbowcy. I haven’t read it, most took a glance at a few chapters. I’m not really into rainbowcy. At first I thought they were cool but now I’m not “meh”. I know JB’s is done differently unlike most rainbowcies with the cutesy sweet names like Cherry Bubblepop Cream and everything is berry this berry that. I started to find it annoying and lost interest. I have a few berries that will pop up in the risquecies but they have non rainbowcy names.

      • lol, yep.

        haha, I know, the names can be kind of weird. I do get bugged when an author comments a lot on how weird the Berryfied names are when they’re doing a Rainbowcy, especially when their founders are Berries themselves. I mean, the Berries wouldn’t think the names are weird. I don’t really have a problem with the names themselves personally as I do tend to name my sims in strange ways as well. Maybe for a name scheme I’ll have some of Elena’s kids be named according to their colors. 😛 For kicks.

        Oh, and if you want Clark to reply to the email I have Serpent send in-story, maybe we should cook up an email chain before I post another Crime chapter. When Bobbi ages to child a few years will have passed and I’m not sure where your story will be time-wise when I’ve posted. It just seems weird to not reply to an email for years, lol.

        • I find berry names a bit difficult to come up with. When I had one for a short time they were mainly named after something that was the same color as them and their last name was a fruit. They pretty much had first names like any other sim would have. There was Allure, Star, Jupiter, Sunny, Ruby, Emerald, Phoenix, and Concord. I made Sunny into a fairy and she’s a part of Borage’s fairy harem. My other berry fairy is named Aurora.
          As for my timeline, this abduction happen a few weeks after Clark left LP. After the births, 6 months would had gone by.

      • Yes my Rainbowcy is really more of a fantasy elemental basis for the color pulling in a lot of mythological and legendary creatures. If you don’t like fantasy its probably not your cup of tea so to speak. lol. Yes that is Nevelle. When he went through the mirror portal he ended up in Moonlight Falls and traveled around a bit working on his plans.

  2. Fairy harem? This should be interesting. ahaha

    I actually like those names. 😀 I was lazy with Elena and didn’t bother with Berryfyiing her name. Though her grandfather is named Porfirio, which means purple. x)

    I didn’t mention it, but I loved the exchange about Elena being a ho mama. lol! Cece ain’t far off.

    Mkay, thanks for the info. 🙂

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