Love For The Ladies: Chapter 36, First Kiss

Having this extra kid around started to made L2 come home sooner. I wonder where does he go after school. I would love to believe he’s out getting with ladies but I know that’s not true. I bet he was out doing his nerd shit like he always do. I want to go upside his head sometimes. He’s disappointing me bad.

“Ash, would you like to play a game of chess with me?”

“Sure L2.”

See there he go, doing nerd shit. What guy asks a female to play some nerd game? Only a nerd. I’m disappointed in him.




“I’m glad that you invited me to play chess with you. I kinda like staying here with you family but I don’t think your dad likes me very well.”





“My dad is a idiot, you just have to ignore anything he say most of the time. I’m sure he doesn’t mean any harm, he’s just a idiot. I think it’s kinda cool that you’re staying here. We get to hang out more.”





“Here is a lot better than my home. So you wanted to hang out with me?”

“Sure, we use to hang out a lot when we were kids. What happen?”


“Ha ha ha, I guess that’s true.”

“This is fun and all-“

“You wanna do something else?”

“Like what?”

“Watch the stars?”





“This is kinda nice. I can’t say I ever took the time to watch the stars. It’s something I was always curious about.”


“Yeah.. The night sky looks so beautiful. I’ve never noticed.”

“I notice something beautiful…”

“Like what, Ash?”










“Your hand.. It’s-“

“You want me to move it?”

“Um.. no.. I kinda like it.”

“If you’re not comfortable-“

“It’s fine Ash, really.”




“Check that out.”

“It tickle and zoomed away fast. Could it be a UFO?”

“Maybe. I think it’s my step mom Fayon, probably stalking my dad.”

“I thought your dad was married to Lois?”

“They are engaged.”

“But you said you have a step mom, so is your dad married already?”

“Yeah, it’s complicated.”




“I think we should get ready for bed now.”

“It’s a hour away.”

“I know but I like to get prepare.”

“Prepare before bed? What do you need to do first?”

“I umm.. I- uhhh..”




“Well what is it? You can tell me, L2. More homework?”





“No.. I just think we should go inside and get ready. I don’t wish to upset Lois. Plus I sometimes help with the little ones with their bedtime.”





“Ashley… You kissed me..”

“You didn’t like it?”









“Hey kid, let me see your candy.”





“Nope! It’s mine now, you little brat! You don’t need this anyway.”





“My yum yum! Give back!”





“I’m sorry Junior. You can have your candy back.”

“My yum yum, Bora.”





“You’re a cute little uncle. Daddy named you wrong. Silly daddy, this is your brother.”


“No daddy is your big brother. Your mama is a cheating whore.”

“Cheating whore?”

“Yep, that’s right little uncle. Your mama fucked my Papa and is pinning you on daddy. We can’t tell my daddy the truth yet. It’s a secret.”


“Yeah that’s when you kept your trap close or I’ll ease your memory. But you’re just a baby. You won’t remember this.”

“I’m the baby.”






I went to go check out the club that was about to go under. I liked the place so far. I think I just may open a strip club or something. I love my lady but I still like looking at other naked females. There’s no harm in just looking, right?





I met up with the current owner and we discussed about some things. I told him that I was interest in buying this club and possibly turning it into a strip club or something. He liked my idea and hopes that I’m serious about buying the place. He’s a new father to twins and wants to relocate his family to Sunset Valley.





“I think I can do something good here. Nice size and all.”

“I hope you are wanting to buy it. Business wasn’t doing so well. I bet you could bring new life to this place.”

“I might be able to. I wouldn’t make this into a private club. Maybe that’s your issue.”

“I felt this way would keep out the trouble makers. Maybe it was too private..”





“Are you ready to make a offer on this place now?”

“I want to but I should talk to my lady first.”

“She isn’t gonna let you. Trust me, I’m married. Ha ha ha.”

“Well it’s my money, if I wanna buy it then I’m gonna.”

“Sure, then you’re sleeping on the couch, son.”

“I’m gonna run the idea by her then I’ll get back with you.”

“Okay, I hope she’s more willing than my wife.”




After visiting the other club that could be mine someday, I headed to work. I did my usual, ordering a bunch of drinking before hand. I like to be pretty wasted before playing. I believe I mix better when I’m drunk.

“Hey Tyrone, let me get a gin and tonic. Make it a double. I can’t be sober when I work.”

“For the last time, my name is Brian not Tyrone.”

“Whatever Tyrone, just get me  my drink.”

“How many fuckin’ times I gotta tell you that my name isn’t Tyrone!”

“Well I think Brian is a stupid name, Tyrone.”




“I said make it a double, Tyrone. My drink is weak like your real name.”

“It’s a double, Borage!”

“No, this shit won’t get me where I wanna go.”


“No, to your mama’s bedroom.”

“What did you say about my mama?”

“She makes better drinks than you.”

“Go do your job asshole.”

“Do yours better.”




It was music time and I got behind my booth, mixing sweet music for the fine ladies mostly. It felt good being behind my booth once again. I miss DJing every night but it’s been cut down to just the weekends because of the kids. Once they get older, I can return to every night. Yeah it’s less time with my lady but more time doing something that I love and miss. My journey to super starness is on a slow start but I hope one day I can get back on this.




The crowd was feeling the beats I was playing that night. I notice a eyes from some lovely ladies were on me. I was feeling good knowing they were checking me out and all. Hey they can’t help themselves when I’m in the room. I got that magic that all the ladies want.




There was one certain lady there with stunning green eyes. I never seen eyes like that. She didn’t smile much but she couldn’t keep her eyes off me. I would pretend that I wasn’t looking at her and I would see her slowly crack a smile but when she notice that I’m looking at her, she stops. I wonder what’s going on in your her. I kinda wanna chat with her for a little bit.





I was about to switch to auto DJ so I could take a little break and hopefully chat with that green eyed lady but I saw her take off before I left my booth. Damn. Where she go? I hope I’ll see her again. I like a little mystery.





I happen to see a face that I haven’t seen in a long time. It was Bruce-Lee’s mama, China doll or whatever her name was. I wonder what’s she doing here, eyeing me down like I’m a eggroll.




“Hey Borage, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. How you been doing lately?”





“Pretty good. Remember that baby I put in you about 16  going on 17 years ago and you ran out on? When am I going to get some child support from it? You own me big time, Hentai.”





“You still don’t know my name.. It’s Sonoko for the last time. I know I shouldn’t had ran off on my son. I regret it everyday, but you made me so mad back then. How is our son doing? Does he ask about me?”





“Fine I guess. He haven’t asked about since he was 10. You knew what the deal was a long time ago. I wasn’t ready to be with anyone. I know you couldn’t help yourself and craved this delicious genie dick but you couldn’t have me all to yourself. Anyway, what brings you around now?”




“I’m divorced now, and I lost my house in a fire. I wonder if it’s possible if I could stay with you. By time, I can reconnect with our son. I miss him so much. Please Borage… May I stay with you for a week at least. I won’t stay long.”




“Since you’re BL’s mom, I guess. Not sure if Lois would like it but hey.. you’re my kid’s mom so it should be okay.”

“Thanks Borage. This means a lot to me. Wanna do some shots?”

“I see why not. I never turn down shots.”




After we did some shots and had a few drinks, we started to dance. I was enjoying myself for the first time in while. I don’t remember that last time I got to dance like it’s no tomorrow. I had fun doing this with Lani. It felt good doing this again. I just Lois was willing to do more with me.





But then this happen….





I was stunned for a moment. She kissed me. It felt nice. I mean real nice. I forgot how amazing BL’s mom kisses were. I wasn’t sure what to do in the moment. I wouldn’t mind if Anime wrapped her lips around my magic stick but I gotta remember. I’m with Lois now.

“Hey… I’m with my lady now.. You can’t be kissing on me like this. I know you want the magic but the magic is for my lady now.”




“Borage, what she don’t know won’t hurt her. I see you’re remembering how I was. I am your first. Your first kiss, your first fuck, I taught you everything you know, I made you into the type of love you are today. They way I see it, you own me. Remember all things I did with my mouth on your genie stick. Remember? I miss your magic, maybe I can refresh your memory.”





“Yeah and I also remember how you hated me and stop doing those freaky things with me.”





“I’m sorry Borage. I don’t hate you now. Let me make it up to you.”

“I’m not fucking you. You’re cut off from the magic.”

“Borage, do you really mean that?”


“So no blow job?”

“Well.. Maybe just this once.”





I kissed her. I don’t know why, but I kissed her. I couldn’t control myself when I was around her. I thought I had better control on my hormones but I didn’t tonight. I had Tamagotchi followed me into the mensroom so  and gave her a mouth full of my genie awesomeness. It felt good exploding my genie cream over all Mulan’s face.  She smiled with delight and licked my cream off of her lips. That kinda turned me on and she had another taste of me. When it was all over, we headed home. She wanted to follow me to my bed but I told her about Lois.

I showed her the room she could stay in for a week. As I was about to leave she grabs my arm then pushes me on the bed to give my magic stick another tongue massage with a happy ending. It was almost dawn and I knew I needed to head to bed soon. I cleaned myself up and got into bed with Lois. 3 blow jobs in one night. Wow. It’s not cheating if it’s just head, right? Lois might not forgive me this time, especially since I let her finish me off 3 times. I don’t know what’s going on with me. Am I turning back?





“Yes Borage, return to yourself. Having you all lovey dovey is annoying. You’re better off without that slut Lois. If we can’t tell you the truth about Junior then maybe returning you to your true self will break you and the whore up. I’ll do anything at this point to rid Lois from this house. Even if I’m helping with your stupid mission. I just might let you remember your night with Diamond Flare. She had your twins and was fond over you. I don’t see why, you’re a douche.”

6 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 36, First Kiss

  1. lol, this chapter made me laugh, I feel bad that Borage is being brainwashed but I also think Lois should be honest with him considering he’s been honest with her to this point. Really good chapter, it’s nice to see a bit of the old Borage back.

    • He’s slowly but surely getting back to his old self. He just needs a little push 😉 Luna the one who erase Diamond from his memory (cause she doesn’t want him to reach his goal) does miss her old daddy. She’ll never admit it lol However she hates Lois and wants to get rid of her. Luna is tapping into her powers and controlling him a little. Unlike Pedro, Luna does give him some free will 😉

  2. Ahahaha! I love Luna. Looks like she’s got Bora Bora in on the game. Why the heck didn’t I think of that? They ARE twins, after all. I guess Bora Bora would be the one on swearing duty and Luna handles the bigger master plan. XD

    Ash and L2 are surprisingly sweet and calm in this sea of crazy turbulence. :3 Of course, Mordecai’s around. Might not be that sweet and soothing for long. XD

    Oh, I’ve been wondering, I can’t remember the last time we saw Bruce-Lee in the story. Is he at boarding school? I sort of forgot what he looks like, lol.

    Someone oughta take a newspaper and whack Borage like a werewolf. Yes. It. Is. Cheating. Dumb. A. XD

    • Bora Bora naturally dislikes Lois because of PC. Yeah they are twins but Luna is more in tune with her powers than Bora Bora, she’s starting to use them.
      Ash and L2 are fun to play with. Young love is cute but will Borage like it? haha.
      Bruce is still in the house none of the kids other than the aliens left. Bruce is just in the background but will appear shortly.
      Borage is Borage, he doesn’t know any better lol

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