Love For The Ladies: Chapter 35, Life goes on

Greta finally shown up after being M.I.A. for some time. I was curious of where have she been this whole time. She told me how she was enjoying herself for once with traveling and such. She likes caring for kids but wanted some time for herself. I guess a month would be fine but almost 2 years? I got new babies now and they need a need a nanny. Then she said she was just dropping by to check on their before going on another cruise with a friend of hers. I’m like, you kinda have a job here ya know? You’re only dropping by to check in on things? What the fuck am I paying you for then? She told me that it looks like I have everything under control and how I didn’t need her services anymore. She figure since with Lois staying here and most of my kids are teens, I would be fine.




“I have 3 little ones now. Isn’t that enough to make you stay?”

“You’re doing fine Borage. You don’t need me that much now. Your little ones have their mother here. My services aren’t needed.”

“Lois is wanting to go back to working at the hospital but with the small ones…”

“Lois will find a way. Most parents without  nannies do. But I do have a favor to ask of you.”


“Would you take in my friend’s granddaughter? There’s trouble at home and my friend doesn’t feel her granddaughter should stay. We are going on a cruise for a year and her granddaughter shouldn’t be left home alone for that long.”

“I dunno.”

“After all I have done for you..”

“Fine Greta..”




The girl’s name is Ashley Woods, she’s already friends with some of my kids. I remember her hanging out with L2 a lot they there kids. He liked her and I told him she’s hag, he needed to crush on a prettier girl. I guess Ashley is okay now but still, L2 need to get with hotter chicks than her. He has my good looks so it’s not like he can’t find a hot lady. He’s still wasting those good looks I gave him on those damn books he keeps reading. I was unsure about letting this girl stay but Greta has done so much for me.

“I promise I won’t be a burden on you, Mr. Montigo-Gelman.”

“Just call me Borage.”


“I’m glad you agreed to this, Borage. Ashley is a wonder child.”




“So there’s no way you’ll come back?”

“Well there’s a way, Borage. If you agree to be the father of my child.. Pedro visited me and extended my time to have a baby.”

“Greta, you know I won’t do that.”

“Okay, if for whatever reason you ended up with a bunch of babies again and all alone. I will come back. You don’t need me now. Besides, it’s good for you to care for your own kids.”


“I see one of your babies need you.”

“That’s Lotus Rae.”




I went to attend to Lotus as Greta settles Ashley in and say her good byes to the kids. I wish she would stay so Lois could return to work. I guess maybe Greta should have her own life. Can’t believe that she still wants my baby. Maybe having her go is a good thing then. It’s no way in hell, I’m hooking up with a old lady. Gross. If she was 60 years younger, then maybe.




“So you’re staying with us for a year?”

“Yep, issues at home. My grandma said I would be better off anywhere than at home.”

“What’s going on?”

“I’m not suppose to say. And I rather not say.”

“Oh okay. It’s cool.”




“So where is L2 at?”

“Probably studying at the library. Daddy hates seeing him be smart.”

“Don’t all parents want to see their kids smart?”

“Not daddy. He wants L2 to study a female’s body instead of books.”

“That’s strange.”

“Not with daddy. The boys all gotta be ladies men like him. Or like he was.. Why ask about L2?”


“Yeah right, you like him or something?”





“Maybe you should like another boy. My son would be settling with you.”

“Settling? What on earth do you mean?”

“My son has my good looks, he’ll just be wasting it if he doesn’t get with hotter girls.”

“You’re saying I’m ugly?”

“No, you’re average. My son can get with much hotter girls. He may lack my genie magic but he still got my looks.”

“That’s kinda harsh, Borage..”

“It’s the truth. You’re better off with another boy than L2.”

“Daddy you’re being mean!”

“No baby cake, I’m just honest.”

“Maybe he’s right, PC. L2 doesn’t see me more than a friend.”





“Dad has been mixing drinks since he was 7. Maybe I should start on it on. I think bar tend in my own club and give all the ladies with nice boobs free drinks. Then they’ll be so drunk and show them too me. I’ll be in boob heaven. That’s what I’ll do! I hope I can mix drinks as good as dad. I wonder would my mom think? Ahh who cares, she walked out of life without saying bye.”





“I gotta a lot work to do. This drink is terrible.”





“What the fuck are you eating? This pizza is good.”

“Burnt mac n’ cheese.”


“Cause I didn’t want to hurt Lois’ feelings.”

“Who cares about terrible cooking. She’s so lame like her lame daughter.”

“Why do you hate PC so much?”





“Maybe cause she’s a stuck up bitch.”

“You’re just mad cause daddy don’t like you.”

“Shut up brat! At least I wasn’t abandoned  by my other parent. Your mom couldn’t stand your hag face, Mimi.”

“Hey! That’s not true!”

“Yeah huh!”




“That’s cool that you’re staying with us. So you single?”

“Yeah why ask?”

“Just wondering.”

“I do like someone in this house.”

“Does his name start with a M and ends a I?”


“That’s too bad for you.”




“Ash has nice boobs. I wonder if I can get a little touch.”





“Mordecai! What are you trying to do?!”

“Uh nothing..”





“Were trying to touch my breast?!”

“No..maybe.. Do you want me to?”





“No! I do not want you to touch my breast.”

“Not even a little squeeze? Those are nice, Ash.”

“Thanks but NO Mordecai! What’s wrong with you.”

“Nothing. What’s wrong with you? Can a guy get a little feel?”

“Get out of my face…”





“Dad, I don’t understand. I did what you said and she still won’t let me touch her boobs!”





“Yum yums.”






“BORAGE! Did you feed Junior cake for dinner?!”


“He cannot have cake for dinner!”

“Why not? He likes it.”




“Junior, you’ll be starting preschool soon so I gotta teach you how to speak to ladies correctly. I know you’re not a genie but you can still say, “Wanna see some magic? It’s in my pants.””






“Look kid, don’t disappoint your daddy! Try again.”






“See magic in pants!”





“That’s my boy! Daddy is proud.”

“Magic pants.”

“Yep, you have magic in your pants, for the ladies.”





“Now you when you see your mama, you say, “Pretty mama.””
















“I should slap you for that. Don’t call your mama a slut. She’s a perfect lady, not a slut. Who taught you that?”


“Then I’m gonna slap her…”





“Boragio, can you say mama?”


“No Boragio, don’t ever say that again. Say mama.”

“Tits, mama.”

“Boragio no! Let’s try something else. Say nose. It’s what you have.”





“Genie dick.”





“I am going to kill Borage and Mordecai.”





I got yelled at for telling Boragio about his genie dick. But hey, he gotta know what he has ya know. Lotus so far haven’t said vulgar yet. She’s a girl and I’m easier on her. I’m teaching my little cupcake to be a lady while my boys will be future ladies men like I was once was. I gotta admit that I do miss my old life in some ways. That doesn’t mean I don’t like my life now. It’s perfect.





“How is my little girl? Did you miss your mommy?”





“Shut up. Whore.”


Never mind, I guess Lotus is as vulgar as her brothers. Lois was angry after what Lotus said and instantly blamed me for it. I didn’t teach Lotus no such thing. Lois and I fought about the issue and thinks everything vulgar thing my kids say is my fault. It might be half true but she forgets about my teenage kids. I notice Luna had taken a lot of interest in Lotus lately. I have a strong feeling she could of been the one who taught Lotus that plus she taught Junior to call Lois a slut instead of mama. I grounded Luna for that. After school Luna takes Lotus into her room since I grounded her.

I made Luna return Lotus back into her playroom. I don’t want Luna teaching her anymore stuff. But Lotus cries and follows Luna. I can’t stand hearing my cupcake cry like that. She seems attached to Luna. So I let Luna take her with her. Then I notice Lotus is starting to have a dislike towards her mom. Whenever she’s upset, Lois tries to comfort her but Lotus isn’t having it. Luna seems to be the only one who can comfort her.  Why isn’t my cupcake not bonding with her own mom but with her sister instead?  Lois questions it but I just left it alone. If Luna is what make cupcake happy then let it be. I do whatever to keep her happy. Of course Lois isn’t happy about it and wants me to get to the bottom of it. She wonders if Luna is brainwashing  with her alien magic. PC is usually in the room and she say nothing weird goes on. Luna just plays with cupcake and let her finger paint. I see nothing wrong with it but Lois wants it to stop. I un grounded Luna and she takes her outside to play. Lois was angry at me for letting Luna off the hook. We fought again, but Luna is my kid and if I decide she’s off the hook then what I say go. Luna isn’t hurting her. She just likes the kid. I don’t believe Luna is using alien magic to turn cupcake against like Lois does. My cupcake could never hate her own mom, cupcake just has favorites like her daddy. Nothing evil is going on. Lois isn’t convinced but I think she’s overreacting.

11 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 35, Life goes on

    • Greta is crazy LOL. I think it will be a on going thing of him teaching the kids to talk for now on. The readers seem to enjoy that lol

      • Yes the teaching to talk stuff is some of your funniest stuff usually. Oh and re Dove (since I can’t remember where you commented on her) I think its the slob trait I needed for the resort with the burping and farting thing. lol. I’m actually revamping her a bit and putting her with another dark counterpart called Raven and put them in Celine and Des file. I’ll put the revamped Dove and Raven up soon as I finish them if you want to use either or both instead of the version of her you have now. ( I decided to take out a few of the sims I made since it will get too laggy once I start adding in guests and visitors per the new EP)

  1. You know I’ve seen wwaaayyyyy too many kids movies when all I can think of is Nanny McPhee while Borage and Greta are talking. o.O At least up until the have my baby bit.
    Had a good laugh over Mordecai’s ‘do you want me to?’

  2. Toddler-training with the Montigo-Gelmans = hilarious and way more interesting than the average toddler teaching. I think Luna might be teaching the kiddos what their mom is since Borage refuses to listen and she thinks he might listen if he hears it from his kids and brother. Or she’s just doing it to be evil. Then again, in this household they’re gonna pick up those words pretty fast. XD

    I did notice they seem a bit more verbal than usual, which lends credence to Lois’ theory about them being brainwashed. XD

    Oh yeah. Has Greta been drinking? I have to wonder how bad Ash’s home life is that Greta thinks she’s better off at Borage’s house, of all places. Ahaha.

    • Luna isn’t allowed to tell Borage the truth under Pedro’s orders. Luna obeys Pedro over Borage cause she only see Pedro as her parent. Since she can’t say anything, she’s trying to find ways to let the secret out without her telling Borage herself. So Luna focuses on the toddlers. In chapter 36, you’ll see Luna is taking matters into her own hands now.

  3. Greta is back. Still after Borage to give he a baby.
    Mordecai and Ash too funny.
    Borage teaching the kids early
    all the kids seem to have potty mouth.
    Luna is up to something?

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