Camp Tigo 2 ISBI: Day 7

Borage: I’m not a dart board!

Anson: My bad.




Who could this be?




Lucille: You worn me out.

Dragan: I’m just getting started.





Lucille goes into labor. Others cared.





Take a break!





Borage: I can’t control my hand. It wants to choke you, brat.




Borage: Just kidding.





Borage: Don’t put his mom is my story cause I don’t wanna bring this one home. I have enough ya know.

Don’t tempt me.




Carrie: We didn’t do anything.

Seth: Just taking some photos.




Malix: Don’t ever cheat on me like that harlot did with my cousin. In fact stay away from my cousin.

Selene: I’ll try.




Rosette: Gimme some loving or die.

Quincy: You have it but don’t threaten me!




Anson teaches Orion how to walk. He finally rolled that wish.




Borage: Love that chicken from Popeye’s!

Seth: Then order some and move out the way. I need to refuel for more fucking.




Lucille and Dragan’s daughter, Makayla.




Isaiah being cute.




Orion learned to walk.




Malix: I wanna put a baby in you.

Selene: Okay.




Borage: I wanna put some magic in you.

Lucille: I’ve been waiting for the magic.




Makayla likes her bubble bath.




Borage: Girl when I get done with you, you gonna be walking funny for a week.

Lucille: All talk, no magic.

Borage: It’s coming.




Borage: SHAZAAM!




Does this thing work? Gimme food!




This is some garlic.





This is my knife.





And a little drop of this and we got……..









Borage: Will you go sleep in the sleeping bags. I need to rock with my brat.




I’m gonna teach you how to pimp walk like your daddy.




Why aren’t you walking?




Malix: Will you 2 move. I need to pee or I’ll just pee on you both.




I need more magic!





Borage: That chair is mocking me!

Selene: I hate being pregnant.

Isela: …….




Borage: I’ll bitch slap you back to Bangkok if you keep mocking me, chair.

Selene: I hate this couch.





Borage: I’m watching you.

Selene: I hate being pregnant on this couch.

Isela: I’m a statue.








Rosette: Which one of you nasty fuckers peed on the floor?

Carrie: It wasn’t me.




Get out. I need to pee.




Anyone watching?




Ahhhhhh. This feels good.




Ugh.. I feel sleepy.




You idiot!




OMG! Borage are you okay?!




No, Lucille. I think I landed in a pile of herpes.




I need food!




Someone put a demon seed baby in me.





I’m stuck.




Come watch the sunset with me, sexy lady who is reading this. I’ll give you some magic afterwards





I can’t get this to work.

You’re a idiot. A sexy idiot.





Okay stinky kid, don’t pee on me or I will go upside your pretty little head. Understand?





What did I just tell you?!




Arna got 2 others to join him. I’m gonna slap you Arna if you don’t do something else other than watch TV!




Selene: I wanna have 100 babies with you!

Malix: Help! Take me away from her! She’s talking crazy now!




This isn’t what I had in mind!!!





I am king.




They didn’t even use lube…




I swear if you don’t use the sleeping bag!

4 thoughts on “Camp Tigo 2 ISBI: Day 7

  1. Labor freak out funny.
    Borage with the the kid cute
    the toddler spam pictures are all cute.
    Malix being evil when those two were making out.
    Borage and the chair funny.
    Funny when toddlers pee on other sims.

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