Love For The Fellas: Chapter 3, Meet & Greet

I was curious about the people who lived across the street from me. My dumb ass twin left here with his stupid smile on his face a few weeks ago and I wanna know why. This is some kind of whore house or something? I figure I should try to make some friends while I’m living here. Clark can’t be my only friend cause that would be hella lame. I got dressed in something cute cause I gotta show these bitches that I look better than them. Plus they’ll see I’m cool and want to be my friend too.




I rang their doorbell and a girl who introduce herself as Danica. She’s actually pretty but not prettier than me. Danica seemed nice and knew who I was right away. She knew I was Borage’s twin, probably cause of the hair, but whatever. Danica seemed a bit eager to finally meet me. I hope she isn’t no lesbian type stalker. I’ve been with a few girls before but that doesn’t mean I want one stalking me. Danica happily invited me inside to meet everyone else. She lives here with 4 of her friends.




“I’m gonna get to the point of why I’m here. Which one of you hussies fucked my brother?”

Danica smiled and laughed like I told the funniest joke she ever heard. I wonder why was my question was so funny. I bet it was her.

“I like you, Celsia. You don’t beat around the bush. None of us did, if you’re wondering. We had a good time with Borage, we enjoined his company. He’s quite easy on the eyes. He told us about the women his has in his life so we backed off.”

“Right Lois and the crazy alien wife. He’s a loser, not sure why you girls wanna hang with him.”

“Borage seemed pretty cool to us. So is this the only reason why you came over?”

“No I was hoping to make some new friends. I’m new in town.”




“I was hoping we could be friends. I went over to greet you but I ran into your twin. He said you were busy with family and I invited him over for a cookout. Were having another one right now if you care to join us. I would like it if you stay.”




“That’s cool as long you’re not some crazy lesbian stalker then I’ll stay.”

“You’re funny Celsia. Having you around will be fun I see. Would you like to meet the others now?”

“I guess.”




I went upstairs and met one of Danica’s roommates. Her name is Lani Ocean. I thought with a name like that she would be blue or something. She seemed nice  and I’m pretty sure this chick was more of dumb ass’s type. She’s probably dramatic ass, Clark’s type too since she has big tits.

“I have a question for you Lani, do you crave a spanking?”




“What? What kind of question is this? Is this a serious question?”





“Well my brother who lives with me wants a large breasted, full hipped woman who craves a spanking. You look like you would be his type.”





“Your brother sounds like a weirdo.”

“I’m not gonna lie, he is. I’m just trying to help him out, he seems lonely.”

“I may consider it if he’s as cute as your twin brother.”

“Well they both look like my stupid dad, maybe.”

“Is he a genie too?”

“Nope, he’s half blood and a boring human with pink hair.”




“Who’s the new girl, D?”

“That’s Celsia, who lives across the street in the big pink house.”



“Danica, Borage’s twin is here? So we can befriend her so we can get close to Borage?”

“That’s the plan, Dove.”

“What plan are you talking about, girls?”

“Nothing Travis.”





“Nothing? It sounds like something evil that you’re planning.”

“If being her friend is evil…”

“Sounds like it’s something more than that.”

“Travis, go meet her. She’s nice, really. If what Borage said about her is true, then she’s your type. Easy.”

“Whatever D.”




The girls had a bonfire going after their other roommate grilled some hot dogs. I chatted with Danica and Dove for a bit. They kept asking questions about dumb ass. What’s so special about him? I was pretty much vague on most of their questions. Him and I haven’t really kept in touch until recently. I thought they wanted to be my friend? Why do they care so much about dumb ass anyway? At least when I chatted with Lani, she mostly asked about me and not about dumb ass.  I think these 2 hussies are up to something.




A blonde haired guy named Travis introduced himself to me. I don’t feel the whole surfer guy thing but he is pretty cute. Plus I’m on my mission to 1ooo men and Travis could be my first guy on my challenge. I’m so gonna win this since dumb ass is all love and shit. Travis asked me if I wanted to dance. Of course I would. I love to dance, especially when I’m being paid for it.




“Are you from around here?”

“No, I was born in Starlight Shores but was raised in Riverview. I did a lot of traveling before settling here. I guess it’s time since I’m now 37.”

“You’re 37? That’s not possible. You look so young.”

“I know, I’m a genie. We age slow since we are immortal.”

“Wow? That’s cool. I’m only 23. I guess I’m a young pup.”





“It’s okay. I like them young. Easy for me to train.”

“Oh you think so? You think you could train me?”

“Yep I think so. I guess you’re not from here. No oceans for you to surf unless you’re in Starlight Shores.”

“Nope, I’m from Sunlit Tides like Lani. We both moved here with Danica. I guess Hidden Springs is nice but I miss the waves.”






“Why leave?”

“There was some things I needed to get away from. I needed a fresh start and then Danica found this place.”

“That’s cool I guess. I’m kinda curious about the hot tub over. I’m not using mine until I have it bleached out.”


“I think my dad and aunt fucked in there. They probably have herpes or something.”

“I wouldn’t mind taking a soak with a pretty lady like you.”




Younger men are so easy to get. I didn’t want to go home just to get my swimsuit, so I stripped down. I made sure that Travis got a look good at this nice body of mine. No guy can resist my amazing genie clit! I know he was getting a little excited as he quickly sat down in the hot tub. How cute, he’s trying to hide his coming hard on.




“Enjoying yourself, Travis?”

“Yeah, having a cute girl next to me. Of course I am.”

“Come closer to me then. I won’t bite unless you want me to.”




“Is this better?”

“Yeah, now I can feel your dick a lot easier.”

“Ohh, oh. I guess were skipping the me taking you on a date part?”

“Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m getting to the business.”

“You’re straight forwarded. I like it.”

“Yeah now a little less talking and a little more fondling. Kiss me fool!”




His kiss was actually pretty nice. He has such soft lips for a man. Maybe he’s some kind of girly man? I dunno, as long as the dick works that’s all I care about. After a little of foreplay, I was done of the foolishness and was ready for some hot tub loving.




 For almost being a kid, Travis is pretty good when it comes to fucking. It’s been a long time since I had a good fuck. I guess my ex was the last but I’m not trying to talk about him right now. All I care is about getting 1000 men. 1 down and a bunch to go.




Afterwards, I notice it was getting late and I should return home. Clark is probably done moving his stuff in and I should check on him I guess.

“I guess I’ll see you around then?”

“Sure, we live across from each other.”

“True, it was a fun time with you Celsia.”

“You too.”



I wanted to linger in Travis’ mind for a little bit so I placed the most awesomest kiss on him. I could tell by his eyes that I just left a lasting impression on him.





I headed home and I can tell that Clark was home . I guess he’s done and trying to settle in. I hope he didn’t bring any roaches.




When I came in, I saw he had some ugly teenager over. They were chatting about something stupid I bet. I hope Clark isn’t some pedobear and this is one of his lover kids. Nasty.





A few weeks had flown by. I didn’t see much of Travis since that one night in the hot tub. He did send a few texts and would wave at me as we checked our mail. But now I’m not feeling so hot now. Clark wanted to give Bryce a break from cooking and has been doing it himself. I guess he’s not comfortable having someone cook for him. It’s Bryce’s job anyway. I think Clark’s cooking is making me sick. He’s banned from the kitchen!




This has been a everyday thing for me. I’m always throwing up everything and I’m tired of it. I don’t know why I don’t feel good all the time. I think I need to drink more grape soda and vodka. That should make me feel better. Clark is so not cooking the meals anymore!




“Your cooking is making me sick. Let Bryce do his job cause I’m tired of throwing up.”

“Are you sure it’s my cooking or something that you had done a few weeks ago?”

“If you’re implying that I’m pregnant, then your wrong! My eggs are dead!”

“If you say so, Cece.”

“I know so, stupid!”

“You don’t have to call me names.”

“Whatever, don’t you have some fainting to do? There’s a ghost.”

“Gh-gh-ghost? Wh-wh-where?”

“Scary ass there’s no ghost!”

7 thoughts on “Love For The Fellas: Chapter 3, Meet & Greet

  1. Lol. I just realized that Dove is my Dove lol. I didn’t realize you’d downloaded her too.

    So baby 1 is on the way. Poor Clark… he will never find a woman to fulfill his fantascies once he’s stuck as CeCe’s nanny. lol.

    • LOL so now you notice. I notice her joy for farting and burping all the time LOL. Not sure if Borage will like her still.
      Clark needs to lower his standards for his ideal lady lol

  2. I’m lovin the girly man surfer dude. LOL. She wasn’t long getting her way! She was worried about bleaching out her hot tub but didn’t worry about doing it in someone else’s. 😆 LOL at the ugly teenager talking to Clark. Hahah “don’t you have some fainting to do” 🙂 Yay for first baby?! I’m guessing it wasn’t the cooking.

    • Clark was scaring me a bit cause I always found him chatting with a ugly teen lol I need to get him a lady at some point.
      As long as it’s not her tub, she doesn’t care lol

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