Camp Tigo 2: Day 5

Love is in the air… Yeah right, it’s just lust.




Borage: I can only give ya some magic in this photo booth.

Isela: This should be fun.




I heard a chime….





Dusty: I’m ready for some of that vampire loving.




That’s kinda hot. I wonder if I can get Seth to kiss a boy.




Malix: I know you hooked up with my cousin!

Isela: But I was-

Malix: I don’t wanna hear your lies, harlot!




Don’t give me that look Mr. TV man. I love him.




Dusty & Quincy




Is anyone gonna let me out?




I must of eaten a bad snowcone. No? I think so Sid, you know nothing!!! Isn’t that right, Mary?? See Sid, Mary thinks it’s a bad snowcone. I’m not pregnant! Snuffles, what do you think? Snuffles still isn’t talking?




Quincy: Why do you keep yelling at everyone?

Kiki: Maybe cause I like to yell at everyone.

Quincy: You need to get laid more.




Ugh! Bad snowcones!




Seth: You haven’t added any Quincy cream in the mud bath have you?

Quincy: I’m thinking about it.




Orion is adorable.





Rosette: Where did this alien brat come from?

Borage: It’s not mines. Mines weren’t blue.

Arna: Vampires can’t have alien babies.

Kiki: Anyone notice Anson isn’t fat anymore?




Why did my mom leave me with these idiots. I gotta get away from them.





I guess Sid was right. I am pregnant. Yay!




Kiki: I don’t like you.

Seth: Like I care.

Kiki: Asshole.




Make up your mind Lucille.





Malix: I am mad at you.

Isela: I didn’t do anything yet.

Malix: When you do, I will be mad so I’m just reminding you!





I don’t understand you two….

Borage: What the hell are you doing Isela?





Malix: You harlot, you were thinking about my cousin as we made out.

Isela: You don’t know that.

Malix: I’m a vampire, I can read your thoughts, harlot!





Borage: You can’t get this magic and bang my cousin at the same.

Isela: But Borage…

Borage: Nope, you had been cut off from the magic. No genie dick for you.

Isela: Don’t be like that.





Isela: Take me back me Borage. I like the magic.

Borage: You need to do a little less talking and a little more cooking if you want this magic again.

Isela: Asshole!





Carrie: I’m pregnant.

Seth: Shit.





Carrie: Look Seth, I’m a kitty cat! Woof, woof!

Seth: Why did I put a baby in her?





I think this TV is frozen.





Ahhh much better.





Arna: The TV magically turned itself off. I’m bored.

Anson: Let’s make silly faces at each other.

Arna: Okay!





Seth: You two can’t use our love booth.

Dragan: Watch us.

Lucille: Coming Dragan?










Arna: That’s Lucille and Dragan in there.

Anson: Really.





Malix: Rawr I’m a vampire.

Isela: You’re silly. I thought you were mad at me.

Malix: I changed my mind.





You two are hot & cold I swear….





Someone let Orion out. Orion enjoys his freedom by watching TV.





Seth: Seriously who’s alien baby?

Anson: He’s mine.

Seth: Take care of it. It cries a lot.





Malix: STOP. This is a harlot free zone.

Isela: You’re mad at me again?

Malix: Yes.





Isela: Malix can’t make up his mind. I choose you.

Borage: Right choice.

Selene: Hey! I was going after him.





Isela cock blocked me! That was rude!





Malix: There you go again with my cousin! I bet that baby isn’t mine!

Isela: What is your deal? One second you’re mad and then you’re not.

Borage: She can’t help it if she prefer the genie dick over vampire dick. You lost cuz.





Isela: I hope you’re not like Malix who is bipolar I swear.

Borage: Nah.. I don’t get jealous like he does.





Malix: SLUT!

Isela: Seriously Malix!




Borage: Don’t worry about my crazy cousin. I’ll feel better.

Isela: How so?

Borage: You look like you’re running low on magic. Let me refuel ya.



9 thoughts on “Camp Tigo 2: Day 5

    • I think Malix may of been a little bipolar or something which is something he’s not like LOL.
      I don’t know what his deal was but they are making out one min then he’s yelling at her.

  1. lol. The hot and cold game between Borage, Malix and Isela is hilarious. So that answers my question about Seth and Carrie. All of these hook ups are crazy but what surprises me most is Rosette is no where in the mix. lol.

    • Rosette is lost without Zinnia. I swear they share a brain. Rosette doesn’t get flirty unless Zinnia is. Since Zinnia isn’t there, Rose doesn’t do much. Plus Bonehilda is there and all she does is run from her lol

  2. Borage and Isela ohh they are getting the hook up.
    Something must of gone wrong via the exchange. At least Dusty has choosen the most sexy vampire.
    Funy picture with Dusty and the tv man.
    Hot and cold with Malix too funny.

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