Love For The Ladies: Chapter 34, Junior

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Lois’ pregnancy with our baby is going okay. PC wasn’t thrill about the baby at first but over time she liked the idea of having a full little sibling around. I figure she may get jealous but I told baby cake that she’ll always be my princess. I’ll never forget about my baby girl. Baby cake talked about how she does miss having a baby in the house. Baby cake and Lilah were very fond of little Apollo, whom bitch Fayon took away. Fayon has made contact with me a few times, but I told her unless she plan on returning my twins, then I have no interest in speaking with her. She wants me to tell her that I love her but that’s not gonna happen. Why you wanna hear a lie?




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My Angel baby, Mimi is walking around after being in a wheelchair for months. She does more running than walking suddenly. She didn’t start walking until we got a Bonehilda to help around the house. Greta still hasn’t returned from her trip. It’s been months and I haven’t heard from her. I am getting a little worried about Greta. I wonder what happen to her and why haven’t she came back?





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Mordecai turned 13 on this day. That’s great.. Another moody teenager in the house. Watching these brats grow reminds me that I am getting older. I was 21 when Bruce-Lee was born, now he’s 16 and a half. But I remember how my genie powers keeps me looking so sexy. I shouldn’t worry about aging since I’m pretty much immortal and age slow.





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Mordecai aged nicely, handsome like me of course but I’m still not convinced that he’s mine. Look at him. He favors my dad more, and doesn’t have my genie genes. Is Mordecai really mine? I guess since he wants to be like me. Smart choice kid but the real ladies man is gonna be L2 as soon as he stops that nerd shit. I’m gonna go upside L2’s head if he don’t stop that shit for real. He needs to check out ladies instead of checking out books. I guess I could share my wisdom about the ladies with Mordecai since he seems more interest in girls than book. I’m still gonna push L2.




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“Lois, how long are you going to let dumb ass believe the baby is his?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t play dumb, Lois. I know that baby isn’t going to be my brother. That baby is my uncle.”

“We don’t know what the gender is yet. Plus you can’t tell if this baby isn’t Borage’s. This baby is his. There’s no chance of this baby not belonging to him.”

“Cut the shit, Lois. You know there’s a chance that the baby isn’t Borage’s. I can tell you already, the baby isn’t my brother.”




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“Luna, I don’t know what you’re talking about but there’s no chance of this baby not belonging to your dad. This baby is your sibling rather you like it or not.”

“He’s not my brother! The baby is my uncle! I can sense it! You fucked my grandpa and won’t admit it.”

“I did no such thing..”

“Then how can this baby be my uncle then?  I may not like dumb ass that much, but stop lying to him.”

“Luna, I’m not liking your tude right now but you need to quit or you’re ground.”

“You can’t tell me what to do. You’re not my mom! I know the baby isn’t Borage’s and I want you to stop lying to him.”

“I think you should go to your room NOW!”

“I think you should tell my dad the truth..”

“So now he’s your dad?”

“Only when I care about his feelings. Unlike you.. You don’t give a shit about him. You’re just another drunk slut..”





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“Suziu, it’s been months since I last talked to you. You said you were coming back in 2 weeks after you left with the babies.”

“I am sorry, Luna. Things tied up. I will come soon. How school is? Good grades?”

“Yes Suziu. School is fine but I want to talk about Lois with you. She’s pregnant and I know the baby isn’t Borage’s. Won’t tell him the truth. Should I?”

“No Luna. It not your place to tell. Borage will find out on own. You cannot tell.”

“Why not? I can’t stand her and I hate she’s lying to Borage about this. I can’t pretend the baby is my sibling.”

“Lois must tell Borage. It not your place, Luna. Lois will tell if she want help.”

“No she won’t, Suziu. She’s not gonna tell him. I should. Why would she need help from you?”

“Luna no. Lois will tell if she want marriage to end of Borage and Fayon.”

“Borage shouldn’t marry her. I can’t allow this.”

“Luna stay out. Truth will come. Wait.”

“Do you really want Borage to marry Lois?”

“No. Wives be in the way of research. I wish to end marriage of Borage and Fayon soon. I must carry on research. I must go.”

“Bye Suziu. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”




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“Hi Suziu!”

“Bora Bora, you used powers. I am proud.”

“Yeah I decided to use them for once. I miss you. When are you coming back?”

“Soon. I come for another baby soon.”

“You’re getting daddy preggo again?”

“Yes, no. Borage carries one baby. I carry other. New experiment I try.”

“Oh wow okay. Have fun with that. I wanna see the babies.”

“Will send pic. I must go now.”




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Lois talked about how Luna has been rude to her a lot and thinks I need to start acting like a parent to her. I think things between Luna and I are fine. But if she’s being rude to my lady, then maybe I should lay the law down on green bitchzilla. Then Lois said I need to stop calling her that and call her by her name. That’s gonna be hard to do but I will try for my lady if it makes her happy.




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The Lois told me some awesome news about our baby.

“Lois, I went to the doctor today. It looks like the baby is going to be a boy. We should think of names now.”

“A boy? That’s awesome. I know what we could name him.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“We should name him after his dad.”

“Name him after his dad? …. I guess so.. Um.. Did Luna say something to you?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? You don’t think my name is right for our baby?”

“Oh right.. Yeah, we can do that. Name him after his dad.. You.”

“Of course I’m his name. Who else would it be? My dad? That would be fucked up, I’ll be pissed. I know you wouldn’t do anything with my dad and I know how he’s looking for baby mamas.”

“It’s been a crazy day for me, of course the baby is yours. Your dad looks nice but not as sexy as you. I wouldn’t touch him if he wanted me to.”

“I know that’s right. I can’t wait to meet Borage Jr. He’s gonna be as sexy like his daddy.”

“You’re silly.”




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It was getting close for Junior to being born. I couldn’t wait to meet my namesake and teach him my pimp ways until he meets the right lady like I did. We got the room set up and now we just wait for Junior to be born.




 photo Screenshot-2410_zps8dc5d3d5.jpg


It wasn’t long until Junior made his entrance into this world.




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I just hope Lois’ baby juice doesn’t ruin my nice carpet. It’s coming out of the kid’s trust fund if it does.




 photo Screenshot-2432_zps0d1c9025.jpg


I was happy when we took home our new baby Borage LaMar Montigo-Gelman Jr. He was perfect like his mama and sister. Everyone was happy to see the new baby but Luna wouldn’t come near him. Not sure what her deal was but I don’t care.





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For the first time ever, I actually help take care of this baby with feedings and diaper changing. It’s gross but my lady needed her rest. I took off some time for the club to look after Junior. I’m so glad that we have him.




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As the months passed, Junior got bigger but I notice something about him. He didn’t have my genie powers or hair. He looked a lot like my dad but had Lois’ purple eyes. I didn’t think much of it cause L2 and Mordecai didn’t get my genie powers and look like my dad. I had DNA tests done on those two, they are mines so there’s no point testing to see if Junior is mine.




 photo Screenshot-2465_zps4b271d61.jpg


I know this baby is mine but I still find myself questioning it. I don’t know why I am. Look at him. He’s perfect. He’s my son.




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The kids help out a lot with Junior which gave Lois and I more time together….




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Maybe too much time cause now were having another baby 6 months after Junior was born. The doctor told us it’s twins this time.




 photo Screenshot-2452_zps83f46f20.jpg


We had a little girl named Lotus Rae. She reminds me of Baby cake when she was a baby. LR is my little cupcake, she’s perfect.




 photo Screenshot-11_zps10d0ab36.jpg


The other baby was a boy who I named Boragio. I now have 4 perfect kids with my lady. I’m the happiest guy on Earth.




 photo Screenshot-15_zpsdcb49c41.jpg


The twins look a lot like me I notice as they got older. They both have my genie gene unlike Junior. I wonder why it skipped my namesake? 




 photo Screenshot-20_zps5a3ef7dc.jpg


When I looked into Boragio’s eyes, I see me. I don’t see me when I look into Junior’s eyes. I see my dad. It’s strange, maybe there’s just some weird genetics going on or something. Sometimes I wonder if Boragio should of been my namesake since he’s a genie. It makes since if he was. It’s too late for that anyway.




 photo Screenshot-2478_zps47f2159f.jpg


When I looked into Lotus’ eyes, I see myself as well. She has my eyes, hair and my genie powers. Lotus and Boragio both feel more like my kids than Junior. I gotta shake off these weird feelings. I know in my heart that all 3 kids are mine. It’s not possible that Junior is my…brother. Lois couldn’t.. She just couldn’t.. I can’t even bare the thought of her being involved with my dad… It’s not possible.




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I was sent a photo of the alien kids after they went through their transformations  That’s nice and all but when is Fayon going to send back my twins Apollo and Nova? That’s my only concern right now.

9 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 34, Junior

  1. Ooooh, twins! I love how they both got Borage’s hair. They’re just cuties. (Must. Get. Back. In. Game. With. Toddlers. Cute. Overload.)

    If the aliens say it’s true it must be so. I have to wonder if Lois will tell considering she’s got a wedding coming up and Borage’s now got 4 (3) kids by her. Maybe Luna could do that mind control thing like Pedro…nah, she wouldn’t go against her Suzio’s wishes. Well, she might. I dunno. lol Anyways, if it was mind control Borage would be mad at both Luna and Lois and it wouldn’t be very moralistic.

    I didn’t check the poll results, but does the fact that Fayon contacted Borage about love mean that you’re going with the option where Apollo and Nova come back?

  2. I think all of them are adorable, it makes me want more kids by Borage, I remember how cute Opal an Topaz were and I loved the Genie in them. I’m considering adding some Genie’s to my game but he Game changes how they look and my CAS is so slow that it takes forever to get them looking right. Diamond grew into an Adult she’s not nearly as beautiful as she was. I tried fixing her in CAS but being CC Free I don’t have many options, she has frown lines now but Turquoise is still YA and she looks as lovely as always.

    • No sim ages well lol. I play on Epic and manually age my sims when I’m ready. My CAS use to load slowly. It went from 10 mins to 30 after installing UL. But once I reset my laptop to factory, CAS loads in seconds. I think adding more ram helped for me. The kiddos are too cute for their own good. I took tons of pics lol. I dislike how genies look funny in CAS. It’s hard to tell if their skin tone is the way you want it. I like genies a lot. It’s probably why I keep playing them hehe

  3. I really love this story.. Please keep it up! It brightens my day, reading your legacies. It makes me laugh a lot haha 🙂
    Thank you!

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