Love For The Ladies: Chapter 33, Temptation

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I returned home from visiting Celsia’s house in Hidden Springs. I’ll tell ya that my visit there was very interesting. I think I may pay Celsia a few visits here and there even if I think she’s a hag. I think it’s funny how she wants to fuck 1000 men. I thought she had already. I think Hidden Springs  won’t be fond with their new town’s slut. Before dropping off my mom and aunt to the airport, my dad got a call from one of his other kids asking him to visit them cause one of my brothers had a alien baby too. I guess my bro will feel my pain about giving birth to green spawns of hell. He better be glad he only gave birth and not 9 of them like I did. My ass hasn’t been the same since birthing those 7 demons. I think my ass and hips got bigger.

I was happy to finally be home once again. I miss my lady and I know how much she misses me even if I was gone for only a day. It’s good to be home but I can’t stop thinking about what happen in Hidden Springs last night. I’ll admit.. I do have some guilt.




 photo Screenshot-2338_zps9f3619c0.jpg

Lois was still asleep when I came home. I decided to slip into bed and hold her. She’ll be surprised to see me. I guess you’re wondering my side of the story during my trip in Hidden Springs. Well it was a night to remember is what I can say..




 photo Screenshot-2552_zpse24cd344.jpg

It all started when I went outside to make a call to Lois but got a strange and drunken email from my sister Carrie who just moved to Lucky Palms. She talked about how she likes full moons, and wants a ghost baby. Then she said she thinks I’m hot and if we weren’t related she would have my baby. Why do I have a feeling that she wouldn’t care if we have the same dad and still wants my baby? It’s not the first time I was hit on by someone who was related. I lost count of how many times Rosette came into my room drunk when I was a teen and tried to touch me. She wanted me to pretend that I was my dad since I looked like him. Rosette is fucked up. Finn installed a lock on my door to keep her out. But anyway I also got a text from Tequila telling me how she got a cucumber stuck in her vag. I’m getting tried of her. I guess I won’t be making a visit to Lucky Palms now that I have 2 crazy sisters living there. I did finally give Lois a call but I notice someone had walked past me.




 photo Screenshot-2555_zpsa9b42ee3.jpg

Her name is Danica. She lives across the street from my sister. I’ll be lying if I said she wasn’t hot. I was surprised to know that Celsia had friends but she was just there to greet whoever lived there.



 photo Screenshot-2557_zpsbee3fbca.jpg

Danica knew who I was right away. She had seen me DJ at The Edge in Starlight Shores. She and her friends would travel here just to go clubbing and see me in action. I’m quite flattered to have some fans now. It’s good that my name is getting around now. She pointed out how I was around often but it’s cause of those damn alien babies I had. I wouldn’t tell her about that but I’m ready to get back into action and get more hot fans like her.




 photo Screenshot-2562_zps5ba1ae8b.jpg

She invited me over to hang out with her and her friends, they were having a cook out. At first I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea about hanging out at a house with possible hot ladies but they demanded to see BMG and who am I to deny them of my sexiness? I guess if nothing happens then it should be okay with Lois.




 photo Screenshot-2571_zpsf9d31550.jpg

She has a nice place. I think this would be a okay town to raise my kids with Lois with but Starlight Shores is my home. How can I work on being a super star DJ here when it lacks a night light. I may not be aiming to bang 1000 ladies but I still have my goal to be a super star DJ.




 photo Screenshot-2572_zpsf8946cc6.jpg

“Wanna meet my friends? I know they can’t wait to meet you. They are not gonna believe that I found you and you wanna hang with us.”

“Yeah, I’m ready to meet them. That much of a fan huh?”

“Yep! We love the music that you play. Have you made any music yourself?”

“I want to but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet. When I get the time, I’ll whip up some of my own tracks.”

“I can’t wait! Maybe you can named a track after me?”


“Cool, Lani is making drinks. Maybe you should go chat with her.”




 photo Screenshot-2576_zpsd9729003.jpg

I went over and had a drink with Lani. She’s pretty sexy herself. I couldn’t help but notice her big ass titties. If I could slide my genie dick between those I would be in heaven. I gotta get those thoughts out my head. I should only be thinking about Lois but DAYUM! Dem titties! I can’t stop looking.




 photo Screenshot-2578_zps6c7095bb.jpg


“BMG, do you mind me calling you that?”

“You could call me big daddy if you want to, sweet lady.”

“You’re funny. So when are you going to play at The Edge again?”

“My work leave is almost over. I think that I might open up my club.”

“Really? If you do then maybe I’ll move to Starlight Shores. I do miss the beach. I’m from Sunlit Tides.”

“That’s a nice place. I heard that place is full of sexy ladies and I see that’s true. I bet they don’t have as nice titties like yours though.”




 photo Screenshot-2580_zpsaf332d1a.jpg


“Ha ha ha! You’re silly. I plan on taking a trip there soon to see family soon.”

“I have family there too. I haven’t been there yet but I will soon.”

“Maybe we’ll run into each there…”

“Maybe.. It would be a sweet surprise to see you and dem titties there.”




 photo Screenshot-2582_zps0f233420.jpg


“I didn’t know that you were this funny. Wanna dance? I love dancing.”




 photo Screenshot-2581_zps69b3a563.jpg


“Yeah I see no harm in dancing with a sexy lady like you. I kinda wanna see dem titties bounce.”




 photo Screenshot-2584_zpsc80d215f.jpg


Lani got some moves on her. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her nice ass jiggling like jello. I like dancing with Lani. I can see that she’s a lot of fun so far. I didn’t mind that she grind on me a few times. It felt nice but I need to take some control. I’m trying to keep Lois on my mind but it’s hard watching Lani dance around with her nice assets shaking and jiggling around. I was having fun with Lani, I will admit that. I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun with a lady.

I love dancing and Lois isn’t much of a dancer. Since she’s trying to stay sober, she doesn’t like going to the club. I love to dance, I love feeling the beat of music. Lois idea of fun and doing a puzzle together or fishing down by the ocean. It’s fun but I wanna do my thing for once. I’m a Montigo, we love to party. It’s in my blood. Dancing with Lani made me feel alive. It’s a feeling that I haven’t had in a while. I love Lois but I need to still be myself too. I hope I won’t have too much fun with Lani. I’m starting to get a little stiff if you know what I mean.




 photo Screenshot-2588_zps0488b0d4.jpg


“You got some nice moves, BMG.”

“I can say the same about you, sexy. Mmm.. Dat ass, girl.”

“You’re silly. You like what you see huh?”

“Hell yeah I do but Lani.. I got a lady back at home.”

“Oh I see.. Married?”

“I do have a wife and I have a fiancée too.”

“Huh? How is that possible?”

“My bitch alien wife tricked me into marrying her but I’m in love with someone else.”

“Does your wife know about your fiancée?”

“Yeah but she doesn’t know they we are engaged.”

“Sounds pretty twisted..”




 photo Screenshot-2590_zpsda1e5299.jpg


“I see you’re having fun with Lani. Here’s my other friend Dove. So feel like taking a dip in the hot tub?”




 photo Screenshot-2592_zpsa9bdb66b.jpg


“I would like too but I didn’t pack anything to get wet in.”




 photo Screenshot-2593_zps28685ae9.jpg


“That’s okay BMG. I was thinking we all should skinny dip if that’s okay with you?”

“He’s a guy, Danica. Men don’t care. Take your clothes off, BMG! Let’s see that body.

“Calm down a little, Dove.”




 photo Screenshot-2595_zps58f2d8f8.jpg


“Well.. I dunno.. I want to but not sure if Lois would like me being naked around other naked women. My genie dick is amazing, you might get excited when you see it.”




 photo Screenshot-2598_zps5169b362.jpg


“Lois isn’t here is she? What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Besides.. we’ll behave if you do. It’s all a little fun. Were all adults here.”




 photo Screenshot-2596_zpsc1117b38.jpg


“I see your point. It’s harmless if nothing happens. So when do I get to see dem titties?”




 photo Screenshot-2600_zps0ea06566.jpg


I never thought I would be skinny dipping with 3 sexy ladies. This was a goal that I was aiming for before Lois but now that it’s happening, I’m not sure what to do now. I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of fucking all 3 in this hot tub right now. I never had a 4 way and wouldn’t mind having one but I’m committed to Lois. I gotta stay strong but I think I can. This what Lois was worried about but I promise her that I wouldn’t cheat on her. I think I’m being tested on my faithfulness but I didn’t think it was going to be this hard. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Lani and would rather be sitting next to her. I think the girl next to me keeps farting. I guess Danica notice how I was focus on Lani and asked to trade spots.




 photo Screenshot-2604_zps29d19d30.jpg


“BMG, don’t you wanna see closer to me? I promise I won’t bite unless you want me too.”




 photo Screenshot-2610_zpsc48845c6.jpg


“I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be doing this.. But why not. Girl, you is fine.”

“You’re easy on the eyes too. You’re a breath of fresh air ya know. The men here don’t look as good as you BMG.”

“I got those Montigo-Gelman genes, it’s dynamite. I can’t help but be double sexy. So can I see them?”

“See what?”

“Your juice balloons. Your braids are in the way. A little peek is harmless right?”

“You are too funny, BMG.”




 photo Screenshot-2612_zps08483c6b.jpg


“BMG.. I wanna cut to the chase. We invited you over in hopes of having a 4 way with you.”




 photo Screenshot-2615_zps079260cf.jpg


“Seriously? Well.. I.. um.. I kinda would like that but.. Lois.. I can’t betray her.”

“BMG, you told me about your wife and fiancée thing. Honestly you’re not being faithful to either one of them.”

“I wanna divorce my wife but she ran off to her home planet.”




“How about just oral? That’s not really cheating. It’s not like real sex.”

“I like that idea, Dove. Besides BMG, Lani is right ya know. You’re cheating on the wife when you’re with your fiancée. Then you’re cheating on your fiancée when you’re with your wife. Until you divorce one and marry the other, you’re unfaithful regardless.”




 photo Screenshot-2619_zps6bec6549.jpg


“Oral would sound nice. I wouldn’t mind tasting you if that’s all I can get from you BMG.”

“I guess maybe you ladies have a point but I’m not sure about this. I still think it might not be a good idea but I’m curious about it.”

“Are you okay with us giving you oral? I bet it will be amazing.”

“I never had 3 ladies wanting to do oral on me at the same time. I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance like this again.”

“It’s just oral, not real sex so it will be okay.”

“Hmm… I guess this once won’t hurt.”




I probably shouldn’t be doing this with these ladies but I will never have a chance like this again. They say oral is not real sex so it should be okay right? This is every man’s dream right. 3 hot ladies licking my genie dick like a lollipop. This felt so good.




I had a lot of thoughts racing in my race. Mainly a voice telling me that this isn’t right and it’s still cheating. I should stop.. But it feels good.. I can’t pull myself away from them.




 photo Screenshot-2629_zps2f6c9670.jpg


I felt like I was about to explode my genie cream all over their faces at any moment but I knew I had to stop before things go too far. I pulled away from the ladies. They were confused and thought I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it though. I loved it. I think I loved it too much. I shouldn’t be doing this. It isn’t fair to Lois. This is what she was afraid of. I got dressed and decided maybe I should head back to my sister’s house. Their mouths were amazing but I shouldn’t even allowed this. It’s hard to fight off this temptation.




 photo Screenshot-2630_zps1972b086.jpg


“I’m sorry ladies.. but I can’t. I gotta stay true to my lady.”

“It’s okay BMG. We understand.”

“Were sorry if we pressured you in anyway.”

“Don’t worry ladies.. I just got a little too curious.”

“It’s not like you came. You’re still in the good, BMG.”

“Yeah but I was very close to, Dove.”




 photo Screenshot-2635_zps166317ba.jpg


“I think I should head back to my twin’s house.”

“That’s fine, BMG. It was nice meeting and hanging out with you.”

“Me too, Danica. I may stop in town later on.”

“Feel free to drop by over here. We promise we’ll behave next time.”

“I just may, Lani.”



 photo Screenshot-2636_zps1f8e3e00.jpg


As I was about to leave, Lani gave me a hug and whispered in my ear. “Call me, we can be just friends.” I winked at her, I guess that would be okay if we were just friends. She slipped me her number on a business card into my pocket. I told them all bye and I’ll see them later.




 photo Screenshot-2639_zps41067442.jpg


You might be think I’m crazy for walking away from 3 sexy ladies who are wanting my loving. I’m just crazy in love.




 photo Screenshot-2642_zpsdf95bc0d.jpg


“So now what do we do now, Danica?”

“BMG’s twin sister is the one who moved across. Maybe we could befriend her then we would see him again, Lani.”

“Really? This will work out perfectly then. We should invite her over and then we can get even closer to BMG, Danica.”

“Yeah Lani, I guess that would be the plan for now. I was trying to meet her anyway to be a real friend but knowing that BMG is her twin. This works out perfectly, Lani.”

“I hope she’s friendly cause I really wanna see him again.  His genie dick is amazing, Danica”

“Trust me Lani, BMG will be seeing us again.”

“I just totally farted! Ha ha ha!”

“Gross Dove! Stop doing that shit! You’ll scare off our BMG for sure!”

“What can I say? I love farting!”




 photo Screenshot-2645_zps41041e4d.jpg


“Danica, even if we see BMG again.. Would it be a waste of time again? What if he chickens out again? Maybe we should leave him be. He seems nice. I would like to be his friend as well.”

“Lani, BMG can crack. He won’t always stay faithful if he’s surrounded by temptation every where he goes.”

“What do you by that, Danica?”

“Let’s give our friends back in Starlight Shores a call. Have them throw themselves at him. He’ll crack then.”

“That could work but he’s a bit vulgar. They wouldn’t get pass that.”

“Yeah you’re right, he has no real charm. But he’s just so sexy. I think they can get pass it. But hey.. I know someone who has been with him before. She wouldn’t mind hooking up with him again.”


“My old friend Sonoko Lee. She did have a baby by him and Mitch left her. If she can break his relationship like he did hers then we can have him.”

“Honestly that’s kinda terrible thing to do. I think we should leave him be and just be friends. Maybe BMG has some single brothers.”

“Lani, please. I thought you wanted him.”

“..Not like this.”

“Lani, it’s gonna be fine. Sonoko would be all for this. It’s kinda like pay back. We’ll be there to pick up the pieces. Don’t chicken out on us now.”




 photo Screenshot-2648_zps4e7a307c.jpg


I returned back just to be bitched at by my twin. Not sure why she’s acting like my wife now. Cece is a odd one. She thinks that I fucked those ladies, I didn’t but I almost.




 photo Screenshot-2362_zpsa21fc010.jpg


Even if I didn’t have sex with them, I still felt guilty and told Lois about it. At first she yelled at me and wouldn’t speak to me for a few hours.




 photo Screenshot-2365_zps9b879922.jpg


But later she came around and told me that she forgives me since it was just a little oral. I told her that I wouldn’t do anything like that again. She made me promise that I would stay away from them. However she never said I couldn’t speak them to. I still had Lani’s number. I told Lois about Lani giving me her number how she felt bad and only want to be friends. Lois said it was fine as long as I don’t hang out with her. I told her that she lives in Hidden Springs so she wouldn’t have to worry about that. Honestly.. I would like to hang out with her. Lani seems fun in a way. Maybe she and Lois can be friends. They are both black and wear weave, that’s something in common, right?




 photo Screenshot-2348_zps1ad5b48c.jpg


One night I wanted to have a pillow fight with Lois. I wanted some fun but she wasn’t having it. She kept telling me to stop. I don’t get it. I wanna do some fun things with her but it’s hard since she never wanna do anything I wanna do. I’m sure Lani would of had fun doing something like this.




 photo Screenshot-2347_zps896a789c.jpg


“Borage, stop!”

“C’mon, baby. I wanna have some fun. I won’t hurt you.”

“Borage! I can’t do this… Just stop please.”

“Why? Am I hurting you?”




 photo Screenshot-2350_zps054255e7.jpg


“I’m sorry Borage but you can’t hit a pregnant woman with pillows. Were having a baby!”




 photo Screenshot-2352_zpsa4683268.jpg


“That explains why the trash bin isn’t filled with your vag blood stoppers this month. Were finally gonna have a baby!”




 photo Screenshot-2356_zps7aa25795.jpg


I was happy when I found out that were gonna have a baby again. Baby making was fun but this doesn’t mean that we should stop having a little bedroom fun. We need to do as much as we can before the baby gets here ya know. I rubbed her belly and thinking about my baby growing inside of her. I was never thrilled by any female being pregnant but this time around, I wanted this baby.




 photo Screenshot-2359_zps6868d9f5.jpg


“Hey little baby, it’s me your daddy. Can’t wait til I meet you and teach you how to be a sexy ladies man until you find the right one like I did. That’s if you’re a boy. If you’re a girl then I’m gonna teach you to stay away from men like me.”

5 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 33, Temptation

  1. lol. I’m shocked Borage had any self-control at all in that situation. He only did what he felt was just “not really cheating” so I suppose he’s trying. I wonder if he’s going to crack under the pressure those girls plan to bring before he finds out Lois cheated on him. lol.

    • He tried really “hard” *giggle* There will be a old face returning at some point. I’m not sure how long I’m gonna drag this out but I’m getting bored with it and ready to move on to the next cycle. I’m probably going to do some fast forwarding again. He’ll see if Borage keeps his self control but he is starting to crack *evil laugh*

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