Tango Inferno: Coming in 2 weeks!

Now that University Life is out, Tango Inferno formerly known as Montigo Tango can restart! It’s been a while since I last worked on this story. Gen 1’s story has ended so now it’s time to start for Gen 2 with Rio and Niro being the main focus. Azalea, Madison and Tequila Sunrise from Party Montigo tags along for the ride.


Remember this guy? Rio is all grown up 🙂


It will start out with Rio, now 25 and Niro who just turned 18 on their way to attend college to gain a degree in Business. After traveling to Simyoko with his step dad Adam Cho, Rio decided he wants to open his own Japanese cuisine restaurant/Piano lounge. Rio enjoins playing the piano and is hoping that opening the restaurant would get him in touch with his Japanese roots. But after watching his father Matius struggle to keep Montigo Palms open, Rio decided he he should attend college. Matius never finished his business classes at the community college which caused him to struggle for a while. Rio didn’t want to make the same mistakes as his father did and enrolled in Business even though he prefers a Fin Arts major since he has a love for playing the piano. Rio convinces his cousin Niro to attend college with him and added him as a business partner. Niro agrees and enrolls. Niro hopes the time away from Lucky Palms will help him with his insecurities of feeling that he doesn’t belong because his father Malix was kidnapped child and isn’t a biological Montigo. Their cousin Tequila Sunrise moves into and wants to be a part of Rio’s business. Tequila learns if she wants to have any ownership in Rio’s business, she must enroll in college too. Tequila has no interest in school and rather party than study. Tequila reluctantly attends college along with Rio and Niro. Janiya, Rio’s girlfriend enrolls in college too, she’s a  Fine Arts major.


With Gen 2, they will have a lot challenges ahead of them as they live day by day. They would be in war with themselves, family and friends.

Rio wants to be in one with his Japanese roots but also has a commitment issue and fears marriage. After school, Janiya pushes for marriage and wants to start a family. When a new borderline racist cousin, Javier Montigo moves to Lucky Palms, he tries to force Rio to be in touch with his Colombian roots instead. Javier brings along a friend Daniella Dias who has a hidden agenda involving Rio.

Niro struggles with not feeling that he belongs in the family and has nightmares about his biological grandfather Malachi Lex though he has no memory of him. Niro hasn’t been the same since he mysterious returned home after being missing for a several years. Niro has no memory of his time with Malachi, Amos and his later mother Cira. Niro notice there’s something different about him, he learns that he’s a genie. Niro wants to know about his later mother Cira’s family in hopes of having a family where he belongs.

Azalea like Niro struggles of not feeling that she belongs in the Montigo. Matius had adopted as his daughter and Madison treats her like a sister but it’s not enough. Azalea wants to know what happen to her mother Jade but Matius keeps a tight lip about what happen. Azalea wants to meet her birth father but gets more than she bargain for.

Madison is pretty and she know it. Madison believes she can get through life with her good looks and sweet, bubbly personality but she’s later slapped with reality.

Tequila Sunrise would be the first Montigo from her side of the family to attend college, but will she succeed?




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