Love For The Ladies: Chapter 32, I’m Surrounded By Idiots

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I told my dad that he should some time with his namesake. Of course he wanted to do my nerd shit with my dad. I just don’t get that boy. He was blessed for my good looks and he wastes it by doing nerdy shit. I’m hoping that him talking with my dad will wipe away that nerd shit. How is he going to be a ladies man and pick up where I left off if he’s a nerd?




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“So L2 how are you with the girls at school?”

“Are you going to try and push me into being a ladies man too like my dad?”

“Well no, just making conversation. I know how teenage boys can be.”

“I don’t really talk to girls at school. There are some who find me cute but they don’t say much to me.”

“Why so?”




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“Maybe cause I’m not like other boys at school. I’m not trying to be hip or anything. I only focus on my studies in hopes of attending a good college after I finish high school. I want to be a video game developer. I’ve creating a game of me own.”

“That’s pretty cool. I guess creating a game would take away some time from the lady.”

“Well grandfather, there is this one girl that I do spend time with.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah but she’s more of study buddy. Her name is Ashley Wood. She’s very pretty. We been friends since we were kids. But I don’t think she would like me. Plus I’m too shy to tell her that I like her.”




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“Have you try writing a note?”

“I did and asked Bora Bora to give it to her. She said gave it to her but I don’t she did. I think she may of slip the note in the wrong locker.”

“Maybe you should give her the note your self.”

“I don’t know about that grandfather. What if she reads it in front of me?”




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“Just hand her the note and run away like a bitch.”

“Bora Bora!”

“What Papa? I’m just putting in my 2 cents. You two are lame.”




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“Zin, this whole time we been here we really didn’t do anything fun. We you spent enough time with your grandbrats? Let’s go do something crazy. Were leaving tomorrow.”




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“What do you wanna do then, Rose?”

“Let’s go skinny dipping in the ocean.”

“That sound like fun! Can I join?”

“You really want to, PC?”


“I think I like this grandbrat of yours Zin.”




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“Heck yeah! This is fun, grandmama!”

“My Liam boo should of be dipping with me. If he saw my hot body then he’ll be all over me right now!”

“Shut up Rose! Liam doesn’t want you!”




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Tonight was the night that my parents and aunt were leaving. It’s been a fun week with them and all but I’ll be glad to spend more time with my lady before I return back to my job at the club. I was about to say my goodbyes but my mom needed to answer her phone. She said it was Celsia calling her.




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“Hey Cece what’s up?”

“Not much mama. Grandpa just bought me a house in Hidden Springs. I was wondering if you would see my new house.”

“We can do that Cece. I’m in Starlight Shores right now, that’s like 30 minutes from there right?”

“Uh yeah but who is “we”?”

“I’m here with Rosette and your dad. We can come in the morning and just book another flight home.”

“Asshole is there? I don’t want him here.”

“Cece, he’s your dad. You haven’t seen him in years. I know he wants to see you. Borage can drive us up there in the morning.”

“You’re bringing dumb ass too? Fine whatever mama. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Chill out heffa, it will be fun. Talk to you later, Celsia.”

“Okay, bye mama.”




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Celsia just moved to Hidden Springs and wants us to visit well mainly wanted mom to come but I have to drive them so whatever. I told Lois that I’ll be leaving just for a day, she said would stay and care for the kids. I’m not really all that thrill about seeing Celsia again but it’s been a while since we last seen each other. I kinda miss trolling the hell out of her. She’s so stupid. My dad really wanted to get back home to his other kids but mom bitch at him telling that he needs to see Celsia even if she does hate him. He didn’t want to go anywhere that he’s not welcomed but my mom kept pushing the issue that he still need to come and try to make mends. I wonder what’s up with my mom lately. She has been kinda nasty towards him. With the parents staying for another night, this gave my kids more chance to troll my dad.




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“Ha ha ha ha ha!  Dad you’re such a pussy!”

“Man up, boo love!”




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“That was awesome.”




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“I can totally see you creeping Bora Bora.”

“Hush daddy!”




 photo Screenshot-2274_zpsee11dae2.jpg


“That’s not true!”




 photo Screenshot-2277_zps8846e305.jpg

“Yes let the evil flow!”

“What are you talking about, idiot?”




 photo Screenshot-2278_zpse2287b2f.jpg

“Um hey I thought our grandparents were leaving tonight.”





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“Lilah! Why did you scare me like that?”




 photo Screenshot-2286_zps4ee2a742.jpg


“Stop laughing at me guys…It’s very childish.”




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“Mom what are you doing?”





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 photo Screenshot-2292_zpsfb423d6a.jpg


“Shut up assholes!”




 photo Screenshot-2293_zps70d7ff6b.jpg

“I’m gonna get her good.”




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“No Brain Llama! I’m not going to do that. That’s crazy. Huh? Um no! Of course I still like you. Why would you think that?”

“Borage, your kid is a fuckin’ weirdo.”

“I dunno who she is. She’s one of mine?”

“Dad, that’s my twin and your daughter.”

“What’s wrong with her?”




 photo Screenshot-2296_zps35ea738d.jpg






 photo Screenshot-2299_zps8f701cef.jpg






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“Kaia! You little jerk!”

“He he he he he I got you good Bora Bora!”




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“Luna! That wasn’t funny!”

“Karma’s a bitch huh?”




 photo Screenshot-2303_zps98d43b18.jpg


“Stop laughing at me you jerks!”




 photo Screenshot-2304_zps43f36a04.jpg

“C’mon nerd. Is that all you got?”

“No dad! I bet I can beat you at pillow.”

“Oh yeah? Let’s see what you got, geek.”




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“You bitch! Why did you hit me?!”

“We were having a pillow fight.”

“That’s a pillow case with oranges!”

“But the Brain Llama said oranges would be more exciting than a pillow.”

“Where’s this Brain Llama so I can choke him!”

“Please don’t hurt my friend!”





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“Seriously… where did these pillows come from.”

“Magic, grandmama?”

“I guess. Magic is awesome!”




 photo Screenshot-2313_zps6b235b2b.jpg

“I should slap you! Why did you do that for?”

“Hey don’t start a pillow fight if you can’t hang.”




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“I have to deal with this one more night? I’m surrounded by idiots….”

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