Love For The Ladies: Chapter 31, Mojito Surprise

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You know what’s great about Starlight Shores? The night life. Since my parents had been here I haven’t shown them the night life just yet. They have been wrapped around the kids most of the time. Rosette whined about wanting to go party since she’s not interested in my kids. No one told her to come anyway. There’s no reason for her to even be here in the first place. 



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I was getting a bit stir crazy and felt it was time to have a night out on the town. I know my mom wants to visit a few old friends of hers and my dad haven’t seen much of this city. I told everyone to get ready for a night out. Lois said she would stay behind with the kids so I could spend time with my parents. I told her the kids would be fine and I wanted her to join us. I want my parents to get to know my wife-to-be, I know they’ll love her as much I do. But Lois mention that she thinks my mom hates her. That’s not possible. I’m sure my mom would warm up to her if she get to know her some more.




 photo Screenshot-1976-Copy_zpsc5f199a4.jpg

Our first stop was at a art gallery. I’ve been wanting to bring Lois here since she likes art a lot. The family didn’t seem to mind it.

“Can you do your stupid genie stuff somewhere else? You’re in the way! I wanna go look at some boring art shit.”

“You’re just jealous cause you’re a boring norm and don’t have genie sexiness.”

“Zin said she’s gonna make me into a genie soon.”

“That’s not possible, idiot.”

“Yeah huh! You just wait! I gonna use my genie powers to destroy you!”

“Rose? Are you threatening my baby?”

“Uh.. no Zin!”




 photo Screenshot-1978-Copy_zpsb4b53656.jpg

“I have no idea of what I’m looking at..”





 photo Screenshot-1980-Copy_zps732e0920.jpg

“It looks like a vag. I bet it’s a vag.”

“Borage, that’s silly. It’s a pretty purple flower.”

“Hmm I dunno Lois. I say it’s a vag.”




 photo Screenshot-1981-Copy_zps74ae7c62.jpg

“Look closely, Borage. You can see the petals. It’s a flower.”

“Nah.. It looks like a loose vag. It’s probably Rosette’s diseased vag.”

“You’re funny. But trust me it’s not what you think.”

“If you say so. All these paintings look like a vag. Maybe if I paint a picture of a vag then I’ll be a famous artist.”





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“Speaking about art, PC has been telling me how she’s interested in art. Maybe we should think about sending PC to a art school after she graduate from high school. There’s a few schools that I’ve been thinking of.”

“I didn’t know she liked art. I guess she gets it from you.”

“PC thinks you wouldn’t had care about her passion. You only play video games with her. Your other daughter Luna likes art too. Maybe we can send them to the same school.”

“I was thinking of sending off Luna to the moon.”


“What? She’s alien, that’s where she belongs.”




 photo Screenshot-1986_zps9f9ea5c0.jpg

“Borage, seriously we need to start thinking about schools for PC and your other kids. Bruce-Lee is a junior and he’ll be the first to leave. We need to think about the kids’ future.”

“You really care about my other kids?”

“Of course I do. They are like my kids too. Once were married, they’ll be my step children.”

“They are going to love you as a mom. You are right, we need to start thinking about their futures. I’ll talk to my cousin Lei. She’s attending a art school in Twinbrook.”




 photo Screenshot-1987_zps4a9a86aa.jpg

“That’s great. That was one of the schools I was thinking about.”

“That’s cool. If Baby cake decides she wants to go to school in Twinbrook she could stay with Lei or my dad.”

“I think your dad’s house would be full if he still plan on having 100 kids.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.”




 photo Screenshot-1985_zps124ba825.jpg

I’m glad to have this lady in my life. She cares about my other kids as much as she cares about PC. I’m hoping that I already put a baby in her. Can’t wait to have another baby with her.




 photo Screenshot-1992_zps1fbd96ce.jpg

After visiting the art gallery we headed over to The Edge where I DJ at. It’s been a hot second since I’ve been here. My baby leave is almost over so I’ll be back. It will feel great getting behind the booth and spinning some sexy tracks for the ladies again. It might be different this time since I would have a certain lady on my mind. But I’ll still have just as much fun spinning like old times. It wasn’t long before my dad tried to get his mack on. He’s insane for attempting it while Rosette is with us.




“Mmm.. I kinda like what I see from behind.”




 photo Screenshot-1999_zpsbe8cbead.jpg

“Excuse me miss, mind if I can buy you a drink?”





 photo Screenshot-2001-Copy_zps1bf12b5d.jpg

“Buy me a drink? I would love that.  Wait a minute….”





 photo Screenshot-2002_zpsa16521a4.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2003-Copy_zpsbb58ebbe.jpg


“Daddy? Is this some kind of joke?”




 photo Screenshot-2008_zpsf2327d9e.jpg

“Of course not daddy! I am your son. My name is Mojito Montigo. You are Liam Gelman right? You look like from the photos that I’ve seen. Please tell me that you’re my daddy!”




“Well yes, I am him. Is this another prank? Did my grandchildren put you up to this? How could  have another grown Montigo child? I only had 2 with Zinnia who are  grown now and 3 with Rosette who are all also grown.”




“It’s not a prank. I believe Rosette is my mommy. The woman who took care of me said I am a Montigo. A really long time I was born at the bar with 3 sisters. Well mommy forgot about me and left me at the bar with the bartender after getting drunk. She raised me since mommy had left town after I was born. Mommy named me Mojito and the bartender let me keep my name. She told me who my parents were but I couldn’t find any of you. But finally! You came for me daddy!”




“Wait what? Rosette left you at the bar? How does she not realize that she just gave birth to 4 babies? This is almost impossible to believe. Are you really my daughter.. err.. son? Does Rosette know about you?”




“Yes am I your son. I look just like you daddy. Mommy doesn’t know about or even remember having me. Mommy has issues with numbers. She can’t count. The bartender tried to tell mommy that she’s forgetting a baby but she ignored her and left. I’ve been searching for you both for years. Where is mommy? I want to meet her.”




I missed my booth and decided that I was going to play since my replacement sucks. I couldn’t help but notice my dad trying to get his mack on to some tranny. I decided that I’ll play them a special song.




 photo Screenshot-2013_zps36c13a98.jpg

“This next track: Dude, she’s a man, goes out to my dad and his new special lady.”




 photo Screenshot-1996_zps1ae56702.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2016_zpsac5b8015.jpg

“Rosette, care to explain this?”

“Explain what, boo? That you have the hots for a tranny?”

“Is that mommy?”

“That’s her…”




 photo Screenshot-2017_zps4e6cb902.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2018_zps1b6de382.jpg

“Umm.. boo thang? Why is your tranny hugging me and calling me mommy? Is this some kind of freaky fetish of yours, cause I don’t like it!”




 photo Screenshot-2020_zpsf4c398b5.jpg

“This is our son that you left at the bar!”

“I thought Amaretto was a girl. What are you talking about?”

“You had quads, Rose and you left our son but took the girls home.”

“Isn’t quads 3 brats?”

“No Rosette! Quads is 4! How could you forget that you gave birth to 4 babies?!”

“Geeze boo love.. You know I can’t count.”




 photo Screenshot-2022_zpsbf1ca0a2.jpg

“That’s not good enough excuse! Mojito said the bartender tried to tell you were about to leave a baby!”

“I was drunk! You shouldn’t had left me at the bar anyway! But NOOO! You had to leave with Zin!”

“It’s cause she was in labor!”

“So! She could of push out those idiots without you! You’re MY lover! You were suppose to be with ME!”





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“I can’t believe you yelled at me, love. You’re not being very sexy right now.”

“I’m sorry for yelling but I’m angry at the fact that you left one of our kids at the bar.”

“Well you shouldn’t have gotten me pregnant then..”

“I didn’t know that I even slept with you…”




 photo Screenshot-2030_zps6e9676ae.jpg

“You don’t remember making love to me?! How dare you!”

“Rose, remember how you dressed up like Zinnia and pretended to be her?”

“I don’t remember doing that! Why would I do that!”

“I dunno but you did do that.”

“Are we all good now, mommy and daddy?”




 photo Screenshot-2032_zps7a73c78d.jpg

“No! Your daddy is being a asshole now! He yelled at me! I am hurt. I don’t love him right now.”


“Don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever talk to me ever again until you stop being a asshole and return to being my sexy Liam who loves me!”

“Rose… you’re being dramatic..”

“I have a dramatic trait, boo love! What do you expect!”




 photo Screenshot-2184_zpse3a9ca60.jpg

The next day my dad invited over my new brother-cousin that we all didn’t know about. Learning that Rosette left him at the bar doesn’t surprise us at all. Most of last night my dad and Rosette argue about it. Maybe he should stop having kids with her.




 photo Screenshot-2185_zpsd0e843d4.jpg

“Okay Mojito.. So you don’t always dress up like a girl. But are you gay?”




 photo Screenshot-2190_zps08d15767.jpg

“If I were gay would you love me less, mommy?”




 photo Screenshot-2192_zps675ff2d8.jpg

“I don’t care what you are. I don’t love any of my kids. You bastards ruined my vagina!”




 photo Screenshot-2194_zps544ee3d0.jpg

“If you must know my sexual preference I am Bi. I love both men and woman. As much as I love a juicy cock in my mouth, I still crave to suckle on a woman’s large seductive breasts. Judge me if you must. But this is who I am now. Maybe cause I didn’t have a mommy and daddy to love me.”




 photo Screenshot-2196_zps781efb42.jpg

“I wouldn’t judge you about that… But we don’t need details.”




 photo Screenshot-2197_zpsb3b7434c.jpg

“Fabulous! I knew you wouldn’t judge me about what I like. I am so happy to finally have real parents in my life. So you how you two been married? Did mommy look pretty in her wedding dress?”




 photo Screenshot-2198_zpsea53295f.jpg

“Married? I’m not married to your mother.”




 photo Screenshot-2200_zps694aa2d7.jpg

“Liam my love refuses to marry me! I had his stupid kids for him and he still won’t marry me!”




 photo Screenshot-2201_zps2efc9084.jpg

“I gave him all my love! I just give give give give and give. And all he does is take take take and take! I don’t understand why you are being this way. Making 100 babies is stupid. You need to be with me forever ever and ever and ever and ever and everest! We are destine to be together! Why can’t you see that boo love? What else do you want from me?”




 photo Screenshot-2202_zps8f558fb7.jpg





 photo Screenshot-2204_zpsfafb310d.jpg

“It’s okay mommy. It’s okay to live in sin. We are all sinners! Daddy you should marry mommy. She’s so pretty! I see why you made me!”




 photo Screenshot-2205_zps5a451efa.jpg

“Yeah that’s not going to happen. But anyway, what happen to the person who took you in?”

“She died when I was 3. She choked on a dildo. It’s funny when you think about it. She wanted to give her new boo the best blow job ever. She started to practice on her dildo and shit went wrong.”

“Who took you in after she died?”

“A band of drag queens!”




 photo Screenshot-2206_zpsc761c2b3.jpg

“Um okay. So tell me some things about you. What do you do for a living? Since you also like females, do I have any grandchildren?”

“Well daddy, I always wanted to be a magician but I suck at magic. The only trick I know is making my cock disappear inside of a guy’s tight ass. So I just do gay porn. As far as kids, I would of had one but my pregnant wife died.”

“That’s awful, what happen to your wife?”

“She thought it was a good idea to hang the sex swing over the balcony in our mansion. My wife was a daredevil and a freak, she would find crazy things to do to spice up our sex life so I wouldn’t leave her for the pool boy even though he was kinda hot. I just wanted to grab his juicy little ass! One night when she got into the sex swing and it fell. It was 50 feet above the ground. May her kinky soul rest in peace. I miss that freaky bitch and her delicious titties!”

“That’s terrible…”

“Oh not as terrible as my husband’s death! He died from auto erotic asphyxiation.

“How many times you been married?”

“3 times daddy! 2 husbands and 1 wife. I fall in love easily! But all my lovers had died hilariously. “




 photo Screenshot-2208_zps2b1f10c8.jpg

I was curious about my new brother-cousin and join in. I swear we could of been twins but of course I’m more sexier.




 photo Screenshot-2211_zps7b41e0e2.jpg

“Hi Borage! You’re my brother-cousin right?”


“That is fabulous! You know we could of been twins if I had mommy’s hair. It’s almost like looking into a mirror. You’re so pretty brother-cousin!”

“Um.. thanks.. So what’s with the tranny thing? Do you go into tranny mode at night or something?”

“Oh no-“



 photo Screenshot-2219_zps8e7af1da.jpg

“Ugh can I watch TV in peace? Who is this guy?

“I’m your Uncle-cousin.”

“That’s strange.”




 photo Screenshot-2220_zps0a2fb89e.jpg

“Well I only dress like a lady cause I never had love from a mother. Plus is helps me pick up ladies.”

“That works?!”

“Yes daddy. The ladies seem to like whenever I dress like a lady too. They would show me their sweet, sweet breasts.”

“Hmm.. that’s almost hard to believe.”

“It’s true, Borage. You should try it some time. I think you would pretty dressed as a lady. You can borrow one of my dresses.”

“I think I’ll pass.”




 photo Screenshot-2222_zpsc62d3efe.jpg

“I’m almost scared to ask more about you, son.”

“Well daddy, I’m now a witch.”


“Witches aren’t as awesome as us genies. But how are you a witch?”

“I was given witch powers by my last husband before died slipping on the anal beads and landing into out lit fireplace.”

“So all your spouses deaths were sex related?”

“Why yes daddy. I didn’t notice that.”

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  1. … ok given the way he grew up the guy is pretty average. Gee. I never thought I´d say that- I think I love a Mojito *g*

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