Love For The Ladies – Batch#2 Decision Poll


I’m unsure about what I should do with the 9 new kids that Borage recently had. I know that I mention about having them return as children but I just recently changed my story line and I rather not have a have a house full of kids again. This laptop doesn’t seem to like big households and keeping up with their needs is a headache. A few of Borage’s older kids will end up hanging around longer after becoming a YA and adding 9 kids plus Pedro and Fayon would be a nightmare all over again. I want to downsize the household as little as possible. This wouldn’t be a problem on my other laptop, it’s funny how the new laptop has better specs but can’t handle this game as well as the other one. I have 3 options that I need help deciding on.


A. Show the kids lives on Ziharia and have them return to see Borage as a YA

Reason – Pedro would convince Fayon that their children are better off being raised on their alien planet rather on Earth. Both Pedro and Fayon had became homesick after being gone for some many years. Pedro’s Superiors are curious about Aries and his genie powers and want to study him more which made Pedro decide to convince Fayon on staying as he refuses to leave Aries behind. As the children grow older they find themselves curious about their father Borage and want to get to know him. Once the kids become YAs they escape Ziharia for Earth to meet Borage.  The Superiors are furious when they learn the children had left with Aries and puts a bounty on their heads. Aries was put on strict orders to never leave Ziharia and if anyone aids his escape would be several punished.


B. Have Pedro send back 2 of the kids.

Reason – Pedro becomes uncomfortable with the tests that are performed on young Aries and later realizes returning to their home world was a mistake. Aries starts to become distant and despondent after going through years of series of tests and experiments. Aries doesn’t have much of a childhood like his other siblings and desperately wants to be like a normal child. Pedro had notice there’s something not right about one of the septuplet females and how she has a odd personality which he knows his Superiors would find displeasing. Khlamydia who ended up with the odd name, tends to be as odd as her name. Pedro tries to hide Khlamydia fearing of what they may do to her if she shows any odd behavior around them. If the Superiors feel that Khlamydia is defective, she would be sent away to a mental  institute where Pedro would never see her again.  Pedro is aware about the mental institute enjoyment of abusing “defective” Ziharians. Pedro began to run out of options when hiding Khlamydia as they ask to observe all 7 of the children. Pedro being a caring Father to his offspring, makes a daring decision and teleports Aries along with Khlamydia back on Earth to spare their young lives from torture.  When question about the children’s whereabouts, Pedro claims they were kidnapped and sets out on a fake mission  to find them.


C. Have Fayon return with Apollo and Nova

Reason – Fayon is in love with Borage and finds it hard to live life without him. Fayon can speak to Borage telepathically and expresses how much she misses him. Borage doesn’t care and only want to see his kids he had with her. Fayon is only interest in hearing Borage how he misses her but he only expresses how he miss their twins. Fayon does falls pregnant by a Ziharian male whom she’s arranged to be married to. Ziharia wouldn’t not recognize her marriage with Borage, and Fayon had no choice but to court the Ziharian male. Fayon is filled with guilt after mating with the other guy and confesses to Borage which he doesn’t care. Borage knew the only way he would see his twins again if he lies to Fayon by telling her that he misses her. Fayon gathers the twins and return to Earth while still pregnant by the Ziharian male. Fayon failed to have Pedro return because he wanted to stay and raise his offspring on their home plant  while his Superiors continue to study Aries and learn about his powers. They will decide rather Pedro is allow to continue in conceiving  more alien-genie offspring  or not. With Fayon back in town, Borage pushes for a divorce by using her pregnancy for the reason.


I hope by giving some detail about each option will help you decide on which route to go. I think I will run this poll for about a week or so.


4 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies – Batch#2 Decision Poll

  1. I had trouble deciding between B and C because both involve sending some kids back and I do like seeing Borage’s kids. XD I like B better because I’m curious about Aries and want to see him in action as a kid. 🙂

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