One Year!


Today makes it officially one year since I started to write stories with the Sims! And it’s also one year since I started going on the forms as well. My first ever story was Journey to 101 with Collette Lex, a 101 baby challenge. However I ended up losing it all along with the legacy that I created from it. What a year of writing it has been. So many ups and downs. Laptop crashing, Laptop stolen but I’m still going strong. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to last this long as I tend to get bored with things and move on. However all this writing did push back my music production. But I think it may of really been cause it took forever to get my program back. And once I did get it back, I started to work on a new track….. Laptop is stolen. So again, a new track  is gone, just like that. I had no interest in working on new music for quite some time. The music scene in my area hasn’t been all that great in while. I’m not trippin’. People keep makin’ dem bay bays LOL.

So what’s next in the sim world? MOAR STORIES! And updating the older ones at some point.

4 thoughts on “One Year!

  1. I’m kinda like you. Got discouraged with the music and started writing Sim stories. 🙂 It serves as the creative outlet for us at least. Congrats and keep makin’ dem stories AND music!

  2. lol, so everyone’s popping out kids instead of going out? Sounds a lot like Borage and his mom and aunt, but they still find time to party. ahahaha. Those three are parents of the Year…because their kids are alive.

    Congratulations! And I hope you get back into the groove soon.

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