Love For The Ladies: Chapter 29, The Unknown



I had a strange dream last where my dad walked into room with a sad look on his while wearing his outdated pimp clothes. I’ve never seen my dad like this before and was curious of why he was so sad. I could see the hurt in his eyes. At first I thought maybe my crazy aunt Rosette moved next door to him. That would be anyone’s night mare. But he stood there for a while staring at me and not saying a word. I started to get a eerie feeling and the cold started to get cold suddenly. My dad stood there quiet still but he finally said something to me.






“Forgive her, son. It wasn’t her fault. I shouldn’t have pressure her. You have to forgive her. I don’t blame you if you never spoke to me again. Forgive her.” 

Is what my dad said to me. I didn’t know what to think of it. It was so random. Who could he talking about? Lois? Why? Why would I need to forgive her. Why wouldn’t I speak to him again? This dream wasn’t making any sense. I asked him what was he talking about but he said nothing and faded away. I woke up feeling a bit warm and was sweating. My head started to ache. I didn’t know what to think of this dream. Then I thought. It’s just a dream, it means nothing.






Lois was still not acting like herself. It was near the end of the day and I saw Lois down by the beach, staring into the water. I watched how the wind tossed her braids around and she would toss them back. I notice how nice her ass look from my angle. I wonder what she’s thinking about. I’ve never seen her like this.





I walked down to the beach. I felt maybe Lois would use some company. We usually watch the sunset together. I thought watching it on the beach together would be beautiful.






But I could see something is up. Lois drops in her into her hands as she were crying. But why? Why would Lois be crying?






I wonder if it’s something I had done. Maybe I’ve been too much for her or maybe I wasn’t showing her enough love. I can’t understand what’s making her upset. Maybe it’s cause of the 7 hell spawns I shot out of my ass. She said she was okay. I wonder what I do. I wonder how I was going to make it up to her, whatever I had done.






I should go comfort her. I can’t seeing Lois be so upset that she in tears. Whatever I had done to her, I’m sure I could possibly make it up. I want to see that smiling face of hers again.






“Lois what’s wrong? Are you upset about something? I’m sorry if I’m the problem.”

“Oh Borage! You haven’t done anything. I’m just…feeling a little off. I’m not sure what it is. You haven’t anything to me. You can’t put on yourself if I’m upset or anything.”

“Everyone else I’m the fault of their issues all the time. I guess maybe I am.”

“Those people are jerk, Borage. You can’t be the blame of every misfortune in their lives. It takes two to tango.”






“I thought I wasn’t showing you enough love. I’m sorry I’ve been a lot of time with Apollo and Nova. That psycho is about to take them away from me for 6 years. I want them to remember me and remember Fayon is the crazy one.”






“Borage, I think it’s great that you’re spending time with them before they go. I know you love me a lot. I’m not worried about that. I just have a lot on my mind and needed some time to think. Now PC is asking for a little brother or sister from me. She has plenty of little sibling plus the septulets now. I thought about having a baby. But I don’t know. How would Fayon react? I know she’s leaving but she’ll be back in a few years. I want a child with you but I want it done the right way.” 







I knew what she meant when she said the right way. Marriage. I thought about a lot about in the past days. I grabbed her and held her close. I gazed into her sparkling eyes. She started to blush as I tried to kiss her on her cheek.  I was ready to ask her.






Marry me, Lois. Be my wife.







“What? Are you serious? You’re asking me to be your wife?”

I caught Lois by surprise. I lifted her up in the air and sprung her around.

“Say you’ll be my wife, Lois.”






“Yes. I’ll be your wife. But Borage, how? You’re still married to Fayon.”

“I know but I thought of something. Fayon is a alien. I’m sure there’s a loophole that my marriage to a alien isn’t legal.”

“I never thought about that. It could be true. Fayon isn’t a registered citizen, maybe the marriage in invalid.”

“That’s what my mom thinks. I’ll look into it so we can finally be official and have another baby.”

“What if she tries to blow you up?”

“I’m not worried about that. If I die, at least I knew what love feels like and knowing you’re the one I gave my heart to. I’m sure Pedro could help us. He’s on our side. He doesn’t want her married to me. Even if Pedro keeps putting unwanted babies in me, he’s still my best friend. He will help us.”







I may of not have a ring for her but we are officially engaged even if I’m already technically married to Fayon. But can you even count it when the person is from out of space? I embraced Lois with a tender kiss as we sat in the warm sand. We watched the sun set finally. I can’t believe she’s going to be my real wife one day soon. But the baby talk has got me thinking.






“Why wait any longer, Lois? Let’s try and have a baby now. I’m ready.”







“Hey Lois, how are you?”

“Oh hey Liam. You kinda scared me. Please tell me that you didn’t see us.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing Liam. Let’s just say I will be your daughter-in-law soon when Borage and I find out if his marriage to Fayon is valid. He asked me to marry him and I said yes.”

“Well I guess congrats are in order.”






“But Liam… I just don’t deserve him! Borage is a wonderful man  and I can’t.. I just can’t..”


“After we had done that one night.. If he knew. He would be hurt. I feel awful! Why? Why did we do what we did?!”

” Maybe it wasn’t a good idea but what’s done is done.”

“Don’t you even feel a little bad? I feel awful!”

“Yeah it wasn’t good idea. But what my son doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Just pretend that it didn’t happen.”






“So we should act like nothing had happen? If only it was that easy. I have so much guilt in my soul. I can’t pretend like nothing went on between us.”

“You had a moment of weakness and wasn’t sure about things. It’s okay, you’re only humans. People make mistakes. Try and pretend nothing happen that night.”

“You seem like you don’t care about this whole thing. Don’t you care about your son’s feelings?”

“I do care about Borage’s feelings but pretending this never happen will protect him.”

“I guess you’re about that.”






I notice my dad was talking to Lois. I wonder what they were talking about. Lois seemed to be a little bothered by my dad. Please don’t tell me that he’s trying to hit on her. I will punch him in the face if he tries anything with her.

“What’s up guys? Am I missing something?”

“No, Lois and I were just chatting about casual stuff.”

“Yeah that’s what were talking about.”

Lois seemed a little nervous about something. Maybe my dad gives her a odd vibe. I know my dad can be creepy sometimes. I don’t blame her.

“He isn’t trying to ask you to be another baby mama of his. I’ll punch you in the throat, old boner if you’ll try. Lois is mine, she isn’t going to be another baby mama of yours.”

“I know that, Borage. I’m just talking with her and getting to know her. Congrats on the engagement. Let me know the date of the wedding. I will attend.”

“Thanks old boner. Maybe you can walk her down the aisle. Lois’ dad passed away a long time.”

“Sure, I could do that.”






Tonight was a good night to hang out at the fire pit. I asked Lois if she wanted to join me and my dad but she said she couldn’t and she wasn’t feeling good. I told her I would cuddle with her in bed after giving her some soup so she would feel better. She told me she’ll be fine and to hang with me dad. Then she left so quickly. It was strange but women do act strange all the time. Or maybe my dad is just smelly and she don’t wanna be around him.






I lit up my fire pit and sat down with my dad. He roasted some marshmallows while I roasted a watermelon. I think this would be cool to do. Roast a watermelon. I bet it’s gonna be as tasty as Lois’ lips. She tastes like a watermelon sometimes. I think it’s the whole being black thing. She’s black and loves eating watermelon like my grandmama. She’s black too and I’m a quarter black so this is natural for me.





“This is pretty nice. Do I wanna ask about the watermelon.”

“I’m getting in touch with my black roots, old boner.”

“Um, okay. I knew I shouldn’t had said anything.”






Then my dad burned his dumb marshmallows. That was hella funny. You should of seen his face when his marshmallows lit up like a candle stick.





But then my dad must of jinx me cause my melon caught on fire. What asshole! I bet it was gonna be tasty. Now I’ll never now. His whiteness ruined my melon. I disliked him for 5 minutes.





“This taste like shit.”

“It wasn’t a good idea to even roast a watermelon.”

“Shut up old boner! Eat your burnt marshmallows!”






Since I seen my dad talking with Lois I was curious about what he thinks about her since she’s going to be his daughter-in-law one day.

“So whatcha think about her?”

“She seems nice and she’s pretty. Looks like you got lucky there.”

“Yeah, I just wonder how did I get so lucky.”

“I guess you’ll be divorcing the alien soon.”

“I don’t think our marriage is even valid. She’s a damn alien. Those don’t count, do they?”

“I can’t say for sure.”





“Well that fuckin’ alien tricked me into marrying her and threatens to blow me  and not in the good way either.”

“Ha ha ha.”

“It’s not funny, old boner. She’s a nut case. Maybe worse than Rosette.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure out something soon. I got a feeling the alien won’t like it.”

“I don’t care what Fayon thinks. I just want her gone for good.”






“Mind if I join in.”

“Did you have to bring one of those demon hell spawns with you, mama?”

“I like my new grandbaby, Bubba.”

“I like staying away from those abominations. I’ll be happy once those 7 monsters are out of my house.”






“Bubba, why are you so mean to these little precious babies? You gave birth to them. Little Fred reminds me of you when you were a little baby, Bubba.”

“How can a freak space baby remind you of me?”

“He cries a lot like when I dropped you on your head when you were a baby. I’m getting better at holding babies. I kinda miss having a little baby around.”

“You dropped me on my head, mama?”

“Yep and you turned out well still!”






“So that explains everything, Zin. You dropped Borage as a baby? Did you dropped Celsia on her head too? I wouldn’t put it pass Rosette for dropping the triplets too.”

“Mama is right, old boner! I did turn out well. But Celsia is just a stupid bitch by nature. And Rosette said she feed the cocktail bitches after which ever drink they were named after of.”

“Tell me you’re not serious?”






“Liam, the kids came out find under Rose and me care. Borage is as sexy as you Liam. But I hate you now.”

“See old boner, I came out good.”

“Zin? Wait you hate me? Why?”

“Fuck off, Liam.”






I’m not sure why my mom was suddenly mean to my dad. I’ve never seen her act like this before but I didn’t care really. My dad was stunned and was curious about what’s my mom’s deal but she kept telling him to go to hell. Dad gave up on asking and soon we all heard Rosette’s loud. I knew it wasn’t long before she shown up.






The rest of the night was good as I had a bonfire with my parents and stupid aunt. I mention how fun this was and hope to do this again with my parents. Mama smiled at me and said she’ll play nice with dad as long as it makes me happy. This night would be perfect if my love was down here spending time with her future in-laws. I wonder if she’s feeling better. I think I’ll call it a night and check on my Lois flower.






“When you gonna cut the crap and get freak nasty with me, boo love?! I’m only here for you Liam! Ditch these losers and let’s make sweet love. You can’t leave until we fuck! We always make love when we see each other. Put out or get out!”

“Oh Rose..”

“I want Borage’s stupid neighbors to know our names. They won’t until we start fucking!”






Tonight was the night Pedro and Fayon planned to leave for 6 years. I didn’t want them to take Apollo and Nova but Fayon didn’t want to leave them here. I hugged Nova as tight as I could. I held her in my arms, not wanting to let her go. I told her to not forget about me.

“Remember kid, Mama is psycho and I’m big daddy pimpin’. Daddy good, mama bad.”

“Dada pimpin’! Mama psycho!”

“Yes, that’s right! Remember me, Nova. Daddy is going to miss you.”

“No leave dada!”

“I’m sorry..Nova. I wish you could stay.”






I held Apollo just as tight and told him the same thing I told his twin. I really did like these alien kids even if I hated their mother. It’s not their fault that they have Fayon for a mom but I didn’t trust her with them. They might come back crazy like her and I won’t like them anymore. It was painful listening to twins cry for me as Pedro and Fayon loaded them in a space pod. I wanted to rid it open and take my kids out. I didn’t care much for the 7 demons. I’m glad they are gone but I’ll miss my twins dearly.






“Remember me. Daddy will miss you, Apollo.”







“I guess you guys are leaving. I’m going to miss you Pedro and hope you have a safe trip. But before you go, can you make it where Borage and I can finally get married. I’m certain his marriage with Fayon isn’t valid on Earth.”






“I would help. I no like marriage of sister and Borage. But cannot help as you not honest with Borage. Child is not of Borage. Please make right with Borage first before child.”





“Child not of Borage? Huh what does that mean? I’m not honest with Borage? What are you talking about, Pedro? Please, we need your help now.”






“You will know of child. Time. You know you not be honest with Borage. Make right with Borage and I will help. If you do not now, Borage won’t forgive. Good luck Lois. I see you in 6 years. It is of boy, Lois. You see.”





“Pedro is strange alien guy. I have no idea what he’s talking about. None of it makes sense. Pedro isn’t on our side, I guess. I wonder how he knew about Liam and I. He’s right, I am not honest with Borage but if he knew.. he won’t forgive me and it wouldn’t matter how soon I told him. He’ll hate Liam. I don’t want to ruin their father and son relationship let alone yours. I’ll take Liam’s advice and act like nothing happen. Borage must never know.”

4 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 29, The Unknown

  1. I am seriously looking forward to Liam’s torture by the harem. The guy deserves it after what he did to Borage. >:/

    And Lois, eh…she was being kinda obtuse, lol. Pedro made perfect sense. Lois just doesn’t want to understand him, or something.

    I’m gonna miss those twins too, lol. I love when Borage actually acknowledges the kids instead of either treating them like crap or ignoring them.

  2. What a shame, Borage finally finds something concrete and normal and now it is gonna get all messed up and Lois is gonna be one of Liam’s baby mamas…horrible turn of events

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