Love For The Ladies: Chapter 28, Bay Bay Galore



After making love to my sweet Lois flower, Fayon stops me while I was on my way to drink something. Love making with this giant stomach gets me a bit of a workout. Fayon told me that tonight was the night to have the babies. She said she needed to prepare me for the birth and delivery. I’m not sure why that’s needed this time around. Pedro didn’t prepare me last time. Those babies came out like magic.






“Borage, come with me so I can prepare you for the birth. Pedro isn’t here but I will take his place. We need to do this now. The triplets are almost ready to be born.”

“Why do I need to be prepared for birth? Aren’t they gonna magically come out like magic babies?”






“Not this time Borage. Pedro used Method 1 to pollinate you. Pedro wants you to bond better with your offspring which you failed with Bora Bora and Luna. Perhaps if you were to go through labor and birth, you could possibly bond with your new offspring. The babies will be delivered from your anus. I need to prepare you so delivery will be easier. I do not, you will die during child birth.”






“Wait a fucking second! These babies are coming out of my ass?!”






“Yes, love. Your anus is the only opening for the babies to be deliver from. Pedro has implanted his egg inside of you this time. That’s where the babies had be growing inside of you. The egg acts like a womb. Since you are male, you’ll need a womb. With Bora Bora and Luna, Pedro had created a egg and infused your DNA and his, then he insert the egg inside of you. When the egg hatched, Bora Bora and Luna were born, but came out like magic.”

“This bites, Fayon. How did he get me pregnant this time?”

“It’s best if you didn’t know. I already prepared a special bath for you in the hot tub. I sprinkle gem power from my home world, Zihaira. This will cleanse your anus and make delivery easier for you by widening the hole of your anus so each baby can pass.” 

“You aliens are pretty fucked up.”






I did what Fayon wanted me to do. She wanted me to soak in the hot tub with her. Learning that I’m about to deliver some babies from my ass is very upsetting. No man should ever have to go through time and here I am. Pedro still haven’t shown up and I’m hella pissed at him. Why couldn’t he do the magic way. He wants me to bond? These ain’t even born and I already dislike them. Alien butt babies.. I’m sure they don’t wanna know how they got here.






It wasn’t long before I started to feel contractions I guess you could say. This shit hurts. I don’t get why some women want to go through this 100 times. They must like pain or something. Freaky bitches.






“Ahh, this does feel nice? The bath waters with the gem powder. This reminds me of home. I must admit that I do miss home a lot.”

“Why don’t you go back?”

“I have a life here now. I have you and the twins. We are married, we are mates for life and we have 2 wonderful offspring. I have no need to return home.”

“Fayon.. you know how I feel about us. I think you should be if someone who does love you. I’m not the right one for you.”

“I see the labor is making you talk crazy, love. Time is near, this is exciting! I’m going to be a Aunt again.”

“I’m not talking crazy Fayon. You know this isn’t gonna work out. I love-“

“You love me, I know this Borage. I need you to stay in this bath for a hour. I will go prepare a birthing spot for you.”






Maybe this wasn’t the right time to try and convince Fayon that she should divorce me. She thinks I’m talking crazy but I’m getting real. I have a feeling that Fayon knows about my feelings for Lois and she doesn’t want to hear it. I laid back in the tub for a hour. This alien water does kinda feel good. I closed my eyes and thought about the woman I love. My thoughts vanish as soon as the contractions started again.






When I got to my room, the pain started to get intense. I thought the bath was suppose to make it better? Why is this hurting so much? I stayed in there for a hour like Fayon said.






Then I notice how my stomach started to glow green. At this moment, I thought I was going to die.





“Fayon! What the fuck is going on with me! This shit hurts too damn much! And why is my stomach glowing and shit?!”




I triple over in pain and fell on the floor. Fayon wanted me on the bed but I was in too pain to move. I could feel these demons moving and heading towards my ass. I held on my stomach, trying to breathe through all the pain I was going through.




Fayon told me time was now. I laid on my back and feared for the worse. There’s about to be 3 aliens coming out of my ass. I just knew this was going to hurt like hell. I wasn’t ready for this! I wanted it to be over but I don’t want to push babies out of my ass!






Fayon makes a terrible midwife as she stood there screaming for half of the time. Mainly he was worried about Pedro’s whereabouts and how he’s suppose to be here for this. Fayon finally did calm down and coach me through the birthing thing.



Fayon told me I needed to push as the babies were coming. I could feel them coming. It was like trying to push out a hard turd! I pushed with all of my might but then I went numb. I didn’t feel anything. I’m not sure what was going on. I dropped my head to the floor and stared at the ceiling. My mind was blank and it felt like I was underwater. I don’t remember hearing the babies cry. I’m not sure how much time went by but Fayon smiled at me and said I was done. I rolled over to my side and laid on the floor for a while. I don’t know how long. It could of been hours. I laid there in silence. Until Fayon told me to come meet my babies.





I struggle to get up to head to the nursery. She must of gather the babies were I laid on the floor in a daze. I didn’t bother in trying cover myself. I dragged myself to the nursery. I wonder why I still looked pregnant if I already had the babies. Fayon told me that my body will go back to normal in the morning. I was stun to learn how many babies I just gave birth. Fayon was just as stunned as I was. It wasn’t triplets like Pedro said it was. Fayon smiled and told me that I’m a father to septuplets. 7 babies? How the fuck? Fayon asked for names but I was too distraught and extremely tired to think of 7 names. Pedro could do that since he wanted the babies so bad. But Fayon said that he still wasn’t here and how since there’s something special about the babies being more Ziharian than the others, they needed names now. I told my family since they were in there that they can name them since I’m very tired. Honestly I could care less about them.






“I think I’ll name this little guy, Fred. He looks like a Fred too me.”






“I’m naming this boy, Aries.”

“That’s a wonderful name, Zinnia. I shall call this one Journey. She’s beautiful.”






“This baby seems different, Fayon. Aries is genie like me. I can sense it but he looks like a alien.”

“Zinnia, are you serious? Aries is genie? This is great news! I didn’t think it’s possible to create a alien-genie. I thought Pedro was crazy. This great news for Pedro and my home world. At last, a alien-genie is born!”






“This baby is stupid. I’m naming her Chlamydia.”






“Rose, you can not be serious!”

“Why not? Borage probably has chlamydia. It probably passed down to this brat. I think it’s perfect.”






“Rose you can’t name this baby after a STD! It’s bad enough of what you named our twins.”

“Borage said I could name her! I’ll just spell it with a K. You like your name, Khlamydia. Don’tcha you stupid baby.”






“What do we name the other 3 babies, Fayon?”

“Let’s have Pedro name them. He’s on his way now.”







“I think Fred is a stupid for a baby. This brat has a cool name.”

“Naming a baby after a STD is not a cool name. That name is terrible!”

“Whatevs. Khlamydia is gonna be poplar with the boys when she’s older. I’m helping her out.”

“You’re ruining my granddaughter’s life. That’s what your doing.”







“Everyone, grab a baby. I had prepared a special bath for the babies since they are more Ziharian than human. This is something we do on my home world. This process is important.” 







“Here ya go Fred. Time for your first bath.”







“Aww it’s okay Fred. This won’t take long. Are you sure this water is okay for them, Fayon? The babies are screaming.”

“It is fine, Liam. Ziharian children hate baths in their first year of life.” 







“See Fred, that wasn’t so bad was it? You’re all nice and clean now.”







“Shut up you stupid diseased baby! I don’t want them to think I’m drowning you when I kinda want to do.”







“Hey little Aries! You’re the cool one of the litter being a alien and a genie! I think you’re gonna be grandmama’s fav!”






As I slept after giving birth to 7 hell spawns, I was soon waken by Pedro’s angry voice. He mainly yelled at Fayon for allowing my family to name the kids. But Fayon was just honoring my wishes, he doesn’t need to yell at her for that. He hated the name Rosette gave to one of the girls. Yeah naming a baby Khlamydia is terrible but I found it it a little funny. Since some kind of special alien thing were the babies are bond to their names 3 hours after birth. Pedro couldn’t change Khlamydia’s name. Pedro just calls her Dia for short. Pedro wasn’t pleased with the name Fred, which my dad named him. He said it wasn’t right for a alien. Pedro did like the names my mom and Fayon picked out. He felt Aries name was perfect since he’s a alien-genie. He named the 3 other babies, Tuscan, Dasani and Toshi.  Pedro stop yelling at Fayon and I drifted back to sleep.





And here’s all 7 of them. Toshi, Khlamydia, Journey, Aries, Fred, Dasani, Tuscan.  How on earth did 3 babies turn into 7? I don’t know why Pedro wanted so many damn kids but I’m done. He needs to find a new host cause I ain’t about to do this shit no more.






I did get my body back like Fayon said. That’s all I care about now. Making love to Lois would be easier and I’m sure she misses my hot body. I looked over and glared at those 7 demons. I can’t believe I gave birth to them. I’m glad it wasn’t 8 then I’ll be a Octo-Dad.





Pedro told me how happy to have septuplets this time. I could careless. Greta is going to be busy once she returns from her trip. Pedro then told me how special the babies were and he and Fayon were taking the babies to their home world to stay for 6 years. It’s some crazy alien thing that they had to do. They didn’t do this when Bora Bora, Luna, Apollo and Nova were born. Why these 7? It’s cause there was 7 of them. That’s some rare thing that happens where they were from. Pedro said taking Aries was very important cause they had to register him as a new breed. I guess. They would be taken the babies in a few days and they were taking Apollo and Nova too. Fayon wanted them to know their alien roots. I wasn’t thrill about Fayon taking the twins. Of all of my alien kids, I like those 2. I didn’t try to pick a fight and let her take them. I’ll miss them, the twins but could careless about the septuplets. However I think Aries would be the cool one from the litter. He’s a genie like me.






“Borage your TV suck! It only has one color, black!”




Note: There had to be some glitch or something for Borage to have 7 babies! He even still looked pregnant after he gave birth. I thought he was gonna have more lol but I had to reset him. he went back to normal. 7 extra babies pushed the limits of what my game could handle. I decided to keep all 7 kids but move them with Pedro, Fayon, and the twins into another house. They will be back as kids but I will post pics of them as toddlers so you all can see them. Batch#2 had started and now it’s done LOL


  4 comments for “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 28, Bay Bay Galore

  1. February 19, 2013 at 12:29 PM

    Wow, poor Borage, I’ve never tried for Seven as I’m too scared as to what it might do to my game, right now I have a house full and my game does not seem to like it. Grats on an Alien/Genie as that is really cool. 🙂

    • thenay83
      February 19, 2013 at 1:11 PM

      Trying for 7 is impossible. I got 7 due to that file being glitchy and corrupted. The most you can try for without mods is 3. With NRAAS you can higher the chance for quads. I had a mod where I can set for single, twins or triplets. I saw he had a 200% chance of quads with my other mod. I didn’t want quads and so I set it to triplets since he and Pedro had twins last time. But of course, I ended up with 7 instead.

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