Taking a break.

As some of you know about my laptop being stolen this past weekend. I do have the game on my other computer but it’s the best. This weekend I might be going with a friend and look/buy a new laptop. Even if I get a new laptop this weekend, I don’t feel like writing for while. I will be going on hiatus for some time. Not only was my belongs were taken but my peace of mind was taken. I won’t leave the house fearing someone would try to break in. My sister and I are both shaken up by this. We are trying to cope, move on and replace everything.

One thing we plan on doing is never going to Ihop ever again after learning someone keeps breaking into other people’s car and this company is doing nothing to protect it’s customers. Invest in some fucking cameras that don’t point at the dumpster! What were they so worried about, that they felt the need to aim the camera at the dumpster? To see if those raccoons been stealing their trash? “Ohhh we need to crack down on those raccoons from stealing our half eaten pancakes! Those cheeky bastards!” Right! those evil raccoons are the real criminals who need to be stopped! Ugh I hate Ihop so much right now!


For now on my other computer, I just play sims for fun. I created this sim named Jayla Shiba. Her traits are Flirty, Diva, Cat Person, Party Animal and Coward.


She came out good even with the lack of CC. I dislike having to use lower grahic settings. I will be posting her shenanigans on my tumblr http://denegra.tumblr.com/ Right now she’s a home wrecker in Monte Vista lol

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