#EvilTrait: Ep 1, Make it Rain METEORS

NPCs of Monte Vista. You all suck and I hate your ugly faces however I have a very special gift for you all.

Girl: Huh?



Girl: Special gift? I don’t see anything! I wonder what could it be.

Guy: Where is that voice coming from? I need to stop smoking so much.




Girl: I think I see the special gift coming from the sky.

Guy: I have a very bad feeling about this…



Guy: I’m outta here! Cya!

Girl: I think it’s a rock or something. I hope it’s a diamond! I love diamonds!



I think it’s coming right for me. Hmm.. That’s kinda strange. Was this gift only for me?



OH SHIT! That’s no diamond! That’s a meteor! I think this stance will protect me!



Oh hai there meteor! Nice to see you!



Boom baby boom.



Are you trying to kill me?


Oh. I see.



Andre: Human, why are you so burnt?

Girl: A evil woman is trying to kill me.

Andre: LOL

Liam: It’s really hard to run in dress shoes. Why do I keep wearing these things?




Andre: Anyway, meet my friend Micheal Jackson.

Liam: My name is Liam.

Andre: Whatever.

Girl: Hi Micheal Jackson!

Liam: Grr.. It’s Liam!



Liam: Hi can I put a baby in you?

Lady: Sure, I would love that.



Andre: Hey Micheal Jackson, she’s just gonna get hit by a meteor.

Liam: I told you that’s not my name! It’s Liam.

Andre: Whatever.



Andre: MJ, don’t get close. She’s gonna die.

Liam: Quit playa hatin’!

Lady: I’m gonna die?



Andre: Well I warned you MJ.. I’m out!

Lady: Who was that?

Liam: A stupid vampire… So are you ready to make a baby?



Lady: I just remembered that I’m already pregnant with my husband’s baby.

Liam: Oh… well let’s make out.





Liam: I’ll be back with flowers.

Lady: How sweet. I’ll wait for you here.



What on Earth is that in the sky coming my way? Looks like 7 floating rocks.




I’m glad so that I’m not a NPC. Damn I’m so sexy.



I wonder what could be taking Liam so long to get me some flowers. I really don’t need them.. just his sexy body.




Boom baby boom.



Hey I’m back with flowers! Where did you go? Oh right.. Fuckin’ meteors…

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