Risquecy – Risky Business Challenge


aka Risky Business Challenge

After much thought I needed to give Love For The Ladies a genre because it’s often confused as a Baby Challenge which it’s far from it. The goal isn’t to 100 collect babies but to see how many babies would be produced after wooing 1000 ladies by using risky woohoo set at 50%. When you do the math my sim Borage could have over 500 kids if successful. That surpasses any Baby Challenge.


I came across a comment on my blog that a reader was influence by starting their own similar story like Borage’s. I’m positive in the near future Love For The Ladies will make a impression on others to make a attempt starting their own Risquecy story like Borage’s.  I’m taking the time to write a blog/thread of the rules and guidelines on starting your own Risquecy. Let’s start with the rules.


There’s a few rules.


  • You must have Twallan’s Risky Woohooer installed
  • You cannot use ‘Try for baby’
  • Risky cannot be set no lower than 10% however it’s recommended to set it at 33%.
  • Risky cannot be set higher than 50%
  • Kids cannot be sent to boarding school
  • The kids must live in your sim’s household until he/she is a YA
  • Only Risky can be used. Using woohoo is pointless unless he has already impregnated the lady before.
  • Your sim can risky woohoo the same sim again only for story line purposes.
  • Toddlers don’t have to learn all their skills to age. This leaves room for terrible parent story lines.


What is a Risquecy?

A Risquecy is usually a male sim who believe he’s a ladies man and wants to bed a ridiculous number of ladies without taking any precautions of his actions. He would soon find out consequences of his risky behavior when a child is left on his doorstep. However random children doesn’t stop him from achieving his goal. Later on the torch is usually passed on to one of his son who believes he could possibly be a better ladies man than his father.


In, Love For The Ladies

It starts out with Borage Montigo-Gelman who believes he’s a ladies man like his father Liam Gelman but Borage is anything but. Borage is brainless, egotist, vulgar, classless, jerk but however ladies still find him irresistible with his good looks and genie occult. Borage is set out to be a super star DJ and bed 1000 ladies. He has no interest in children but doesn’t take any precautions. After the birth of his first child, his grandmother sent a live in nanny to care for his son and future children. Borage is a class act and tends to be trapped in a revolving door of chaos.



With there being few rules you’re pretty much open to do whatever you please to do. Keep in mind to make your story original and interesting. Humor usually catches readers attention. Love For The Ladies is very humorous. Make sure you have a interesting story line and plot.  Don’t be like “Oh I’m a man. I’m gonna bang 1000 ladies and stuff. Here’s a lady. BANG BANG BANG.” Yeah.. that’s BORING. There’s countless of Baby challenges like that where it’s just a sim popping out a bunch of babies without a reason. It’s pointless. Showcase your children for a while. It’s interesting to show their personalities before the age and move out. The issues with Baby Challenges the children are often forgotten. It should be more than showing genetics.  Now for questions.



Does it have to be 1000 ladies?

No, you can set it to a lower number like 100 however it should be  a ridiculous number. If risky is set at 10% you may want to a higher number than 100 ladies.


Do I have to use a male sim?

No, I actually plan to do the female version of Borage’s story by using his twin sister on later.


Can my sim work?

That would be hard once the babies come pouring in. If you plan to have a live in nanny like in mines, your sim could.


Can I do swaps with simmers who do Baby Challenges?

That’s a yes and no answer. You can only count the woohoo that was risky. You can’t count the try for baby woohoo. If that simmer allows you to use their sim in your game, then yes. If not, then no. You can’t count the woohoo in their game because try for baby was used.


Can I use cheats?

Well I do, so yes. If I didn’t those kids would be taken away haha.


Can I hire babysitters, maids or butlers?

I have a live-in nanny in my story. I guess that’s okay if you want to hire one. Borage being a genie, I have no need for a maid or butler.


You have a live-nanny, so my sim doesn’t have to care for his kids?

The kids DO have to live in your sim’s household until they are YA. I have a nanny because Borage is a terrible father. Having your sim actually care for his kids depends on how you want your story to go.


I have Seasons and my sim got abducted and pregnant. Can I count the baby on his list of babies?

Yes, however I add alien kids on a separate list.


Can my sim be married?

Why not? That could be interesting. How would the wife deal with a cheating husband?


Does my sim have to start out poor like in a Baby Challenge?

No, if he’s ladies man he needs to have a nice place to impress the ladies with.


Does my sim have to dislike kids and be dumb like yours?

Haha, no.. make your sim as your own. He doesn’t need to be dumb or have a dislike towards children.



If you have any questions, let me know!

6 thoughts on “Risquecy – Risky Business Challenge

  1. You should add in that you need to use Tallawan’s Woohooer to get Risky Woohoo or it won’t work. I’ve been considering at some point to make one of Liam’s kids live with him and do this so he’s ending up taking care of grand kids and his own.

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