Love for the ladies: Chapter 18, Reconnected


I was feeling like crap in the morning. Couldn’t be from all the wild sex last night. My cell was buzzing like crazy. I look and saw I got a text message.

“I’ve been trying to reach you. I’m in town and was wondering if you would meet up with me. – Lois”




I quickly got dressed and headed downtown to meet Lois. I wonder if she combed her hair yet.





Long time, no see. How you been?





Clean and sober mostly but I’m doing good. How about your self? You’re looking good today.





I’m doing great now I’m staring at your pretty face. When you stop writing me I thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore. Now that you’re here, you can see how beautiful baby cake as became.





Yes, I do want to see our daughter. I haven’t seen her since she was a little baby. I feel awful missing most of her young life. I feel like the worse mother in the world. At least I have my drinking problem under control. I just hope it’s not too late to be in my daughter’s life.





It’s never too late Lois. She’s perfect like you since you finally find out what a hot comb is.





I must admit. I’m kinda nervous about seeing my daughter for the first time since I gave birth to her. How before ballet practice before she will get here?





Not too long, Lois. You don’t have to be nervous. She will like you, how couldn’t she? She gets her beauty from you. Everything is going to be fine.






I hope you’re right about that. I just hope she doesn’t hate me or anything. We talked on the phone for a bit. She sounds lovely. I’m only in town for a bit cause I can’t live to this city anymore. Too many clubs to pull me back into my bad habits. 






You can stay here. You can even sleep in my bed. You can stay as long as you want to. Baby cake is going to be so happy to see you. I’m serious about you sleeping in my bed. We can cuddle and watch Netflix.





That’s sweet of you inviting me to stay. I’m sure PC will like this if she isn’t mad at him. Thanks a lot for the offer Borage.





We can do more than cuddle if ya know what I mean. I had great time with you in the photo booth. I think a bed would be more comfortable.





Daddy? Who is this lady sitting next to you?





Hi Phoenix-Champagne, I’m Lois Champagne. I am your mother.





You’re the drunk lady then. I got to talk to you a few times. Did you get the help that you needed? 





Yes, PC. I am sober now. I’m hoping to reconnect in your life. I want you to come live with me in Appaloosa Plains. I promise Greta I would come back for you once I’m sober and I am now. It’s time for me to be a parent. I can’t live in this city anymore. I’m only here because I want to bring you with me.





I don’t wanna move to Appaloosa Plains. I wanna stay here with daddy and Brucey. I barely know you and you want to take me away?





I know it will be a big adjustment but you living here was only temporary. I’m sorry PC but I already got us a nice little house in a open field. You can see wild horses running the fields too. I know how you like horses. Maybe you can get a pet horse someday. I know you don’t wanna leave daddy but honey you’re better off with me. Borage is kind but not really father material according to Greta. She was doing most of the work.





How can you say that about my daddy? My daddy is a good daddy. He treats me well and I get whatever I want. I don’t wanna move away with you.





I’m sorry PC, but you really don’t have much of a choice. I think you living with me is the better deal. I didn’t know you were this attach to Borage. According to Greta, she implied Borage is detached from his kids.





But mommy, I don’t wanna leave daddy. Daddy will be sad if you take me away. He won’t be nice to you anymore. You’re the only lady that he’s nice to. He say nasty things to the others but not you. Please don’t take me away. I don’t wanna leave. I wanna stay.





I’ll try to work out a deal but at some point you’re going to have to live with me. Like I said, you living here was temporary.





Why don’t you just move in with us? I’m sure daddy won’t mind. I think daddy loves you. He wrote to you all the time and he thinks about you. He told me so. Ask daddy if you can move in?





That’s impossible PC, your daddy isn’t capable of being in love with anyone other than himself. He’s not the settling down type. I guess I can stay here longer, but were moving soon.





It’s getting close to Spooky Day and the kids wanted to carve out some pumpkins. I wanted to impress Lois with my good daddy skills and join in the fun. I hope she can see I’m treating PC right.





I wonder if I can carve out All Ladies Want BMG. I think I will do that.





You’re silly Borage, just do a silly face like everyone else.





Daddy, mommy! I’m going to make this pumpkin pretty for you both. I hope you both will like it!





Ugh PC, you’re such a suck up. Give it a rest.





Here we go again with these 2….





I feel that carving of a cat will be pleasing to the llama gods. I miss the brain llama.. I’m so lonely.





I’m about to carve out the best pumpkin on the block so watch out everyone!





I’m curious who that woman is. Borage has been nothing but nice to nice. He hasn’t been vulgar or anything! What’s the deal? What makes her so special?





Sass Awrful…





Eww reaching in here reminds me of that time when Lindy wanted me to fist her cooter. So glad that nut is out of my life.





I’m almost done everyone! My pumpkin is looking good! I hope you’ll like it, daddy and mommy!





It probably looks like horse crap. Mine is the best. Isn’t that right daddy?





Daddy could careless about your mess of a creation. From here it looks ugly! Mordecai is only 4 and can do a better job than you.





You got something to say, punk? I’ll mess up your so called perfect face!





Yeah, you’re a ugly jealous freak!





What’s there to be jealous of? There’s nothing special about you other than your horse face! I can’t wait until your mom takes you away and then I’m daddy’s favorite!





You’re jealous of the fact that I DO that a mom and YOU don’t! You have both boy parents and that makes you a FREAK! You’re alien FREAK! And daddy will never have you as a favorite! I’m his favorite FOREVER and EVER!





And like you being a floating genie is normal? YOU’RE A FREAK TOO!  YOU COOTIE QUEEN!










Jamoo.. Shoo flee! Shoo flee! 





Your ugly face is upsetting my sister! It’s not that bad, Luna. We can fix it.





Afterwards we set out the pumpkins outside. We put the ugly ones in the back.





Evil green brat, are you crying yet? You cries are getting annoying with your weird echoing alien voice. Next time when you decide to finally show emotion go do it in your room where I can’t see it. Now you can go away now. You probably didn’t understand a word I just said you stupid green brat. Zip bop bip dap zag sul sul blah! You understand that green weirdo?





Fuck. You. Borage!





Seriously Borage?! Why are you so mean to the alien twins and Lilah? You just can’t play favorites with some of your kids! I only seen you spend time with PC, and the boys but you’re mean the alien twins and ignore Lilah. You’re screwing up these and I had enough of this! And who is that woman?!!





Did you not hear that green brat just tell me to fuck off?! I’m her dad and that brat isn’t gonna talk to me like that! Who is Lilah? And it doesn’t matter who that lady is! WHY do you care who she is?





Those alien twins are annoying so of course I don’t like them! Being pregnant with them sucked! Giving birth to them sucked! You don’t know how it feel having 2 little parasites growing inside of you, making you all fat and cranky! My back was sore! My feet were sore! And I felt so ugly! My baby daddy was unsupportive! He wasn’t even there when I gave birth to his kids! Those twins were NIGHTMARES!











Then you should understand my pain. You still didn’t tell me who Lilah is.




When I was done being yelled at the angry purple person I was heading to bed when Lois stopped in my room. She was curious about the sleeping arrangements. I told her that she could sleep in my bed if she wanted to. I figure asking her again, I didn’t want to sleep alone tonight.




Just sleep in my bed with me. I can keep you warm. Don’t you miss me? You said so in your letters. I miss you. I’m glad you’re here now.




Thanks Borage but I shouldn’t. I know what you’re trying to do here. I like you but let’s keep things the way they are. You’re just trying to have sex with me again. You know we shouldn’t.




Of course I’m trying to fuck. You know how am I. You’re just so beautiful but we don’t have to if you don’t want to. We can just cuddle.



So just cuddle and nothing else?




Nothing else. I promise… unless you want something else. I sure do.




Okay only cause you promise not to try anything. It’s been a while since I cuddle with someone. You remember from my letters about why I was drinking so much. I just got out of a abusive relationship. It’s been years since I’ve held or felt protected.



I would hold you until the end of time. You know I would never hurt you in anyway. That guy was a coward. I got you, I can make you will protected. No one will ever hurt you again.




I leaned in to kiss what Lois would do and she kissed me back. No lady can resist my charm.



I held Lois in my arms for most of the night and we chat and cuddle. But nothing was stopping this raging hard on that was growing inside of my undies. I decided to honor Lois’ wish and not try anything but it was really hard. I mean really..hard. No pun intended.



However the cuddling to lead to something else and she was okay with it. I figure she was so turn on by me not trying anything that she decided to give in. I mean I held her for most of the night. I made her feel protected. That’s what she wanted right?













I got 3 ladies calling my name and I’m only fucking one of them now. I am awesome!



BORAGE! What is the meaning of this?! Why are you in bed with this hussy!



What’s it to ya? Why do you even care if I’m hooking up with another lady! You had your turn!




You are my mate, Borage! You cannot have relations with these hussies! I’m the dominate female here! I am the only one who is allow to breed with you!




Okay 1, I’m not your BOYFRIEND! So if I want to fuck another lady, then I’m gonna! Breed with me? Were not puppies! I’m not breeding with anyone!



You agreed to be my mate and we already did our first ritual! Next is the final ritual, the wedding which you’re suppose to be planning!




You must of been smoking crack. There’s no way in hell that I’m marrying you.




I think it would be wise if you honor this promise and marry me. We are mates for life. You already agreed to this.



And what if I don’t marry you? Whatcha do? Shoot meteors at my house?




If you don’t marry me within a year then your insides will explode and you will perish. I implanted a egg inside of you when we mated. It acts like a ticking time bomb ensuring me that you will marry within time. I would sure hate to lose a perfect specimen as yourself.




I’ll blow up and die if I don’t marry you? Why would you do such a evil thing like that to me? I wish you aliens were more clear about your offers. First Pedro about me being host. I thought I was going to be hosting sexy parties then you asking me to be your mating. I thinking we were gonna be fuck buddies or something. You aliens are pure evil!




Well I am clear now. You are to be my forever mate. You still have time to plan our wedding. I was thinking Sunlit Tides. You need to invite your family to this wonderful event.



You’re evil like that Luna brat and annoying like Bora Bora. You space people are crazy!



You have to make up to me now. I must cleanse you. You must make love to me now. I must rid the scent of that hussy since she had mated with you.








I cannot listen to anymore of this nonsense! I’m not sure which stupidity is worst! Yours and Borage’s! You must be nuts if you want be married to him on purpose!




Purple one! Why are you so angered? Not like Borage has betrayed you.




I’m only angry because I found out that I’m PREGNANT AGAIN by that ASSHOLE! I can’t leave my kids here if you and your craziness is going to be here! I don’t care if I lose my job now!




WHAT?! You bred with my mate after I told you that I am the only who will be producing his kids? You betrayed me you wrench! You must remove the fetus at once!




Abortion? I’m… I’m not going to abort my baby because you said so. Borage is right, you’re a evil person!




That’s not what I mean! You humans are stupid! I will not be raising your child, you didn’t have my permission to breed with my mate! That child shall not join herd and must eat alone.




What? You watch all too much Animal Planet.




Borage, I now have to punish you for impregnating the purple hussy. This action does not please me very me. I’m going to use all of my freaky sex toys on you.








NO! I’m trying to teach you a lesson to NEVER betray me again! You don’t have the right to breed or mate with any other females for we are MATES FOR LIFE! Now prepare yourself for punishment!



Can we work this out another way? I think marrying you IS punishment! 




This is the only! You will submit to me and only me! I will make you mines FOREVER!




I think I rather blow up and die than marry you. You’re  a psycho! 




You don’t mean that my love. Now stop shaking like a wet puppy and get on the bed for punishment!




I guess I’m little unclear about the anatomy of aliens. I swore Fayon was all female but sudden she had some long spiky penis and she proceeded to anally rape. That shit was painful with it having tiny spikes on it! Fayon later told me all lady aliens have one and they use it to pollinate human females with. It goes right inside of them like a dog, it’s pretty gross. Let’s never talk about this night ever again….




Borage, I am sorry that I had to punish you the way I did but it’s the law from where I come from. Now let’s make up. Make love to me as the man that you are.




Are you fuckin’ crazy? I’m not doing anything with you, psycho! You just raped me!




 Do I need to punish you again?




No! I just need some help getting in the mood…




I’m not even sure where Lois slept for the night. Lois was all I thought about while I was stuck with the crazy space lady. Not even the news of Alayna’s pregnancy bothered me. All I could think about was Lois.




I want to breed with you Borage. I’m ready start breeding now. I wanted to wait until we were married but I want to start now. Put a genie baby in me, my love.




For the first time ever. I wore a condom.


  5 comments for “Love for the ladies: Chapter 18, Reconnected

  1. December 26, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    Borage has himself in a mess. How is he ever going to get out of this? Does he actually care about Lois? I didn’t know he could be so charming. ha ha!

    • thenay83
      December 26, 2012 at 5:34 PM

      Borage will have to count on Pedro to get him out of this but he isn’t going to like Pedro’s idea. Borage may possibly care about Lois or just has a temporary glitch in his personality lol

  2. December 27, 2012 at 4:28 PM

    LOL! For the first time he wore a condom! These aliens man -_-

  3. February 3, 2013 at 5:45 PM

    Wow that was some freaky sex toy. 😯

  4. March 22, 2013 at 9:12 AM

    Finally he gets to wear a condom! Is there some sense in Borages head after all? Haha, this chapter was HOT. lol.
    Catching up with Borage’s life is so refreshing, but I have leave it here for now; I’ll come back for more BMG loving 😉

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