Journey – Cancelled


Why?: Sunset Valley is a bitch, it’s unplayable.

What’s gonna happen then?: I’m bringing the sims back with a different story with a new title, same back stories, new city

New plan: Alexia and her family were transfer to Riverview after losing their home in Sunset Valley in a hurricane. Ramiro, a single father of twins opens his home to victims of the Sunset Valley hurricane. Alexia’s family was selected to stay in Ramiro’s home until they could rebuild their lives. Alexia is distraught by losing her home and isn’t adapting well to living in a city at first. Once she learns Ramiro the owner of the vampire lounge next door, Alexia starts to perk up and returns to her wild party girl ways. She later learns 2 of her good friends Rihanna and Beverly were both spending the summer in Riverview. Riverview like Sunset Valley believe in humans co-existing with supernaturals but bans marriages between human and supernaturals. This starts many protests and riots in the city wanting to allow human-supernatural marriages. The Lex sisters Alexia and Collette didn’t have opinion about human-supernatural marriage cause they felt they would end up with their own kind. Alexia being a vampire and Collette a human. Their opinions may change when they both find themselves in love triangles with a human and a supernatural. And with me writing this story those love triangles can turn into octagons LOL

About Khai, I didn’t want to overflow the house and Khai really wouldn’t fix in this story sadly.. Khai moves out with her daughter before the story starts. Khai was happy about finally being parent and thought it would never happen. After meeting the guy of her dream Khai when to go move into with him against Ramiro’s wishes. The guy left poor Khai high and dry but Khai decided to keep the house and prove to Ramiro that she didn’t need him and won’t come crawling back to him. Khai will make visits with Khailia-Rose to have play dates with her sisters Nairobi and Saphria.

About Nyx, Originally Ramiro was suppose to take in Nyx after she was kicked out of Lucky Palms. He will be still taking teenage Nyx. She comes in shortly after Alexia’s family moves in.

What am I calling the new story? I’m not sure yet.


2 thoughts on “Journey – Cancelled

    • Darren and Al for Alexia at the first.. there will be a twist. Ramiro and old character from the first Lex Legacy (Not Connor) for Collette.

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