Party Montigo: Extras Part 2

Liam thinking: She can play the guitar well. I having that she can play with.




Liam: Hi June.

Acacia: June, whatever you do.. Stay away from that guy…

June: Okay.





Damn.. blocked  by a child.. Still want that girl. I’m in love.



I wonder why Rosette insisted that I only use this bathroom. She’s kinda strange.. It’s a nice bathroom tho. This tub is nice but odd.



The side of this tub is made out of glass. Hmm.. Wait a minute.. I know why.. She installed cameras in here!



Rosette over the intercom: OMG LIAM! YOU’RE DROWNING!



Rosette over the intercom: Thank goodness you’re alive Liam! I thought you were drowning!

Liam: So you can see me?

Rosette over the intercom: Yes! Now shake your penis!



June: And CDs and stuff!

Liam: Right. So do I have a chance with you?



No little brat! That titty milk is for Liam only, so hands off!



You can have a vodka & sprite or cake. Take your pick, kid. The titty milk is off limits so stop trying, Girl-Liam! IT’S FOR DADDY-LIAM!



June: Liam totally dropped his towel in front of me and winked at me.

Max: Okay.. but did you fuck him too?



That’s right world.. I was the one who taught Celsia how to walk.




Liam: No, you can’t enter.

Rosette: And why the fuck not?

Liam: Just cause…

Rosette: Who’s in there? Zinnia?! That hoslut better not be in there!



Rosette: I hate the way you eat. I hate this house. I hate your clothes. I love you.

Liam: nom nom nom nom



Rosette: Let’s get married in Sunlit Tides!

Liam: No.

Rosette: I’ll kill you if we don’t.



Rosette: Lemme take naked pics of you.

Liam: You have enough.

Rosette: I WANT MORE!!!!

Liam: Okay okay okay…



Liam: Zinnia:

Rosette: What about her?

Liam: Where is she?

Rosette: Why? I’m here. You love me!

Liam: Was hoping for a threesome.

Rosette: I have second personality, there’s your threesome!



Rosette: OMG Liam! You’re so gross and nasty! You don’t flush! You don’t clean! Just so nasty! Ugh! I love you no matter what boo!




Liam: What are you doing?

Tequila Sunrise: Oh nothing. Don’t sit yet.

Liam: Okay.



Rosette: Stop your evil shit, Girl-Liam! How dare you prank my man like that! First you try to still his titty milk when you were a baby, now this?! Ungrateful evil kid! Stay away from my man!

Tequila Sunrise: But… he’s my dad.

Rosette: Oh yeah.. stop being evil!

Tequila Sunrise: Stop being a horrible mom!

Rosette: You know I will always be a horrible mom! Deal with it!




Rosette: I’m sleepy! Liam let me sleep with you again!

Liam: You should go home with your family now.

Finn: So you been here with him? You cheated on me with jerkules AGAIN?

Zinnia: Busted!



Finn: Why Rose! I loved you!

Rosette: You know I don’t like you! Don’t act brand new!



Amaretto Sour: You’re the weirdest kid I ever known.

August: Cause I’m always happy?

Amaretto Sour: How can you be happy living here? You smoke? Please share!



Finn: How many times did you fucked jerkules behind my back?

Rosette: You know I can’t count!



Amaretto Sour: Something exciting is happening over there. Let’s all look excited about something.



Celsia: Whips and chains!

Amaretto Sour: Poles and G strings!

Borage: Drunk ladies and roofies!


Shiny things!



Tequila Sunrise: Ugh Mom! Put some pants on! I’m trying to eat here! I don’t wanna see your ass all hanging out!

Rosette: SHUT YOUR MOUTH GIRL-LIAM! I’m waiting for Liam to show up! I gotta be ready and sexy!

Tequila Sunrise: Dad needs to get a restraining order against you!




Acacia: Since I’m the only smart one in this family, take my advice. Never dye your hair black.

Borage: Why?

Acacia: Be my guest if you want to wake up to find Rosette in your bed thinking you are your dad.

Borage: She’s already hit on me a few times….

Acacia: LOL




Celsia: What are we standing here waiting for?

Borage: I’m waiting for the ladies. I know they are looking for my sexy self.

Celsia: They are not looking for your dumb ass. They are avoiding you!

Borage: You’re just a jealous hag! You’ll never be as sexy as me. Hate on hatette.

Celsia: I hate you.



Rosette: AC, you’re smart? You can read AND write?

Acacia: Yes. What was left of mom’s genius was passed on to me.

Celsia: I think I got some of it too!

Acacia: You didn’t. I have it all. I’m going to a top college.

Celsia: I did too! Cause Borage sure didn’t get any! He’s a idiot!



Celsia: My grades are good, I swear! Some smart was passed on to me but not Borage. You’re not the only one AC.

Rosette: There’s no hope for any of mines. My kids are all idiots.



Tequila Sunrise: What are you doing?!

Borage: Testing out my sweet dance moves for the ladies. When I move to Starlight Shores, all the ladies wanna piece of this.

Tequila Sunrise: I doubt it!

Borage: Whatever hag! Since I’m a genie I’ll tell the ladies if the rub my dick 3 times I can grant them a wish. One great night me!

Tequila Sunrise: Ugh! You’re so gross!

Borage: Shut up hag-face! You’re just gonna be one of those easy drunk hags too. These lines will work on you too, hagzilla!

Rosette: I hate all these kids…



Damn it Liam! Save me from all these idiots already! I picked out my wedding dress too for our wedding in Sunlit Tides!

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