Montigo Tango: Chapter 35, In the end (Finale)

Malachi went to check on his son Torq but takes a closer look at him. He holds his son away from him but glares at him with a slight disgust in his face. “There’s nothing special about you. I felt Cira would born me the perfect vampire child. You’re nothing but a mere vampire . I spent all this time preparing her and this is what I get? I was foolish to believe she could conceive a Quasizen.” Malachi growled.



Cira was starting to prepare dinner when Malachi stormed with Torq still in hand. “He’s worthless to me as you are too me!” Malachi shouted. Cira was confused by Malachi’s words and pulled away from the corner and question him about his comment. “He’s nothing but a average vampire! I wanted a Quasizen! I sensed in your blood that it could be possible! I prepared you for years and it was a waste of my fucking time! You are a worthless bitch!” Shout Malachi. Cira flung her hands up fearing Malachi would try to strike her. She was still confuse about what he was talking about. Malachi turns away with Torq and heads to his room without saying another word. Cira watches him leave before returning to her task.



Malachi returns without Torq and strike Cira from behind. Malachi drags Cira away from the kitchen and pushes her down on the ground. “Bitch!” Malachi growls as he kicks at Cira as she remains on the ground. “What am I suppose to do now, Cira? What am I suppose to do?” Malachi demanded. Cira looks downs on the floor and starts to whimper a little. Malachi gazes down at Cira while he rubs on his chin. A devilish grin begin to grow across his face as he watch Cira continue to whimper. He remembers how he misses this side of her.



“Can we try again?” Said Cira softly. Malachi smirks before striking Cira across her face. “And risk you disappointing me again?! I think not! You had one chance and you fucked that.” Growled Malachi. Cira holds her cheek and cries softly, “I’m sorry. I’m really am. We can try again.. I can give you whatever you want. I can get you this Quasizen thing. ”



Malachi jumps on top Cira, pining her down and begans to choke her. “A Quasizen isn’t a thing that you can just give me, you stupid bitch! You don’t have in it you! You can’t produce Quasizen vampire! Now I have to get rid of you and that abomination that you gave birth to!” Malachi shouted. Cira struggles for air but he made Malachi’s hold even tighter. Malachi enjoyed watching Cira fight to breathe and gazes into her eyes. He felt that he could watch her life fade away in her eyes. “Mal..chi..’t… bre…athe..” Said Cira as she gasped for air.


Amos enter the room and watched in horror as Malachi nearly chokes the life of Cira. For over the years, Amos has always remained loyal to Malachi and followed his lead. He saw Malachi as his only family. However recently, Amos grew some closeness to Cira. Amos is starting to see Cira as family although she is his birth mother. Many thoughts raced through his head as he watched Malachi tighten his hold on Cira’s throat. Amos knew he had no time to think. He had to act now.



“Enough Malachi! Leave her alone!” Shouted Amos. Malachi loosen his grip around Cira’s neck and quick sprung around to see Amos standing behind him. Malachi slowing clap his hands with a devilish smile on his face. “Look who decided to grow some balls.” Said Malachi as he slowly walks towards Amos. “I can’t stand by and let you keep doing this to her, Malachi. Enough is enough.” Said Amos calmly. Malachi steps closer towards him.



“Don’t tell me enough is enough! I decided when enough is enough!” Said Malachi as he grabs a hold of Amos throat and lifts him from the floor. “Malachi! Don’t hurt him!” Cried Cira. Malachi ignored Cira’s plea. “You forget that you are weak and sick. I can easily snap you like a twig! After all I’ve done for you.. Kept you alive, you try to define me? You think Cira is worth dying for? The bitch is worthless to us now.” Said Malachi with coldness in his tone. Amos tries to loosen Malachi’s grip, “She’s…. not.. a bitch! She’s my…mother!”  Malachi grins, “Oh? You’re a momma’s boy now? Malachi throws Amos cross the room.


Amos head hit the kitchen table and blood began to flow from his head. Amaya rushes to his side and tries to stop his bleeding. “Malachi! Why?!” Shouted Amaya. “Don’t start with me child or you’re next.” Said Malachi. Amaya turns away and cradles Amos in her arms. “Dad, I’m gonna save you.. You can’t leave me.. You are all I have left.. Mom is dead.. I killed her.. I had no choice. I’m sorry daddy.” Amaya whispered. Amaya desperately  drags Amos out of the house.



Cira cradles young Torq in her arms as she hums to him a childhood nursery as Malachi awaits outside to door listening. Cira whispers to Torq, “We have to go. Daddy doesn’t want us anymore. We gotta find Niro and my daughters. We just gotta go. We’ll be okay little one.” Cira looks up to find the door flying open.



“You’re going no where!” Shouted Malachi before knocking Cira unto the floor. Torq fell along and began to cry. Malachi screams at the toddler,making the tot coward away in the corner. Malachi began to kick and stomp Cira as she laid on the ground. “You think you can just take off? I think not! This city believes you’re dead!” Shouted Malachi. Red in face and nearly out of stream, Malachi took a break and sat in the rocking chair. He watched Cira try to collect herself after his assault. “The city thinks I’m dead?” Asked Cira softly. Malachi cuffed his hands together, “Yes, you’re dead according to Lucky Palms. Your husband Malix is dead after he found out. Remember him? Course not. My spell prevent your heart from loving him.” Said Malachi.

Cira’s eyes widen but something inside of her suddenly snapped, “Malix?! Malix is dead?! This can’t be! Malix! Get me out of here creep!” Cira demanded. Malachi laughed with a sinister tone, “Just saying his name snapping you out? I missed this Cira. I can’t do that Cira. If Lucky Palms believes you’re dead, then I will make it so. You will join Malix and the kid will join you too.” Smirk Malachi. Cira jumped up and tried to attack Malachi but he quickly knocks her down. “Sweet Cira, you had forgotten that you can’t overpower me. You’re weak.” Malachi taunted.



Lurking outside, Jade had lead Malix to Malachi’s house. “This is it?” Asked Malix. Jade nods her head. “Malachi!” Shouted Malix.  Jade tried to hide near a bush but stumbles across Amaya and Amos. “Who are you?” Asked Amaya as she cradles unconscious Amos in her arms. “Oh my gosh! What happen to Amos? Quick! Give him my blood!” Said Jade as she reaches her arm out. Amaya takes a quick sniff and pushes her arm away, “Your blood is poisoned! Get away from us!” Jade steps away from Amaya and Amos.



Malachi heard his name being called and heads outside. Cira follows closely behind him without making a sound. Malachi takes a look at Malix but doesn’t recognize him at first. “Who are you? What do you want?” Malachi asked. Malix steps closer but remains silent.



Malachi’s eyes widen in disbelief and found himself stumbling over his words. “How is this possible? You died! You’re a vampire now? But… how? How the fuck? How?!” Said Malachi. Malix exposed his pointy white fangs, “Anything is possible when you’re a  Quasizen..” Malachi was stunned but Malix’s statement. He didn’t think it was possible that Malix is a Quasizen and how did he not know this. He tried to figure out how couldn’t sense this at Malix’s birth. Malachi and Felicia kept Malix until he was 2 months old before he was kidnapped. “Why didn’t I sense this at birth? You’re a Quasizen! This is explains Alexia.. and Torq.. Mere vampires.. I had one shot at this. Taurus knew of this!” Growled Malachi.



“I don’t care about your senseless blabbing! Where is my wife?!”

“Inside! You can take back the worthless bitch!”

Malix knees Malachi in the stomach followed by kicks, stomps and punches to the faces.

“Don’t you ever call my wife that you piece of shit!” Shouted Malix.  Malix pulls himself off from Malachi allow him to collect himself. Malachi coughs up blood and began laugh sinisterly. “You’re strong. But that doesn’t matter, I’m older. You’re still a baby vamp.”



Malachi punches Malix in the face knocking him unto the ground. Malachi showers Malix with more punches and kicks towards his head and stomach. “When I was fucking your wife. She was calling my name!” Malachi taunted Malix as he assaulted Malix. Malachi pins Malix’s head down on the ground with his boot and slowly digs his boot in his face. “You may be a ol’ mighty Quasizen, but I got years over you, pup. You been dead for years. You’re still weak. You’re as weak as you dying son over there in the bushes. Give it up son.” Laughed Malachi.



Malix slowly lifts up while Malachi still had his foot on his head. Malix jumps up and it causes Malachi to fall over. Malix quickly grabs Malachi’s neck and lifts him up. Malix slowly tightens his grip around Malachi’s neck and began to choke Malachi. “You took away the only 2 parents who ever loved me. Then you took away my wife. Why?” Asked Malix as he remain grip on Malachi’s throat. “They took you from me… Your mother and I were happy to learn we were gonna have a baby. They took you. They turn you human. They almost killed your mother.. I had to kill them.” Said Malachi as he struggle for air. “Then why take Cira?” Asked Malix. “I thought ….she could give me a Quasizen. I sense it. ….in her blood. I was wrong…” Said Malachi. Amaya watched Jade enter the house with a gun in hand and spoke up. “Jade has a gun! She’s in the house!’ Amaya alerted.



“You! It’s you’re fault for everything in these past years! I’m tired of everything! You got me poison in my blood that can kill me! I’m gonna end this now cause I’m tired of your shit Cira!”



“Jade! You don’t want to do this! I’m not the one who is doing this shit to you! I’m not the one who you should be pointing the gun at! I have little baby, Jade! Please Don’t! Please Don-……”




With a pull of a trigger, Cira was shot down before she was able to finish her sentence. Jade stood over Cira’s lifeless body and watched the blood flow from her body. “I’m done. If I’m gonna die. I’m taking you with me, Cira.” Laughed Jade.




In a blink of eye, Jade looks down to find Malix is holding her heart in his hand. “If you would of waited, I could of healed you.. Fucking bitch!” Shouted Malix. “Fuck you, Malix… I should of went after you… We could of had a good time together.” Laughed Jade.



Malix pulled his arm Jade’s body, she goes limp falling into the ground. Warm blood gushing out surrounding her lifeless remains, Malix kicks her out the way to reach Cira who appears lifeless as well.




Malix elevates upper body from the ground and Cira make some kind of movement. “Cira? You’re gonna be okay. I’m here now.” Cried Malix. Cira let out a few moans and mumbles. Malix holds Cira close to him and kisses her forehead. “Stay with me Cira.. I can’t lose you..again.” Cried Malix.




While Malix attends to Cira, a fire was set to the home while the remained inside along with young Torq.




Before setting fire Malachi make sure he knocked Amaya out so she couldn’t warn Malix and Cira of him setting the place on the fire. He knew the fire would kill Malix, but it would kill Cira and Torq. After setting his own on fire. Malachi set out to left the Lucky Palms area for good as there was no point of him staying. It’s unknown of where Malachi Lex had taken off to. Any clue Malachi had would of went up in flames in his home which he set fire to.




The Lex was burning, and it was burning quick. It wasn’t long before the fire had reached the nursery where Malix, Cira and Torq were. Malix knew the fire won’t harm him but he needed to save Cira who was slowing dying and little Torq. Torq cried as the smoke started to filled the room. Malix had no time to think, he had to act now with no time to spare.




Amaya woken up to find her home engulfed in flames. Amaya looked around and noticed she didn’t see Cira or Torq. She feared for the worse and cried out their names but no avail. “No! No! They still can’t be in the house! No! Cira! Cira! Where are!” Cried Amaya.




Amaya watched continued in horror as the house burned down. She cried over Amos who was slowly healing from his wounds. “Daddy! I think Cira and Torq are still inside! The house is on fire! Daddy! Please wake up!” Cried Amaya.




Malix busted out a window then pulling out Cira, then he carefully pulls out Torq from his crib. Holding both Torq and Cira, Malix carries them towards the front of the house. Amaya jumps from Amos side, she grabs Torq and cries, “Thank you!” Malix smiles, “I would never leave my wife behind, I’m your grandfather Malix.”




Malix set Cira down and notices she isn’t doing to well. “Cira, you’re getting cold.. Stay with me.” Whispered Malix. “Malix.. I’m.. I’m..” Mumble Cira. Malix holds Cira tighter, “No! I’m gonna save you! I can turn you.. Stay with me Cira! I can’t lose you!”  “Malix.. No..” Cira said softly. “Please Cira.. Let me turn you.. I love you… I can’t lose when I just got you back.. Please Cira.. Let me turn you..” Cried Malix.  “Malix, You can’t turn her. She’s too far gone. She’s lost too much blood. It wouldn’t work.” Said Taurus standing behind them. “I’m not trying to hear this.. There’s have to be another way… I can’t lose her!” Cried Malix. Taurus places his palms on Malix’s shoulder, “I’m sorry Malix, there’s no other way.” Malix holds Cira to his chest and cries, “Cira.. I can’t let you go.. I love you..”

“I love you..too… Malix..” Mumble Cira as she coughs up blood. “Malix, we need to get the others inside.” Said Taurus.




They arrived to Montigo Manor putting the others in shock. With no time to explain, Malix wanted lay Cira in their bed that they once shared years ago.




Malix gazes at Cira’s blue eyes that slowly started to lose it’s life and sparkle. Nina and Niro sat on the other side of the room as the watch the final moments of their mother’s life slip away. “Don’t leave me Cira.” Whispered Malix. Cira struggles to take Malix’s cold hand, “Malix.. promise me you’ll care for Torq like he was your own.” Malix nods his head and kisses Cira. Cira smiles and exhales. “I love you.” Cried Malix. Cira smiles and tightens her hold on Malix’s hand, “I’ll always love you forever, Malix.. Take care of our kids..” Cira took her final breath and her hold on Malix’s hand loosen. Malix let out a mournful cry as he drapes himself over Cira’s cold body. Soon Nina and Niro join in with tear filled eyes. Taurus gave the rest of the household that Cira had passed on.

Within a few days Cira was laid to rest in a very private memorial service that was hosted in Montigo Manor.




It’s been weeks since Malachi’s attack and Amos is slowly healing. Niro has no memory of Amos but Amos remembers him. Amos is curious of why Niro has no memory of him but figure it may be another spell of Malachi’s.  Things were explain and Niro knows Amos is his older brother. Niro would sometimes check in on Amos and see how he was feeling. Niro told him how he always wanted a older brother and was happy to have him around. Niro could sense Amos was a sickly vampire and had a offer for Amos.

“Does it suck having to have special diet?”

“Honestly… Yeah.. It’s harder to get my supply now without Malachi.. For once it would be nice to be a normal vampire.”

“I think I can help.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can heal you.”

“Heal me? Are you some kind of healer?”

“I’m not sure what I am.. But I know I can heal and restore. Let me help.”

“Only if you do that same for my daughter. My sickness passed down to her.”

“Sure. We are all family now.”

Niro clapped his hands and a cloud of purple smoke surrounded Amos’ body. Within a manner of seconds, Amos started to feel different. He felt strong, stronger than he ever been. Amos jumped out of bed and felt pumped up. “I feel.. I feel normal! Wow! You healed me!” Cheered Amos. Amos never felt happiness in his life and felt a little overwhelm and expressed his joy with Amaya who was soon healed as well.




With Amos now healed Malix knew it was time for them to leave, being a vampire within the city was dangerous. Matius had a feeling Montigo Manor was being watched by police. While Amos healed, the brothers used this time to caught up and had things explained. Matius hates that he now have to let his brother go once again.

“Where will you go now?”

“Bridgeport, bro. The city of my peoples.”

“Oh yeah? Fang city?”

“Yep, that’s where I was born. I’m going back to my roots.”

“I hate to see you go but you have to choice. Stupid laws.”

“You can come visit me. Maybe meet a nice vamp lady.”

“Ha ha ha. I got Cindy now. I’m good. I’ll miss you bro.”

“Me too, keep in touch.”

“Will do.”




The next night Malix loaded a car with a few bags taking Amos, Amaya, Torq and Nina to a 13 hour journey to Bridgeport to start a new life as a vampire. Niro decided to stay behind cause he felt Lucky Palms was where he belonged. Niro didn’t wanted to be too far away from Cira’s grave.




As time passed on, Azalea and Madison grew into school aged girls and had many pillow fights and giggle over cute boys in class.




Matius and Cindy had a son named Miles. They were married but their marriage didn’t last long. After 3 months, Cindy was ready to call it quits, and left Montigo Manor. She left Miles behind.




Adam next his relationship to the next level by asking Ming to marry him. He asked for Matius’ blessing first, which he granted. Matius was Adam’s Best man their wedding.




Newly weds Adam and Ming soon had twins, Akito and Mya Cho. They were born a day a part of Miles.




After Matius’ third failed marriage, Matius decided to give it a rest and focus on raising his 3 young kids while helping Rio and Janiya in college. Matius continues manage Montigo Palms but ending up selling Cherrysicle. He hopes one day his family will regain ownership of Cherrysicle one day. His only hope is that Lei would return and take it back.




And that’s all folks! Stay tune for Gen 2! Tango Inferno!


8 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 35, In the end (Finale)

  1. No! Cira! And poor Matius. Can’t keep a woman for long lol. So sad to see this end but can’t wait to read the next gen.!

    • Yep, the new story will focus on Amos and Malix trying adjust to their new lives as healed/vampire. Poor Malix has to raise his late wife’s son who actually his little half brother.

  2. So sad Cira died… again. 😦 But an excellent chapter and full of drama and tension. I loved the bits at the ending telling about how their lives went on. I was lost on who Taurus was..?

  3. Such a bittersweet ending… I honestly cried when Cira died. Poor Malix… He really deserved to get his wife back, and she deserved him again after all of the shit they’d been through. I hope their new life in Bridgeport is better than the hell they escaped from.

    Awesome ending, Nay!

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