Love for the ladies: Chapter 11, Purple Sky

I went to the beach to reflect on my life. I got all of these kids. My dad said if I didn’t use any precaution then this would happen.



These kids can hold me back on the ladies. But they can also help give me ladies. Ladies loves babies. I got some cute babies.



Use protection? Be precautious? Fuck that! I don’t need these anti baby magic pills for men! Grandmama just wasted her money on  these!  The fishies can use it.







We took the kids to the park. I wanna see if I can use these kids to get some ladies attention. Bruce-Lee grew up to be a backwards half Asian child. Instead of running in fear of Godzilla like most Asians, he wants to wear Godzilla on his head. Well he’s a Montigo-Gelman, we run from no damn Godzilla monster!



And then Luna-Skye, she’s very attached to Pedro and is already talking in a alien lingo but not in English.  Usually cussing out Pedro when she doesn’t get her way. This is a very hateful child. She’s always looking evilly at me with her evil alien eyes and plotting evil things. This evil brat won’t help me with ladies. I told Pedro to leave that one at home. She can fend for her evil self!



Then this one purple lady showed up. YES! A new lady! And she’s purple! That’s new! I gotta get with this lady! Where’s the kids? Keep that evil kid away!



The purple lady sat in the swing next to me and I was about to make my move….



Then Bruce-Lee started to push me in my swing before I got a word in!

Damn it Bruce-Lee! Lemme get a word in to her before you be all cute!

Sorry dad!

You’ll never make a good wingman if you keep doing that!

Can we try again!

Too late, kid!

Baby cake scoffs and walks off leaving Bruce-Lee and I alone with the lady. I guess Baby cake won’t like daddy talking to ladies. She’ll warm up after time. I hope! Baby cake is my cute one!



Hi there. Your kids are cute. My name is Alayna Sky. What’s yours?



Borage Montigo-Gelman or you could call me BMG or Sexy Daddy. Which ever you prefer, lady.



She laughed while I checked out her nice thighs. I can tell she works out. I can’t wait to work out those thighs against my body. I never been with a purple lady. I wonder if she’ll be my first.



I motion Pedro over and he brings over that evil brat along with him. The demon seed stares her down along with Pedro. I’m hoping Luna doesn’t run Alayna off. Not sure why Pedro is staring at Alayna the way he is but it’s kinda making me a little nervous. I remember he said he’ll help with ladies. Scaring is not helping, Pey-Pey!



Suddenly Pedro start shooting weird alien lasers at Alayna. Shit! Shit! I’m not sure what’s going! What the fuck Pedro!



Then he started to have a alien rave? Then said to me “You’re welcome?” I wonder what did he means?



I admire a man who spends time with his kids. Your wife must be lucky to have a guy like you.



My wife? Oh… she’s dead… My kids need a mommy..



Oh.. I’m sorry to hear about your wife. It must be hard raising your kids alone, isn’t it?



Yeah. I get lonely at night. I need a lady to sit on my face at night. My face gets cold. Will be that lady to warm my face with your thighs? There’s a tree house here. My kids went home for dinner with the nanny.



There’s something about you that I can’t resist. Normally if any other guy were to say something like to me I would slap them but with you… I can’t help myself. You’re so…. desirable.. Borage. The tree house would be fine.



Oh yeah! I’m gonna get this lady but I can tell she’s a little unsure about the tree house thing.

What if we get caught?

Don’t worry, girl.. We caught won’t.

Do you have protection for just case?

In case what?


I was potty trained as baby, I’m good.

No! Me getting pregnant.

Purples can get pregnant?


Oh.. just tell your eggs to say no to sperm.

It doesn’t work that way!

I’ll move my dick to the left? You won’t get pregnant. Trust me.



I hold her tight letting her know that this will be a night for her to remember. The night BMG was in her.



We get to kissing and stuff. She has some nice soft lips. I could get use to this.



She talked about how that was the best make out session she had ever while I checked out her boobs. Nice. Now let’s remove that jacket.



I checked her out as she climbed up the tree house first. Nice view from down here I must say.



I soon follow her. I remember my dad telling me he banged a vamp in a tree house at a party once. Well I’m about to bang a purple in a tree house at the park.



This… was….awesome… You all should try this sometime. I know some y’all can get kinky like this!



Although I now have a splinter in my ass, tree house was awesome! I gotta do more tree house banging time to time. I did my pimp walk of glory afterwards.



Borage! Where have you been?! I’ve been looking for you! Why are you in the park with a purple hussy?!



Who are you calling a hussy, you fat cow! I thought you said your wife was dead, Borage?



This isn’t my wife. This is a mistake. It’s name is Lindy.




Okay Borage, I’m going to let you handle that. I’ll see you later, boo. I had fun.




Wait! You’re leaving me alone with it! Please Alayna! Don’t leave me with the cow!




Asshole! Who was that woman?! Are you cheating on me?! I’m having your baby right now! I’ve been in labor and been looking for you! And you’re with another woman! You’re suppose to be planning our wedding!




I never said anything about marrying you, crazy woman! Take yourself to hospital! I don’t want your baby juice in my car!



How rude! I came all this way for you! I need you to take me! I took a cab here. If I didn’t love you so much, I would slap you!



You took a cab here instead of the hospital? How did you even know were I was? You got a GPS tracking device on me or something?



Yes. I know where you are at all times. Stop fooling around and take me to the hospital so I can have our baby.



Lindy had twins, a boy and a girl. I named our son Liam.2, he looks like me, he has my dad’s black hair and my mom’s orange eyes. Lindy named our daughter Lilah, she like her but has my hair and my blue eyes. Lindy’s crazy self convinced Greta that would help her in raising the kids since she’s getting old. Lindy insists in moving in and Greta thought it was a good idea. Now crazy live with us. Jeeze.. Thanks Greta…

5 thoughts on “Love for the ladies: Chapter 11, Purple Sky

  1. Opps, the last thing you should do is trust Borage..purple lady. Hmmm, wonder if there will be a treehouse kid?
    and…there is for sure drama ahead, with an extra woman on board…but I’m thinking Greta can use the help..the house is getting kinda full.

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