Love for the ladies: Chapter 10, Don’t tell my boyfriend

I get to Sadie’s house..late cause she’s live clear out in Africa! Of course no one was there when I was there. No one is ever there at these sim parties. I must admit Sadie isn’t too pretty in face when I got there although she was cute in her pic which was very small.



Sadie had a banging body in her bikini, that’s a plus! Love is just a light switch away yanno!



Thanks for coming to my party Borage. I was afraid that you wan’t gonna come. I wished more people were here but they didn’t show. I guess a pool in November wasn’t too smart. I’ve been drinking for the past few hours so I’m still having a great time. I heard you’re a DJ. I was hoping to have a DJ here. Maybe you could of played but… no one  is here now.. I’m sorry Borage. Can I make it up to you?



I watched Sadie tried to keep her balance and I thought about what she said. She wanna make it to me for coming all this way to DJ for a party that ain’t even happening. I got a idea! A sexy idea!



I know how you can make it up to me ms lady.



Okay, what is it? I’ll do anything! I feel so bad!




Take me into your bed and I’ll show you magic with my dick. I got the magic stick. I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice. I hit the baddest chicks. Shorty don’t believe me, then come with me tonight. And I’ll show you maaagic!



Did you… just recite lyrics from 50 cents? ..I dunno about Borage.. I have a boyfriend, Rich… I guess I owe you huh.. Just don’t tell my boyfriend about this okay?



Sadie took me into her room and I strip down and we settle in bed. I’m about to wreck this chick.



Remember.. don’t tell my boyfriend this.

I won’t. Don’t tell mines about this either..

Wait.. you have a boyfriend? Are you gay?

Err! No! I have a baby daddy..

A baby daddy?! Huh?

It’s nothing! You’re drunk! Kiss me, lady!



After some heavy making out, I got her naked. NICE! Then I said to her.

Ready for the magic? Turn the lights off.






I put it on her! I had her moaning my name. OH BMG! OH BMG! I WANT YOU IN ME FOREVER! That’s what she said! She forgot about what’s-his-name. I looked at the time and got out of there. I knew her old man would be man at any moment. I got my payment paid in full. YEAH BABY!



Like any other man who just fucked some another man’s woman, I went home and celebrated my kids’ birthdays. Just a average day in Borage’s world!

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