Love for the ladies: Chapter 9, Big Daddy BMG

The alien twins are toddlers and Pedro is disappointed on how they turned out. They got that Gelman nose like me and their granddaddy! Pedro said they look too human for his taste. I told him he can’t mess with that Montigo & Gelman blood, it’s too strong for his weak alien blood! I hope this will make him stop raping me!



Greta had to leave to visit her old sick friend for 2 days. That left me and Pedro with the kids but the Pedro took off suddenly. Now it’s just me and these kids! I know nothing about kids! I picked up Phoenix-Champagne who I nickname PC. She reminds me a lot of her momma even if I only saw her for a brief time. She left after having PC, she needed treatment. That’s what Greta said. Lois calls but only talks to Greta.. she never ask to talk to me. I wonder why. I kinda wanna talk to her. Can I at least get to know the mom of my first daughter? At least I know her name, I still don’t know Bruce-Lee’s momma’s name. Karaoke? Shit.. I dunno. I’m glad she’s gone.




I was checking out the dating site with PC in my lap, she didn’t want me to put her down. I was looking at this one lady’s profile but PC turns the computer off. I wasn’t mad cause the lady was a hag. PC knows what daddy likes!



As I checked out more profiles those other brats did nothing but scream and cry. I don’t know what their problem was but I couldn’t find my headphones! They ate yesterday! What else do they want!



They cried and cried and cried! They were driving me crazy! I couldn’t check out fine ladies in peace!  There was only one thing I could to fix this…..



Turn up the music so loud to cancel out their annoying crying!!!!




Hey annoying brats! Wanna hear some beats that’s gonna make ya wiggle out your diapers?!







This is how Daddy get the bills paid and buys you all those nice toys and clothes for you ungrateful brats! Daddy plays the phattest beats that you’ll ever hear! And this is how Daddy gets all the ladies and some of your mommas…daddy too..err. Take notes brats!




Luna-Skye: Bah?




Your green daddy is a rapist, Luna. That’s why you don’t have a momma… But anyways you little crumble snatchers since you all aren’t interest in these panty dropping beats. I know something you bay bays will be interest in!






These kids are strange… They all stared at the cake and then started to cry all at once. I don’t get it. Babies love cake. I love cake. What’s wrong with this picture?



If you kids were really mines you would be eating the cake…. Not CRYING!




While they cried at the cake, I decided to show them I wouldn’t let their crying ruin my night by dancing.  I’ll show them. You can’t ruin my mood little buzz kills!



They stop crying to just to laugh at me! Little snot nose brats! Mocking my sweet dance moves. They think they are better than me! I’ll show these little rugrats my sweet moves that they wish they could do!



You think you can dance better than me huh?



You got nothing on me! Laugh at me now brats!



I got the sweet moves that make the ladies go ‘Damn I wanna ride his face!” I got the sweet moves that made all of your mommas ride on my all night train and that’s why you’re here today! As you alien twins, my sweet moves turn your green dad into a gay rapist cause everyone wants a piece of  big daddy BMG!



Like a good daddy after partying with the kids, I put them in bed at 8am. They ate the cake and PC was the first one in.  She got it in her hair and she smells good now. Like cake. My little baby cake. I kissed baby cake on her forehead and she reaches out and said “Daddy.” I was stunned. PC called me Daddy… Bruce-Lee is older and hasn’t called me anything yet.. but Baby cake called me Daddy.. She’s my girl.. Daddy’s little girl, Daddy’s princess.. My baby cake.. Phoenix-Champagne.



With that in mind, I sat in the chair and rocked. I rocked so hard. I rocked so hard to sleep!



Pedro suddenly returns with cake that was on fire. He said he was sorry for taking off without notice and leaving me alone with the kids. He gave me this fire cake to make it up to me and asked if the kids were still alive. I said yes. I guess Pedro is okay. My baby daddy treats me so good! This cake is bomb!



I checked my simbook and got a e-invite from Sadie Mason to a swim party in the middle of fall when the temp is in the 40’s now. Who does this? The sims of course! At least I get to see girls in bikinis. *clicks going*

5 thoughts on “Love for the ladies: Chapter 9, Big Daddy BMG

    • Thanks. I got tired of how it was looking so gave it makeover. With his tender moment with PC will start sibling rivalry when the kids are older. Baby cake is his “favorite”. I do plan on focusing on the kids a bit so he will be taking a break from scoring with ladies. I decided to set a limit of kids before sending him back out. After raising 7 kids, then he can go back out and get more ladies to possibly knock up lol

  1. I like this side of him a lot. He is so tender with his brats hahaha, I say he makes a better mother than the actual mommas.

    But “8am” made me crack up, here I was thinking he put them in at 8pm and when I read am bawhahahahaha… nway, cannot wait for the next chapter. I love Borage. 😉

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