Love for the ladies: Chapter 7, Windy Lindy

Got me a diving board, get to get my dive on. I gotta impress the ladies with my diving skills. Ladies love a man who can dive in a pool all sexy like in the movies.




Well that could of went better… Glad no ladies saw that.

I did!

Shut up Sailormoon!



Lucy Liu is still here, enjoying the good life but STILL won’t me touch her! I think she’s gotten too comfortable in my pad. Still waiting for her to move out with the kid. All she does now is this… Chill in my pool. I told her to put out or get out. Course she slapped me.




I don’t mind Greta staying here.. At least she’s taught the brat how to walk finally.




Too comfortable she got, she started to invite friends over to show off the good she’s living. She said her friend’s name is Lindy Alliva. But I call her Windy cause she goes from nice to bitch.




Moments after visiting Sushi bowl Windy goes into total bitch mode and insults Chopsticks for no reason.



Windy may be badly dressed but I was still checking out her assets and I liked what I saw. I think I’ll like having Asiatown invite her sexy friends over as long as I get some lovings from them.


Hey lady, wanna hear a joke?



Sure, I would love to hear a joke.



It’s about my dick. I don’t think you’re hot enough to get it. Ya know my dick? But if you do a little sexy dance for me then maybe I’ll let you have some cause you look hungry for this dick.



Excuse me?




You egotistic pig!



You’re kind of a bitch….



And I like that! Now slap me again but with your tits this time.






Once Greta walks in to greet herself Windy insults her for no reason. I’m starting to think that this girl is crazy..




You come here and insult me you little wrench? Well I’ll show you by turning you into a pickle!



Please! Don’t turn me into a pickle! I don’t know why I had this urge to sudden insult you! EA gave me a Diva trait!



Oh my.. I’ve seemed to had forgotten what I was doing. Hello there young lady. Why are you trembling in fear?


You were trying to turn me into a pickle cause you’re crazy.



Oh right, now I remember what I was doing.



Oh shit! Why did I remind you??!!




By the powers invested by me, I pronounce you a pickle!








I was at the club, DJing for the all sexy ladies.




This track is for you, now toss your panties at me and shake that ass!




I looked up to see Lindy is at the club dancing and gettin’ it.  She had a huge smile on her face as she stared me down like I was a turkey dinner. Not sure if I should be excited or worried.



As I was playing Lindy comes up to me talking about how she wants me to take her home and bang her all night long. Hell yeah! Ladies can’t help themselves when they get around me. I told I’ll put it on her once I’m done for the night.




We get to my place and we start with some kissing…




Then some sexy touching…




Then off to the lovings but she made me wear a gross condom. I hate these things. Condoms are for nerds!




But when we got to the shower for more sexy loving time, no nerd condom!




Once we got finish and exit out the bathroom, baby mama wasn’t too happy about about my hook up with her friend.




How could you? With her? We have a kid together!




So? Big deal! It’s not were even together! Who cares if your friend couldn’t help herself and wanted some of this juicy BMG loving. Who am I not to give her any? Sharing is caring and you’re greedy!



You’re a idiot! I was hoping to build a life with you since you ruined mines! I’m moving out! You and Lindy can raise the kid since he seem to want her want now! I hate you Borage!



Girl, you trippin’, for real! I never ruined your life! I’ve improved your life with all my sexiness. I’ve been waiting for you to move for months since you let me touch you!



Sonoko: And you, you whore! You can have him! I hope he gives you herpes!

Lindy: Whatever! You’re just jealous cause he wants me know! Borage is my lover! You’re yesterday’s trash!

Sonoko: I’ll never be jealous of a fat cow! Have fun dealing with this idiot of a man!

Lindy: Oh I will! Now get out so I can enjoy my man!





After Panda finally moved out a fat girl in a green shirt waddles in. What’s with these fat girls always coming over?




Hi Borage, my name is Lois Champagne. Remember me from the summer festival?




Oh yeah, I remember you. You’re that one sexy lady who I banged in the photo booth. I shown you how photogenic my dick can be. I see you still haven’t learned what a hot comb is.



You’re funny. I found you and I have some news to tell you.



Really? Am I winning a award for being the most awesomest sex you ever had in your life?



No silly… I’m pregnant. It’s your baby.



Say what?


8 thoughts on “Love for the ladies: Chapter 7, Windy Lindy

    • I hated the hot comb as a child LOL. Yeah they move in if my pregnancy controller said if they are pregnant. They move out once the baby is born, but Sonoko stayed a while for story purposes. The pregnant controller is great btw. You can pause the pregnancy or speed it up. Ming was pregnant for 2 sim weeks with Madison.

      • I didn’t know there was such things as a pregnant controller. But seeing how there is all kinds of MODs around, I wonder why am I still surprised hahahaha.
        Great chapter by the way. The babies keep coming. Im thinking the friend will get pregnant as well.

  1. the hot comb, hmmm, there is a little piece of reality churned in with all this funny…turn you into a pickle, really? Greta forgets…ah, well she helps Borage out honestly…whatta nanny. love this

  2. What mod did you use to remove the mosaic and get Borage’s, uhm, package…? *blushes* No, no, I’m not like that, I just don’t like the blur effect, it disturbs me, and I don’t want Barbie Sims…

      • Thank you! 😀 Wow, you’re the fastest replier ever! Borage is an awesome dude, and it’s funny because I wrote a story about a guy who was A LOT like him. Huh, I should make a Sim Story of him… Thanks again!

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