Love for the ladies: Chapter 4, Mother knows best

Hello again you fine ladies! Here I am creating a profile on a dating site. Maybe I’ll have a better chance meeting some ladies on this site. Now let’s fill my profile out. Screen name: Big-N-Tasty69. The ladies are gonna like that. Age: I guess I’m 21 or something since I’m drinking. Sex: Yes please! Traits: I’m a frickin’ jenius, and I’m a great kisser, I’m brave, I’m a party animal and I got a big dick. *click* Now my profile is up. Time to wait for the ladies to send me loads of messages.



Hmm this one looks like a dried up hag. No wonder she’s on here. She need to post a fake pic. That face is offensive.



Now this lady is HOT! I’m send her a message. “Dear lady, You fine, hit me up 🙂 ” I sent that lady a smiley face. Ladies love smiley faces.



She’s still here, eating snow cones in the rain. I need to do something with her I mean she’ll be in the way when the ladies start coming my way.



I wanted to check out the sunset since we suddenly start having weather but I notice there’s 3 ladies in front of my house. At first I was like  HELL YEAH but then I was like wait.. that’s my mom, grandmama and some old lady. Just great… I didn’t even know I had a grandmama. I thought my mom was created in a lab of crazy…



But my aunt Rosette was!



Hello Grandson, I’m your Grandmother Genesis. I’m very pleased to finally meet one of my grandchildren from Zinnia. I must admit I am shocked to see all of Zinnia and Rosette’s kids all grew up to adulthood and weren’t taken away by child services. I know how your mother and aunt can be. I knew I shouldn’t had sent them away from a far away city if they were start having a bunch of kids by different men while still married. I raised the girls better that this. I guess a mother could only do so much.



Okay grandmama but why you both here now? Why you didn’t tell me you all were coming? I could of been having a sexy party right now.



We all know you won’t be able to pull that off. You were raised by Zinnia and Rosette. I’m very aware you lack class, common sense and morals.  I’ve sent you a email weeks ago about our visit. I am here because I have something to give since you’re a father now. I’m scared of the thought of you having a child so I hired you a Nanny for the next 18 years.



A nanny? Is that why that old lady is here? I can’t have no old lady living  in my nice bachelor pad when I can be having lovely ladies visiting me. She’ll scare them off! The kid has a mom who won’t move out and take him with her.



And you don’t think a screaming toddler in a onesie would scare them off? This stop being a “bachelor pad” a long time ago. I’m aware about the child’s mother but I do know she’s works at the hospital and works at all hours. Having a nanny around would do this child some good. I want to make sure Bruce-Lee has the proper upbringing that you, your siblings and cousins lacked. I made sure that Ms Greta Hanson would be the perfect fit for raising my great-grandson and anymore you mistakenly shoot out. I guess not having a father around and bring raised by my idiot daughters, you just don’t know any better. I will make sure that this nonsense doesn’t pass on to the next generation. I wished I hired a nanny when the girls started to have kids.



Don’t worry Borage my dear. I will stay out of your hair while you entertain your guest. I’m only here to care for the child. I love little ones, I only wished that I had some one my own. Your son will have the best care that I give.



I’m not sure about this whole nanny thing but the kid is sure is annoying. All he ever does is cry and his mom is always at work. I do leave cake on the ground like my mom use to do but Kawaii takes it away. Maybe this nanny can teach this kid to shut up. He’ll ruin my mojo once I start bringing my ladies over.



My mom loves the kid and I think he likes her back. She bought something special for him. I’m glad she did cause it finally shut him up.

Here little grandbaby. I made you some mashed cake food. I use to feed this to your daddy all the time. He love it! Babies love cake and you will too!



My son loves the mashed cake that my mom gave him. It did shut him up.



But Grandmama didn’t feel that cake was good for babies and took it away but gave him mashed carrots. My kid didn’t like that and was upset about his cake being taken. He screamed something fierce. He’s my boy alright, never mess with our cake!



Grandmama spent time with the baby then scolded Egg foo young  being unlady like for sleeping with while still married and then shacking up with me.



Since I had all these people over, I decided to leave and hit a club to get my flirt on with the ladies. But when I returned I was scolded by grandmama for coming home late and how a proper gentleman comes home at midnight.  Then she said I need a nice church lady with morals. I told her that EA will never invent church in this game and this is scolding is pointless.



Sticky rice ball was feeling down cause her husband is asking for a divorce so she let me give her a sexy massage. The was the first time I got to touch her in months! Soon we totally banged on the table. Weeks later she slapped me and told me to never touch her again cause she thought she was pregnant again but she wasn’t.



I checked my messages on the dating site and got some replies. This made a Borage happy. I sent the ladies a reply and hope they’ll meet up with me. Maybe we’ll have a sexy 3 way. I got enough loving for 2 ladies at once like my dad. He had my mom and aunt in one night, twice. It passed down to me!



I guess having the nanny around is okay. When the brat starts screaming, she deals with him while I poke sexy ladies on facebook.

7 thoughts on “Love for the ladies: Chapter 4, Mother knows best

  1. Oh goody we finally get to meet up with Greta…idk how things could get more interesting but I think they will…Borage is a crack up…whatever comes out of his mouth is priceless…the kid “n” cake over mashed carrots..halarious…I honestly can’t wait for more.

  2. LOL thank goodness his grandmother has some sense. How in the world did she produce such a crazy daughter. Well Greta will help Borage because he is gonna need it.

    • In Journey Ramiro talked about Zinnia was once a genius until she cloned herself to create Rosette when she was a child. Something went wrong in the cloning process and Zinnia had been dumb-ed down and Rosette basically don’t have a brain lol

  3. Yes, Borage definitely needs a nanny around to take care of his children so they can at least have someone in their lives to take care of them. Hopefully Borage shows his father side from time-to-time though.

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