Montigo Tango: Chapter 34, A night to remember

It was a bright sunny Saturday afternoon and Rio spent a few hours in front of the mirror. With freshly cut hair and his nice clothes laid out, Rio prepares himself for his first date with Janiya. Rio tried his best to calm his nerves and finding himself drinking a whole carton of orange juice. “You can do this. It’s just a little date.” Said Rio to himself. It was near time for his date and Rio dresses himself. Rio checks his phone to see if Janiya text him her address but instead Janiya text saying she’ll meet him at his place. Rio thought it was odd for Janiya not sending him her address so he could just put her up. Rio grew more curious about Janiya’s home life. Is she hiding something?

“Rio! Janiya is here.” Shouted Ming from downstairs. Rio finishes touching up his hair and head downstairs. Janiya wore a plain black dress with her black gothic lolita boots, in Rio’s eyes she was stunning. “You look very beautiful.” Said Rio as he smiles showing off his perfect white teeth. Janiya blushed and thanked him. “Shall we go?” Asked Rio as he held the front door open for Janiya. She nods and exits. Rio lead Janiya to his car and they headed off for their date.

“Where are we going?” Asked Janiya. Rio had a smug look on his face and turned to Janiya, “It’s a surprise.” Janiya’s eyes sparkle with delight once they reached their destination. “The art gallery! I’ve been waiting to see this place!” Cheered Janiya.


Like any gentleman Rio opens Janiya’s car door and lead her into the art gallery. Rio and Janiya told their time glancing and admiring some of the displayed art work. “I wish I could have my art in a place like this.” Said Janiya as she stared at a painting. “You could some day.” Smiled Rio. Janiya sighs and looks away, “I once did art before but now.. It’s not possible. I dreamed of going to a art school but that’s unlikely.. It’s just-” Janiya stops herself in mid sentence. Rio could see some hurt in Janiya’s bright purple eyes, “It’s just what? Why you don’t think you could get into a art school?” Janiya turns towards Rio and looks him into his emerald green eyes, “Nothing.. It’s just nothing.. I’m just rambling about nothing.” Janiya’s behavior spikes some curiosity in Rio, he knew something is bothering her. Rio decided not to put the issue and leads Janiya over to another painting.

Rio wasn’t sure what he was looking at. It was a purple painting that appeared to be either a flower or a eye but in Rio’s immature mind it looked like a female’s private part. Rio didn’t dare try to crack a joke about that fearing Janiya would be displeased by his comment. “This looks like a purple vag.” Said Janiya causally. The comment caught Rio by surprise, he could do nothing but laugh along with Janiya. “I know you were thinking the same down. You don’t gotta be all proper ya know. You’re a 16 year old boy with raging hormones who thinks about pervy things. I’m not like those in girl who are all prissy and have a fear of burps and farts. Be yourself.” Said Janiya. Rio grins at Janiya and thinking how cool Janiya is, he doesn’t have to try to be someone that he isn’t. “Totally looks like a purple vag.” Joked Rio. Their laughter was short lived the the sound of Janiya’s growling stomach. Janiya almost felt embarrassed by her growling stomach. She knew it has been a day since her last meal. “Ready to eat?” Rio asked. Janiya nods her head.



Rio drove Janiya to local bistro, he loved how this place had a nice view of the mountain side. With the sun soon setting, Rio felt this place was perfect other than the diner that was closer to the art gallery. Rio remained to be a gentleman and pulls out a chair for Janiya. “You know you don’t have to.” Janiya blushed. “I’m just a nice guy.” Said Rio. The young couple placed their orders and soon their food was given to them. Janiya quickly dove into her veggie rolls being anything than lady like. Rio wasn’t sure what to think than she was very hungry. Janiya caught Rio staring at her and realizes she’s in a public place. “Gosh.. I feel like such a pig.” Said Janiya as she placed her fork down. “It’s okay, I can order you more food…” Said Rio. Janiya pushes her plate away, “I had enough.” Rio raises his brow and knew something was indeed going on with her. Rio pushes her plate back to her, “Please. It’s okay.” Janiya played with her food with a moment before finishing it.

“Janiya, What’s going on? I notice you seem hungry a lot and very sleepy at school. I’m not trying to get into your business but I’m your friend and I’m concern about you.”

“It’s nothing.. Really.”

“You can tell me.”

Janiya sighs and stay silent for a moment.

“I’m a runaway..”

“Are your parents looking for you? Why did you run away?”

“I lived in Bridgeport with my dad. My mom passed away when I was little. Since my mom’s death, my dad has been a raging drunk. About 2 months ago my dad never came home from his trip to the bar. I’m pretty sure a vampire got a hold of him. He hated vampires and was very vocal about it. I didn’t want to be in foster care so I took whatever money I could find and took a bus here since it was the cheapest. Once I got here I was sleeping on a park bench but a couple found me and took me in. They happen to live with the wife’s father. Apparently he’s a racist asshole and calls me awful names when the couple wasn’t around. Me being a witch didn’t make it any better either. The couple started to fight with him when they heard him call me something offensive. They all been fighting since… I decided to sleep in the tree house in the backyard and shower at the fire house. My only meals come from school. I’m afraid to at anything they give me, fearing the old man placed something bad in the food when they weren’t looking. I got tried of it so now I’m back living in the park.”

“That’s awful, Janiya.. Is there anything that I can do?”

“Just be my friend. That’s all I need.”



Rio thought about Janiya’s situation and thought having her move in with his family. The thought of Janiya being homeless hurts Rio as he finds himself starting to care about her. As night fell he notice how Janiya kept gazing at the stars. Rio wanted Janiya to feel comfortable and happy as he can see Janiya is having a good night. Rio looks up into the stars and thought this was the perfect night to watch the stars with Janiya as she shows interest in the galactic skies. “Want to chill here for a moment and star watch?” Asked Rio. “You’re into astronomy too?” Janiya asked. Rio rubs the back on his neck, “Well can’t say that I do but I like watching the night sky.”

Rio and Janiya sat down on the warm pavement and looked up into the starry night. Gentle night winds tossed Janiya’s deep purple locks around. Rio gently brushes Janiya’s hair from her face and gazes deeply into her eyes. This causes Janiya to flush with red as she starts to feel a bit warm by Rio’s touch. Rio was making a bold move on Janiya but felt like it’s now or never. Janiya felt butterflies in her stomach and shyly turns away from Rio, she points up at the sky trying to throw the focus off her. “Look right there, you can see Lunar Lakes.” Said Janiya as she still points up. “Were about to close.” Said a man from behind. Rio lift up before helping Janiya up from the ground.



“I guess we’ll be going now?” Said Janiya with a nervous smile. “We can stay for a little bit.” Whispered Rio. Janiya tries to turn away from Rio but he stops her by placing his palm against Janiya’s cheek and gently strokes it. “Janiya, come stay with my family and I. I can’t turn you back into the streets.” Said Rio as he moves his face closer to Janiya. “I.. I can’t do that. I’m fine where I’m at.” Said Janiya with a nervous tone. “I won’t be happy with that.. I’m starting to care about you.. Stay with me. These streets can be dangerous.” Said Rio as he tries to convince Janiya. “Will your family be okay with this?” Asked Janiya as she lowers her head.

“This? What do you mean?” Asked Rio with concern. “Me being black.” Mumble Janiya. “My grandpa is Colombian, my grandma is Asian and my other grandma is Swedish  Your race doesn’t matter, besides.. my parents already like you.” Smiled Rio. Janiya smiles asks if Rio was serious about him caring about her. Rio admits he already cares about her especially finally sharing her story with him. Rio didn’t want Janiya to feel he only cares about her cause he felt sorry for her. He insists his feeling is genuine and thought about her a lot prior to their date.



“You really do care about me? I haven’t been told by anyone besides my mom that they cared about me. This makes me feel-” Said Janiya before she was cut off. Rio feeling confident pulls Janiya near his lips. “Rio..” Janiya whispers. Rio presses his lips against Janiya’s and embraces her with long passionate kiss. Janiya quickly jumps back. “You don’t like it?” Asked Rio, he felt that he had done something wrong. Janiya smiles ear to ear, “I’ve never kissed a boy before. I liked it.” Rio felt some relief and holds Janiya against him. “Let’s go home.” Rio whispers into Janiya before kissing her once more.


Chapter 34.5 – Back to my life.

Malix is still in the guidance of his blood uncle Taurus who has shown him nothing but kindness during his stay. Over the matter of months the two began to form a special vampire bond. The uncle and nephew would spend many hours chatting about anything that comes to mind. Malix hopes to regain his memory and believes Taurus will help him achieve that goal.



During the months, Malix start to live his life as a vampire which he began to grow a custom of since he still has no memory of his past life. Taurus began to train Malix his vampire skills as he slowly preps Malix to have his memory restore. Malix learned how to feed from a human without killing them and controlling his strong but sometimes violent urges. Taurus is pleased with Malix’s fast learning and feels it will be soon before he’s strong enough to have his memory back.


During Malix’s off time, he would spend this time studying about his vampire roots and learned that Taurus wasn’t pulling his leg about the things he had Malix months before.



Taurus notice Malix had the ability to create new memories, he knew Malix’s mind is well enough for  mind restoration. “Malix, it’s time.” Grinned Taurus. Malix was little put off by Taurus’ grin and became slightly nervous. “Time? ..For what?” Malix asked. “Memory restoration. You’re creating new memories in your mind. You’re 100% healed now.” Smiled Taurus. Malix stepped back a step, “Will this hurt?” Taurus chuckles lightly, “Not a bit. Just hold still, clear your mind and focus on my eyes.” Malix stood in front of Taurus and gazed into his eyes, “I’m ready.” Taurus smirks a little,” Oh I didn’t know you were that into in me! Staring me down like that!” Malix’s jaw dropped as he jumps back, “What?!” Taurus starts to chuckles loud and hard, “Now now, boy. I’m just joking with you. You were quite a clown in your human life. I hope that returns. Stand still and let me work my magic. Glowing neon green lights flowed out of Taurus’ fingers and into Malix’s glowing red eyes. Malix’s memory restoration had began.






“I remember. I remember my life. Cira.. I have to find my Cira.. I know they said she’s dead but.. I don’t believe that.. Why do I shot myself..” Said Malix as all of his memory had been restored. “Malix, that’s cause Cira is still alive. I need to show you something.” Said Taurus as he lead Malix into their shared room.



Taurus opens the door and Malix saw Jade sitting tied up to a chair with her head bowing down. “Jade.” Malix growled. “She will lead you to Cira.” Said Taurus.



Jade slowly lifts her head and focuses on Malix’s face. “Malix? ..You’re alive! Please help me!” Jade softly cried. Taurus steps behind Jade and leans down, nearly resting his chin on Jade’s shoulder, “Darling, he’s not here to help you. You’re going to help him. You’re the reason why Malix is the way he is…” Jade starts to cry, “What? What do you? I didn’t kill him!” Taurus smirks, “But your actions did. You lead Cira to Malachi and he took her. Malachi tried to throw police off by making it appear she’s been killed. You lead Malachi to Malix’s parents. Sakura was actually his third biological parent. You caused so much pain in others lives. Even Malix’s brother, Matius.” Jade furious shook her head, “No! Don’t believe him Malix! It’s all lies! I didn’t help Malachi! I don’t know him!” Taurus hisses and slaps Jade across her face, “Stop with your lies!”

Malix wasn’t sure what do think of this but remembers never having a good feeling of Jade. “What’s going on? Is this true? Did Jade lead Cira to this Malachi? Did Jade have my parents killed?” Malix asked.

“It’s true Malix, I have no reason to lie to you. Read Jade’s memories. You have that ability.”

“I can? But how do you know about Jade?”

“Jade and I go back. Jade was once the love of my life until she decided I wasn’t good enough for her. I wasn’t just going to let her go. I wanted to know why she didn’t want me anymore. I worked my ass off for this woman and she throws everything in my face! For what?! My brother! I followed them both back her. Remember those strange calls after you married Jade? That was me! I will make sure you will never ruin anyone’s life but first you’re fixing Malix’s!”



“How do I see Jade’s memory?”

“You’re a Quasizen, you don’t have to try hard. Just look into her eyes. You’ll see what she saw.”

Malix leans down to look into Jade’s eyes but she quickly shuts her eyes. Taurus forcibly opens Jade’s eyes allowing Malix gazed into them. Malix began to see everything Jade did and see. Malix quickly jumps in Jade’s face and growls, exposing his fangs. “Bitch!” Hissed Malix. “Malachi impregnated my wife? My first child is still alive?! You had my son Niro kidnapped?! I hate you.. I hate you… fucking bitch!” Malix hissed. “I’m sorry!” Cried Jade. “Save it!” Malix shouted as he turns away from Jade.



Jade continue to cry while still bond to her chair. Taurus rolled his eyes in disgust, “Stop that annoying sound Jade! You got yourself in this shit!” Malix faces Jade and Taurus. “Take me to Cira.” Malix said with calmness in his tone. “No!” Cried Jade. Taurus yanks Jade’s head, “Yes you will!” Jade starts crying more, “Why me?! Why me, Taurus?! Why are you doing this to me?” Taurus began to laugh devilishly.

“Oh poor Jade. Why me, why me. Shut it. You wanna know why? You cause so much pain in other lives. Especially mines!”

“So I broke your heart and got with your twin brother! Get over it!”

“Trust me, I’m over that.. It’s what you did afterwards..”

“What did I do?”

“You know what you did.”

“What?! Tell me!”



“Our child.. You killed her!”

“But.. I… I..didn’t! I didn’t kill her!”

“You let our baby in the burning house!”

“I didn’t! I tried to get her!”

“Stop with your lies! You left our child in the fire!”

“I swear I didn’t kill our baby!”

“Do Malix need to read your thoughts?”

“No!… I’m sorry.. I’m really am but.. I couldn’t bring that abomination into my family! I won’t be out cast by bring in a vampire freak!”

“My child is not a abomination! I told you the chances of our child being born vampire was high!”

“I’m glad she’s dead!”

Taurus slaps Jade several times. “Cunt!” Hissed Taurus.



Malix steps in, “Easy now.. I need her well enough to lead me back to my wife.” Taurus back away from Jade. “I won’t help you assholes!” Shouted Jade. Taurus yanks Jade’s head back again, “Yes you will if you want to live. You will lead Malix back to Cira if you want the antidote for the poison that I have coursing in your blood.” Jade’s eyes widen, “I’ll take him.” Taurus carefully unties Jade from the chair, he pushes her towards Malix and he grabs her arms. “I’m making sure you don’t escape.. Take me to her.” Said Malix. Jade nods and they head out the door into the night.



A week earlier..


As Nina, Rio and Janiya were about to head to school they made a discovery..

“Oh my gosh! Niro! Somebody get help!”




Nina lifts and hold Niro close to her, “Niro! What happen? Are you okay! Oh my gosh! Please tell me that you’re not hurt!”

“Nina… I don’t remember what happen…”


One chapter left, peoples! I dislike this song but it goes with the chapter.

6 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 34, A night to remember

  1. I don’t know how you will rap this up but I can’t wait until you do….just glad they found Niro…and Jade, what will become of her once she has revealed Cira’s location…and how will Cira react to Malix after all this time? ……and dear ole Malachi is in for a surprise…the flashback pics were awesome…brillient idea.

    • Still figuring that out haha. I’m about to make well use of my pose player. Cira is still under Malachi’s spell so who knows how she will react. So much is about to happen. It’s going to be a long chapter.

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