Montigo Tango: Chapter 33, Celebration!

Late in the morning after the teens went out to school there was a ring at the door. Matius wasn’t sure who could be possibly be here as once again he wasn’t expecting anyone. To Matius’ surprise it was his first cousins Ramiro and Zinnia standing outside. Matius’ remember Ramiro is vampire, he quickly allow his cousins to enter into his home. “Ramiro, Zinnia? What are you guys doing here?” Asked Matius. “Lei’s graduation of course. I haven’t seen her since she was a toddler.” Smiled Ramiro. Matius wasn’t sure how Ramiro knew about Lei’s graduation let alone how did Zinnia even find out. “I kept in contact with Nyx while she was in Bloomsville and she told me about it. I wanted to be there and of course escort Nyx back home with me. You know she tried to carjack the cab to the airport twice during her travel to Appaloosa Plains? We can’t allow that to happen again.” Said Ramiro. Matius shakes his head in displease, “That child… is too much sometimes. Have fun with that..” Ramiro chuckles, “I’ll do fine, I have twin daughters back at home so I’m no stranger to parenting.” Matius was still confused about how Zinnia knew about the graduation.

“I didn’t know Matty! Max, Rosette and I were on our way to Starlight to visit my son Borage. But I lost them in the airport and found out I was in Sunset Valley. I met Ramiro at the airport and followed him here. Max and Rosette ended up in Lunar Lakes. They got on a space shuttle hoping to get there faster.” Said Zinnia causally. Both Matius and Ramiro tried their hardest not to burst out in laughter but failed. “I swear you guys need a adult where you all decide to travel.” Laughed Matius. “I am adult! What’s that suppose to mean?” Zinnia demanded. Matius and Ramiro laughed without explaining to Zinnia. “I’m glad you guys are here but Ramiro.. How were you allowed in the city?” Asked Matius. “Special visitor pass since Lei is graduating. I can only stay for 3 days but I shall be leaving early to take this one back home and get the others back from Lunar Lakes.” Said Ramiro as he stares Zinnia down. Matius had the butler take their bags and get them settle in.



After Ramiro and Zinnia settled in Matius wanted them to meet his daughters since Rio was at school. “This is Azalea, she just turned a year.” Said Matius as he picks up Azalea. “Oh she’s pretty like the flower. I can see she’s a Hendrix.” Smiled Ramiro. Matius tilted his head slightly when Ramiro mentions he could tell Azalea belonged to the Hendrix family. Matius grew curious of how did he know when they haven’t kept in contact much. “How do you know?” Asked Matius. Ramiro tickles Azalea a little as she remained in the arms of Matius, “The eyes. They all have the same eyes. We use to have some Hendrix in Sunset Valley, they were awful people. You can never trust a witch fae. There’s only one Hendrix who wasn’t a witch fae. She was created in a lab by a Hendrix male. He used his daughter’s DNA and her doll to created another child. Since she didn’t inherited any witch fae powers she was out cast from the family. Only her creator accepted her as his child and she grew up to be well adjusted unlike her DNA host.” Matius thought for a moment and remember that Jade has a sister who was a polar opposite of Jade. “Jeni.. Azalea’s aunt. She must be the one.. Jade often refer her as the black sheep of the family. I guess that’s what she meant. She used to work at Cherrysicle but I was told her left Lucky Palms. Azalea will never get to meet her aunt. She is a sweet person, nothing like her sister Jade.”



As the guys chatted Zinnia picked up little Madison from her crib. “Aren’t you a little cutie!” Smiled Zinnia as she tries to snuggle with Madison. Madison wasn’t having any of it and started to cry as Zinnia held her in her arms. “What’s wrong with this baby! It’s crying!” Whined Zinnia. Matius walks over to Zinnia and takes Madison who suddenly stop crying. Matius smiles and told Madison everything will be okay. “I had 6 of those things and they never made this much noise! I would leave a cake on the floor for the babies and they were happy all the time! I see you didn’t leave any cake on the floor for the babies. You’re not being a very good daddy, Matty!” Scoffed Zinnia. Matius rolled his eyes, “You can’t be serious? You left a whole cake on the floor to feed your babies?” Zinnia felt proud about her parenting skills and gave Matius a smug look, “Damn skippy I did! My kids grew up to be happy and wonderful!” Ramiro laughed loud, “Seriously doubt it Zin. I heard about Borage.” Zinnia frowns her face up and places her hands on her hips, “What did you hear about my baby?!” Ramiro said nothing and continue laughing. Zinnia flips her hair and rolled her eyes, “You’re just haters!”



Once the day enter into evening a dinner was prepare for the celebration of Lei’ graduation and 18th birthday. The Montigos along with Ivory and her kids,  Rio’s guest Janiya all sat down together to have dinner. Everyone chatted among themselves enjoying their delicious meal as one huge family. They talked about old memories and catching up on each other lives. Ivory felt as she did belong there and wonder if things were different as in if Malix would of married her instead. She pictured that family dinners would be like this as she sat between Rio and Lei. Ivory couldn’t help but smile as she glances around her surroundings.

Lei never wanted her 18th birthday or graduation into a big deal but is glad that Matius made this evening happen. Lei thought to herself of how he wished her parents were still alive along with Malix and Cira. She wished that Niro was here. Thinking of Niro still being missing made it slightly hard to celebrate. She could tell in Nina and Nyx’s eyes they weren’t in a celebration mood knowing their younger brother is still missing.

“I’m glad everyone is here for this special occasion. It’s been years since the Montigos hosted a family dinner. I see this was overdue.” Smiled Matius  Everyone had agreed with him but Nyx and Nina remained silent as they finish their meals.



After dinner the butler brought out a cake for Lei. The other remove themselves from their seats and gather around the table to watch Lei blow out her birthday candles. “Make a wish.” Said Rio. Lei thought for a moment about what to wish for.  “I wished for a fabulous car for my last birthday and I got one..” Lei thought to herself. She could wish for anything that she wanted but she looks up to glance over at her nieces Nyx and Nina who both appeared sad. Lei isn’t a selfish person and knew what she wanted to wish for. “I wish for Niro’s safe return.” Whispered Lei to herself as she blew out her candles.




“This is so awesome! All we need is a wall and this could be a real bomb ass party!” Shouted Zinnia. Matius and Ramiro gave Zinnia a strange look. “What do you mean a wall?” Asked Ramiro. “Back at home, we got a party wall. You guys need one! It ain’t a Montigo party until there’s a wall involve!” Cheered Zinnia. Matius laughs, “Go to bed Zinnia, you are drunk.” “Am not!” Snapped Zinnia.




As the others celebrate Lei becoming a adult….




Nyx and Nina struggle to appear happy for the family gathering. “Family time.. Hardly.. How can we celebrate when Niro is still missing?” Nyx thought to herself. Nina forced a smile on her face whenever someone looked in her direction, not wanting to be a damper on the party. The family all laughed, talk and ate cake together until the evening turned into night. It was a eventful night for the Montigos as they watched another member reach adult. The butler started to clean along with the help of Ivory. She couldn’t stand the thought of watching someone clean and felt helpless. “You’re a guest, you don’t need to clean.” Said Maranda the butler with a smile. “No I insist in helping.. I just don’t feel right.” Said Ivory as she picked up her plate. After a hour, the house all retired for the night.




After breakfast, Lei sat down with the others adults. Lei planned on telling everyone her plans after she graduates high school the next day. She started to feel slightly nervous about Matius’ reaction of her plans to move away to a city that she’s never been to. “So you have something to say to us, Lei?” Asked Matius. Lei nods her head and carefully clears her throat before speaking. Lei glances around everyone’s face and nervously. “You’re not telling us that you’re pregnant are ya?” Said Matius as he raises his brow. Lei blushed red and quickly shouts out no in her reply. “I wanted to talk about my plans after graduation. I was accepted into a art school in Twinbrook and I plan to move there with my friend Monique.” Said Lei before finally exhaling. “A art school? That’s wonderful, Lei.” Smiled Ming.

“I remember when you drew all over my book when I visited her when you were 2. I always knew you’ll be a great artist someday. I’m happy for you.” Said Ramiro. “I’m also taking a business class too cause I want to open my own art gallery too.” Lei added. Ming and Ivory expressed how that was a good idea and were very proud of her. Lei notice she haven’t gotten a reaction from Matius yet. Matius sat at the end of the table in silence. Lei was nervously that Matius may not like her plans. “Matty? You haven’t said anything..” Said Lei as she bows her head down. Matius remain quiet for a few moments before a smile grew across his face. “It’s hard to believe my baby sister is grown up and have plans for her future. Smart plans I may add. It’s gonna be hard to let you go. I’m gonna miss you little sis.” Said Matius. Lei’s eyes instantly flowed out tears and she jumps from her chair to hug Matius. “I’m gonna miss you too, Matty!” Cried Lei. “I’m proud of you sis.” Said Matius as he hugs Lei.




After Lei’s good news, Ivory felt they should celebrate with her famous apple cobbler. Zinnia offer to help and Ivory allowed her after Matius and Ramiro said that wasn’t a good idea. “What do you need for me to do?” Asked Zinnia. “I need more apples.” Replied Ivory. Zinnia tried to search the kitchen for the apples, she came across a black box and opened it. Zinnia into the box to find some glowing red fruit which she thought was apples. Zinnia grabs one from the box and started to bonce it around in her hand a little. “I got a apple!” Zinnia announced before it slipped from her hands. Zinnia quickly tries to catch the fallen fruit with her hands. “Oh no! Don’t drop apple!” Shouted Zinnia as she catches the fruit.

Ivory turns around to see what Zinnia is doing. “Zinnia, that’s not a apple.” Ivory laughed. “Huh? It’s red and looks like a apple. I thought it was a special apple.” Said Zinnia. Ivory chuckles lightly, “No sweetie. I’ll look for the apples. Here mix this flour in the bowl while I find the apples.”  Zinnia sets down the wooden spoon she was given to stir with and grabs the mixer instead. Zinnia fires up the mixer and soon flour flew up in her face. “What the fuck!” Shouts Zinnia. Ivory quickly races to the kitchen. “Zinnia? Why do you have the mixer?” Asked Ivory. “You said to mix it.” Replied Zinnia. Ivory realizes she should of listen to Matius and Ramiro. “That’s why I gave you the spoon.” Said Ivory. Zinnia bites her lip, “My bad..”



Ivory told Zinnia that she finish the rest on her own and gave her a break. “All this work is making me hungry.” Said Zinnia as she picks up the glowing red fruit. Ramiro steps into the kitchen and catches Zinnia about to bite the fruit.

“Zinnia! Don’t eat that!”

“Why not? It’s so pretty and glowly!”

“Cause that’s a vampire fruit! It will make you sick if you eat it.”

“So? I got fangs like a vamp so I’ll be okay.”

“Please trust me on this.”

Zinnia takes a big bite of the fruit.

“Mmm, this is juicy!”

“Damn it Zin! I told you not to eat it. That’s a plasma fruit.”

“I just ate a blood fruit?”

“Yes, Zin.”

“Gross! Now I’m gonna turn into a vampire!”

“No… You’re not gonna turn into a vampire after eating plasma fruit.”

“So I can eat another one? Cause there’s like a box full of them.”

“No! You’re gonna be sick!”

“I’ll be fine.. I’m gonna eat this other one.”

“Stop it Zin.”



“I don’t feel good!”

“What did I just tell you!”



After dinner the guys all sat down and watched a football game for some male bounding. Rio talked about Janiya and asked for advice on what to do for a first date.

Rio: I need some advice for a first date. I never taken a girl out and Janiya is the first.

Ramiro: Janiya? She’s cute. I’m not sure about that.. I don’t do well in that department. Ramiro laughs.

Adam: Maybe a dinner and a movie. Can’t go wrong with that.

Rio: That’s what I was thinking but that’s what everyone does..

Matius: Take her to that art gallery. Does she like art?

Rio: She does take a lot of art classes.

Ramiro: There ya go, take her to a art gallery.

Rio: Then what shall we do afterwards?

Matius, Ramiro, Adam: Dinner!




As the guys chat, the women chat as well. Zinnia felt the need to talk about her family and excellent parenting skills.




Zinnia: I got 6 beautiful kids who are all still alive! I had 2 by my husband, 2 by a sexy guy named Liam and 2 by some chocolate man who was a frog but turned into a chocolate man after I kissed the frog that came out of a well. And then Liam is also the father of my sister’s kids so they are like brother-sister cousins! How cool is that! If you want happy kids, leave cake out!

Ivory: Wait.. You had kids with 2 other guys while married? And one was a frog from a well who turned into a chocolate man? And you and your sister share a baby father? You only fed them cake?

Zinnia: Yep! If you saw Liam, you would want to have his babies too! My husband and I got married again, engaged 3 times but married again now. I also had more kids with Liam but I don’t remember how many more kids I had with him. Rosette thinks she’s gonna marry him but she’s already married! Cake is the key to happy kids!

Lei: And I thought I heard it all… No wonder Borage is the way he is..

Zinnia: What’s going on with my son?!




Nyx and Nina relaxed upstairs and soon Maliya had joined them. “So were like sisters now.” Maliya smiled. “I guess so..” Sighed Nyx. Nina smiled at Maliya but didn’t say much. “I think it’s pretty crazy that my dad suddenly had 2 other kids before us. You guys do look like us..” Said Nyx. “I always wanted to have a sister. Now I have 2.. Pretty cool.” Smiled Maliya. “Your twin seems pretty cool. Him and I are kinda alike.” Said Nyx. “I say maybe you 2 were suppose to twins.” Joked Maliya. Nyx laughs, “Yeah, you seem gentle like Nina.. Maybe you’re really her twin.” Maliya and Nyx laughed and Nina soon joined in. “I’m glad we got to meet you and Mal. I just our little brother Niro was here. He went missing.” Said Nina. “I hope he would be found safe..” Said Maliya as she bows her head.




After Lei’s graduation the family had dinner at the near by bistro. Matius was surprised by a familiar face.



 “Hi Matius. Haven’t seen you in while. How have you been?”

“Pretty decent.. My little sister just graduated from high school today.”

“That’s wonderful to hear. I haven’t heard from you since that one night…”

“I’m sorry. I was being a jerk.. I didn’t bother to know your name.. I feel like a ass. I was just going through a hard time…”

“It’s Cindy Robbs. I know how it is. My engagement was broken off during that time. I wasn’t myself either.”

“You have a pretty name Cindy. I was going through my second divorce. But I’m better now. I’m busy raising my kids.”

“That’s good. I’m doing better too. I just got promoted at the hospital.”

“I’ve been wanting to find you again..”

“Why is that?”

“So I could take you out on a proper date.”

“Really.. I was hoping to run into you again.. I would love to go on a date with you.”

“Tomorrow at 8?”

“Sounds like a date!”




Zinnia joined her younger cousins hoping to have a girly chat with them. Nyx rolled her eyes once Zinnia sat in the empty chair. “Whatcha girls talking about? Boys?” Asked Zinnia. “No.” Scoffed Nyx. “Ya know, you’ll never get a boy with that ‘tude. Don’t be all scary and stuff.. You’re just showing you’re insecure!” Zinnia snapped back. Nyx’s eyes widen as Zinnia who is usually dimwitted was actually correct about something. Nyx would never admit to feeling insecure about herself and wonders if anyone else notice this besides Zinnia who isn’t too bright. Nyx sunk down a little in her seat and slightly blushed. Nyx hides her fears and unhappiness about herself by acting like a rebel. She felt that would be a good front.

Zinnia: I will tell you girls the secrets of getting a boy.

Maliya: How?

Zinnia: Pull out on the first date!

Nina: Have sex on the first date?

Zinnia: Yes! Pull out every time! If he offers money, take it. Men like it when they don’t gotta work hard. They are very lazy.

Nyx: So being a slut will get us a guy?

Zinnia: Slut? Oh no! Don’t pull out to every guy. Just the sexy ones. Never fuck a ugly man.

Nina: I don’t think this is good advice.

Zinnia: This is great advice! If you don’t listen to this then you’ll be a whiny virgin for life! Do you wanna die a virgin?!

Nina: No..

Zinnia: Then give it all up on the first date and you will keep him forever unless you suck in bed and then you get him for a hour.

Nyx: You’re a idiot.



The next morning all of the guest left and returned home. Ramiro taking Zinnia and Nyx and Ivory leaving with her twins. Everyone had said their goodbyes but it was time for Lei to take her journey 389 miles away to Twinbrook. Lei knew saying goodbye wasn’t going to be easy. Matius dreaded for the day for Lei to leave the Montigo Manor. He never counted on Lei leaving the city as well. “Well it’s almost time for me to go.” Said Lei as she sat down next to Matius. “Okay.. You got everything packed?” Asked Matius. Lei nods. “Are you flying or driving?” Asked Matius. “Were driving, it’s a 7 hour drive.” Replied Lei. Matius reaches over to hug Lei, “Drive safe. If anything happens or you gotten into some trouble.. Let me know and I will be there for you. I’m still your big brother.” Lei nearly shed a few tears, “I will. I love you Matty.” Matius hugs Lei tighter, “I love you too Lei Mei. Stay out of trouble.” Lei nods before returning to her room to finish packing her things. Matius helps Lei load her belonging into her chair and told Lei and Monique good bye before they set off for Twinbrook.





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      • Yay, I’m leaving it how it is cause have to show how dumb Zinnia is LOL. She doesn’t remember how many more kids she had with Liam hahahaha. I do plan to show Max and Rosette in Lunar Lakes once Seasons is out. Will they learn space shuttles don’t fly you across country, they fly you out of space LOL

  1. I like this story more everytime you add to it…and so much family history in this chapter, kinda pulling the past up with the present…reminiscing, from some bad things some good things did happen…obviously the entire family is aware of poor Borage and his antics…cake on the floor for happy funny. Liked the touches of cc in the pics, too…well done, very much enjoyed.

    • I didn’t plan for this chapter, just kinda just happen haha. I wanted to start doing some crossovers. I like adding Zinnia for this chapter. I do plan have more family reunions but it’s a pain to get them to all eat together.

  2. I really loved this chapter. Such a big, wonderful family reunion! I have a large family IRL so our family dinners at holidays are sometimes massive. It was fun to see everybody, and it was nice that the new twin girl was getting along with the Nyx and Nina. Did you change Rio’s hair in this chapter? (Too lazy to look back.. lol) He is going to have an interesting time with the witch gal.

    • The dinner scene was so hard to pull off. I got so angry with them, especially with Nyx cause she wouldn’t sit down! By the time she sat down. They were all finish eating. I was pissed. I almost killed everyone lol. Rio had a makeover to impress Janiya, I didn’t write it in cause I forgot to haha.

      • Hah yeah that must’ve been a real pain to work on that scene. I did notice you mentioned Rio’s makeover in the next chapter so I knew I wasn’t seeing things. 🙂

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