Montigo Tango: Chapter 32, Josephine

Night had fallen onto the skies of Lucky Palms as heavy rain flooded the busy streets. A glimmer of light from a car’s headlight shine across the wall of Montigo Manor. Matius walked towards his window to see 3 figures standing in the pouring rain in front of Montigo Manor. Matius wasn’t expecting any guest during this time of the night. As he headed for the door he could hear muffle voices from outside. As Matius took a deep breathe he open the door to see who were these 3 mysterious people are. Matius’ eyes focused on the person standing closet to his home. “Josephine!” Shouted Matius with delight. He motions the 3 people to enter into his home.



“You still call me that? I go by Ivory now.” Smiled Ivory. Matius laughs lightly and rubs the back of his neck, “I don’t care if you switched your names around. I will always know you by Josephine.” Ivory smiled at Matius as she tries to ring out the rain from her soaked jean jacket. Matius is quite surprised by Ivory’s unexpected visit as he haven’t seen Ivory in several years and she’s his late brother Malix’s ex girlfriend. He was even more curious about the 2 teenagers whom she brought along with her.  “I never thought I would ever see you again since Malix choose Cira.” Said Matius. Ivory slightly lowers her head down while biting the bottom of her lip.

Malix and Cira didn’t always have a perfect relationship as many believed so. Malix found himself torn between females who happen to be best friends. Whenever Malix and Cira had a fall out, Malix would find himself into the arms of Cira’s best friend Ivory at the time was known as Josephine Ivory Jones. Cira and Ivory once shared a special bond and were close like sisters. Cira’s middle name happen to the same of Ivory’s first name, Josephine. Their friendship began to shift when Ivory shared a night with Malix after they recently broken up. Soon Malix began to date Ivory in order to hurt Cira and make her come back to him but Malix found himself catching real feelings for Ivory. Over a course of years Malix started to have off and on relationships with both girls who later became ex friends. Malix felt bad for ripping their friendship part but knew Cira was the one who he really loved. After dating Ivory for 5 years straight, Malix felt it was unfair to stay with her when his heart was for Cira. He ended the relationship, he and Cira wed a 3 years later leaving Ivory with a broken heart.

“What brings you back in town? I heard that you left soon after Malix got married.” Asked Matius. Ivory looks into Matius’ eyes, “Because I’ve keeping something from your family.. Can we still and talk?” Matius nods and lead Ivory and the 2 teens into the front room.



The four took a seat on the sofas in the front room. Matius glances over to the teens and notices how the male looked very similar to his late brother. Matius had a feeling that he knew what Ivory had been keeping from his family.

“You see these 2 kids here?”

“Yes, are they yours?”

“Yes.. They are also Malix’s kids..”

“I had a feeling they were. The boy looks alike like him at that age.”

“I learned I was pregnant with Maliya and Malix Jr. soon after we broke up. When I learned about Malix and Cira’s engagement . I left town without telling him about the pregnancy. I felt they would be better off with him. How could he forget me so quick.. We were barely broken up for a week before he was back with Cira. He told me that he loved Cira then left me alone in our apartment.. I moved to Bridgeport hoping to give my twins a better life.. But I see that’s not true.. Raising 2 kids alone without them knowing who their father is hard.. especially one is a vampire. How is my son a vampire? Malix was clearly not one.”

“Malix’s past before he came to our family is a mystery.. His daughter Nyx was born vampire which we didn’t know about for years. Apparently Malix must of been a vampire who was turned human as a baby but then again.. I’m not sure if it’s true. I do remember Malix being a difficult baby who cried when he was in sunlight and suddenly he stopped that when my parents took him to the science lab. Maybe he really was a vampire. According to my ex wife, he still carries vampire genes.. It’s hard to believe that lying whore but she may of been telling the truth about him. When I look at Nyx, sounds right. How else he would be a vampire?”

“They had a daughter?”

“Twin girls then a little boy.”

“It must be nice.. to have a family.. I knew I should of told Malix about his twins with me.. That’s why I am here. To make things right.. Sometimes I would think he should of picked me.. I’m sure Cira had her dark secrets that Malix doesn’t know about that would hurt him. I have a feeling..”


Matius thought about Ivory’s words about Cira having a dark secret that could possible hurt Malix. She could be so right, he thought. Matius started to flashback on a time with Cira many years ago…




Matius was snapped back into reality by the sound of Ivory’s gentle voice. “Earth to Matty! Are you there?” Smiled Ivory as she waves her hand in front of Matius’ face. “Sorry.” Said Matius. Ivory looks over to her kids and then looks over to Matius. “Like I said.. I want to make things right for my kids as they deserve to know who their father is. Where is Malix? I want him to meet them.” Said Ivory. Matius frowns and looks away from Ivory, “You’re a bit too late for that..” Ivory was puzzled by Matius’ reply and wonders how could it be too late for Malix to meet the kids who he never knew about. “What do you mean?” Ivory asked.  Matius looks into Ivory’s eyes with sorrow on his face, “He passed away years ago..” Ivory gasped as she couldn’t believe the words from Matius’ mouth about Malix had passed away. Ivory’s heart sunk as she thought she waited too long to reveal her twins with Malix. Tears started to stream down Ivory’s cheeks as the words echoed in her mind. Ivory is still in love with Malix and doesn’t want to believe. “I’m sorry.. We would of told you but we didn’t know how to contact you.” Said Matius as he gently touched Ivory’s shoulder.



Malix Jr. hunches over his lap as he folds arms and rolling his eyes at his mother. “Great. We traveled all this way and you didn’t even bother to check if this man is even alive. What a waste of time, Mom. Sounds like we were better off without him.” Maliya quickly elbows her twin brother in his side, “Don’t be a jerk, Mal!” Malix Jr. scoffs at Maliya, “Just telling it what it is. You failed us once again Mom.. Poor living and now a dead dad who we never got to meet. Way to go..” Maliya pinches Malix Jr., “Gosh Mal, really? You had to go there? Our living is fine. Like mom was suppose know he’s dead.” Annoyed by his sister and her small psychical attacks, he rolled his eyes before looking down on the floor.

Ivory had done her very best to give her kids the proper care in which they needed and a stable home. However life in a big city where she knew no one and with very little money was hard for Ivory. Upon moving to Bridgeport by herself and very pregnant, she tried her hardest to make ends meet by holding down 2 jobs. She moved into a small and run down apartment when first enter the city. Ivory didn’t bother to take maternity leave when it came close to the end of her pregnancy. She knew she had no money saved for her to live on until her babies arrived. Ivory was in for a big surprise when the doctors deliver 2 babies instead of one. She was told during her 24th week of pregnancy that she was having a baby girl. When arriving home with 2 newborn babies, Ivory knew she needed extra help and a bigger place to raise her twins. With the help of a church, Ivory was given all the baby items that she needed and a bigger place but it was still no gem.

Ivory didn’t complain and happily accepted the place as her new home. Her new home fell into a shady neighborhood with a lot of gang violence and illegal activities. With a heavy heart Ivory knew this place wasn’t a good home to raise her young 2 children and set out to find a new home. Soon Ivory was fancied by a new gentleman who took her out of the rough neighborhood. However after a while, the relationship failed and Ivory was forced to stay in a homeless shelter until she was able to find a new place. Ivory found a small house near the shipping docks. It was quite a noisy place but it was a lot better of where she was before. As the twins grew Ivory held several jobs to keep a roof over their heads. Over the years Ivory gained a new friend who often looked after her young kids as she worked many hours. It got to the point where Ivory barely saw her kids. By the time the twins were teens, they seemed to be a bit of a handful. Ivory gotten down to one job with a decent pay. After being away from her kids so long they tend to resent her, especially her son. That’s when Ivory realize her kids needed their father in their lives. She remembers them asking about him when they were kids. As the twins 18th quickly approaches, Maliya asked once again about their father. Ivory knew it was time they knew.

“It’s okay Maliya, your brother is right..” Said Ivory as she bows her head down in shame.



A set of headlights danced across the wall before the front door flung open. “I’m back!” Shouted Nyx as she stomped her into the front room dropping her luggage. Nyx notices 3 new faces were in her old home, “Who are these people?” Matius wasn’t sure how to break it to Nyx as he was surprised that she arrived in town early for Lei’s graduation. She was granted special permission to attend the graduation of her aunt before moving to Sunset Valley with Ramiro.

“How was Bloomsville?”

“It sucked. Who are these people?”

“Not sure how to tell you this but those 2 are your older sister and brother, Maliya and Malix Jr.”

“You gotta be kidding.”

“No Nyx.. 3 years before you were born.. Your dad had another girlfriend before marrying your mom. Malix didn’t know about this.”

“Hmm..  Well you guys missed out on a awesome daddy.”

Nyx walks off to greet her twin Nina and catch up on each other lives.

Matius shakes his head as he watches Nyx exit, “I see riding school has done nothing for her. Ms. Nyx is my problem child..” Ivory started to chuckled a little, “She reminds me of so much of Mal.” Matius smiles, “After all.. They are siblings.. They got that rebellious nature from Malix. He gave my parents a hard time as a teen.”



Matius chatted with Ivory for some time and the twins announced their boredom to the 2. Matius asked Ivory how long she would be in town for. “Until tomorrow I guess.” Ivory replied. “Lei’s graduation is in a few days and since Nyx is in town.. Why don’t you stay so the twins can get to know about their sisters, Nyx and Nina.” Said Matius. Ivory agreed but was curious why Matius haven’t talked about Cira and Niro. Matius then explains about Cira had gone missing and was declared dead and now Niro had went missing a few months ago. Ivory hated Cira for many years due to jealously but she wouldn’t wished anything terrible to happen to her or her family. Ivory later learned about how Malix died and shed a few tears. She always thought Malix and Cira where out having a better life than she was. After learning their lives were cut short, Ivory feels guilty for every evil thought she had about them.



The next morning Nina was introduced to her new older brother. The silence surrounding the room as they had breakfast. Nina was dumbfounded to learn about Maliya and Malix Jr. Nyx and Malix Jr. soon found themselves flashing their fangs at each other before busting out in laughter. Nina found the behavior to be a little odd but thought it must of been a vampire thing. “Wanna set some trash on fire at my old school?” Asked Nyx to Malix Jr. . Malix Jr. gives her a devilish grin, “You too? I do that at my school.” Nyx found herself smiling at her brother, “I once almost drained the mayor’s wife for mocking dad’s death. That’s why I was sent away and gotta live somewhere else.” Malix Jr.’s eyes sparkle with delight upon hearing Nyx’s words, “That’s so awesome! You should live with us! I think we could have a lot of fun.  Bridgeport has a lot of bars and clubs. I like sneaking in and getting drunk. Too bad we can’t do it here.” Nyx laughs, “Are you kidding? You’re a Montigo, we own a club! We can drink without having to sneak in!” Nina isn’t liking what she’s hearing. She hoped that Nyx’s stay at the riding school would of improved her behavior.

Nina started to frown up her face. “Nyx.. I thought you were going to stay out of trouble? You were given special permission to return. I don’t want you to mess this up. I was so happy when I found out that you were coming back. ” Said Nina. Nyx hugs Nina from the side, “I’m sorry Nina.. I guess setting the school’s on fire and drinking at Montigo Palms wouldn’t be a good idea. I’m not sure what came over her but I just got these urges to do bad shit. I’m sorry Nina..” Malix Jr. sets down his bottle of plasma juice down, “Is Nina your voice of reason?” Nyx nods. “Nice.. Maliya is my voice of reason.. I have those urges as well.. It’s really hard to ignore them but I try my hardest for Maliya.” Smiled Malix Jr. Nyx pulls away from Nina, “That’s the best thing of having a human twin.”



As Rio was about to head to school he watches Janiya zoom pass his home riding on a broom. Rio had to do a double as he didn’t believe of what he just saw. Rio had heard rumors at school about Janiya being a witch who rides on a broom. He figure they were trying to talk bad on her and they knew he was trying to get close to her. There’s a mystery the surrounds Janiya and her past. Janiya is never seen in town with any of her family. Other rumors were that she lives in a tent in the outskirts of Lucky Palms. Rio doesn’t believe in such of thing but is curious about her family. With the few times he chatted with her, she never mention once about her parents or any kind of family. He notices Janiya tends to always appear tired and very hungry at school. He wonders if she may possibly be a homeless runaway teen. After watching Janiya fly back him on a broom he’s convinced that the witch rumor is true. He doesn’t care rather she’s a witch or now, he likes her for who she is. Rio’s mission to woo Ms. Janiya but he doesn’t find himself curious about Janiya’s home life. Why is she always sleepy and hungry? Is she on the run from home?



Bonus Shot:

Azalea checks out her new fairy house. She enjoys throwing fairy houses parties at the tender age of 1!





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