Montigo Tango: Chapter 31, Isn’t she lovely?

Azalea’s first birthday is just a few weeks away. It only seem like it was days ago when Azalea was born.  Azalea had shown signs that she was ready to start walking by pulling herself up and walking around her play table as she holds onto the edges. She later became bolder by trying to walk without holding on. Ming mention to Matius while he was away maintaining Montigo Palms, Azalea would take half steps before tumbling onto the floor. Azalea becomes frustrated but also becomes more determine to walk on her own. Matius felt he should take off some time and work with little Azalea who is now legally his adopted daughter.



“You can do it Zale!” Cheered Matius as Azalea attempts to make a step. Azalea felt slightly defeated and plops down onto the floor. Matius lightly chuckles and walks towards Azalea, standing her back up. “It’s okay Zale, I know you can do this. You been trying to walk for a while. Daddy is going to help you.” Smiled Matius. As Matius steps away from Azalea reaches her arms up, “Dada!” Matius smiles, “I will pick you up once he walk towards me.” Azalea frowns her face up and plops down again, “Dada!” Ming stands in the doorway and watches Matius trying to teach Azalea to walk. “Mama!” Shouts Azalea once her eyes gazed at Ming. Matius turns around, “I thought you said she was ready.” Ming smiles slightly, “She is.. I guess she’s just nervous.”

Matius heads towards Ming and rubs on her very pregnant belly, “It would be too long before this one will be walking too.” Ming pulls away from Matius, “Yeah… You sure you can handle another daughter?” Matius shrugs his shoulders, “I dunno but I have no choice to.” Ming lets out a sigh,” I need to talk to you about something?” Matius notices Ming’s tone sounds a little worried. He only wishes Ming doesn’t have any bad news about their unborn daughter. “What about? Is the baby okay?” Asked Matius with concern. Ming smiles and places her right hand on her belly, “She’s find but I’m curious about how are we going to raise. I planned to live here until Rio is 18 but with this one on the way and I’m with Adam now. How are we going to do this?” Matius pauses for a moment, he haven’t thought about how the living arrangements would be with a new baby on the way. “You can stay here for the rest of your life if you.” Smiled Matius. Ming turns slightly away from Matius and rests her back against the wall, “That’s the thing.. Someday.. Adam and I want our own place.” Matius haven’t thought about them possibly wanting their own place but doesn’t want his daughter living away from him. “Ming.. This mansion is huge.. It’s possible for us to avoid each other.. I can have a special living space build just for you and him.” Said Matius hoping he convinced Ming to stay. “That’s not needed.. We’ll stay but we should let Madison decide who she wants to live with once she gets older. Adam and I want our own place.” Said Ming. That’s not what Matius wanted to hear but hopes Ming would change her mind. Matius doesn’t like there’s a chance of Madison wanting to live away from him as he grew up with closeness with his family. Matius doesn’t want to miss out in any moments in his children’s lives. It’s also clear that Matius haven’t given up on Ming either.

“Matty! Look! She’s walking!” Shouted Ming. Matius quickly sprung around to catch Azalea taking her first steps towards him. “Dada! Mama!” Shouted Azalea as she walks towards them. “She’s walking! I can’t believe it.. She’s walking!” Cheered Matius. Azalea reaches her little arm up towards Matius, “Up!” Matius gladly lifts up Azalea to hug her. “You would have to stay longer Ming.. What about Azalea? You’re basically her mother now. She’s gonna need you. You’re the only mother that she knows.” Said Matius as he sets Azalea down. “You’re right..” Mumble Ming.



After teaching Azalea how to walk, Matius felt like he was on top of the world. Matius decided it was driving lessons time for Rio. Rio was very excited about learning how to drive a car. After meeting a new girl, Janiya at school he felt him driving would impress her. “Ready, Rio?” Asked Matius as he hands over Rio the keys to the car. “I’ve waiting for this day!” Cheered Rio as he quickly took the keys from Matius. Ming rushes outside to shout out the guys before they left. “Be careful!” Shouted Ming as she tries to waddles towards the car. “We will, go back inside and rest up.” Smiled Matius. A very eager Rio was already in the driver’s seat ready for his first lesson. Ming is naturally concern seeing her firstborn sitting behind the wheel with eagerness in his eyes. All Ming could do was worry about her son. “You knew this day was coming.. He’ll do fine.” Said Adam as he stood behind Ming. “I can’t believe my baby is old enough to drive.. He’s gonna be a grown man soon.. I can’t believe it.” Said Ming as she starts to break into tears. Adam holds Ming and tries to comfort her, “You have a little one in there. You’ll have a little once again and maybe in a few years.. We’ll have our own little bundle of joy.” Ming looked into Adam’s eyes, “You want kids?” Adam kisses Ming’s forehead. “Of course I do.. Do you want more kids?” Ming smiles, “With you.. Yes.”

Rio pulls out the driveway as Ming and Adam waved them bye. “Easy now, this isn’t GTA where you can drive all crazy and hit people.” Said Matius as Rio eases out into the street. Rio rolled his eyes as he slowly builds up some speed, “Jeeze Dad.. I thought this was Mario Kart..” As Rio carefully drives the street a little girl darts out in the street cause Rio to quickly slam on the brakes. Matius is jerked back into his seat. “What the-!” Shouted Rio as the little girl run back across the street. “Always be very aware of your surroundings, son.” Said Matius with a fatherly tone. Rio nods his head and carries on with his lesson.

For the next few weeks after school Matius takes Rio on driving lessons. After hitting a trash can and nearly driving on sidewalks Rio was ready for  his driving test. It wasn’t long until Rio gained his driving license. The first thing Rio thought about was taking Janiya on a date.



It was the morning of Azalea’s first birthday and Matius was awaken by Azalea’s cry on the baby monitor. This has became a normal thing for Matius every morning. Azalea’s cry was music to Matius’ ears in the morning. He would happily attend to Azalea’s side for morning kisses and morning. Azalea was always exited to see either Matius or Ming, especially Matius as she’s more attach to him. This morning was different when Matius spots something different about Azalea. Azalea stood in her crib with glowing yellow wings sprouting from her back. Matius’ eyes grew wide and wasn’t sure what to make of it. Matius quickly approached a very cranky Azalea to examine her wings better. Matius reaches out and touches the tip of one of her wings to see if it was real. “These are real.. How is this possible?” Said Matius was he studies the wings before calling in Ming and Adam.



“She has wings! What is she?” Said Matius. Adam walks up to Azalea and picks her up, “Hey little one, I see you finally grew your little wings.”  Matius was curious by Adam’s statement and demanded answers about his daughter. “She’s Fae. Since Jade is a witch-fae, Azalea wouldn’t get her wings until her first birthday.” Smiled Adam as he snuggles with Azalea. Matius haven’t thought about Jade in a while and doesn’t want to be reminded of her. Even when he looks into Azalea’s eyes, he can see a little of Jade in her which disgusts him at times. “Why Jade didn’t have wings and Azalea does?” Asked Matius. Adam sets Azalea down, “Azalea is inherited more fae than witch and Jade was more witch than fae.” Matius wondered if Azalea would casts spells like Jade did. “Unless she was taught, then no.” Adam. Matius was relieved to know that because he knew she wouldn’t be taught how to cast any spells like Jade.



Azalea started to walk around as her little wings flutter in the air. “What do we now now?” Asked Matius. Adam chuckles lightly,”Nothing. She’s fine.. There’s nothing special that you have to do. You can raise her like any other child. I can build her a little fairy house that she can play in.” Matius was relived to learn nothing special needed to be done and thanked Adam for offering to build a fairy house for her. Matius would never admit having Adam around is a good thing.



The excitement of Azalea’s new occult was short lived once Ming complained about sharp pains in her back and stomach. Ming felt a warm gush of liquid rush out. To Ming’s surprise, she found that her water just broke. “Guys.. my water just broke.” Said Ming calmly. The guys both turned around and rushed to Ming. “Let me take you to the hospital!” Shouted Matius. Ming grabs a hold of her stomach and screams in agony, “I’m not gonna make it!”



Adam picks up Ming and carries her into Matius’ room. He then strips Ming down and lays her on the bed. “Let’s see how far you dilated.” Said Adam. Ming quickly opens her legs. “Shit! You’re fully dilated! This baby is coming now!” Shouted Adam. Matius goes into panicked mode and rushes to Ming’s side. “Then we need to take her now!” Shouted Matius. Adam quickly grabs a towel from Matius’ bathroom, “we have no time! I’m delivering this baby!” Matius stood in Adam’s track as he tried to return to Ming. “You’re not delivering my daughter! Ming needs to go to a hospital!” Shouted Matius.

Adam pushes Matius towards the side, “I said we don’t have time! The baby is coming now!” Matius pushes Adam away from Ming who was nearly screaming at the top of her lungs. “And I said you’re not doing it! You don’t have the proper training for this!” Adam shoves Matius to reach Ming, “I use to work at a hospital plus my mom is a midwife and I watched her deliver several babies! I got this!” Matius tries to get in Adam’s way again. “Will you two stop it! This baby is coming NOW! ” Screamed Ming. Matius jumps in Adam’s way once more, “Fine deliver her but if anything happens-” Matius was cut off by Adam,” You can threaten me later! Ming needs me now!”



Adam stands in front of Ming and checks on her. “Okay hon, I need for you to breathe and don’t push until I tell you to.” Said Adam calmly. Ming nods her head and tries to breathe through the pain. “What do you want me to do?” Asked Matius to Adam. Adam looks over at Matius who stood next to him. “Comfort her..” Mumble Adam. Matius kneeled besides Ming and held her hand tightly. “You’re doing good Ming.” Smiled Adam. Ming started to moan in pain as Matius tries to comfort her as much as possible. “This hurts… I can’t do this!” Cried Ming. Matius pulls himself closer to Ming, “Yes you can. You did this before.. You can do this again.” Ming started to cry, “No I can’t.. I can’t!”

“You’re strong, Ming. I know you can do this. It’s time for you to push.” Said Adam. Ming throws her head back and shouts while still in tears, “No! I can’t! I can’t!” Matius kisses Ming’s forehead, “Yes you can, push.. You can do it.” Adam tried to ignore Matius’ kiss to Ming’s forehead and holds his tongue. “Push hon, push.. You’re doing good.” Coached Adam. Ming starts to push down as much as she could. “Good job Ming, you’re starting to crown. Keep pushing.” Smiled Adam. Ming paces herself before pushing once more. “I can see her head. Just a few more pushes. You’re doing so well.” Said Adam. Matius sits in the bed and places himself behind Ming. He props Ming’s head against his cheat and gently embraces Ming, “See you know you can do this.” Ming pushes for the last time before little Madison Montigo enter into the world. The room filled with the sound of a newborn baby girl.



Adam quickly wraps up baby Madison with Azalea’s old blanket before slipping on some little brown mitts on her tiny hands. “She’s beautiful. She looks just like you.” Smiled Adam as he gazes at the newborn. Ming exhales and smiles, “Thank you.” Adam leans down and hands Madison to Ming. Ming holds her daughter for the first as tears stream down her warm cheeks, “She looks like me.” Matius steps towards Adam, “Thanks man.” Matius extends his had out and Adam gladly shakes his hand only to be pulled into a hug by Matius.



As Ming rested in bed, Matius brings Madison into her new room. Matius rocks with his new bundle as Azalea plays with her toys. He happen to notice Azalea flying a little bit in the air. This made Matius smile as he sat in the room with his 2 daughters. “Look Zale, you have a little sister. Meet Madison.” Smiled Matius. Azalea walks towards Matius, extends her arm out and points, “Baby!” Matius chuckles a little, “Yes, this is your baby sister.” Azalea smiles, “Baby!” Matius faces Madison towards Azalea, “Look Maddy, meet your big sister Azalea. Soon you’ll meet your big brother Rio, Aunt Lei and your cousin Nina.” Madison coos as she snuggles in Matius’ muscular arms. “I’m so glad to have you in my life, Maddy. Isn’t she lovely?”



Because of the birth of Madison, Azalea’s birthday party didn’t go as planned. Instead they invited a few friends over for some cake. Rio invited Janiya over who gladly accepted. After cake Rio and Janiya went outside to work on their homework together. Rio who could drive now was eager but nervous to ask Janiya out for a date. As they study all Rio could think about was asking her out. “What did you get for question 6?” Asked Janiya. Rio gazes into Janiya’s purple eyes and notices how her eyes slimmer under the moonlight. The wind tossed Janiya’s dark purple with gold highlights hair around and she smelled like the sweet scent of vanilla lavender. Rio was in total bliss as he awkwardly gazes at Janiya. “Earth to Rio! Question 6?” Said Janiya snapping Rio out of it. “Oh! I got 49.” Said Rio quickly. Janiya gave Rio a puzzled look, “Are you okay?” Rio started to feel a little embarrassed and started to glow red. Rio sunk slightly into his chair and lower his head down, “Yeah…”

Janiya smirked and knew better. She leaned across the table and playfully stroked her pencil, “What’s on your mind?” Rio swallow a little bit of air in his throat, “I was wondering about something.” Janiya leans in closer to Rio and devilishly smiles, “About?”  Rio exhales, “Would you go on a date with me?” Janiya smiles and sits back in her chair, “Of course. I like you. You’re kinda cute.” Rio was relived by Janiya’s answer and tried not to show any eagerness. “Really?” Janiya nods her head, “Where you wanna meet at?” A smirk grew across Rio’s face, Meet you? I can pick you up with my car.” Janiya’s eyes grew wide and she gasped, “You have a car? You can drive?” Rio had a smug look on his face and nodded his head. Janiya squeal with excitement, “This weekend then?” Rio smiles, “You bet.”



Graduation is near and Lei drives herself to school. As Lei drove she thinks about her plans  after graduation  Lei just got a letter saying she was accepted into a school in Twinbrook.  At first Lei wasn’t sure if she wanted to leave Lucky Palms for Twinbrook. She later realize about all the awful things that happen over in the years. She later learned about her good friend Monique was accepted at the same school. Monique told Lei how her uncle has a place ready for her once she leaves for school.

When Lei told her about being accepting too, Monique tries to convince Lei to stay with her. Lei remember about her parents’ murder, Cira and Niro going missing, Malix killing himself and Jade’s drama she felt like she needed a new start in a new city. Lei agreed to stay with Monique in Twinbrook. Lei haven’t broke the news to her family yet as they embrace to birth of the newest member in the Montigo family. Lei knew she would need to tell them at some point but doesn’t think they would be disappointed in any form. Lei pulls into the school’s parking lot. She saw Monique had been waiting for her. Lei smiles and parks her car before greeting her dear friend Monique.



Bonus shot

Matius giving Madison her first feeding.



2 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 31, Isn’t she lovely?

  1. Aww Mati was actually nice to Adam. It must hurt him to see him with Ming but it’s good that he was there to deliver the baby. Cute scene with Rio and asking the girl out. And Lei made a good decision to get away from it all for a while. Oh and you did a really good job with describing the delivery scene. Dramatic and well-written. And good track to match. As soon as I saw the chapter title I was thinking of that song. 🙂

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