Montigo Tango: Chapter 30, Who am I?

Malix turns around to find the mysterious person had approach closer to him. Malix notices the man’s glowing red eyes and knew right away he is vampire. “Hurry now, Malix. Follow me” Said the man. The mystery man lead Malix to a car and they soon took off and headed towards the outskirts of Lucky Palms. Malix didn’t say much as he rode with the guy, not even asking his name. Malix’s only concern was what’s going on and who is he. “You don’t say much?” Said the man. Malix turns his head towards the man, “Who am I? Why was I in the grave yard naked? I feel so strange.” Said Malix. The man smiles, “That’s why I’m here.. To help you figure this out.”



The car stopped and parked right beside of a building that appeared to be a grocery store at some point. “Why are we at a store?” Asked Malix as he opens his car door. The man chuckles, “It’s not a store.. Well not anymore. It’s home for now.” They both enter inside and Malix takes a quick look around his new surroundings. “It looks nice.” Said Malix. “Why thank you, I do my best.” Said the man as he turns around to face Malix.  “Now were in light, I see your unmentionables.. I have some clothes ready for you in the room behind the bathroom.” Chuckled the man. Malix blushes and quickly tries to cover himself up, “Thanks..” Malix quickly shuffles into the room and puts on the clothes that was waiting for him.



Malix returned the front room fully dressed in his new attire. “Not really my style but I like the color. Thanks.” Said Malix once he walked in the room. The man smiles, “You’ll get use to it. It’s your new vampire appeal.” Malix was confused by the man’s statement, “I wasn’t always a vampire?” The man sat on the couch and motions Malix, “Have a seat, Malix.” Malix walked towards the couch and sat next to the man but focuses on the man’s familiar face. “You look like me. Are you my dad?” Asked Malix. The man lets out a loud chuckle and smiles.



“I’m your blood Uncle, my name is Taurus Lex.”

“My blood uncle? What do you mean?”

“Malix, you were adopted.. Well actually.. You were taken away from my twin brother Malachi and his wife Felicia when you were a infant.”

“I was kidnapped as a baby?”

“Yes, you were taken by the Montigo family and raised well.”

“Oh so I guess you wouldn’t know much about me.. I want to remember who am I.”

“I know much about you, Malix. I know about your family. You have a wife and 4 kids but you knew only 3 of your kids.”

“Why only 3?”

“Your eldest was born when you were about 16. Your baby died soon after birth, he was born very early. About 15 minutes after death, your baby came to life but as a vampire. Vampires are illegal in Lucky Palms and the doctors had plans to send your baby away without saying what happen. They led you and your now wife to believe that your baby had died, which he technically did. My human Aunt happen to work there and notice the vampire baby was related and took him. The hospital panicked at first but since it was a vampire baby, they really didn’t care what happen. She brought the baby to me to raise but Malachi got a hold of him.”

“I’m confused.. If vampires were illegal then why was I living there? How did my son become a vampire?”

“You were born vampire and lived in Bridgeport with your birth parents. When the Montigos took you, they turned you human but you kept your vampire genes. It passed down to your daughter Nyx and your son Amos.. however Nyx was born vampire and Amos was born human before turning Vampire.”



 “This is a lot for me to process… How… did Amos turn vampire? How did I turn vampire if I was turned into a human?”

“It’s cause of who you are. A Quasizen Vampire. You’re a very rare type of vampire. Vampires believe if they were to turn human, when they die they don’t come back as vampire. This is true if you’re a normal vampire. A Quasizen vampire is pretty much immortal. You can never truly die. You died as a human, that’s why you’re a vampire now. You returned to your original state, vampire. However since dying as a human, it would take years for you to return to your original form. And because of that… your memory was erased but it can be restore, it will take time of course.”

“Wow… this is crazy.. It’s almost hard to believe. But tell me about my family, my wife and the family who took me. Were they bad people?”

“Ah…the Montigos.. They weren’t bad people.. They actually raised you well.”

“Then why did they take me?”

“You see the Montigos were having a time conceiving a child of their own. They were able to have one child but was told they couldn’t have anymore. They seek out to adopt a baby. They met a guy during their visit to Bridgeport who promised them a special baby boy. The guy happen to be a friend of the family who we known well. The baby who he had promised was you. My father learned about his plans to steal you from my brother after you were born but my father Magnus killed him. The Montigos learned about the death of the guy they were devastated cause they wouldn’t get the baby they were promised. They became desperate of having another child and got information on your location. They hired someone to abduct you but something went wrong. The man walked in on a late night feeding and had no choice to attack your birth mother Felicia. The beating was so severe and Felicia was suffering from a rare illness… She wasn’t able to heal on her own and her vampire life was ending. Malachi had no choice but to turn her human to save her. Felicia was turned human but Malachi couldn’t love her as a human and left her.”

“That sounds awful about my real mom.. They should of let me be with my real family.”

“Sakura Montigo had every much right to have you as well as Felicia and Malachi.”

“What do you mean?”



“Felicia later confessed to me about something that my own brother still doesn’t know about. “

“What could that be?”

“It’s hard for vampires to conceive children. Many resulted to raping a human female and erasing her memory of the attack. Once the human gives birth to the baby, the father returns to kidnaps his child. As for females, they seduce a human male then erase his memory of the encounter. Later in the years a human-vampire surrogate mother service was open to prevent the rapes and baby abductions. They later learned about how unique vampire DNA was. They would take a egg from the vampire mother and a sperm from the vampire father and fertilize it. Then they implant the fertilize egg into the human host to insure the baby conceives. As the baby grows, he or she adsorbs DNA from the human host. The child is born with biological parents. They later discover if a human egg is placed in a vampire female, she’s likely to conceive and carry the baby herself. Her DNA fuses with the human egg and the child is biologically hers.”

“So what are you saying?”

“Felicia confessed to me before her wedding with Malachi, she had a human egg implanted in her. We were overjoy when we learned Felicia got pregnant on the first try. After you were taken, Felicia then told me about the human egg she used. I worked as a scientist in the lab of the surrogacy service. I later discover who’s egg Felicia had used. The egg belonged to Sakura Montigo. For reasons unknown, I don’t know how Sakura’s egg ended up in Bridgeport. The one who implanted this egg in Felicia was the same one who promised the Montigos a baby. I found it ironic Sakura ended up raising her own biological child. But then I again, I believe this was planned by him. He’s dead now so we’ll never know.”



“You’re saying I have 3 birth parents? This sounds so far fetch! How do you expect me to believe this?”

“I know it sounds that way but trust me it’s real. I want you to know about your past before I restore your memory. You nothing of this before your death.”

“I’m a immortal vampire who can’t die unless I’m turned human.. But I’ll just come back as a vampire with no memory? I don’t believe this shit.”

“Give it time to take in this information. I do have books on this if you would like to see for yourself. Unlike me, you’re able to walk in the sunlight without being weaken. You’re a special kind of vampire.. Malachi doesn’t even know. He went bat crazy and M.I.A. after you were taken. He’s been searching for you for years. He learned that you were here and watched you from a far. He killed the Montigos.”

“Why? Killing them won’t solve anything. Couldn’t he just reconnect with me?”

“Malachi turned crazy over the years.. He thought process is fucked up. Killing them would even the score in his mind after having to turn Felicia turn human. Felicia is dead in his eyes. He thought if he killed them, then he would reconnect with you.. But of course he’s crazy and became fixated on your wife, Cira.”

“Tell me about my wife.”

“I don’t know much of Cira but you and her were in love until Malachi took her. Malachi was blinded by his lust for Cira and decided he wanted nothing from you since you were human. Malachi set out to have the perfect vampire baby and picked Cira as his host. There’s something about Cira that made her different from humans and it made Malachi wild.”

“What is it?”



“That.. I don’t know..”

“What about my kids?”

“You have 2 girls, Nyx and Nina. You also have 2 boys, Amos and Niro. Niro is your youngest. As far as personalities . I can’t say.. I haven’t been following them around as I am busy with my own thing.”

“Please help me get my memory so I can return to my wife and kids!”

“I will in due time but it’s going to take a while. Right now you need to rest and I have to train you.”

“Train me?”

“You’re a vampire.. All vampires need training before setting out in the world. You’ll gonna have urges that you need to learn how to control.”

“I’m ready now!”

“We will start training and restore soon but you need rest.”

“Fine.. but I’m so hungry..”

“Come with me.. You haven’t ate in years, I think you’re due for a meal. Follow me.”



Malix sat at the dining table and waited for Taurus to return with his meal. “Here you go. I’m not sure which blood type you like. This try type B.” Said Taurus as he hands Malix a bottle of plasma fruit juice. Malix grabs the bottle and takes a sip, “Hmm.. not bad.” Taurus smiles, “I’m glad you like it.. I have type A and O if you want to try those. I don’t have any type AB, those are hard to come by. And for desert  I have some Fae plasma if you want to try.”

Malix finishes his bottle, “Yes please! I’m starving!” Taurus smiles and fetches a few more bottles for Malix to drink. “You have our Lex appetite alright.” Chuckles Taurus. “I’m a Lex?” Asked Malix. “Technically.. You’re also a Montigo since Sakura married Santiago.” Said Taurus. Malix pauses for a few moments. “Do I have any brothers and sisters?” Asked Malix. Taurus sets down his drink, “Yes.. Sakura and Santiago had Matius before you and had a little girl named Lei after you. Felicia had 2 daughters, Collette and Alexia.” Malix finishes his bottle and grabs his third, “What about Malachi?” Taurus sat back in his chair and sighed, he knew Malachi may already gotten Cira pregnant but wasn’t too sure about it.

“I do know of one.. Alexia. Malachi hoped to create another perfect vampire with Felicia even she was human now.. However Alexia was born a girl and Malachi rejected her.. Felicia has no idea that Malachi is Alexia’s father. He erased the memory of their encounter..” Said Taurus. “I would like to meet Felicia.” Requested Malix. Taurus finishes his drink and smiles.. “You will soon.”



It was near dawn it was time for Taurus to retired for the night. Malix found himself feeling drained after filling his belly. “Your room is where you found your clothes in.” Said Taurus as he yawned. Malix nods his head and returns to his new room. Malix relaxes for a little bit thinking about everything his uncle had told him. “I think I can trust him.. I hope he can restore my memory.” Said Malix before drifting off into his silent slumber as the sun rises.



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