Montigo Tango: Chapter 29, Birth of Torq Lex

Months earlier….

With Niro following Jade to Malachi’s house, Malachi knew there was no way he could keep Niro locked up without Cira noticing. Malachi then decided to glamour Cira by telling her that Niro was here to live with them as a family cause Malix had left with Nyx and Nina. With Cira under another spell of Malachi, she now believes Niro is living there with them. Since Niro is just a child, Malachi can’t risk glamouring Niro fearing the process could possibly harm his fragile mind. Niro being a mere child, Malachi knew it would be easy to convince him to staying and not saying a word to anyone.



Malachi carefully unlocks the cell room that once held Cira. Niro cowering in the corner looks up to see Malachi now standing in the room. “Who.. who are you?” Asked Niro as his bottom lip trembles in fear. Malachi smiles at a frighten Niro, “Calm down my boy.. You don’t need to be afraid of me. My name is Malachi Lex, I’m your real Grandfather.” Niro focus his teary red eyes on Malachi’s face and notices he looks similar to his father Malix. “You are? But why am I locked in this room? It’s very cold in here…” Said Niro with child like innocence in his tone.  Malachi reaches his hand out to help pull up Niro from the cold cement floor.

“I’m sorry about that son, you see that door gets stuck sometimes.”

“Where’s my Mommy? I know she’s here.”

“She’s waiting for you.”

“I wanna see her!”

“You will but I must tell you something first.”


“Your mother is staying here with me and she wants you to stay with us.”

“My daddy said mommy was kidnapped.”

“I know but she wasn’t really kidnapped. She ran away and she came to me.”

“But why? Mommy loves daddy. My daddy was sad when mommy was missing.”

“It was all a act.. Your daddy was hurting mommy so she ran away. I saved your mommy from your daddy. He was a mean man.”

“My daddy was hurting mommy?”

“Yes, son.”

“I’m confused..”

“I know son, but now you can stay here but you can never leave this house. Some other bad people are after your mommy too and they want to hurt her. But promise me you won’t say any of this to your mommy. It would upset her, she doesn’t want you to know about this. Okay son?”

“Okay.. I promise but what about school?”

“We will home school you. Want to see mommy now?”




Malachi opens the door and Niro races towards Cira with his arms up in the air. “Mommy!” Shouts Niro as he hugs his mother tight. Cira was in tears as she holds her son for the first time in years. “I’ve missed you so much!” Cried Cira. “Me too mommy!” Said Niro as he pulls away from Cira. Cira ruffle her fingers in Niro’s hair, “You’ve gotten so big.. You’re looking more like your Dad.” Niro smiles be remains silent when he glances over to Malachi who stood still behind them. “I will get you a sleeping bag for you to sleep in until I have that old room fixed for you, Niro.” Said Malachi. Niro nods and Cira heads to the kitchen to fix something for Niro to eat.

Malachi walks into his room with his phone in hand. He then dials Jade’s number and waits for her to answer.

Hello Malachi.”

“You listen here.. You get whatever money you can get from Matius and have this room fixed up for a kid since this is your fault!”

“Okay..fine.. He’s out of town but I’ll see what I can do.”

You’ll see what you could do? You will do what I say, cunt! I need that room expanded and kid friendly now!”

“Okay, okay. I will get you the money and have my people fix the room up for you.. But what do I say when Matius returns?”

“Not my problem!”

Malachi quickly hangs up on Jade.



As Malachi gets Niro settle in for the night Amos returns home with a pink haired teenage female. “Malachi.. we have a little problem here..” Said Amos. Malachi turns around and fixate his eyes on the teen. “What is she doing here?” Growled Malachi as he motions Cira and Niro to leave the room. “I’m sorry but I didn’t know what to do.. I had to bring her with me.” Said Amos trying to act brave to Malachi in front of the girl. “Chillax Gramps!” Scoffed the girl as she rolled her eyes at Malachi. “I don’t care.. What did you bring her here?!” Snapped Malachi. “Her mother went missing.. And she drank her care taker dry.. She needs training so I brought her with me. I figure it would be okay.. She’s my daughter.. I missed most of her life already..” Said Amos with a little emotion in his tone. “Oh how heart warming… You suddenly wanna be a daddy? The child goes back! We don’t have room for her.” Scoffed Malachi. Amos made a step towards Malachi, “I’m not taking Amaya back! She has no one in Bridgeport !” Malachi took a step back and laughed, “Getting bold in front of your kid, now? Touching.”



Amaya stomps her down and made a step towards Malachi, “Why are you such a douche! Some loving  Great-Grandfather you are!” Malachi raises his hand up as he were to slap his great-granddaughter Amaya but Malachi saw a glimpse of Amos and decided to back off. “Watch your mouth little girl! I can change my mind and send you both out into the streets! Try having to find a special source of blood to feed you both on your own!” Shouted Malachi. Amaya frowns her face up, “What do you mean?!”

Malachi started to laugh with a sinister tone, “You carry the same illness as your father. You and him both need a special source of blood to feed on. Fae blood. I had Fae blood shipped to your home back in Bridgeport and here once I had no use of Jade. That wasn’t regular plasma juice that you were drinking all these years. So yes I am that loving great-grandfather!” Amaya rolled her and scoffs at Malachi. “You best start behaving around here. Since you’re now staying here, you’re not allow to leave this house ever.” Said Malachi. Amaya stomps her foot down, “And why the fuck not?!” Malachi growls at Amaya, “Cause I said so! Vampires are illegal in Lucky Palms but were in the outskirts, were fine but I still don’t want you to leave this house! Do you hear me?!” Amaya rolls her eyes as she folds her arms, “Whatever..”



Niro didn’t want to sleep in the sleeping bag and asked if he could just sleep on the bed. Malachi allows it and Cira asked Niro if he like a bedtime story. “Of course mommy, I’m not too old for bedtime stories.” Smiled Niro. Niro gets comfort as Cira picks out a book for Niro. Cira read Niro a story until he fell asleep.

Cira watches her youngest child snooze away before giving him a goodnight kiss. Cira took a moment to remember when Niro was just a tiny infant and thinking about her daughters Nyx and Nina when they were little. Cira misses her daughters dearly but doesn’t understand why doesn’t she just leave. She has this uncontrollable desire to stay near Malachi. Cira doesn’t think much of Malix anymore as she still doesn’t know about his death. Cira struggles off the odd thoughts and returns to Malachi’s side.



“It’s time.” Said Malachi as he makes his way towards Cira. “Time for what?” Asked Cira. Malachi smiles and bites down on Cira’s neck before drinking Cira’s warm blood flowing from Malachi’s puncture made from his fangs. “Our baby. You’re ready.” Smiled Malachi. Cira didn’t say anything for a moment. “A baby?” Smiled Cira. “Yes my love, a baby.” Said Malachi as he holds Cira against him. Cira liked the thought of having a baby after seeing how much Niro had grown up. She felt that Niro would like being a big brother, she missed holding her 3 of her 4 kids as babies. “Let’s have our baby then.” Smiled Cira.

Malachi slowly undressed Cira which was odd of him. Malachi usually gets straight to business but Malachi wanted to take his time with Cira. Cira knew it was odd of him but didn’t say anything about it. It wasn’t long until they were both undressed and on the bed. Malachi mounted Cira on top f him and they loved the night away.



Months had passed and Cira watches Niro play outside in his new sandbox along with his niece Amaya. Cira rubs her growing pregnant belly. Niro looks up at his mother with a smile. “Is the baby a boy or girl?” Asked Niro. Cira rubs her belly once more, “It’s a boy. You’re gonna have a little brother.” Niro smiled with delight of the thought of him having a little brother. “I’m gonna have a little brother?! Cool!” Smiled Niro.



Cira smiled for a little but then frowned as she thought about her twin daughters whom she haven’t seen in years. She’s confused of why they never made a visit to see her or Niro. Cira doesn’t realized that she was abducted many years ago. Niro had kept Malachi’s promise by not telling Cira of what Malachi had told him. Niro felt if he did, then he wouldn’t see his mother again. The thought of running to the police haven’t crossed Niro’s mind yet. Cira told Niro to stay in the yard before returning inside.



Amaya scoffs as Niro plays in the sand. “Why haven’t you ran off to the police to tell them you and your mom was kidnapped?” Asked Amaya. Niro turns his head back and smiles, “Cause were weren’t. Mommy is hiding from the bad people.” Amaya laughed with sarcasm, “Hiding from the bad people? We are the bad people!” Niro rolled his eyes at Amaya, “Malachi said you’re a liar and I shouldn’t listen to anything that you say.” Amaya threw her arms up, “I’m the liar? Go figure! I hate that guy and you’re a idiot for believing him!” Niro remained quiet played in the sand.

Amaya stands up and furiously brushes the sand off from her bottom. “I’m leaving. I’ll be back in a bit. Tell no one.” Said Amaya. “But Malachi said we aren’t allow to leave. The bad people are looking for us!” Shouted Niro. Amaya laughs at Niro, “You’re such a loser. You listen to everything Malachi says? Don’t be such a goody good. I’m out, loser!” Amaya walked off as Niro watches her. Niro shakes his head, “She’s gonna get in trouble.”



Cira’s pregnancy was near it’s end and Malachi listens to his unborn son move around in Cira’s womb. “He’s gonna be a fine boy.” Smiled Malachi as he still hold his ear on Cira’s belly. “I can’t wait to meet him. What are we going to name him?” Asked Cira. Malachi lifts up and a grin forms on his face, “Torq. Torq Lex.” Cira wasn’t too keen on the name but she could see that name made Malachi very happy. “Nice.” Lied Cira.


One morning Cira woke in unbearable pain. She doesn’t think she ever been in this much pain with her other children. Cira arises from bed and waddles towards the kitchen. Cira was half way until she felt a warm gush of liquid flow down her legs. Cira looks down to find herself standing in a puddle. “My water just broke..” Mumble Cira before a sharp pain went across her abdomen. “Malachi! It’s time!” Shouted Cira. Malachi jumps from his bed and races to Cira’s side. It was only a few minutes until Cira and Malachi welcome a little baby into the world. Cira was amazed by how fast delivery of her now youngest child was. Cira wraps her tiny and wet baby in a blue blanket that was laying near. “Welcome to the world little, Torq.” Smiled Cira as she holds her newest addition.



Bonus Shot:

Torq as a toddler


4 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 29, Birth of Torq Lex

  1. Cira may never remember that fateful night when she was abducted away from her normal/happy life…it’s no wonder she feels confused, but if she were to remember where would it get her after all these years? Her husband is gone.
    new baby is a cutie..all these kids are acually. Enjoyed the read.

  2. I feel so bad for Cira… She’s so lost and confused, and I can’t blame her. Though even if she did know the truth, perhaps it’s too late now? I can’t believe the way Malachi is taking power over them though, it’s not bringing any benefits their way.
    Torque is an absolute cutie! What a good-looking baby those two made 😉

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