Montigo Tango: Chapter 28, Tried for your love

A few months had flown by and Ming’s pregnant continues to grow. Ming’s worse fears were confirmed when she learned her due date, her child with Matius was conceived after their trip to Sunlit Tides. Ming spent many hours on the phone with Adam but didn’t dare to tell him about her pregnancy. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hide it much longer but she was waiting for the right time to tell him.

One day the doorbell rang, Ming who is 6 months pregnant waddles over to the door to answer. Without peeking out the window, Ming flung the door open to her surprise it was Adam. Adam stood there with a smile across as he gazes at Ming’s face of shock. “Hello beautiful.” Smiled Adam. Ming leaped into Adam’s arms, “I didn’t know you were coming!” Adam holds Ming tightly, “I wanted to surprise you.” Ming invites Adam into the mansion.

Adam takes a quick look his surroundings and zeros on Ming’s growing belly. “I guess that’s a result of your “pretend” marriage with Matius back in Sunlit Tides?” Asked Adam as he points at Ming’s belly. Ming just realized that she haven’t told Adam about her pregnancy yet and started to panicked a little. “..Uh..yes.. This was the result..” Lied Ming nervously. Adam grew quiet and just smiles at Ming. “This doesn’t change anything… Does it?” Asked Ming as she lowers her head down. Adam takes a step towards Ming and places her palm against Ming’s warm cheek, “Of course not, I love you Ming. This happen before I came into the picture.” Ming nervously smiles and nobs her head. “How long are you in town for?” Asked Ming. Adam wraps his arms around Ming, “I’m staying.” A smile grew across Ming’s face and she hugs Adam.



Ming and Adam embraced each other until Matius enter the room. “Hey Matius, You remember Adam right?” Asked Ming. Matius rolled his eyes at Adam, “Yeah. I remember him.” Adam said nothing as he could tell that Matius wasn’t happy to see him there with Ming. “Do you mind that he stay here until his place is ready?” Asked Ming. Matius scoffs, “I guess so.” Ming could tell by Matius’ tone that he wasn’t pleased about Adam’s presence at the mansion.



Matius walks away from Ming and Adam but stays in the room with them. Matius watches Ming and Adam chat and kiss from a distance. Matius’ heart filled up with hurt as he watches his love with Adam. Matius couldn’t say anything but watch them together. Adam had went to grab his bags and Ming notices Matius lurking in the back of the room.

“Are you okay?”

“Sure, I enjoy watching the woman that I love and who is carrying my child love on another man…”

“I’m sorry Matius but we talked about this for the past few months… I don’t have the same feelings for you like I use to..”

“I just wish you gave it a try.. I tried for your love..”

“Sorry… I’m really am… I just hope one day that you’ll find the right woman for you..”

“I had… I found her..”

“Matius… it’s not me.. I’m sorry.”

“But.. I love you..”

“I know. I love Adam now…”

Adam enters back into the mansion with all his bags in hand, “So where do I put my stuff at?” Ming steps away from Matius and heads towards Adam. “Follow me.” Said Ming as she lead Adam upstairs to her bedroom. Matius remains quiet and later heads to Montigo Palms.



Matius spent the night drinking away at Montigo Palms along with a lady seem to fancy him a little. Matius engaged a small conversation with her before bring her home with him. Once they enter his bedroom, the clothes went off before Matius even knew this lady’s name. A broken heart Matius didn’t care at this point, he didn’t care what her name was. Matius was on a mission to forget about Ming by filling his stomach with mixed drinks and killing off time with random sex like he did before meeting Ming. As for the mystery girl, she didn’t seem to care with her drunken state. All she knew Matius is a Montigo and very attractive.

After Matius beds her, they stumble over to his bed and slept the night away.  Matius is trying to forget about Ming, it’s clear that he really isn’t as the female wears her hair just as Ming once did when they first met. Matius carefully selected this female to be his mate for the night but he wouldn’t admit that. Her dark braided hair and piercing blue eyes reminded him a lot of Ming with her braided light brown hair and piercing green eyes.



Ming spent her first night with Adam in her bedroom. Adam had stripped Ming down for this is his first time with Ming. Adam told Ming how much he wanted to enjoy her before having her. However it wasn’t long before they were both stripped down on top of Ming’s soft bed. Adam took his time kissing and caressing Ming.  He found it hard to avoid Ming’s pregnant belly as he caresses her. Ming doesn’t know how could Adam still want to be with her when she’s carrying her ex husband’s baby. Adam gave up on avoiding Ming’s belly and proceeded to kiss it. Ming smiles as she blushes red when Adam kisses her tummy. “I don’t care if this baby isn’t mines.. I would still love this child as they were my own.” Smiled Adam. This comment filled Ming’s heart of more love towards Adam as she embraces him with a sensual kiss. The 2 made love until they both grew tired.



The next morning after sending the teens off to school Ming came across the female who Matius had brought home the night before. “Good morning.” Greeted Ming. The female smiles and greeted her good morning before exiting and heading home. Ming wonder who could this woman be as she left in a hurry. Ming doesn’t understand how could Matius declare his love for her and then have another female spend the night with him. Ming tried to struggle off the thought but found herself confused and curious.



“Who was the girl that I saw leaving?”

“Why do you care?”

“I’m just curious..”

“Just mind your business. If I wanna bring home a random girl to fuck, that’s my business.”

“Random girl? Did you even know her?”

“Nah.. Didn’t bother to catch her name.. But I don’t give a fuck now.”

“You didn’t know her name? Are you having a relapse?”

“Relapse? No! My sex addiction was cured! Just cause I fucked one girl doesn’t mean I had a relapse!”

“I’m sorry.. I’m just looking at out for you.”

“I don’t need a babysitter! Your only concern with me is that baby. We haven’t picked a name yet.”

“I’m sorry Matius.. I guess you’re right.. The doctor said the baby is a girl.”

“You can name her whatever.. I don’t care.”

“Matius, you should care.. I want you to have some input.”

“I named Rio, you can have this one.. I don’t care. I don’t care if Adam names her.. I just don’t care!”

“Matius! Stop! Just cause things didn’t work out for you and I doesn’t mean you can run around careless and  self destructive.”

“If you wanna know about that girl so bad.. I’ve slept with her and I hope I got her pregnant so she’ll marry me like you did and I can forget about you!”

“That’s not a smart thing to do.. You want to give her a baby so she’ll marry you? If she decided not to marry or worse.. Have a abortion or give the baby up.. Then what? At least get to know this girl… She seems nice.”

Matius became quiet and thought about what Ming had said. There’s no guaranteed he would have the same results with the new girl like he did with Ming if she fell pregnant with his child. Deep down inside Matius knew Ming was right.

“You’re right.. That wasn’t very smart of me… I’m just hurt.. I don’t like seeing you with Adam.”

“Do you want him to stay somewhere else?”

“No.. He can stay.. If having him here makes you happy… Then I’m happy for you..”

“Thank you Matius.. You should try to get to know the girl.. Give it a try.. Try for her love..”

“I think I will.. but what are we naming our baby?”

“I was thinking Madison.”

“Hmm… Madison Montigo… I like the sound of that.. Our baby has a name.”



A week had passed and Matius along with Azalea went to his old business school to sign Rio up for pre college classes. After he finish enrolling Rio in Matius spotted Jade in the classroom. It’s been months since he last seen Jade with them being divorced over 6 months ago. Jade hasn’t bother to see her own daughter since she left the house. Azalea’s first birthday is a week away and no word from Jade.

“Hi Jade.”


“How have you been?”

“Why do you care?”

“I’m just curious of what haven’t you bother to see your daughter.. Her birthday is next week.”

“Unless you plan to take me back.. I could careless about that brat.”

“How can you say that? She’s your daughter.”

“I only had her so I could marry you. I was hoping she was yours but you can keep her.”

“You want me to keep her?”

“Yeah.. I don’t want her unless I have you.”

“I can’t believe this.. You don’t want her unless you can have me?”

“That’s correct.”

“You’re twisted in the head.. I’m glad our marriage is over..”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.. I sent papers out.. We are signing our rights over. You can adopt her.. Now get that abomination away from me.”

Matius was stunned and left speechless by Jade’s cold words regarding her own child. Azalea began to cry and Matius tries to comfort her. Jade scoffs, “That thing is your problem now.” Jade exits the room leaving Matius alone with a crying baby. Matius felt Jade’s words could of possibly hurt Azalea but she’s way too young to understand.



Under the night sky across town, Rio meets with a new girl who he saw at his school. Rio found himself intrigued by this new face. While he was about the leave the arcade room he happen to spot the mysterious new girl waiting outside for something. “You’re the new girl that I saw at school. My name is Rio Montigo.” Smiled Rio as he extends his hand out to the new girl. “That would be me.. My name is Janiya Erva. It’s nice to meet you Rio.” Smiled Janiya.



5 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 28, Tried for your love

  1. Jade is such a bitch, oh jeez. She needs a punch in the mouth. I love Adam and Ming together, and I hope Matius doesn’t try to screw up their relationship. 😦 He really needs some intense therapy at this point.

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