Montigo Tango: Chapter 27, Nothing at all

After a long flight from Sunlit Tides to Lucky Palms, Matius, Ming and Rio returned home. Ming and Rio went to go unpack while Matius was stopped by Jade. “How was your trip?” Asked Jade with a smile while she holds Azalea in her arms. Matius sighs and doesn’t answers Jade right away. Jade was confused why Matius was acting strangely towards her. Jade moves closer to him and reaches out but Matius pushes her hand a way. “What happen to your hair?” Asked Matius as he gives Jade a odd look. Jade rolls her eyes, “Nyx and her pranks. That girl gave me nothing but trouble since you were gone. She’s been asked to leave city since she flooded the school and they think she had something to do with the mayor’s wife being sent to the ER. She almost died.” Matius brow raised, “I left you alone for a few days with the kids and one is being asked to leave the city? How on earth did you allow all of this to happen? Where were you when all of this happen? Out with another guy paying for your services?” Jade was stunned by Matius’ last question, “What do you mean a guy paying for your services?”



“Don’t play dumb Jade, you know what I’m talking about!”

“Seriously, Matius! I don’t know about you’re talking about!”

“I know the rumors about you being a hooker is true!”

“You know people say shit about me all the time. It’s rubbish!”

“Ming saw you with your client..”

“You’re seriously believing your jealous ex wife over me?”

“Yes I am believing her over you. You’re a lying cunt!”

“Matius! Why would you say that about me? You love me!”

“I don’t love you… I never loved you. Your little witch spell tricked me into loving you. You really think your spell would last?”

“My witch spell?”

“Stop playing stupid, Jade! I know about everything about you! Your spell, your hooking and I know Azalea is not mines.”

“That’s not true! Azalea is your daughter!”

“Seriously Jade? Look at her.. She looks nothing like me.”

“She favors me more now. Azalea is your child!”

“She favors you and her real father. I had a DNA test done when she was born. She’s not mines and her DNA matched Donovan Steel’s.”



Jade became quiet not being able to say anything else with Matius telling her about the DNA test. The silence was cut short when Nina ran into the house in tears. “Niro! Niro is gone! He was never at his friend’s house! Jade you said he was staying with a friend!” Cried Nina. Matius grew even more mad once hearing that his only nephew went missing under Jade’s care. “I’ll handle this, Nina. I need to speak to Jade alone.” Said Matius calmly. Nina nods and runs to her room still in tears.

“Where is Niro?”

“I…I..I.. don’t know.. He said-“

“Stop lying to me! WHERE THE FUCK IS NIRO?!”

“I don’t know! I just don’t know! He went missing!”

“What! Missing? Have you reported it?!”

“No.. I got scared.. I didn’t know what to do.. I’m trying to deal with Nyx!”

“A 10 year old child goes missing and you don’t report it?!”

“I figure he was pulling a prank like Nyx.”

“I can’t believe you!”

Matius pulls his cell out of his pocket and calls 911. He reports Niro had gone missing a few days ago. After Matius gets off the phone with 911 and coldly stares Jade down. “You disgust me.”



Jade sets Azalea down and tries to touch Matius’ shoulder but he quickly jerks away. “Get away from me.” Growled Matius. Jade makes another attempt to comfort Matius. “I’m sorry Matty.. Is there anything that I can do?” Asked Jade. “Yes there is something that you can do… You can get the fuck out of my house and my life. I never want to see your face again.” Said Matius with coldness in his tone. Jade breaks down in tears, “What? You don’t mean that! Tell me that you don’t mean that.. I love you.. You love me..” Matius turns his back towards Jade. Jade drops to the ground in tears and sobs but Matius ignores her and doesn’t give in. “I hate you, Jade. I never felt that way about anyone in my life. I wished that I never met you.” Said Matius with his back still facing Jade. Jade began to sobs more and grabs onto Matius’ leg as he tries to walk away.

“Let go of me!” Shouted Matius. Jade grabs a hold of his leg tighter, “Matius please! I am sorry.. I am sorry about everything! Please… I beg of you.. I can fix this!” Matius kicks his leg away from Jade. “Get out.” Said Matius with a stern tone. “But.. where do I go? I have nothing to fall back on. You’re really kicking me and Azalea out?” Cried Jade. Matius picks up little Azalea, “No, just you. You’re not fit to raise this child and I can assure that the court with agree with me. Until you can get your shit together, Azalea can go back to you. ” Jade wipes her eyes, “I guess that’s fair.. but you’ll regret this…”



Jade lifts herself from the floor, she heads into the bedroom and packs her belongings. Without kissing Azalea good bye, Jade loads her bag into Donovan’s car. “I knew it was a matter of time before you’ll be running to me.” Said Donovan with a smirk. Jade tries to wipe away the dried up tears from her eyes, “He’s keeping our daughter until “I get my shit together”.” Donovan shuts the trunk of his car down, “Let him keep her, she’ll just be in the way. You know that I don’t kids, besides he always wanted a daughter and now he got one. She’s better off here.. You had no problem leaving your son with the last guy.” Jade smiles at Donovan and kisses him, “You’re right, she’ll be in the way.. Matius can keep her for all I care.. I only got pregnant so I could have him.. Azalea is worthless to me now.” Jade and Donovan loaded into the car and drove off.



Before Matius headed out to the police station to speak to the police about his missing nephew, he was stunned by Azalea. “Dada! Dada!” Said Azalea as she reaches her little arms up towards Matius. Matius knew he wasn’t his daughter and wasn’t sure what to say. He picks up Azalea and she hugs him, “Dada!” Matius kisses her on her forehead before handing her over to the butler. “You know you’ll be the only father that she’ll ever know.” Smiled Maranda as she takes Azalea from Matius. Matius said nothing but smiles slightly before dashing out the door.



Matius returns home and sits at his bar. He tries to collect his thoughts about Jade, Ming, Nyx being kicked out the city and his missing nephew. Matius is feeling defeated and doesn’t know what to do now. “What do I do now… I wish Malix was still alive..” Said Matius to himself quietly. Matius looks down to see that he’s still wearing his wedding band. Matius quickly removes it and throws it across the room. “Why didn’t I listen to Malix and Ming.. How could I be so blind… How did Jade cast a spell on me? How am I going to find Niro? What am I’m going to do with Nyx? This shit is too much..” Said Matius to himself. “Matius? Are you okay?” Asked Ming from behind.



Matius turns around to find Ming standing behind him. “No.. Niro is missing, Nyx is booted from the city and I’m divorcing Jade.. I just kicked her out.” Said Matius. Ming steps closer to Matius and places her hand on Matius’ shoulder, “Oh my.. What are you going to do about Nyx?” Matius shrugs his shoulder and gets up from the bar. “I just don’t know what do to anymore, Ming.  I wished that I listened to you and Malix about Jade. I should of never left her in the care of the kids.. What am I going to do?” Said Matius as he steps closer to Ming. Ming smiles and hugs Matius, “We will figure this out. You still have me.” Matius moves closer towards Ming and backs her into a wall, he cups Ming’s face with his hands.

“I’m sorry Ming… Why did I let you go..”

“It’s okay now..”

“No it’s not.. I can’t sit here and let you go again..”

“What do you mean?”


“Oh… but Matius-“

“Hear me out.. I’m still in love with you. It’s real, not no spell like Jade cast on me. This love is real.”

“I’m sorry Matius but I don’t feel the same way about you anymore… I have Adam now..”

“But without you Ming…. I have nothing at all. I just can’t let you go to Adam..”

“But Matius.. I can’t-“

“Shh Ming… Just kiss me.. just kiss me…”


“Let me love you… Let me still love you..”

Matius pulls Ming into his embrace and he places his lips on Ming’s. Matius  kisses Ming with great passion but Ming doesn’t try to fight away from him as guilt runs through her head. Once again Ming find herself unable to break away Matius’ embrace. She starts to think maybe she still have some lingering feelings for Matius. Matius takes their sweet embrace one step closer.



Matius kisses Ming her neck as she allows him to continue on. “Let me have you once more..” Whispered Matius into Ming’s ear. Matius pulls Ming away from the wall and runs his palms up and down Ming’s back, pulling her closer to his body. Soon Ming finds Matius undress her before undressing himself. Matius slowly sits on the ground while he pulls Ming down with him.  “Right here?” Asked Ming. Matius smiles at her, “Just sit on my lap” Ming looked down to see Matius’ exposed erection. Still having thoughts of guilt racing through her mind, Ming still couldn’t break away from Matius’ hold. “Ming..” Said Matius as he grabs Ming’s hand and slowly pulls her down onto his lap. Matius embraces Ming in his arms as he gently kisses on her neck. “I’m never going to let you go.” Whispered Matius into Ming’s ear.



As Matius and Ming made love on the floor, they were unaware that they were being watched by their son. Rio’s eyes grew wide as he watched his parents. “Um.. Mom…. Dad?” Said Rio nervously. Matius and Ming quickly turned their heads to find Rio standing there with a awkward look on his face. “Oh my gosh, Rio!” Shouted Ming as she quickly tries to cover herself. Rio’s cheeks flushed red as he quickly turns his back towards his parents. “Oh hey.. Rio.. What’s up?” Matius nervously chuckled. Rio remained silence for a few moments. “I just wanted to tell you that the police are waiting downstairs to take more info on Niro.” Said Rio. Matius and Ming quickly dressed themselves and met with the police downstairs.



The first night of Jade being away was hard for little 7 month old Azalea but Ming was there to comfort her. “It’s gonna be okay little Zalea, Matius and I are still here. Azalea quickly taken a liking towards Ming as she holds her. Ming smiles as she holds Azalea in her arms. “You know.. I wouldn’t mind having another one of you little ones. I know I said I only wanted Rio but I think I’m changing my mind. I know Adam…” Said Ming before pausing. “Adam…” Sighed Ming as she thinks about what her and Matius just did hours before.



Ming’s phone suddenly rings, she looks at her phone to see it’s Adam calling her. Ming still feeling guilty doesn’t know if she should answer his call or not.

“Hello, Adam.”

“Hey babe, how are you?”

“I’m good and you?”

“Good but I would be great if I was there with you. I miss you Ming.”

“I miss you too..”

“I put out a transfer so I should be moving to Lucky Palms in a few months.”

“That’s great.. I can’t wait to see you again.”

“Me too, hun but I have to go now. I’m on break. I love you, Ming.”

“I love you too.”

Ming hangs up and sighs, “Zalea, I feel bad… I did a bad thing with your step father… If Adam knew what just happen… he would have nothing to do with me..” Said Ming to Azalea.



In the morning Matius made a call to his cousin Ramiro to see if he would still take in Nyx.

“Hey Miro, I was wondering would you still take in Nyx.. She got into some trouble.”

“Sure, but what happen?”

“She flooded the school and almost killed the mayor’s wife…”

“Oh wow… “

“Are you going to change your mind?”

“No, a promise is a promise. I would be glad to take in Nyx but only if I can send her something first.”


“There’s a horse riding school called Bloomsville’s Equesterian Centre in Appaloosa Plains. I think that place would be good for Nyx, sounds like she has some anger problems.”

“That sounds like a good idea.. How much in enrollment?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll cover it.. That’s what family is for.”

“Thanks Ramiro, you’re a saint.”

“Anytime, cousin.”

After hanging up with Ramiro, Matius sat Nyx down and told her about sending her to the riding school and then to Sunset Valley to live with Ramiro in a few months. Nyx didn’t put up a fight and remained silent. Matius felt that was too easy.



A few weeks had gone by and Ming finds herself not feeling so well. Ming figure it was just food poison but the sickness continue on for a few more weeks. Ming had discovered that her cycle is awfully late. Ming starts to fear that she’s pregnant.



As for Matius, he return to Montigo Palms working behind the bar. He soon had his marriage with Jade annulled and wanted to pretend that their marriage didn’t happen. The news didn’t sit well with Jade as she tries to plead with Matius to take her back. Matius ignores her and carries on with his life. Ming and Matius haven’t really talked since they last made love, Ming tries her best to avoid Matius while he remains busy at the club.



The teens all relax in the hot tub and Nyx announces Matius’ plans for her.  “My first stop is to Bloomsville’s Equesterian Centre in Appaloosa Plains.. Some riding school. He said it will be good for me.. I needed to work out my issues before I go to my new home.. I guess.” Said Nyx. This news didn’t sit well with Nina. “You’re leaving? You can’t… I’ll be lonely.. Mom and Dad are dead.. Niro is missing..” Cried Nina. Nyx tries to comfort her twin, “Don’t be silly, you still have uncle, Ming, Rio and Lei. Remember them?” Nina nods her head, “You know what I mean…” Nyx smiles a little, “Uncle, Lei and Rio is still family… even Ming.” Nina smiles, “You’re right.. I’m just gonna miss you.”



Ming enjoins Matius as he finishes his breakfast.

“Where you been this morning?”

“At the doctor…”

“It’s everything okay?”

“Yes.. I’m pregnant.”

“What? Pregnant? Is the baby mines?”

“Yes.. Adam and I haven’t slept together yet..”

“Well this is a sign.”

“What do you mean?”

“We should be together.. for our baby.”

“Matius… you know I can’t.. I’m with Adam now.”

“You weren’t with him when you were with me a few weeks ago.. when we made this baby..”

“I’m pretty sure I got pregnant in Sunlit Tides… I’ll find out once they know the due date for sure.. But this.. It have to stop Matius. I want to be with Adam.. It’s not gonna work between us.”

“We can at least try..”

“Remember when I wanted to try?”

“Yes but I was under that spell..”

“I know but you were right the first time.. It won’t work.. I’m sorry Matius.”



3 months had went by and Ming was starting to show. Ming could no longer hide her pregnancy from the kids. “You got a bun in the oven I see.” Smiled Nyx as she rubs Ming’s tummy. Ming smiles at Nyx, “Yes.. I’m pregnant. It’s your uncle’s.” Nyx chuckles a little, “I figure that.. Rio told us what he saw. Get a room! Wanna know the gender?” Ming was curious about the gender but didn’t think she could find out this early. “Sure.” Replied Ming. Nyx rubs Ming’s tummy once more, “It’s a girl.” A smile grew across Ming’s face, “A little girl? How do you know?” Nyx smiles at Ming, “It’s a vampire thing.”



Time has came for Nyx to head to Bloomsville Equesterian Centre before making her journey to Sunset Valley. Nyx told her family good bye before entering the cab. Nina took Nyx’s exit the hardest. “I’m sorry it has to be this way.. You can visit her once she settles in  Sunset Valley with Ramiro.” Said Matius as he tries to comfort his depressed niece.




3 Months earlier…

It was a warm night in the cemetery in Lucky Palms. The winds were calm and the night stood still. The dirt on the ground started to crumble as a hand unearths from the ground. As the moonlight glazes over the quiet cemetery another hand unearths before a head emerges from the ground. There’s been rumors of a zombie apocalypse but this is anything but. Soon a whole body arises from the warm ground. The figure grunts and coughs up dirt as it crawls near the headstone. Who is the figure? Someone that would recognize.



After being laid to rest for 8 years, Malix emerges from his grave. Malix sits up and brushes the dirt from his nude body as he coughs up more dirt. Malix looks up into the star full sky in amazement. He takes a glance at his glowing skin as his red eyes now glow in the night. “Where am I? …Who am I? … Why am I so thirty?” Said Malix in confusion. Malix has no memory of his previous life and sat alone  near his grave. “Finally.. You’re awake Malix.” Said a voice coming from behind Malix. Malix quickly turns around. “Is that my name?” Asked Malix. “Yes, your name is Malix Montigo.. Please come with me..” Said the dark figure lurking in the shadows. “Why do I feel so thirsty? What’s going on?” Asked Malix as he stood up. “It’s cause you’re back in your true form.” Said the dark figure. “My true form?” Asked Malix curiously. “Yes Malix… Your true form.. Vampire, a Quasizen Vampire.. not a average vampire but I’ll shall explain later.. Come with me, Malix.. You’ll catch your death out here.” Said the dark figure. Without any hesitation Malix follows his mysterious visitor.


Read  and see little glimpse of Nyx’s stay at Bloomsville Equesterian Centre in the Oh Lord Legacy with Luna Lord by Fruhurricane. Gen 5 chapters 8-12


7 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 27, Nothing at all

  1. wow, a lot happened in this chapter. I shouldn’t feel sorry for Jade, I do…my heart is too weak for Mat’s job. Poor baby Azalea…no mommy (not that Jade is a suitable parential figure) Oh, Rio…well if that little scene doesn’t mess with his does Ming think Adam won’t know? The entire family does. Now a baby, too? Here comes some drama…Mat is a little mixed up when he throws out Jade and messes with Ming and what is Ming thinking? Well, here comes Malix…what a hoot!

  2. Well Jade got what she deserved. I feel bad for Azalea though but at least she has Matty. Ming and Matt really need to take some time out to figure out what they really want from each other honestly. Yay for Malix returning but I hope that mysterious figure isn’t who I think it is.

  3. D’Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! MALIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL that was pretty much my reaction just then. I am beside myself. 🙂 🙂 And as a full-fledged vamp! Wicked. Nice choice of track. 🙂

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