Nanny Contest Poll for Love for the ladies

Borage’s first child is already here and he’s too clueless to raise him properly. Time has come for a Nanny, so pick your fav. This poll ends on Oct 23th.



Sandra Oswald

Sandra’s home was attacked by an insane, rabid werewolf as a child. She was the only one to survive, her parents and 3 younger siblings died, but unfortunately it caused two things to happen. First she became a werewolf and the trauma made her insane.

Haunted by the attack of the monster she insists she is not a werewolf but a were-dog and she obsessively seeks to protect children, or “her puppies” as she calls them from monster attacks and the voices that come from the “evil” electronic equipment.

Traits: Nurturing, Insane, Technophobe, Dog Lover, Unflirty



Life for Lily Golden had been a dream turned nightmare. She had married the cute boy next door and had learned soon after that she would be welcoming three beautiful children into the world with him. Tragically he died in a freak electrical accident while repairing the dishwasher before the triplets were born. Lily named the two boys Snap and Krackle and the little girl Pop in his honor.

On one fateful night while playing fairy games in the park under the light of the full moon the children wandered away from Lily and into the glowing light of a bug zapper. The loss of her husband and now her three children by electrical means drove Lily completely insane. Now that Lily has been released from the mental ward she has vowed to protect all children from the dangers of technology.

**I have no idea why two of her traits are showing up unknown but her traits are technophobe, neat, nurturing, insane, and loves the outdoors.


[No pic]



Sandra was the perfect child. Awesome grades, friendly, and all that good stuff. One night she went off with a stranger. She came back several days later, and since then, has been all kooky. The children love her, but the adults…..not so much. Age hasn’t done her any good.




Traits: Absent minded, clumsy, insane, nurturing, unflirty

Greta is a witch, but not a very good one. Being absent minded usually meant she forgot what spell she was doing half way through so her attempts mostly met with disastrous results. Greta wanted to get married and have kids but being a clumsy forgetful witch didn’t have the suitors knocking down her door not to mention the fact that she never responded well to those few attempts that were made to flirt with her. She has a caring heart even if she forgets things from time to time.



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