Next month: Return of Party Montigo!

I decided to bring back Party Montigo with Gen 2. After returning home from Twinbrook Zinnia and Rosette moved their families to Moonlight Falls.

Zinnia became pregnant by her husband Max with little Fiona while Rosette became pregnant with twins Taco and Fajita by Fin. During Rosette’s pregnancy she ate a lot of Mexican food. Rosette’s hunger during this pregnancy was tad outrageous and she would throw fits if she food wasn’t served fast enough. Rosette wasn’t too nice to the workers at the Mexican due to ‘slow service’ in her eyes. This made them very angry with her. Rosette resulted to beating up a few waiters and attacking the all you can eat nacho bar when she felt they were taking too long with her meal of tacos and fajitas. One day Rosette’s rants and fits were too much for the owner who happens to be a witch. The angry witch casts a spell on Rosette’s unborn babies turning them into a occult. Delivery was extremely painful for Rosette  as she gave birth to twin girls. The next months were insane as the twins caused chaos within house while only being a few weeks old. Rosette was convinced that her babies were evil and left one night. Zinnia finds a letter from Rosette saying that she left for Twinbrook to win Liam’s heart.


Zinnia and Max began to start having parties again as the chaos suddenly stopped once Rosette left. Zinnia and Max didn’t care that Rosette was gone but this left Fin upset and he later disappears without a word. The girls aged and watched Zinnia and Max party and drink most of the time. By the time the girls became teenagers they plotted to run away from home. The twins wanted to find their Mother so they could continue to torment her like they did as infants. Fiona tagged along with her cousins as they ran away from home.

All three girl inherit their parent’s absent mindedness and forgot why they even ran away from home in the first place. Fiona is the only one of the 3 who has a few more brain cells than her cousins. She often reminds them of their mission to find Rosette. After sneaking into a college party the girls felt that they find their calling. They abandoned their mission and want to open a strip club inside of their home.


Gen 2 will start with them as teenagers. As far as the other siblings, they may show up in the story here and there.


Here’s the girls as innocent tots.

Taco (L) Fiona (M) Fajita (R)

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