Love for the ladies: Chapter 2, Gangman Style

I won the pool game against my old man. As I gloated about my win I couldn’t Chung Li was making that stupid duck face. She better be glad that she’s hot..



“So are you ready to do some gangman style on my dick?”



“Huh? Isn’t that some kind of dance? I feel like dancing. Those cranberry and vodka drinks are awesome!”



“A dance? I thought it was some kind of kinky sexual position. I guess I can make it into one. I got some big trouble for your little chinatown… in my pants.”



“I love that movie!”



“I ain’t talking about no movie but we can make a movie. I can be Ray J and you can be Kim Kardashian.”



“So you want to make a sex tape? I dunno.. I think that would be cool. We can get famous.”



“I don’t have a camera but we can still make the sex. So get over to my house so I can put it on ya.”



“Ermgerd… I’m soooooo wasted.. Let’s go to your place.”



“I can’t believe that Borage’s horrible pick up lines are actually working on that lady. How on earth was that possible?”



We head to my car but Mei Li kept falling and stumbling all over the place. She ended up banging her head into my car door and it knocked her out. Should I take her to the ER? No. I’m trying to bang her! After the sexing, then I’ll take her to the ER. She’ll be fine… Drunk women don’t feel pain.

“Get ready for some Gangman style. girl!”




We get to my place and my china doll is just fine. I guess she didn’t need to go the ER. I took her to my bed and got a little cuddly with her on the couch. I wanted to show her that I can be a gentleman before I fuck her brains out.



“Girl, you’re about to get a taste of heaven when I get in ya. I hope you goy Vagina insurance cause I’m about to tear that up!”

“Sounds painful….”

“All you need is lube, girl.”



I leaned in and for a kiss from her. I’m still trying to romance her but I just wanna be in her. Maybe if I do this, then maybe she’ll ask for more. She’s really sexy. I wouldn’t mind having her stick around for a bit.



“Let’s play a little game. I’ll be Godzilla and you’ll be Tokyo, cause I’m about to destroy you with my massive erection.”



“You better be glad that I’m too drunk to slap you..”



I slip her clothes off and mines too and we make our way to my bed. I toss her on top and then I mounted myself. Sliding in ever so gently, she lets out a little moan. This excites me. I tried to pace myself and not get too excited or I’ll be a one minute man.



She moaned more as I dicking her and she seems to enjoy it quite a bit. I just realize that she’s the first woman that I ever been with but I wouldn’t dare tell her that. She can’t know that I was just a virgin until I put it in her. I don’t think she even notice. I fuck like a pro!



“It feels good, don’t it?”



I was feeling hungry after my fuck fest with Anime. She quickly took off and did the walk of shame home to her husband. It felt like eating a curry dish since I just got my cherry popped. I called my dad down for dinner or whatever time it was for this. He was busy sulking cause I got her and he didn’t.



“So.. how was it?”

“Whatcha talking about?”

“The girl.”

“Oh, Hentai? She was awesome.. We had the best sex ever!.”

“Wasn’t that your first time?”

“Shut up!”

“Son, don’t feel a shame. You’re a man now.”

“I’ve always been a man! I didn’t need to bang some vag before I become a man! I got pink nut hairs!”

“That’s nice, Borage.. Really. I just hope you’ll be careful. You should try using some protection.”

“I should get a dog?”

“No.. not that kind of protection.”

“A gun? I’ll be like pew pew pew, die bad guy!”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about. Condoms, wear them.”

“Hell no dad! Condoms are lame! I wanna feel her!”

“Well if you don’t want kids, you need to wear them.”

“I’m gonna pull out.”

“Did you pull out with Sonoko?”

“Shit.. I forgot to. I’ll remember next time.”

“What if she gets pregnant?”

“We only fucked once, I’m not worried.”

“It only takes one time. I have very good aim, it runs in the family.”

“Bleh bleh bleh bleh! I can’t hear you dad!”



Dad’s curry was too spicy and he turned into a fire dragon again. That’s kinda cool ya know. He got a call from home and needed to go back. We said our good byes and told me to wear condoms. I told him to wear a condom since he’s populating TB. I might pay visit there. Maybe.. I would like to bang some ladies there but since dad is sexing around, I might end up trying bang my half sister.. Sick… unless you’re in Arkansas.


7 thoughts on “Love for the ladies: Chapter 2, Gangman Style

    • Liam is wishing that he never left him and his sisters with their Mothers lol. Horrible parents. Check out Party Montigo, you’ll see why.

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