Love for the ladies: Intro


Hello you fine and sexy ladies. My name is Borage Montigo-Gelman but you can call me BMG or Big Daddy if you’re good. *winks* I just moved back to the Starlight Shores where I was born at, I was raised in Riverview. The city lights, exciting nightlife and fine ladies brought me back.




Now that I have returned to Starlight Shores, I’m on a mission. I always had dreams to be a superstar DJ and get groupies. Lots and lots of groupies. I have what it takes. I got SKILLZ! Mad SKILLZ on the turntable you know! When I was a teen I would sneak out and party it up at the one club we had in Riverview.




If I’m gonna be a superstar DJ, I can’t live in any ol’ house. I gotta do it big. Montigo big! Us Montigos got money, mad money! So I took my cut from my momma and bought this sweet penthouse mansion. The ladies are gonna love my place. Speaking of which…..




The ladies. I gotta give love to all of the ladies in Starlight Shores. My other mission is bed 1000 ladies. That’s right, you heard me. 1000 ladies. You see I have a dad in Twinbrook who is sexing up all the sexy ladies there. My dad is a p.i.m.p and I wanna be just like him! But he does it for babies, I doing it cause I love all of the ladies.. I can’t give myself to one lady. I mean look at me. I’m delicious looking. You know you want this. I have abs of a god. Since I am the child of Liam Gelman, I naturally got all of his swag. The only thing is, I ain’t trying to birth no babies like my dad. I wanna have my fun, party and love ladies. Before I start my journey to super stardom, I wanna show you my not so humble beginnings.



These are my parents, Liam Gelman and Zinnia Montigo-Taye. They had some strange arrangement to have babies for whatever reasons that I don’t understand. What’s messed up was that my mom was married when they hooked up. I guess it was for a good reason. I’m here!




That’s me, fresh out the womb! I was a sexy bald baby.





I didn’t come alone. I have a twin sister named Celsia. Nothing special about her.





Here’s me in my toddler days.. still sexy. I favor my dad in looks but got my mom’s weird hair and her genie powers, which was cool.





My fave past time was sharing my boogers. Booger was actually my first word. Mother was proud.





This is a old pic of me, my sister and our sister-cousins and step brother. It’s actually fun explaining about my sister-cousins to people. My dad banged my aunt and they had triplets, Martini, Amaretto Sour and Tequila Sunrise.





I had fun memories playing with my twin, step brother and my sister-cousins. We spent hours playing with our toys.





We also spent a lot of hours being neglected thanks to our parents being drunken tards 99% of the time.






I barely remember my childhood days. They pretty much flew by quickly.




This is a pic of all of us in birth order. I have a older sister Acacia who spent most of her time with my older cousin Regret. They would spend hours plotting their escape. I just wished they included us with their plans!





My sister-cousins got to spend more time with dad than Celsia and I. My aunt Rosette is super obsessed with my dad so she was always stalking him whenever he came into town. My sister-cousins pranked dad every chance that they got. Ha! He had it coming for leaving us with our neglectful mothers.





We made it to our teen years and it was time to prank and create chaos in town. Our parents didn’t care. They were always having drunken underwear parties.



When I wasn’t sneaking into the one club we had, I was setting up pranks in the neighborhood with my sisters and sister-cousins.





Finally adults now. It’s time to break away from hell and go our separate ways. Amaretto Sour moved in Twinbrook where dad lives. I hope she gives him hell for leaving us. She wants to be a stripper… I don’t care but dad isn’t gonna like it. But hey, it’s his fault… he was never around that much.




I’ve seen some weird shit happen as I was growing up. I remember watching my mom kissing a frog and it turned into a man.




Months later my little siblings Dodder and Erica were born. I’m pretty sure my step dad isn’t their father….




My step dad allowed my older sister and cousin to get drunk, dance on the counter while he dresses like Micheal Jackson from smooth criminal.





This was a normal thing at home. Every night there was a party. That’s probably why I love to party all the time.





This was a normal thing too. There’s nothing like seeing your parents, aunt and uncle dancing around outside in their undies.  I’m scarred for life….





Because of our house was party central, zombies started to party along with us.. Things got awkward.





Acacia was always talking about her plans to set the world on fire. I swear she was a pyromania. Sometimes she scares me..





So that’s my intro, I hope you lovely ladies enjoyed this. Now I have to jump into shower, get fresh and search for a club to start DJing at so I can get my superstar status and start loving on some beautiful ladies.




15 thoughts on “Love for the ladies: Intro

  1. I was laughing my butt off. Borage could only turn into a partier with sort of upbringing. Bedding 1000 ladies and becoming a star, man when will he have time to sleep.

  2. Whatta trip down memory lane..when you added Liam to the game it was such a fun move…seeing Liam out of his element so to speak. You do humor so well this is gonna be a fun story to follow…Borage could put Bender to shame with is ambitions and party abilities. Vodka and RB on the rocks, this is gonna be crazy good.

    • Borage is going to be fun to play with. Him having Liam’s cockiness and Zinnia’s low IQ, he’s going to be quite a character lol

  3. I haven’t read your other stories, but I just came across this and I’m loving it already! So funny and well written. It has a lot of personality and voice. Along with amazing screen shots! I’m just starting a story of my own, have any tips for me? 🙂

    • Thanks. First thing first, have fun with it! I’ve seen a few stories fail because it became a chore and it wasn’t fun to write anymore. I always have fun writing my stories. What type of story are you trying to do?

      • I’m doing a more story-oriented legacy. I love writing, I do it as a hobby, so I definetly do have fun with it! Although I do try to update on a regular basis (once a week) which can become a bit of a hassle. But I’ll try not to let it get t me too much. 🙂

        • Oh okay. My legacy is multi story so its hassle trying to keep all of my stories updated. I started out with one but wanted to do more. My Montigo family is huge as you can see. Now I’m finding ways to connect each story to each since they are all family. I couldn’t do the one heir thing, I would of gotten bored quickly. All of stories have different styles of writing and genres. That what helps keep this blog interesting. I’m not a one trick pony lol. I still in a way do this legacy like others. Most of my Gen 1 stories are retired however a new gen 1 story just started. It wasn’t under my control. I had to wait on another simmer. Oh well. I didn’t plan for it to be a long story. Legacies can be fun to do. Many like how I do mines with all my spin off stories. I’m also doing a rainbowcy but its off to a very slow start. What kind of writing style were you thinking doing for your legacy?

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