Double up!

During my trip this weekend, I decided that I really want to bring back my Lex family. I was told from a few readers that they enjoined Alexia’s point of view in Journey. Since I was able to re create Collette and Felicia and others like Alexia I decided to officially bring back the Lex family. Since Malix Montigo is linked back to the Lex family, I’m going to do a double Legacy, you may of notice the name change already. I think it will be fun to do 2 legacies in one. Alexia will be the heiress of the Lex clan since Collette may possibly become a Montigo later on if Ramiro doesn’t run her off. I will be posting Lex stories on this blog, since these families will be linked. Ever family has 2 sides so why not do 2 legacies?

Alexia celebrates becoming the Lex heiress by getting very drunk LOL


Also I would like to mention that I have a tumblr for the sims and myself. Feel free to follow us, House of Juicy

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