Next time in Montigo Tango…

Preview of  Chapter 27  “Nothing at all”


“Matius please! I am sorry.. I am sorry about everything! Please… I beg of you.. I can fix this!”


“Dada! Dada!”


“…Without you Ming… I have nothing at all..”

“But Matius.. I can’t…”

“Shh.. Kiss me.. Just kiss me..”


“Where am I? Who am I?  I’m so…. Thirsty.”

“Finally you’re awake. Come with me, Malix.”

“Is that my name?”


“My first stop is to Bloomsville’s Equesterian Centre in Appaloosa Plains.. Some riding school. He said it will be good for me.. I needed to work out my issues before I go to my new home.. I guess.”


Coming in 4 weeks!

14 thoughts on “Next time in Montigo Tango…

  1. Nyx in Bloomsville. Booya! 😀 I’m writing up a conversation between her and Luna at the moment. I’ll find a way to show it to you before posting it since Nyx is your character and still active. 🙂

  2. Oh my, I have allot of catching up to do! When I’m able and better armed I am going to post something related to your story, but I must say you’ve done an impressive job with what i’ve seen so far and your family tree is just awesome. I cant wait to sink my teeth into the legacy!

    • Thanks. I do mines different from most. I have a lot of spin offs, I do different writing styles and different genres. Mines go from serious to humorous. It’s a lot of fun. I’m also about to start a Rainbowcy. I never done one of those just yet.

  3. Omg, I like this format allot! Its like one of those evil trailers at the end of a series that leaves you in suspense for months at a time! Ha, This was both Evil and Clever all in the same time!

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