Montigo Tango: Chapter 26, Nyx the terror

As Lei and Vandeen went to go play pool, Nyx sat at the bar while Nina ate her dinner. “Hey bartender! I’m ready to order a drink.” Shouted Nyx. The bartender is very aware that Nyx is well underage and raises his brow, “I guess you’ll be wanting some juice?” Nyx lets out a loud laugh, “Yeah with some vodka in it!” The bartender leans over the bar, “Nyx I know you’re only 14. I cannot serve you any alcohol.” Nyx leans in closer to the bartender and give him a devilish smile while exposing her fangs, “You know.. You do look kinda tasty. I haven’t had my fill for human blood yet and I’m feeling kinda tempted.. I’m sure others will find it pleasing if they catch you letting a minor feeding off of you. You know what happens after vampires feed.. Remember.. I’m only 14.” The bartender jerks back from bar quickly, “Okay you win Nyx. What would you like to have?” Nyx perks up and smiles, “A appletini, please.” The bartender serves Nyx her drink and she happily accepts it. “Good job on the drink. It tasted juicy. I’ll be leaving you a 20 dollar tip.” Said Nyx after rising from her seat but a few minutes later she returns ordering several more drinks.



While drinking Jade walks in and catches Nyx in the act.

“What do you think you’re doing? You’re underage!”

“Go away Jade!”

” I will do no such thing! I’ve had it with you! You are grounded!”

“Fuck off Jade! Just because you tricked my uncle into marrying you doesn’t give you no right to tell me what to do!”

“Matius left me in charge with you guys! So yes I do get to tell you what to do and you will listen!”

“Okay if you were in charge then why are you here and not at home with Niro and the baby?

“My sister has the baby and Niro…. Niro is staying at a friend’s house for a few days. Grab your stuff cause we are leaving!”

“I’m not going anywhere with you!”

“Yes you will! You are going to be in so much trouble when Matius gets home cause I’m telling him everything.”

“Oh I’ll be in trouble? I doubt that. You’ll be in trouble with him. Your weak Adjests that you placed on him.. I broke it. Matius isn’t answering any of your calls and texts isn’t he?”

“Wha.. How? How did you know? That’s not possible.. You can’t break it! You’re just a weak baby vamp!”

“He’s not yours anymore.”

Nyx causally walks away from Jade leaving her stunned. Jade couldn’t believe what she just heard. “How did she know? How could she break it? Matius hasn’t spoke to me since he left… He didn’t tell me bye.” Jade sat down at the bar trying to figure what she should do next. If it was true then Jade is in a lot of trouble.



Nyx joins the others as the played pool. “Jade looked mad when she came in.” Said Lei. Nyx rolled her eyes and scoffs, “Who cares about her. Can I join?” Vandeen felt a nervous when Nyx joined them at the pool table. Vandeen as a cousin who is a vampire and didn’t think Nyx wouldn’t be so bad. Vandeen notices something different about Nyx compared to his cousin. Nyx seems to be sinister vibe around unlike his cousin Zarita. His cousin is harmless compared to Nyx. He felt Nyx could possibly hurt someone. Vandeen is a little scared of Nyx but wouldn’t admit it. Nyx catches Vandeen staring at her. “Hey Van, take a pic! It will last longer.” Laughed Nyx. Vandeen’s cheeks turned red, “I’m..sorry. I didn’t mea-” Nyx cuts Vandeen off, “Aww do you like me?” Nyx teased. Vandeen found himself stumbling on his words which made Nyx giggle. “Relax Van.. You’re a pretty cool dude. We can be friends. Now let’s play some pool. Me and Nina verses you 2?” Said Nyx with a gentle smile. Vandeen smiled and felt a bit more relax when Nyx told him that they can be friends. “I guess she isn’t so scary after all.” Vandeen thought to himself.

The teens paired off into 2 teams as they played a couple of games. They were all having fun as Jade watches them from away far. Jade could see the teens weren’t doing anything that they shouldn’t be doing. Jade knew one of the rules were that the teens weren’t allow to go to Montigo Palms without a adult. “He’s trusted me with them.. He’s gonna be pissed.” Jade thought to herself. Jade knew that’s the less of her worries since Nyx admitted to breaking her spell on Matius and Ming.

After Vandeen making 4 shots in a roll he started to feel more relaxed and was enjoying his visit. Nina watched in amazement and Vandeen had caught Nina eyeing him a few times. “You’re pretty good at this, Van. I wish I was on your team.” Smiled Nina. A smug smile grew across Vandeen’s face as he enjoyed the pink haired beauty admiring him, “Thanks Nina, you’re not bad yourself.” Nina’s cheek glowed red and she shyly turns her face away from Vandeen. Lei leans in close to Vandeen and whispers into his ear, “I think Nina likes you.” Vandeen couldn’t help but smile even more. “Don’t get cocky now.” Teased Lei as she pokes Vandeen with her pool stick. Vandeen chuckles a bit.



As they finish their game, they were unaware about the lurker near the window. Amos took a risk into crossing the city limits. Cira talked about Nyx, Nina and Niro a lot with him. Learning about his younger siblings made him even more curious about them. “Nyx has hair like yours and Nina and Niro have my hair.” Amos remembering what Cira had told him. Knowing those were uncommon hair colors they would be easy to find. Amos soon picked up the scent of his sisters which lead him to Montigo Palms. Amos stood in the window and watched his sisters played pool. “My sisters..” Whispered Amos as he placed his palm on the window. Amos could hear the girls giggle which brings a smile to his face. “I’m going to bring Cira back to you.. my sisters.. I promised..” Whispered Amos. “Amos?” Said a voice from behind.



“What are you doing out here? It’s dangerous for you. You know the police have wooden bullets.”

“I know… but I wanted to see my sisters..”

“I see, does Malachi know that you’re here?”

“He does not and you will keep quiet about this.”

“I’ll only be quiet if you.. You know.. Sleep with me. You never want to touch me unless Malachi commands you. I told you that I like you best.”

“I thought you loved that Matius guy..”

“I do but I like you too. I’m the only other woman you’ll been with. Why aren’t we bonded?”

“You’re wrong.”

“Please don’t tell me that you fucked the one who gave you birth!”

“No! When you were pregnant, I stayed in Moonlight Falls and fed off of the blood of true fae. I had my fill of fun too.”

Jade slaps Amos.

“How could you! I was suppose to be the only woman! Malachi promised.”

“He promise what?”

“That I could have you once Matius grows old.”

Amos pushes Jade away.

“You will never have me!”

“We going to be bonded. Malachi promise me.”

“That will never happen. I would kill you first.”

“Then Malachi will kill you..”

“I rather be dead than married to you, Jade. You’re a nasty woman. You claim to love this human man but you willing want to sleep with 2 vampires who are blood related.”

“I can only love Matius for so long. He’s going to get old. When that happens, I’ll finally get to marry you.”

“What do you mean finally?”

“Malachi promised me you if I destroyed the Montigo family. At first I went to Malachi so I could have Matius but when I saw you.. I wanted you more. I love you more than Matius. But for now, I’m bonded to Matius. Promise that you won’t get jealous. You’ll have to wait until Matius gets old.”

“You’re sick! You and Malachi are both sick! At my sisters! How could you take their mother away from them? I thought the plan was to just turn Malix back to vampire?”

“Honey, Malix is dead. Malachi’s plan was to take Cira so Malix would come to him. But something went wrong.. Malix killed himself.”

“What? Malix is dead? Why have no one told me?”

“Cause you will just tell Cira and she’ll snapped of Malachi’s hold. He can only glamour her a few times before frying her brain.”

“If Malix is gone then let her go!”

“He can’t.. Malachi is in love.”



It was near closing time and Nyx and Nina stepped outside. They we hear Jade fighting with someone. The curious twins sneaked and hid behind some rose bushes trying to get a good look at Jade and the guy whom she was fighting with. “Who is that?” Asked Nina as she stands behind Nyx. “I dunno but he was glowing blue eyes.” Said Nyx was she peek from the bushes. Nina gasps,” Glowing eyes? Is he a vampire too?” Nyx sniffs the air, “Yep, he’s vampire. Is another vampire here? And Jade knows him?” Said Nyx. Nina grabs on Nyx’s shoulders, “How can a vampire be here? Maybe he’s from the outskirts.” Nyx nods, “Possibly…but what does he want with Jade? Looks like he don’t like her.” Nina tries to get a better look at Amos, “Is it me or does that guy looks like daddy? Maybe we have a secret brother! He looks like daddy.” Nyx turns her head to Nina, “That’s crazy and impossible! If that was true then our parents would had to be teens when he was born. He looks like he’s in his early twenties.”



Amos notices the girls are spying on him and Jade. “We’ll finish this later Jade. I have to go. We’re being watched.” Said Amos. He was then gone before Jade could even get a word in. Jade looks around to see who could be possibly be watching them but Nyx and Nina quickly ducks down. Jade sighs and walks away from the area. “Whew, that was close.” Mumble Nina.



As the night ended, Lei and Vandeen said their good byes to each other. “Keep in touch?” Smiled Lei. “Of course.” Said Vandeen. Lei written down her number and email address before giving it to Vandeen. “I’ll make sure to keep on to this. Thanks for showing me a great time here Lei. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you and your nieces.” Said Vandeen as he hugs Lei goodbye. “I’m glad that you had a good time. Maybe I’ll visit Sunset Valley soon.” Lei winked.



The next day


Nyx received a letter from the city after she, Lei and Nina had sent a letter asking to allow Nyx to stay since Lucky Palms has always been her home. In the letter read if she didn’t leave when time come they will take legal action. City hall had no interest in how Nyx felt about her stay in Lucky Palms nor any thoughts from family or peers. “Laws are laws they said. They don’t care.. They want me out, Nina.” Nyx growled. “I’m sorry, I’ll go with you.”  Said Nina as she tries to comfort her twin. “Nina, I’m not dragging you down with me. You stay, it’s your home.” Said Nyx. Nina hugs Nyx, “It’s your home too.” Nyx sighs, “They don’t see it that way..” Nyx looks up into sky trying to fight back any tears that threaten to flood from her eyes. Nina remained quiet as she gave Nyx her space. Nyx sighs again and turns back to her twin. “What are you going to do now?” Nina asked. Nyx balls up her fist, “I’ll leave… but not without a fight first.” Nyx spins around and took off running. “Wait!” Shouts Nina as she ran after Nyx.



Nyx races over the mayor’s house and pulls out a carton of eggs from her bag. Nina finally catches up with Nyx. “What… are.. you.. about to… do?” Said Nina as she tries to catch her breath. “They fear terror… I’ll show them terror!” Said Nyx as she throws the first egg at the mayor’s house. After throwing half a dozen of eggs, the mayor’s wife cam running outside. “What are you doing?” Yelled the mayor’s wife. “You want terror, I’ve give your terror! I’ll give you a reason to kick me out!” Shouted Nyx as she throws at egg at the mayor’s wife. “You must be the vampire kid. These are the laws! You will have to leave when you are of age! I can’t believe you were allowed in this city! Just cause you Montigos are rich, doesn’t give you the right to bring in a vampire child!” Shouted the mayor’s wife. ” I was born this way! My daddy has vampire genes that passed down to me! They didn’t nothing wrong!” Shouted Nyx. The mayor’s made Nyx more angry than what she was already. “Your father had a vampire gene? Then maybe it’s good that he’s dead now. Now maybe he won’t pollute this city with more gross vampire kids!” The mayor’s wife snapped back. Nyx lunged towards her and biting down on her neck to drain a large amount of blood. Nyx jumps from mayor’s wife and wipes her mouth. “Fucking bitch.” Growled Nyx.



The girls watched the mayor’s wife lay helpless on the ground in a pool of her own blood. “Oh my stars Nyx! Is she dead?” Nina gasped. Nyx looked into the mayor’s wife’s almost lifeless eyes, “No.. not yet at least.. Call 911…” Nina quickly dials 911 on her cell, after placing the call she and Nyx fled the scene. “Will she live?” Cried Nina. “Yes, but not without pain.” Mumbled Nyx. Nina was confused by Nyx’s answer, “What do you mean?” Nyx sighs, “I filled her body with venom… She will feel agonizing pain as long as she lives.” Nina’s eyes grew wipe open,”Venom? Like a snake? I didn’t know vampires had venom.” Nyx looks into Nina’s eyes as hers glowed more red than usual, “No they don’t.. But I’m not like other vampires.. I’m different..”



The twins had returned home after fleeing the mayor’s house before help had arrived. Nina hoped that they weren’t seen at the mayor’s. Nina returns to her room to collect her thought as Nyx does some tampering in Jade’s bathroom. Nyx is still angry at Jade decided to play a prank on Jade but adding some of her venom in Jade’s shampoo. Nyx watches Jade enter in her bathroom. Nyx snickers as Jade showers and washes her hair. “She thinks she’s the boss of me.. She’s about to rethink that..” Said as she lets out a sinister laugh.



Jade steps out her shower and felt a strong tingling on her scalp. Jade looks into the mirror to see her hair as turned into a bright yellow color. “What the fuck?” Growled Jade as she ran her fingers through her hair. Jade yanks her hands away to find a chunk of her hair weaved around her fingers. Suddenly Jade’s scalp started to burn furiously. Jade jumped into shower and risen out her hair with cold water. As Jade rises her hair large amounts of hair began to come out. “What’s happening to my hair!” Cried Jade as she looks at her hair covered hands in the shower.



Jade exists the shower to find herself now bald headed. Nyx’s prank went too far and it was powerful than Nyx realized. She only intended Jade to have a crazy color of hair for a while, she didn’t intend for it to fall out. A bald Jade sulks in the living room knowing that Nyx has something to do with her hair falling out. “I need Matius to return.. I can’t deal this girl anymore..”



Jade’s cell started to ring and Jade checks her phone hoping that it’s Matius calling her back. She was disappointed to learn that it wasn’t Matius but someone from the city. “This is Jade Montigo?” Asked the caller. “Yes, this is her. Is something wrong.” Replied Jade. “Yes, we believe that your niece Nyx was the one who flooded the school and causing damage to other places. We also believe that Nyx may of been the one to send the mayor’s wife to the hospital.” Said the caller. “Do you have solid proof?” Asked Jade. “We have eye witnesses, Mrs. Montigo. As of now Nyx is expelled from school and from this city. You have 30 days to remove Nyx Montigo from the city limits or you and your family faces prison time and a fine. Nyx will be deported to Bridgeport’s  juvenile detention center.” Said the caller before hanging. Jade drops the phone realizing that things are even worse now. She couldn’t manage to look after the kids while Matius and Ming were gone. Jade still haven’t figure out what to tell Matius about Niro’s whereabouts as Malachi hasn’t gotten back with Jade about the issue. Jade panics and paces around the living trying figure out things. “This will be the end of me.. I had Niro kidnapped. Nyx nearly killed the mayor’s wife and now being kicked out the city. If my Adjests really did break.. Matius won’t have anything to do with me.. I gonna come up with another spell before he returns.. I only have a day to find a new spell.”  Jade thought to herself.


9 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 26, Nyx the terror

    • She has a lot of anger in her. Her mother was kidnapped and declared (but she’s still alive, Nyx doesn’t know that). Her father kill himself. She’s being told she will have to leave her hometown when she’s 18. So yeah she’s a angry kid, especially when the mayor’s wife told Nyx that she’s glad Nyx’s father, Malix is dead. Nyx pretty snapped since then.

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