Montigo Tango: Chapter 25, Curious

Meanwhile in Lucky Palms

Nyx received a letter in the mail from the city.

Dear Nyx Montigo, We have notice that you are indeed a vampire living within the city limits of Lucky Palms. Vampires are illegal within the city limit however we are fully aware that you are still a minor, we will allow you to live in Lucky Palms and attend class. However on your 18th birthday you must leave the city or move to the outskirts. If you refuse to leave Lucky Palms by your 18th birthday, you will face imprisonment and will be deport out once you finish your sentence.

After Nyx read the letter Nyx stormed out of the house with Nina following close behind. Without a word Nyx lead Nina to city hall. “It’s close. Of course..” Growled Nyx. Nina was quite concern about Nyx with her not saying a word after checking her mail. “Nyx, why do you care it city hall is close or not?” Asked Nina with concern in her voice. Nyx lowers her, sighs and hands Nina over the letter that she received. Nina took the letter and sat down on a bench near by to read it. “This.. This isn’t fair. It’s not fair at all!” Said Nina as she crumbles the letter in her small palm. Nyx sits next to Nina, “I lived here my whole life and now I’m being told that I need to leave when I’m 18? Where would I go? I don’t know any other family.. I refuse to live in the outskirts. This is bullshit, Nina.” Growled Nyx. Nina rests her hand on Nyx’s shoulder, ” You can’t leave me Nyx.. I can’t be away from you. When you, I’ll leave with you sis.” Nyx brushes Nina’s hand from her shoulder, “No Nina.. This is your home. You stay. Stay for Niro. I’ll be fine on my way.” Nina grabs a hold of Nyx’s waist and hugs her, “No! I’m coming with you! We can bring Niro with us. Our parents are gone. He only have us.” Nyx smiles and pulls away from Nina, “We can’t.. I can’t. This city is yours and Niro’s home. I won’t take him away from here. I’m not fit to raise Niro, you are but not me. I’m sorry Nina.. You can come visit me where ever I end up.”



“Why don’t we write a sincere letter to city hall about having you stay?” Said Lei as she approaches the girls. Nyx and Nina looked up to find Lei standing near them. “Yeah, Lei has a good idea. Let’s write a letter to city hall.” Smiled Nina. Nyx shrugs her shoulders, “I guess we could try..” The girls all reached into their book bags and grabbed out their notebooks and began to write their letters. The sun was setting fast and the girl finished their letters and headed to Cherrysicle for ice cream.



The girls reached Cherrysicle and enter inside. Lei was feeling a bit hungry and decided to deep fry a burrito for dinner. While she deep fried her burrito she couldn’t hope but notice a guy that she never seen before. “This is ice cream is the best that I ever had.” Said the teenage boy. Lei smiles and giggles, “You must be new here.” The boy stops munching on his ice cream cone, “Oh I’m just in town visiting. I saw this place and had to sneak away and check it out.” Lei was curious about why did this boy had to sneak away. “Sneak away?” Asked Lei. The boy takes 2 more licks of his ice cream and smiles, “Class trip. I’m from Sunset Valley.” Lei reaches her hand out to greet him, “Welcome to Lucky Palms. My name is Lei Montigo.” The boy shakes Lei’s hand, “My name is Vandeen Jonso but you can call me Van. Or Van the man.” Lei giggles, “Okay Van the man, it’s nice meeting you.



Lei excuses herself and checks on her food while Vandeen buys another ice cream cone. After finishing Lei and Vandeen chatted to get to know each other for a bit while Nyx and Nina teased the 2, making kissing noises. “Who are they?” Asked Vandeen. Lei rolls her eyes, “My nieces.” Vandeen’s eyes grew wide, “Your nieces? They look like they are your age.” Lei smiles, “Yeah. My parents had me when they were old.”  Vandeen laughs a little, “My dad was old when I was born.”

“We got something in common. So why did your class come here?”

“To check out some boring old museum. I really wanna check out that casino dance club but I’m too young.”

“Montigo Palms?”

“Yeah! That place. Have you been there before?”

“Yep, I own part of it.”

“What?! You own it?”

“Yes but part of it. Right now my 2 older brothers is running it.. Well one older brother is. One died..”

“Oh.. I’m sorry to hear about your other brother.”

“Would you like to check out Montigo Palms tonight?”

“You can get me in? Aren’t we a little young?”

“Yes but I own it so it’s cool.”

“This is going to be exciting. I guess this trip isn’t going to be so bad after all.”



Vandeen excuses himself to the restroom and Niro enters the shop. Niro was curious about the guy who just left Lei’s side. Niro has never seen Lei talk guy before. With his sisters still teasing Lei making kissing noises, Niro was even more curious. “What was that?” Asked Niro curiously. Lei pats Niro on his head, “A new friend.” Niro wasn’t convinced by Lei’s answer with his sisters continuing their teasing in the background. “Like a boyfriend?” Asked Niro. Lei quickly blushes and laughs nervously, “No Niro, just a friend. Why do you care?” Niro gazes at Lei with his shiny red eyes, “I’m just looking after you, Lei.” Lei hugs Niro, “You’re sweet but I’ll be fine.”



Vandeen exits the restroom and was motion by Niro to come here. “Have a seat with me.” Said Niro to Vandeen. Slightly confused Vandeen had a seat with Niro. There was a few moments of silence as Vandeen stares at Niro as he never seen a kid like him. Bubblegum pink hair and candy apple red eyes, Vandeen knew there’s something unique about Niro. Niro finally breaks his silence.

“What are your intentions with my aunt Lei?”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re a guy and Lei is a girl. And I know when boys get older they tend to hurt girls.”

“Oh I get it. Lei is just my friend, little guy. You have nothing to worry about.”

“I hope not. ‘Cause if you hurt Lei or make her cry, I will find you and hurt you. Bad.”

“Okay.. Note taken.”

Lei laughs and motions Niro to go play. “I hope my nephew wasn’t bugging you.” Smiled Lei. Vandeen chuckles, “No he’s fine. Sweet kid. It’s interesting that I got threaten by a pink haired 10 year old.” Lei laughs hard, “Yeah, welcome to Lucky Palms! Home of sassy 10 year old boys.”



Nyx notices the time on the clock. “Niro it’s getting close for you to get home.” Niro runs over to Nyx and give her a hug, “Okay, make sure that guy doesn’t hurt Lei.” Nyx smiles, “She’s fine Niro, he seems nice. Now get home. Do you need me to walk you home?” Niro scoffs telling her that he’s getting too old for that and will ride his bike home alone. “Be safe.” Said Nyx before Niro runs out the door.



Later on all of the teens went to Montigo Palms. Dressed up nicely and carefully sneaked away from his class, Vandeen was happy to check out a night club/ casnio for the first time in his life. “You look nice.” Said Lei commenting on his formal attire. “You too.” Winked Vandeen. “What about me?!” Growled Nyx as she steps forwarded towards Vandeen. Vandeen steps back. “You look pretty too.” Vandeen said nervously. Nyx lets out a loud laugh and playfully hits Vandeen, “I’m just messing. Relax homie. I won’t eat ya.. Yet.” Vandeen sheepishly smiles and notices Nina standing quiet in the corner, “You look lovely too Nina.” Nina smiles and told him thanks. “Shall we please some skee ball?” Lei suggested. Everyone agrees to play.

The teens spent a hour playing skee ball and taunting each other except for Nina who remained quiet and watched the others. Nina’s shy personality causes her to not interact with others and often clings to Nyx to socialize with anyone. While Nyx is busying challenging Lei and Vandeen, Nina is ignored. Nina wishes that she could be as open and out going like the others. After watching for a while Nina quietly tip toes away from the group.



Nina wonders into the night club part of Montigo Palms. It’s a quiet night and not too many people were there yet. Nina steps closer to the DJ booth where her father Malix once played. Nina felt sadness overcome as she remembers this was her father’s job. She remember how he loved to spin music and make others dance. She remembers how out going he was but couldn’t understand why is she the only one who is shy. Nina became curious and stepped in the DJ booth. The new DJ was running late so she had plenty of time to look around her father’s old booth. “Daddy.. I wish that I could be like you.” Nina whispered to herself.

“You’re gonna play tonight?” Said a voice. Nina looks and saw it was a woman. “Aww, you’re Nina Montigo, Malix’s daughter. You grew up. Are you taking Malix’s place?” Asked the woman. Nina was frozen and wasn’t sure what to say. She thought to herself there was no way she could ever play music at a club. “Don’t be shy. Malix was a great DJ. I know you can do it.” Said the woman. Nina nervously search through the record bin and pulled one out. She sets the record down on the turntable and carefully places the needle on the record. The first track plays and Nina searches for another record to mix into. Nina had forgotten that she even being watch. The woman dances as Nina started to DJ. Within minutes, Nina found herself dancing to the beat of music and not caring of what others thought. By then the others venture in and cheered Nina on. Nina smiled as she watched other dance but soon the DJ had came in and Nina exits the booth. “Good job Nina, I think you’ll be a great DJ one day.. Like daddy.” Smiled Nyx.



“Are you hungry, Van?” Asked Lei as she leads him into the lounge area. “Sure, what do you serve?” Asked Vandeen. “We have shrimp cocktail, Grilled salmon and other fancy stuff.” Lei replied. “Grilled salmon sounds good.” Suggested Vandeen. “Coming up.” Said Lei as she walks to the bar to order the food. Vandeen takes this time to wander around the lounge. He watched the piano lady number a classic number. “This place is sweet.” Vandeen mention to Lei. “Yeah, my father build this place before he and my mother was murdered.” Said Lei. Vandeen frowns a little, “Oh I’m sorry..” Lei smiles, “It’s okay.. I’m healing. Our food is ready, stay here.” Vandeen waits for Lei to bring their food. “I could of gotten it for us.” Smiled Vandeen. “Oh please, you’re my guest. Sounds like you’re a gentleman.” Smiled Lei. “Oh I try to be.” Blushed Vandeen. Lei and Vandeen started to eat on their meal but now Lei finds herself curious about Vandeen’s status.

“So Van, are you single?”

Vandeen knew that his heart belongs to a girl back at home but the idea of possibly dating a rich girl did cross his mind. Lei is indeed very pretty to him but his heart is for someone else.

“No, I have a girl back home. Her name is Valerie, she’s sweet and beautiful I wished that she could of made it out here too.”


Lei sighed as she was a little disappointed in Vandeen’s answer.

“How about you?”

“I’m single.”

“No way, you’re a very pretty girl and rich too. How is that possible?”

“My life has been crazy. I kinda don’t have time for boys and it’s hard to make friends. Kids try to use me for my money. I just wish I had a simple and humble life. I wished that I lived in a regular house and worked for things instead of having it handed to me.”

“You don’t live in a house?”

“I live in that mansion up the street.”

“Really? That place is huge! You rather live in a little old house?”

“Yeah. I’m tired of people thinking that I’m just some spoiled rich girl who’s snobby. I’m far from that. After school I’m moving to Twinbrook with my friend Monique. We are going to go to school and go from there. I’ll finally have a simple and easy life.”

“Oh I see. I wished that I lived in a fancy mansion like you. I think it would be cool.”

“It’s overrated.”

Vandeen laughs.

“If you say so.”



Back at home Niro watches Jade head at out of the house. Niro notices that Jade seemed to always leave in a hurry around this time. As curiosity strike Niro, he jumps on his bike and follows Jade. As Niro makes his journey through the  streets he felt the same tingling sensation that he had felt just a few months before. “Mom!” Niro shouted as he petals faster on his bike. Niro was able to receive Cira’s signal once again. “I won’t use you this time!” Shouted Niro as he petals even faster.

Niro finds himself in the outskirts of Lucky Palms. Niro was scared and was more determine  to pinpoint Cira’s whereabouts as the tingling grew stronger. Niro slowly approaches a small house and felt Cira’s energy as he walks closer to the house. Jade heard a noise and hurries out the house and spots young Niro. “What are you doing here, kid?” Asked Jade.   Niro’s face turns angry and he balls his little fist up, “My Mom is in there. You knew this whole time!” Jade scoffs at Niro, “Niro, your mom died.” Niro walks towards Jade and pushes her, No she’s not! You were hiding her here! I can read your thoughts right now! You have my mom!” Jade jumps back, “Shit!” Jade blasts Niro with fireball made out of light and it knocks young Niro out. Niro lays out cold on the warm sandy ground. “Damn it kid! You just had to follow me!” Snapped Jade as she picks up Niro’s limp body.



“Malachi.. we have a problem.”

“Who is this?”

“Niro.. Cira’s son.. Your grandson..”

“What is he doing here?”

“He followed me.”

“The what happen to him?!”

“I zapped him..”

“What?! You stupid bitch! Why did you do that? You could of just sent him home!”

“He knows! He knows Cira is here! He’s a damn psychic!”

“I’m getting tired of your shit Jade! I can’t keep him! They will know he’s gone missing! A missing child will be all over the news! Plus I have Cira here too! You are so stupid Jade!”

“I’m sorry Malachi! But I didn’t know what to do.. Can you just glamour?”

“He’s too young.”

“Can you try at least?!”

“I’m not risking the life of my grandchild cause of your mistake!”

“What do we do?! Please tell me!”

“Just lock him in Cira’s room until I figure something out..”



Jade laid Niro down on Cira’s bed in her old cell. With Cira under Malachi’s control, Cira is allow to roam free in the house but doesn’t leave the house. Cira stays in another as Jade and Malachi locks Niro in the cell. “Just fucking great.. I’ll use grip on Cira if she sees Niro.” Growled Malachi as he walks away from the locked room. “Malachi.. I’m-” Said Jade before she’s cut out. “Save it.. I have shit to figure out.” Hissed Malachi.



Cira sits in the front room and watches some TV as Jade leaves the house. “Hey love, aren’t you ready for bed?” Smiled Malachi as he wraps his around Cira’s neck. “No.” Said Cira as she brushes him away. “C’mon love.. I want to snuggle with you tonight.” Whined Malachi. Cira scoffs at him, “I’m not ready yet..” Malachi bats his eyes and nuzzles Cira’s cheek, “It’s getting close for you to have my baby. Let’s have a little fun now.” Cira sighs, “If it gets you to shut up..” Even under Malachi’s control, he still allows Cira to fight with him on her freewill  for his enjoyment. It gives Malachi a sense that their relationship is real when it’s not. Cira may fight with Malachi a little but she  gives in to his every command when he grows tired of fighting with her. “That’s a good girl, Cira. Shall we enter our bedroom now?”


7 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 25, Curious

    • Good news, Niro found where Cira is. Bad news, he’s now a prisoner. Now Malachi have to figure out something without harming his own grandchild. Now Jade needs to explain what happen to Niro cause Nyx and Nina are very close to their brother and will know he’s missing. Jade will be in some hot water when Matius and Ming return home.

    • Well visiting a new city where he knows no ones.. he figured if he makes a fool of himself it wouldn’t matter cause he wouldn’t have to face these people ever again LOL.. But he befriends Lei on his visit hehehe. He later gets teased for it when they are older.

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