Montigo Tango: Chapter 24, Wish upon a star

Ming took a few moments admiring her new surroundings, “How did you find this place?”  Adam stuck his hands in his pockets, smiled while flaunting his perfect white teeth, “Oh I have my secrets.”  Ming slip out of her tennis shoes and dig her toes into the cool white sand. Adam moves closer to Ming,”Would you like to watch the stars with me? If you’re lucky you can make a wish on a shooting star. I usually come out here to watch the stars.” Ming nods her head and Adam finds a place for them to sit in the sand. Ming lifts her up and gazes into the starry night skies, “I never seen the stars so bright other than here.” Adam leans in closer to Ming,” That’s the benefits of this place.. no buildings or bright lights. Just a lot of open space.” Ming quickly leans forward and points up, “Look a shooting star!” Adam turns his had at Ming, “Make a wish.” Ming inhales  and closes her eyes tightly “I wish.. to find love again.” Ming exhales and opens her eyes. “What did you wish for?” Asked Adam as he places his hand on top of Ming’s. “If I tell you then it won’t come true.” Ming smiles.



Ming notices Adam’s hand is placed on hers. “Adam, your hand..” Said Ming. Adam quickly retrieves his hand and apologizes to Ming. “It’s okay.” Ming said with a smile. Adam stands up and reaches his hand out to pull Ming up. Ming accepts his hand and she’s carefully lifted from the floor. Ming notices the fire pit behind them, “Oh cool..  fire pit.” Adam asks Ming would she like to roast some marshmallows and she nods. Adam carefully lights a fire and pulls out a bag of marshmallows from his bag. “Do you always carry marshmallows with you?” Teased Ming. Adam laughs, “Never know when you get to hang out with a beautiful lady.” Adam and Ming sat down and roasted their marshmallows together.

“So Ming, tell me something about you. I heard a lot from Ling but I want to hear something from you.”

“Oh gosh.. What did she say?”

“Nothing bad.”

“Good, now I don’t have to kill her. Well something about me? I barely know who I am anymore..”

“Sure you do.”

“I have a 15 year old son and I spend most of my time making sure that he stays out of trouble. I wasn’t a good mother to him when he was little but I’m making it up to him. I manage a ice cream and I like to shop.”

“I would love to take you shopping some time.”

“Really? That’s nice of you.. But I want to say that I’m not a gold digger.. Well not anymore.. I don’t care about money. Just my son.”

Adam laughs at Ming’s gold digger comment.

“It’s cool. That’s good that you look after your son now. I’m originally from Twinbrook but I’m here due to my job. I don’t miss that place one bit. How is life in Lucky Palms?”

“It’s nice and warm like here. Things use to be good until a girl named Jade Hendrix came into our lives. She seemed nice at first but things changed…Matty and I started to change. I found myself becoming distant from Matty and Rio. With me being distant Jade makes her moves on him. Then one night Matty and I went out for dinner and things were good but I had a nasty headache with ringing in my ears. Then I heard distorted voice and then things went blank. The next day I found Matty in bed with Jade. He said that I wanted a divorce. I had no memory of it. I tried to save our marriage but it was too late. He wanted Jade and married her. Now he claiming how he misses me.. I’m confused.”



Adam stands up and motions Ming to follow him. Ming follows and he embraces Ming.

“Ming, I know what happen.”

“What? Please tell me..”

“I’ve seen this before.. It’s Adjests.”


“A spell cast from a Witch Fae hybrid with a vampire influence.”

“A Witch fairy? Jade is a witch fairy? How do you know?”

“Because this happen to my brother. He was married once and he was encounter by a Witch Fae. She was obsess with him and cast the spell on him. His wife started to became distant. She started to tell him things that she couldn’t remember. He suddenly found himself wanting to be the Witch Fae.”

“Did he leave his wife?”

“Almost. The spell was broken by a vampire who help cast it. Vampires often turns on others and the vampire turned on the Witch Fae. The vampire took pleasure watching her plans blow up in her face for his amusement. Since it sounds like Matius is conflicted, another party is trying to undo the spell.”

“Another party?”

“Another vampire.”


“Who is Nyx.”

“Matty’s niece. She’s vampire, maybe she’s trying to undo.. What happens when it’s broken? Will Matty and I go back to normal.”

“That depends on how you feel for him. Do you still love him?”

Ming became silent for a few moments.


“Then give me a chance. I like you Ming. After what all Ling said and hanging out with you tonight. I like you.”

“Wow.. But.. But my parents.. They think him and I are still married..”

“I can’t date you if they still believe that.”

“I’ll tell them the truth.”



Adam and Ming return to the house. They carefully enter the house to avoid waking anyone up. Ming finds Matius still up as he was waiting for her. “Where have you been?” Asked Matius with a stern tone. “With Adam.” Ming replied. Matius quickly stands up, “What were you thinking?! You can’t be hanging out with him! Were married remember?” Shouted Matius. Ming snaps back, “Are you kidding?! We are not married anymore! I can hang out with Adam if I want to.”  Matius throws his arms with anger, “That’s not what your parents think!” Ming smirks, “I’ll telling them the truth in the morning. I want to date Adam.” Matius’ jaw dropped when he heard Ming wanting to date Adam. “But Ming.. You can’t. I still love you.” Said Matius. Ming was stunned by Matius’ words “I still love you.”

Echoed in Ming’s mind but she soon snapped out of it and grew angry, “Wait! You said that you loved Jade now you still love me? Which is it Matius? Do you love me or do you love Jade.” Matius steps towards Ming, “You. I’ve been feeling so strange.. I can’t explain it.. I really can’t. I don’t love Jade. I never did. It’s like I was under a spell.” Ming lowers her head and moves away from Matius, “Adjests. That’s a spell.. Jade cast a spell to make her fall for her and made me walk away from you. Nyx broke the spell…” Matius was confused for a moment, “What? Adjests? Is Jade some kind of witch? I was under a spell? How did you know?” Ming sighs, ” Cause Adam seen this before.. His brother’s situation was kinda like ours. Jade is a Witch Fae hybrid. And your daughter.. well she’s probably not yours. I saw Jade hook up with Donovan Steel.. more than once. They rumors are true Matius. Jade is a escort, Don is her highest paying client. Look at the baby.. She looks like him and Jade.. Not you.” Matius walked away and sat on the edge of the bed holding his head in his hands, ” I know the baby isn’t mines.. Azalea had blood work when she was born.. Her DNA didn’t match mines. I had my doubts that she was even mines.. The timing was off.  Where does this lead us? Can we be together again? I love you Ming… I really do..” Ming tries to fight the tears from her eyes, “But Matius.. I don’t love you.”



In the morning Matius came across Adam and confronted him on the spot. Matius believe Adam is the reason why Ming doesn’t love him nor want to work out things with him.

“Hey Mat.”

“Don’t even..”

“Whoa, what I do?”


“Hey now.. I didn’t have sex with her.”

“That’s not what I mean.. You are convincing her that she doesn’t love me!”

“Hey dude, I’m not convincing her about nothing.. If she doesn’t love you then she doesn’t. Besides you’re married to Jade now.”

“I don’t care about Jade. I care about Ming!”

“Ahh so the Adjests has finally broken. Sorry dude, you can’t have Ming. She doesn’t want you. You had your chance.”

“I will get her back..”

“Alright.. But first you need to do something about your wife Jade.”



Ming gets ready for the day and calls her parents to the dining table. “Mom, Dad… I have something to confess. Matius and I are actually divorced. We been divorced since Rio was 12.” Said Ming nervously. Tomeo sighs, “Why did you lie to us honey?” Ming started to tear up, “I didn’t want to disappoint you both. You both don’t believe in divorce and Dad has been sick.. I didn’t want to disappoint you..” Cecelia gets up and hugs Ming, “Oh sweetie, it’s okay. If it didn’t work out  then it’s fine. Our views on life had changed.. You wouldn’t had disappointed us.” “I’m sorry mom.” Cried Ming. “Why did you tell us now?” Asked Tomeo. Ming wipe her eyes, “Adam. He asked me out.” A huge grin grew across Tomeo’s face, “Then what are you waiting for? Go on a date with him.” Ming was shocked on how well her parents took the news. Unknown to Ming and Matius, Mr. and Mrs. Tran already knew they weren’t married anymore when Rio accidentally slipped that info out.



Ming was greeted by Adam who was waiting for outside. “How did they take it?” Adam asked. “Well, very well.” Smiled Ming. “Shall we go on our date now?” Asked Adam. Ming nods.



Ming and Adam went on a lovely date..



While Matius and Rio had some father and son time in the park.



Tomeo takes Rio fishing and asks Matius to join in. He may not be his son in law anymore but he still sees Matius as his son.



Cecelia and Ling stayed at home and spent time with the new baby Isabella.



The date Ming had with Adam went surprising well. Ming enjoyed her time with Adam as he shown her around. She only been hanging out with Adam for a couple of days and she can feel a connection with him. Ming never thought she could ever find herself happy again after losing Matius to Jade. ” I wished upon a star. This may sound silly but I feel that my wish is coming true because of a shooting star..

After a movie, roses and a massage, Ming and Adam shared their first kiss in the hot tub under the stars. Ming hasn’t been this happy since she first met Matius many years ago. Any feelings that Ming had for Matius slowly faded away into the night that she shared with Adam. Ming was happy. Ming was sure that she may of found someone finally. Ming knew that she had to leave in the morning, leaving Adam behind and returning home with Matius and Rio. Ming wonders if she could pull off a long distance relationship with Adam.



As the sun rises Ming, Matius and Rio pack their belongs for their journey back home. This was a bitter moment for Ming as she doesn’t want to leave Adam. Matius knew that he have to face Jade once he gets home. Matius thinks about what he’s going to say to Jade once he return. Rio wants to return so he can flirt with girls at school. Ming found herself dragging herself, moving slowly through the house. “Almost ready?” Asked Matius as he grabs his bags. Ming sighs, “Almost..” Ming lightly knocks on Adam’s bedroom door.




“Come in Ming.”

“It’s almost time for us to go..but I don’t wanna leave.”

“I don’t want you to leave either but you have to.”

“I want to stay here with you..”

“Me too but we will be together soon.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going to put in a transfer to Lucky Palms. We can get our own place. I want to be with you Ming.”

“Seriously? You’ll move to Lucky Palms?”

“You’re worth it.”


Bonus Shot:

Isabella is a toddler.. Kinda creepy haha



This chapter’s soundtrack: Mariah Carey – We belong together

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