Montigo Tango: Chapter 23, Reconnected

Matius, Ming and Rio arrival in Sunlit Tides late that night due to a few flight delays. They were greeted by Cecelia Tran, Ming’s mother. “It’s so glad to see you again my dear.” Said Cecelia as she hugs Ming. Ming smiles at her mother and Cecelia makes her way towards Matius. “It’s really nice to see you again Matty. I see you still have that tight butt.” Said Cecelia as she grabs Matius’ behind. Matius chuckles as he pulls away from Cecelia. “It’s nice to see you again too, Mrs. Tran.” Cecelia grabs Matius’ arm and gently massages Matius’ bicep, “I told you many times to call me Cece, darling.” Matius chuckles a little and pulls his arm away from Cecelia. “Jeeze Mom must you always flirt with my husband?” Laughed Ming. Cecelia smiles, “I’m sorry but you picked a very sexy man. Now where is my grand baby?”



Rio steps closer to Cecelia, “Hi grandma.” Cecelia hugs Rio tightly, “Oh my! My sweet darling, look how big you have gotten. I haven’t seen you since you were a little baby. You’re gonna be as handsome as your daddy.” Rio blushes a little, “Thanks grandma.” Cecelia scoffs, “Darling please, I’m not a old lady. I’m still young and sexy to be called “grandma”. Call me Cece, darling.” Rio laughs, “Okay Cece.” Cecelia smiles and turns back to Ming, “Your father has already went to bed. His meds makes him a little cranky so I sent him off to bed. Your brother Bing wasn’t able to make it but your sister Ling is here.” It’s been years since Ming had last seen her older sister Ling and Ming was happy to hear that she’s there with them. Ming and Ling had always been close since they were kids. Cecelia and Tomeo had always been so proud how well Ming and Ling had had gotten along. Most sisters often bicker with each other but Ming and Ling’s can’t recall a time when they girls ever fought. Bing Tran, the oldest always looked over his 2 sisters and they 3 were always close. Over the year Bing has been distant and the last time Ming saw her brother was at her wedding. “You guys plan on camping outside? Why don’t you come in.” Cecelia teased.



The guys went to go settle in while Ming reconnects with her sister Ling. “Finally you’re here.” Smiled Ling as she adjust herself in her seat. Ming shakes her head and smiles, “It’s not our fault, flight delays you know.” Ling playfully hits Ming’s arm, ” I’m just joshing ya. How you been?” Ming isn’t sure what to tell Ling as she doesn’t know that her and Matius are really divorced. Ming didn’t have the heart of telling her family about the divorce in hopes of getting back with Matius. With Matius remarried  that seems impossible. “Good.” Said Ming but she couldn’t but notice Ling’s enlarge belly. “Whoa, I see something has been busy. I guess you’re getting married too.” Said Ming. Ling places her hand on her belly and rubs it gently, “That’s if I knew who was the father…”

Ming was puzzled by Ling’s comment, “What do you mean? You don’t know who was the father?” Ling sighs and lowers her head, “Yes, I don’t know. You see I went on a class trip to Egypt and everything was fine. Then weeks after my trip, I learned that I was pregnant. I don’t know how it was even possible.. I didn’t even hook up with anyone. To be honest.. I haven’t had sex in a year.” Ming wasn’t sure if she could believe her sister’s story. She knew if Ling did know the father then she would have to marry him right away. “Maybe you had a drink with a roofie and just don’t remember?” Ming suggested. Ling scoffs, “You know that I don’t drink! .. I just can’t explain this pregnancy.” Ming calmly places her hand on Ling’s shoulder, “Are you going to keep the baby?” Ling nods her head yes, “The baby is a girl. I’m naming her Isabella. ” Ming hugs Ling and told her if she needed anything just let her know. “I’m sleepy and heading to bed. You and Matty have the room on the left. G’night sis.” Said Ling before heading to her room.



Ming was a little hesitant about sharing a bed with Matius but in her families eyes, they are still married. If they slept in different rooms then her parents would know something isn’t right. “You can do this Ming.. It’s just your ex husband and not the boogeyman… You slept with him once before..” Sighed Ming as she talked to herself before crawling into bed with Matius. As they slept together in bed Ming was waken by a touch that she haven’t felt in years. Ming finds Matius trying to cuddle with her in his sleep. Ming figures that he thinks he’s at bed with Jade and thinks nothing of it until. “I…miss. I miss.. Ming..” Mumble Matius in his sleep. Ming sits and looks over at Matius but could see that he’s still asleep. “Is he dreaming about me?” Whispered Ming to herself. Ming tries to ignore Matius’ comment and tries to go back to sleep.



In the morning Ming sat down with her family and Matius. “Ming! How is my girl doing?” Smiled Tomeo. “I’m good daddy, how about you?” Ming smiled back. Tomeo pounds on his chest, ” I am build like a horse! Nothing can bring me down. Not even cancer. But I’m doing wonderful. Matius my boy, how you been?” Matius looks over and told Tomeo that he’s been doing fine. “Sorry that we couldn’t come to your parents or your brother’s funerals. How is little Lei doing?” Asked Tomeo. Matius brushes his hair from his eyes and smiles a little, “Well Mr. Tran, little Lei will be turning 18 in the spring. It’s her last year in school.” Tomeo grins, “You’re so formal Matty, just call me Tomeo. I see Santiago and Sakura raised a fine boy. I’m proud that you’re married to my precious little girl. ” Matius sheepishly smiles and tries not to look at Tomeo. “Pancakes are done!” Shouted Cecelia.



Everyone grabbed a plate of pancakes and ate together while having small chat with each other. “Would you guys like to see the city today?” Asked Cecelia. Matius looks over at Cecelia, “Actually we wanna try out that hot tub. It looks nice.” Matius winks at Ming which made her blush her a little. “Feel free darling, I’ll be joining you soon.” Winked Cecelia as she feels on Matius’ arm. “Cece, must you always harass Matty? You’re a mess.” Chuckled Tomeo. “I’m not harassing him. Matty loves my attention, don’t you darling?” Winked Cecelia. Matius laughs but said nothing. “But don’t jealous Toto, I still love you but Matty is my eye candy for the weekend.” Joked Cecelia.



“Speaking of eye candy, I know Rio has girls all over him. Don’t you darling.” Said Cecelia. Rio laughed a little, “No not really, Cece..” Cecelia scoffs, “That’s nonsense! Are you going to a school full of blind lesbians? If no girl will have you then you can marry me darling.” Joked Cecelia. Rio chokes on his food when Cecelia mentions that he should marry her. The group laughs as Rio’s face turns red. “I see you have Santiago’s humor. I’m kidding darling.” Laughed Cecelia. Rio gave Cecelia a sheepishly grin and finishes his breakfast.



Matius and Ming tried out the hot tub that was recently installed.

“This feels nice.”

“Yeah it does..”

“You think we are convincing your parents that we are still married?”

“I think so..”

“Let’s convince them even more.”

“What do your mean?”

Matius moves closer them Ming and wraps his arm around her neck, pulling her closer to him.

“My parents aren’t watching us..”

“So? We can still pretend when they aren’t looking?”

“..I guess so. What’s going on with you lately?”

“I dunno Ming, it’s just.. I feel like I should still be with you. It’s crazy.. I love Jade but when I see you.. you light up my world. It’s almost like I was under a strange spell and I’m coming out of it.. It’s weird.”

“That’s strange cause I’m having that same feeling but I tried to work out things with you.. But you didn’t..”

“I don’t know what came over me.. But I’m happy that I’m hear with you.”

“So what do we do now?”


Matius pulls Ming into a kiss.

” But.. Matius.. I..”

“Shh Ming, kiss me.”

Matius and Ming shared a long kiss until they were joined by Ming’s parents.



“Hey love birds! Mind if we join?” Asked Cecelia. “Sure.” Replied Matius. Tomeo and Cecelia carefully settled in the hot tub along with Matius and Ming. “It’s lovely isn’t it?” Smiled Tomeo. Ming smiles and nods. “Rio is getting older so are you 2 thinking about giving us more grand babies?” Smiled Cecelia. Both Matius and Ming weren’t sure how to answer Cecelia’s question. A huge smiled grew across Cecelia’s face, “Why so quiet darlings? Are you 2 expecting now?!” Ming quickly tosses her arms up, “No mom! Were not pregnant!”  “You seem very animated about telling me no. Is there something wrong? Did your eggs dried up?” Said Cecelia. Matius lets out a loud laugh, “No Cece.. We are still waiting for the right time.”

Cecelia raises her brow, “The time is now darling, Ming’s eggs can dry up soon.” Ming feeling embarrassed, “Mom! Please!” Matius laughs. “Hun, if you want more babies you 2 need to get busy. You have a nice bed to start making those babies in. Your father and I will let you 2 be for the night. I want more grand babies.” Said Cecelia to Ming. By now Matius and Tomeo giggled to themselves. “Oh my gosh mom! You can’t be serious!” Said Ming as she faces turns red. Cecelia leans forward, “Oh my. Please don’t tell me that my darling Matty can’t get it up? Your father has pills for that.” Ming growing more embarrassed shouts, “Mom! Seriously?!” Matius laughs, “Trust me Cece, I have no problem in that department.” Ming scoots low in the hot tub to the point that she’s almost under water. “As much fun as this chat as been, let’s go out for dinner.” Smiled Tomeo.



The Tran family have another person staying with them, his name is Adam Cho. Adam hasn’t introduced himself to Matius, Ming and Rio yet. Instead Adam lurks from behind and mostly hides out in his room, keeping the door locked. Adam is a family friend of the Trans and was the one who helped them buy the house in Sunlit Tides. Tomeo and Cecelia had tried to get Adam with their daughter Ling but she doesn’t show much interest in him. Adam likes Ling but doesn’t believe they will ever be something and enlists Ling as a friend. Adam has watched Ming without her knowing and admires her a little. Adam is a bit shy and haven’t introduce himself to the Montigo. “Is that Ming?” Asked Adam as he washes a plate. “Yes, that’s Ming.” Said Ling as she continues to read her book. “She’s very pretty.” Smiled Adam. Ling looks away from her book, “Yeah and she’s very married so back off.” Adam laughs, “You know that I will respect her marriage with the guy. I just you would of gave me a chance.” Ling rolled her eyes, “I told you why.. My secret.. I’m a lesbian.” Adam sighs, “I know, just messing with ya but if your lesbo then explain that baby?” Ling places her book down in annoyance, “I told you a million times.. I don’t know what happen!” “Okay.. I’ll believe ya.. Chill Ling… just chill. I’m just poking fun at you.” Said Adam.



The Trans and Montigos went out for dinner with Adam joining them. Cecelia introduces Adam to Matius and Ming, “This is Adam Cho, my other darling.” Adam smiles as Matius and Ming told him hi. “Try not to be jealous darling, I need a in town guy while with away with my daughter. I just love having both of my eye candies here at the same time.” Smiled Cecelia. Matius laughs, ” I’ll try not to be.” Tomeo cuts in, “This old man is hungry! Let’s eat!” The groups enters the diner and had a nice dinner together.



Before heading home Tomeo suggested that they should have a little party. “Matty my boy, you still bar keep?” Asked Tomeo. Matius nods yes. “Great, whip us up some of those famous Montigo drinks when we get home. This old man isn’t too old to get his freak on.” Chuckled Tomeo. Matius agrees and they head back to the house. Tomeo directs Matius towards the bar in the back of the house. “I’ll get right the drinks.” Smiled Matius. “Great! Let’s get this party started.” Said Tomeo before cranking up the stereo. Matius admires how much life is still inside of Tomeo and only hopes he would be the same once he reaches Tomeo’s age. It’s amazing how much fire Tomeo as after facing death when he learned that he had colon cancer.



After a few drinks everyone started to dance and let loose especially Tomeo and Cecelia. “You better hope you have this energy when you’re age. ” Shouts out Tomeo as he shows off his dance moves. Matius and Ming hasn’t seen this side of Tomeo as he always been very strict and quiet. After facing death could possibly changes your views on life. Tomeo told Adam, Matius and Rio about his wild days back in college. Adam and Matius were both dumbfounded by what Tomeo told them. “Panty raids were the thing in my day. We use to steal all kinds of panties from the sororities and wear em on our heads but then we moved on to bigger and better things. We started taking from the neighbors. One time we found this one pair of bloomers that was the size of a flag. Needless to say, we replaced the sorority’s flag with the big bloomers. They were so pissed!” Chuckled Tomeo. Adam nearly spit out his drink when Tomeo told them his story. “You were a wild one huh.” Laughed Matius. “You know it!” Laughed Tomeo as he took a sip of his drink.



Matius and Ming had a lot to drink that night and things started to get a little heated between the pair.

“Let’s finish what we left off in the hot tub, Ming.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

Matius pulls Ming towards him and kisses her.

“No..really. What are you trying to say?”

“Come to the bedroom with me.”



Ming follows Matius into the room. “Lock the door.” Suggested Matius. Ming spins around and locks the door but when she spins back around she nearly falls onto the floor. Matius catches her, “How much have you had to drink Miss?” Ming smiles and they embrace into another kiss. Before they knew it Matius and Ming found themselves on the bed just in their underwear foundling each other. Ming lays on her back while Matius mounts himself on top of her. “I miss you.” Whispered Matius before kissing Ming. Ming said nothing but kisses him back. Matius slowly and carefully tries to finish undressing Ming. “I want you..” Whispers Matius.



“Don’t you want me too?” Matius whispers into Ming’s ear. Ming whispers “Yes”. Matius undresses Ming and himself and positions himself. Ming opens her eyes and tries to focuses on Matius but due to the heavy drinking Ming finds her vision impaired. Ming feels Matius entering inside of her and is quickly aware of what is going on. As much as she wanted Matius to stop she couldn’t bring herself to tell him to. Ming knows this is wrong. Though her vision is impaired by drinking, her judgement isn’t. Ming wanted this for a very long time but know it isn’t right with Matius being married to Jade. Matius’ judgement appears impaired as he allows himself to be lost in Ming. Thoughts of guilt began to race through Ming’s mind but yet she still allows this to happen. “Why can’t I just say no.. I know why… I want this.. I want this bad..” Ming thought to herself. “How bad do you want me?” Moaned Matius as he thrusts. “Bad..” Moaned Ming. Ming felt herself getting warm as sweat drips from Matius’ as he continues from his body. “Ming… Ming..” Moaned Matius as he thrusts faster. Any thoughts of guilt had left Ming’s mind as she reaches to the point  of climax. Matius loses himself in the ecstasy of Ming before throwing himself from her.



“That was awesome.” Smiled Matius as he holds Ming close. Ming was in a lost of words about what just happen.  Ming said nothing but smiles fondly at Matius. “I think this was probably the best night that I had in a while. I’m glad that I came out here with you Ming.” Said Matius. Ming rests her head on Matius’ shoulder, “You’re not gonna regret this are you?” Matius kisses Ming on her forehead, “The only thing I regret is letting you go..” Ming smiles, “That’s sweet Matty but why all of sudden?” Matius sighs, “I don’t know.. I just can’t explain.”



Matius could hear his phone buzzing continually and decided to check his phone. He found that he had 8 missed calls and 6 text messages from Jade. “Matius, why haven’t I heard from you? Are you okay? I’m worried about you. I miss you and I love you.. Please don’t do anything that you’ll regret… – Jade” After reading Jade’s text Matius still haven’t came to terms about what just happen between him and Ming. He simply ignores Jade’s text. Suddenly Matius’ phone rings and the caller ID shows a odd number that he had never seen before.



“Hi Liam!”

 “I’m not Liam..”

“Then who is this?”

“It’s Matius.”

” Hey Matty! What are you doing?”

“I’m busy being naked. What do you want?”

“You’re naked? That’s hot! Send me a pic!”

“WHAT?! I’m your cousin!”

“I’m Zinnia’s clone.. so technically you’re not my sexy cousin.”

“You came from her DNA so yeah, you’re my COUSIN!”

“Well ever heard of kissing cousins?”

“Yes and I’m not kissing you!”

“C’mon Matty!”


“Malix was adopted so he’s not blood related. Send his naked pics to me!”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“Wait! No!”


“Screw you Matty!”

Matius hangs up after having a strange conversation with his cousin Rosette who seems to always flirt with him.



Matius crawls back into bed with Ming after hanging up on Rosette. “Who was that?” Asked Ming. Matius sighs and rolled his eyes, “My idiot cousin Rosette. Now she’s calling me and I wonder who is this Liam guy she was asking about. Ramiro told me how she obsess over this guy after having his triplets. Ramiro told me how she wants him to glamour Liam into falling in love with her. Rosette is crazy.” Ming laughs, “Rosette is a one of kind, I do miss her.” Matius sighs again, “I don’t.. I’m glad her and Zinnia don’t random show up like they do with Ramiro.”  “How is Ramiro doing? It’s kinda sad that you don’t get to see your cousins that much.” Said Matius. Matius kisses Ming’s forehead, “He’s fine, still being a vampire but let’s get some sleep.”



The next day while Matius and Ming were still asleep Tomeo and Adam chatted with some drinks. “Is Ming sleeping in?” Asked Adam. Tomeo nods his head, “I think she had a good night. I believe she and Matty may of made me another grandchild.” Adam spits out his drink, “You heard them? Isn’t that kinda awkward? Ya know hearing your daughter getting it on?” Tomeo laughs, “Not at all, Ming is a grown woman having grown time with her grown husband. I kinda wish you would date my other daughter Ling.” Adam sighs and turns away, “She isn’t interest in me Sir.” Tomeo scratches his head, “I don’t know what’s Ling isn’t issue. You’re a good guy and I approve of you. If Ming was single you would have my blessing to marry her.” Adam smiles before taking another sip of his drink, “Ming is pretty and seems nice.” Tomeo places a strong grip on Adam’s shoulder, “Ming is taken but give Ling another chance. She’ll come around, I promise. I hope the thing of her randomly getting pregnant by the sand man in Egypt doesn’t bother you.” “Not at all Sir. I may try again.” Said Adam. Cecelia rises from her lounge chair, “Toto, stop pimping your daughters out. Just let it be. Ling and Ming have some cute single cousins who would love to have darling over there.” Teased Cecelia.



It was near noon and Matius and Ming struggle to pull themselves from their bed. The blinding sunlight that was peeking through the thin blinds didn’t help their hangover due to a night of excessive drinking. “I feel like shit.” Grumble Matius as he lifts up from the bed. “My head is spinning.” Whined Ming. Matius turns towards, “We had a wild night..” Ming looks onto the floor, “Indeed we did…” Ming recaps of last night’s event feeling guilty once again. “About last night..” Ming began to say before being cut off by Matius, “Let’s don’t..” Ming is confused now but doesn’t say anything and allowed Matius to carry on with getting ready for the day.



Later in the day the Trans wanted to treat everyone out at local bistro. “This place is beautiful.” Said Ming as she glanced around. Matius and Ming ate together to appear as a married couple to her family. However this meal was awkward for the both of them.

“I’m aware about last night’s events, Ming.”

“What do we do now?”

“I’ve been reading Jade’s texts over and over. I do love her.. We shouldn’t had done what we did last night…”

“Are you regretting it now?”

“I’m not saying that.. I’m just saying.. we shouldn’t had let it get that way.. This shit is fucked up..”

“Ya think!”

“Lower your tone Ming… I’m starting to feel bad. I technically cheated on you with Jade and now I just cheated on Jade with you. It’s fucked up.”

“I guess all that other stuff that you said was a lie..”

“What do you mean?”

“How you missed me, you wanted me and you regret letting me go.. We kissed before we got here. It’s almost like you wanted to be with me again.”

“But I’m married again.. I’m sorry Ming.. I don’t know what I was thinking..”

“So it was a lie?”

“No.. I do miss you but I love Jade.”

“You’re very confusing!”

“Ming, please.. lower your tone.. I don’t know what’s on with me. I’m sorry. If I could go back in time..”

“To what? Before fucking me last night? You regret it..”

“No! I would go back and not divorce you.. But..”

“Save it Matius, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You are so conflicted.”

“That is true.. We just need to forget last night.. I love Jade, we had a baby. I made a commitment to Jade and I must stay with her.”

“Ya know you made a commitment to me once and you still left me for her! Fuck you Matius!”

“Ming, wait..”

“I’m done talking to you…”



Ming jumps from her seat and ran down the beach in tears. Adam notices Ming taking off suddenly and runs after her. With tear filled eyes Ming gazes at the sun setting over the ocean waters. Ming watches the gentle waves cascade onto the shore line trying to collect her thoughts. “Ming.” Said Adam as he make his journey towards Ming.



Ming turns around to find Adam heading her way. Ming quickly tries to wipe the tears from her eyes. “Are you okay? Did you and your husband get into a fight?” Asked Adam with compassion in his tone. Ming tries to fight off more tears from pouring from her eyes. ” I have a confession and you can’t my parents.” Adam smirks a little, “What’s you with Tran sisters and your secrets? I promise I won’t tell.” Ming lets out a deep sigh, “Matius and I are not married anymore. We had a divorce years ago and he’s actually remarried. I thought he wanted me back after feeling my head with lies and sleeping with me last night.” Adam took a step back and was in shock about what he just heard. “You’re single?” Asked Adam with caution. “Very.” Said Ming as she tries to smile with tears flowing from her green eyes.

“I’m actually happy to hear that. But I’m sorry about Matius putting you though this.. You don’t deserve it. Mind games are for kids.” Smiled Adam. Ming nods her head in agreement. “I hope I’m not being too straight forwarded or moving too fast but can I show you around? It looks like you need to get away from Matius for a moment.” Asked Adam. Ming wipes the tears from her eyes again, “Are you like asking me out on a date?” Adam started to stumble on his words, “No.. Yeah.. Maybe? I’m just a friend who wants to show you around? I’m sorry.. I get nervous around beautiful women.” Ming giggles, “It’s okay.. It’s not a date.. You’re just showing me around.” Adam laughs nervously, “Yeah.. just showing you around.”



Adam and Ming didn’t bother telling the group that they were venturing out without them. Adam calls a cab and they head to a beach 20 miles away. By now the sun is gone and the moon shines it’s light on the white sands and crystal waters. “This is breath taking.. I didn’t come this part of Sunlit Tides before. It’s amazing..” Adam laughs a little, “Yeah cause most people don’t know about this part. It’s kinda my secret place. I come here whenever I need to clear my mind. I hope this place does the same for you Ming.” Ming turns towards Adam, ” I think it’s working. This is the sweetest thing that a guy had ever had for me.”


Bonus shot:

Ling Tran had her baby girl who turned out to be a ghost. Meet baby Isabella Tran.


This track kinda makes me think that I’m chilling in Sunlit Tides. It has that island feel to it 🙂

10 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 23, Reconnected

    • It’s a spell, I don’t think you remember Nyx telling Jade that she knows about the spell that was placed on both Matius and Ming and Nyx threaten to break it cause she found a weakness. That was in the chapter when Jade had the baby. Since Supernatural is now out I can finally revel Jade’s occult.

  1. All the characters are SO interesting… My favorite relationship is between Maty and Jade.. they’re so intriguing. There’s something a little off with their relationship, but I can’t seem to figure it out? Maybe I’m wrong though! : )

  2. Matius, you dog! Poor Ming, though.. The way that scene read, their sex felt very depressing.. I just wanted to tell them both, “NO!!” Ming’s got to find somebody who isn’t bewitched, and Matius has his hooker wife! While they’re cute together, it’s just not meant to be. 😦

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