Party Montigo: Chapter 12, Zombie Wedding (Final Chapter)

Borage: So what do we do now?

AS: It’s our birthdays so were aging and getting the hell out of here!

Celsia: Finally! Sweet freedom from this evil place!

TS: I think we were the evil ones.

Martini: Foolish thinking will get you killed TS!


TS: Yay! We got a zombie for our birthdays!

Zombie: Braaaiiinnsss!

Martini: Who invited the zombie?!


Borage: Gross! That zombie got naked!

Zombie: Hurry up and age up boy so we can have sweet sexy time!

Borage: Help! I think the naked zombie is going to rape me!



Dear Liam, The kids have grown up into adults. See you didn’t have to worry! All 5 of them lived! We are good parents! Can’t wait to see you and do this again soon! – Zinnia


Dear Chocolate Semen man, Dodder and Erica are now teens suddenly. You never once saw them. You better not use the excuse “I was a zombie”. I will kick you in the nuts! – Zinnia



Dodder: So what are you guys gonna do now?

Borage: We be leaving now!

Dodder: Please take Erica and I.

Borage: No. You’ll get in the way.

Dodder: How?

Borage: I’m going to be a superstar DJ and band 1000 ladies. Keeping you and Erica will mess up my game.

Dodder: You have no game!

Borage: Of course I do! I am the son of Liam Gelman, the immortal pimp! I got game, swag and class!

Dodder: I hope you get butt herpes!

Celsia: LOL



Celsia: Why do these damn zombies keep spawning in our yard! Go home!

Zombie: bloopboomzipbon wheeze

Celsia: What?!

Borage: Screw that! Let’s all send Dad a disappointing email!

Celsia: Yeah let’s do that!


Liam: Oh cool, I got a email from my Montigo kids.

Hey Dad! I’m moving to Starlight Shores to be a superstar DJ and bang 1000 ladies. Come help me move and teach me your pimp ways! – Borage

Daddy! I’m going to travel the world and learn how to cook different foods and open a bistro. But first I’m going to be a Dominatrix for money! – Celsia

Hey father, I’m gonna move to Bridgeport and open a martini bar and be a professional drunk! My name is Martini after all! – Martini

Hey Daddy! I’m moving to Twinbrook to be a stripper like my mom always wanted to be. I heard all the men with money live there. – Amaretto Sour

Dad, I plan to raise 5 evil well children to take over the world with! – Tequila Sunrise

Liam: My gosh… Of all of the kids I’m worried about AS the most…


AS: What’s with the random zombies? Don’t you have a life?!

Zombie: No! I’m dead!

AS: Someone needs to stop burying dead bodies in our yard!



AS: Guess what mom!

Rosette: What?

AS: I’m gonna do what you always wanted to do but you got all fat and gross.

Rosette: You bitch! I’m not fat!

AS: Anyways I’m moving to Twinbrook to be a stripper!

Rosette: I’m so proud of you!

AS: Thanks Mom!

Rosette: While you are there, spy on your daddy and scare off any hussy who comes near my Liam!

AS: Um.. okay but I thought you were in love with Fin?

Rosette: I’m not.

AS: But you’re marrying him.

Rosette: Yeah but that doesn’t mean that I “love” him. I just rolled out a wish to be married.


Borage: I know you’re a ghost buster but can you get rid of these zombies?

Man on phone: Just use the peashooter.

Borage: Oh.. Does it make pea salad too?

Man on phone: *hangs up*

Borage: Hello?



Rosette: HEY! This peashooter just attacked me! That hurts asshole!



Rosette: Liiiiaaammmm



Erica: What just happen?

Dodder: I think our aunt is a zombie now.

Erica: Great! Like we need anymore of those. This place is unsafe for kids. Where’s child services when you need them..

Zombie: Yeah I agree.. this place is unsafe for kids.


Erica: Shoot him in the nuts, Rico.

Zombie: Wait! Don’t do that!

Rico: Si!



Glitter Bug thinking: They seriously left a baby outside with all these random zombies running around? I’m going to have a horrible childhood.



Rosette and Finn’s twins ages. Ghetto Life suddenly spawns fairy wings like his twin.

Ghetto Life: Cool! I’m a fairy now!



Glitter Bug: Mommy look up.

Rosette: I don’t see anything.

Glitter Bug: Wait for it…

Rosette: AHHH! It’s suddenly cold! We don’t have seasons yet!!

Glitter Bug: LOL! Getting cold feet Mommy?!

Rosette: You jerk fairy kid! Do that again and I’ll feed you to the vampires in Sunset Valley!

Glitter Bug: Chill out Mommy! Really. *snickers*


Liam: Great. Rosette is calling me now. How did she get my number? *sends to voice mail*



DAMN IT LIAM!!  Stop sending me to voice mail! I am your future wife and as your future wife I demand that you answer your phone! How can you love me back when you never answer?!! Anyways! I’m coming to Twinbrook with Zin. I can’t wait to see you boo!


**Meanwhile in Twinbrook**

AS: If I’m gonna be the hottest stripper in TB then I need to improve my being sexy skills. I’m gonna enjoy my ice cream in a sexual manner and make those old people over there feel awkward. That’s right old money, I gonna make ya toss dolla bills at me!  Make it rain!



Zinnia: Go fuck off zombie! You been stalking my house for 2 days!

Zombie: But I like your house..

Zinnia: Don’t care! We have no brains or vegetables now go away so we can enjoy our cheese steaks!

Zombie: ERMAHGERD!  I love cheese steak!

Zinnia: By the power of gray skull GIVE ME CHEESE STEAKS!

*cheese steaks appears*

Zombie: ERMAHGERD! Can I haz cheese steak?

Zinnia: No.



Zinnia: Another one? What the hell are you doing?!

Zombie: Yoga.

Zinnia: Go do yoga somewhere else!


Zombie: Must do it here.

Zinnia: What kind of yoga move is that?

Zombie: It’s not.. I’m doing tai chi now.

Zinnia: Tai Chi out my yard!


Zinnia: Is that Tai Chi?

Zombie: No, this is me making out with my invisible boyfriend.

Zinnia: Now this is getting ridiculous!


Finn: YOU AGAIN?! Seriously?! You called me to give you a celebration dance!

Liam: Yes now dance.

Finn: I hate you! You got my girlfriend pregnant and now she obsesses over you!





Liam: HEY! I didn’t pay you to fall on your ass! I want my celebration dance!

Finn: What are you celebrating? Not sleeping with taken women anymore Jerkrcules?

Liam: No! I’m celebrating about this ridiculous story coming to a end!

Finn: You haven’t seen the last of me and my ghettoness!



Liam: Anyways I want my dance!

Finn: No! You knocked my girl!

Liam: So.. You’re just mad cause your little dick wasn’t enough for Rosette.

Finn: I don’t have a little dick! You’re the one with the little dick!

Liam: Doubt that, if my dick was so little then why did she come over to fuck again?

Finn: She what?!

Liam: You heard me. Rosette came over to my friend’s house a few years ago and we had sexy time twice.

Finn: I hate you! You knock her up and I had to raise your evil daughters! I want child support!


Liam: Don’t talk about my kids like that.

Finn: I can if I want to! They are about to be my step daughters. I’m marrying Rosette.

Liam: Good for you but she still loves me.


Liam: Fat?

Finn: Yes FAT BOY! Why are you at the gym for? Getting tired of you man boobs jiggling?

Liam: I don’t have man boobs!

Finn: Yes you do! Want me to buy you a bra?


Liam: Get out of my face. I need to finish.

Finn: Fine, I’ll let you finish working off your man boobs.

Liam: I may have man boobs and they can go away but there’s nothing that you can do about your little dick!




Party time, everyone watch the stripper.



Zinnia: There can only be one stripper at this party and it’s gonna be me!



Zombie: ♪♫ Booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere, rockin’ everywhere. I found you ms new booty. Get it together and bring it back to me! ♪♫







Regret: I bet you can’t drop it like I can mom!

Rosette: Look at my baby! She’s gonna be great stripper like me! All of my daughters are gonna be wonderful strippers!



Dear Liam, Were sending you this pic of us so you’ll have something to hold on to until we meet again. Our kids had grown up and moved out so we will be visiting you in Twinbrook in a few weeks. – Love, Zinnia & Rosette.



Liam: Mmm, nice.




Max: HEY! I haven’t been in this chapter yet! Gotta do my sexy, sexy dance!

Regret: Ugh.. I hate my family…



Acacia: Eww gross Dad!

Max: Don’t like it then don’t look!

Acacia: Why did I even come here?!



Borage: May make your eyes bleed. That’s bad right?



Borage: Oh well.. we will find out.



Rosette: It’s my wedding day and I wish for Liam to show up and marry me instead! Make this happen or I will destroy you!




Death: Hi Rosette, we finally meet.

Rosette: Who invited you?! Are you the one sending us zombies?!

Death: Yes.

Rosette: Stop that!



Zinnia: Hey Death! Let’s dance!

Death: I was here to kill Rosette but I can do that later.

Zinnia: Don’t kill her! I need her besides this party is about fun!

Death: Okay I will spare her but I shall return!



Liam: Hey guys.

Zinnia: Liam? Why are you here? We didn’t send you a invite. I didn’t know you was back in our story.

Liam: I saw pretty lights and Death. I figure I would drop by.



Max: With this ring I will love you and not cheat on you with June ever again. But promise you won’t cheat on me again with Liam standing over there.

Zinnia: With this ring I promise to love you.

Max: And?

Zinnia: I love you!

Max: And not cheat with Liam?

Zinnia: I love you damn it!



Keon: That bitch didn’t even send me a invite..

Acacia: Whoa.. when did you become a zombie?



Max: It’s suddenly day time, let’s cut our cake!

Zinnia: HEY! You’re holding that knife too close to my chest!



Finn: I give you this ring cause you said put a ring on it.

Rosette: Yeah cause if you like what you see then put a ring on it.




Finn: Rose, you’re suppose to help me cut our cake.

Rosette: I wanted their cake, it’s prettier.

Finn: It’s the same kind!

Rosette: But it was already cut…




Zombies: Mmm….cakeeeee.



Zinnia & Zombie: ♪♫  ‘Cause this is thriller. Thriller night And no one’s gonna save you. From the beast about to strike! ♪♫



Dodder & Erica are adults and Ghetto Life and Glitter Bug are teens.



GL: I challenge you to a ninja fight!

GB: You’re on!



Erica: Our cousins are ninja fighting fairies now?

Dodder: Yeah, I think we go leave now.

Erica: Should we tell mom?

Dodder: No, she wouldn’t even notice.



GL: I guess we are the last ones here..

GB: Yeah. It’s kinda sad. We really didn’t get to be in the story.

GL: You think we’ll get spin offs?

GB: I hope so!



Zinnia: Have you seen our kids? They are adults now.

Keon: No I was busy being a zombie.

Zinnia: I knew it! I’m gonna kick you in the nuts!



Zinnia: Now that all of my kids are grown and moved out without telling me and your twins are teens, maybe it’s time to visit Liam in Twinbrook?

Rosette: You know I have been waiting for this day! I wanna see my Liam.

Zinnia: I booked our flight. It leaves in 5 minutes.

Rosette: Let’s go! There better not be no other heffa obsessing over my man. That’s my man!

Zinnia: You’re not gonna stalk him will you?

Rosette: damn right I’m gonna stalk him until he loves me!



Max: Where you girls going? It’s our honeymoon night.

Zinnia: We are taking a trip to Twinbrook for 9 months.

Finn: You’re both gonna go see that fuckin’ guy!

Rosette: NO! Were gonna see AS and teach her to strip.

Max: That’s not hard to do. What’s the truth?

Zinnia: That’s the truth! We can’t send our little AS out into the world of stripping without teaching her the proper skills.

Finn: Fine, but don’t you come home pregnant by that fuckin’ Liam guy! I hate him!

Max: Yeah.. I hate him too.

Rosette: Settle down! No one is coming home pregnant!



Watch out Twinbrook The Montigo sisters are coming!



It’s been fun playing with Zinnia and Rosette but it’s time to move on to Gen 2 with Borage. Amaretto Sour shows in Lei’s story Broken and Erica shows up in Montigo Tango when it switches to Gen 2. Zinnia and Rosette will show up randomly in other stories so you will still see them. Zinnia and Rosette were also apart of daddy/momma swamp with jbfairybird, there you will see their time in Twinbrook.


Bonus shot:

Zinnia and Rosette talked about being strippers. Before this story they were once strippers at a club in Starlight Shores before moving to Riverview to raise their kids. (They made the move to Riverview when their file was messed up)


Look Liam! One hand!

15 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 12, Zombie Wedding (Final Chapter)

  1. lol! I loved the conclusion of this gen. Btw- I was wondering if I could use Rose for more than just the conclusion of the swap? A crazy stalker chick would be a way to up the Chaos quota and since you already said it would be hard to get her to leave and she already said she was going to stalk him. lol.

    The zombies, especially the naked ones, added to the fun. I loved the notes. Liam will definitely have to stop in on his son and give him some fatherly advice. lol

    • Sure you can use her again.. She’s crazy and isn’t gonna let go so easily LOL. Liam crashed the wedding but never crashed his kids’ birthday parties LOL. I plan for him to show up in first chapter of Borage’s story when he moves to SS. Liam appears in Lei’s story for a little bit. He’s in for a shock when he finds out Amaretto Sour was serious about her plans. hehe. Glad that you liked it.

      • Thanks! Seth’s specialty is finding crazy chicks and getting them to cause trouble. First, Betsy…who’s reign of thus far quiet terror can’t last forever… and now Rosette. I figure to encourage her Seth will offer her immortality so she could be with Liam “foreva and eva” if she can get Liam to marry her and that will be all the incentive she needs. lol.

        Yeah Liam won’t be too happy to see AS gyrating for dollars (not that he’s against the idea of stripping in general) with men drooling over her. lol.

        • Haha nice! That mines she would have to call Finn and tell him that the marriage is over. He won’t be happy about that since he hates Liam with a passion. Rosette’s lack of good parenting does deeply affect her children especially AS that leads her into stripping. Zinnia and Rosette were once top strippers in SS and that would be mention in Borage’s story. AS believes Rosette is a good role model and wants to follow in her footsteps. The stripping business will bring in some trouble for AS. But can Daddy Liam rescue her? Or maybe good guy Vandeen Jonso save her. I plan to have him in the story too 😀

            • Yeah Finn maybe not really love Rosette but he loves her money and isn’t gonna let her go for Liam LOL I’m gonna miss Finn, he’s my fav townie. I found him in SS. Borage already met Finn in his file so I might bring him back. I can’t wait to start Broken but I need to age Lei in MT first. I might this coming week. Its been 2 weeks since MT I may have to type up a refresh. I should have a chapter up by tomorrow.

  2. It was crazy, but crazy fun..naked zoms and all..I think it is such a good idea to blend and extend these stories.everyone already knows the characters so it is a good transiton. I’ll be surprised if Liam takes a second glance at Rosette..he has bigger fish to fry so Finn is kinda safe..for the moment.

  3. I read this last night but was too tired to comment. “Good guy” Vandeen Jonso hey? 🙂 Remember he is a good guy, but he is also brave and has a hot temper. So don’t get on his bad side or he WILL kick you to the ground. LOL.

    • The bad guys will soon learn that lol. I had him aged already in Lei’s game.. He’s already getting his mack on with Lei lol. I told him no.. She’s suppose to be with someone else later on but they looked cute tho. Right now I’m building the strip club so AS can make it rain LOL

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