Montigo Tango Refresh

It’s been 2 weeks since the last MT update. I decided to take some time to refresh everyone’s memory before carrying on to chapter 23 (possibly out tomorrow).

We last left off where Niro came into his psychic powers and gets a signal that his mother Cira is still alive. Niro tries to track down Cira’s pinpoint but fails. Jade learns that she has a possible vampire stalker. The vampire is unknown to Malachi as Jade first thought the stalker was him. Jade had a baby girl, Azalea but judging by the baby’s appearance Nyx isn’t convince that Azalea is her uncle’s daughter which lead her to confront Jade about it.

Ming returns from a trip from Sunlit Tides to attend a wedding of a friend. She found out that her parents bought a home there and wants her to return with her family. Ming invites Matius to visit her parents in Sunlit Tides and confesses that she never told her parents they were divorced. Ming asks Matius to come and pretend that they are married. After recently getting close to Ming in the hot tub. Matius happily agrees to pretend they are married. Matius told Jade that he’s leaving with Ming and Rio to Sunlit Tides which gives Jade a panic and she begs him to stay. Jade told Matius that she doesn’t trust but changes it to saying she doesn’t trust Ming alone with him. Matius had a jump start with faking a marriage with Ming by sleeping next to Ming in her bed, which freaked Ming out because Jade could of caught them. Matius is in bliss with faking a marriage with Ming and neglect to bid his new wife Jade good bye.

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