Party Montigo: Chapter 11, Prank Gang

Borage: Girls, you see this face that I’m making? Don’t do this in all of your pics! The duck face is not sexy!

Tequila Sunrise: Who are you talking to?



Rosette: Wow you look like your daddy now.

Borage: Um.. okay?

Rosette: I’m gonna call you Liam 2.0.

Borage: No.. cause that’s not my name. My name is bad enough.

Rosette: Your daddy is sexy and I love him so I’m calling you Liam 2.0!

Borage: No! You’re not going to give me any more stupid names! I don’t even know my dad!

Rosette: Just know that you look like him with pink hair. You’re gonna be sexy!

Borage: I’m already sexy but this convo is starting to get awkward…

Rosette: Whateva! I’m marrying your daddy cause we are in love! You hear that Liam? I’M GOING TO MARRY YOU AND WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER AND EVER!



No we ain’t woman!

Hey magic well! Turn me into a beautiful fairy! …. It didn’t work. Gimme my money back!!



Max: Hey sexy… I was just thinking about you. How you been good looking?

Finn: What the fuck….



I don’t look suspicious at all.



This is going to be funny. This person never did a thing to me but I’m still going to prank them cause I never knew my dad.







What’s with my kids and pranks? Father disappointed!



Zinnia: You look like a slave working for Masta!

Keon: Oh..

Zinnia: Never fear! I will unslave you with my good fashion taste!

Keon: Ok I guess..


Zinnia: Now you look like you should be in jail! I did a good job! You went from slave negro to jail negro!

Keon: I should be offended by that..

Zinnia: It’s cool! My mom is a negro genie!

Keon: Doesn’t make it any better..



Acacia: Hey August since your brother and all, you should join us for random pranking.

August: I can’t.. My mom said I’m banned from hanging with you all.

Acacia: But you’re my brother…

August: Yeah but my mom said you’re being raised by idiots and doesn’t want any idiotness passed to me..

Acacia: So you’re saying that I’m a idiot?

August: No.. just my mom.

Acacia: I’m going to kill her.

August: Do it before she has another baby and name it October…



Acacia: So is this the first house?

Celsia: Yep.

Tequila Sunrise: But why are we pranking this house?

Amaretto Sour: Cause they lack in fashion! Look at them. And their house is ugly.

Borage: But they are some lovely ladies. I want to get their number.

Celsia: Ugh really Bora? Keep your dick in your pants! We are pranking them cause they have a ugly house!

Borage: But the ladies….

Celsia: Screw the ladies!

Borage: *smirks* Gladly… I’ll give all the ladies some of this Borage loving.



Proud of you, son.



Amaretto Sour: Take that ugly house!

Woman: Why are you throwing eggs at my house!

Amaretto Sour: Your house is offensive to all 5 of my senses!

Woman: That… That doesn’t make any sense.

Amaretto Sour: Doesn’t have to! Your house is ugly!






Stupid house! Let’s ring the doorbell and run so they’ll come outside and get eaten by a zombie!



AHAHAHAHAHA! This is fun!



Rosette: I knew I shouldn’t had wore this tacky outfit. The baby hates it!

Celsia: Auntie! You’re giving birth now!

Rosette: Oh.. so that’s why I’m in pain. I thought it was cause the baby hates my tacky outfit!

Acacia: You can not be serious…



Oh no… I’m going through the change!



Zinnia: Yay! My baby is coming a woman and she can bring me lots of grand babies!

Celsia: This is amazing!

Tequila Sunrise: Are you about to turn into a butterfly?



Guys? Still giving birth over here! Did you forget about me? I WANT MY LIAM!!!



Finally, I am woman. Where’s Regret?



Braiiiiinnnsss… Wait. None here. Why did I even bother coming here knowing brainless people live here… Why did I become a zombie on my twins’ birthday? Damn you EA!



Hey peoples! I’m back! I’m a woman now and my vag bleeds for 5 days and I don’t die from it!



Regret: Yay a party but I’m just here to rescue Acacia.


Martini: Please take me with you! I’m your little sister!

Regret: Sorry kid! Acai and I plan to have wild drunk orgy parties!



Rosette and Finn had twins. The boy was born first. Finn named him Ghetto Life. Rosette named the girl Glitter Bug since she was sparkly.

Rosette: Stupid well! I said turn me into a fairy! Not my baby!



Finn: Happy birthday babygirl! I got you this ghettolicious house cause daddy loves you!

Regret: Thank you daddy! I guess you’re not a asshole after all!



Dodder and Erica aged as well.

Dodder: Totally sucks that our dad became a zombie on our birthday.

Erica: I think it’s cool!



Do the Smustle!



Am I doing it right?


It’s been fun and all but Thursday will be the final chapter for Party Montigo. Were moving on to Gen 2 with Borage in his story “Love For the Ladies”

5 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 11, Prank Gang

  1. lol. I like Liam’s asides. So now Rosette wants to marry Liam now even though she’s already married to Finn? lol. I wonder if she’d try to insist on staying once she gets to his house when she and Zinnia go to leave? lol.

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