Tango Party Journey: Ep 1, Dearest Cousins

Hi! I’m the narrator person and this is the first episode of Tango Party Journey. This show will take place in Seoul, South Korea on a random plot. Were bringing in the first generation of the Montigo Legacy to all come live together for my pure entertainment . Let’s see how well they will adjust to living outdoors instead of their comfortable fancy houses.


Welcome Montigo family to your new home!

Lei: Is this a joke? Where’s the house?

No house, you guys will be roughing it outdoors for now on.

Malix: That sucks but at least I’m suddenly alive now…

Ramiro: Maria and I can’t live outside! Were VAMPIRES!!!

I’m very aware of the Ramiro, I gave you and your sister the immortal reward, now you can live outside.

Ramiro: I hate the outdoors….

Maria: Great! …Just great… Now I will live forever as a disco ball..

Oh it’s not that bad my dear Maria, you have your family with you. You know you and Ramiro never got to spend anytime with your cousins Matius, Malix and Lei. Here’s your chance!

Rosette: HEY! Where’s my party wall at?

Sorry Rosie.. no party wall.

Rosette: OMG!!! I’m gonna die!!

Zinnia: Are we in hell?


Matius: Where are we? Are we going to die?

You’re in Seoul, South Korea. It’s possible.

Rosette: Woo! I got seoul!



Matius: I need a drink….

Malix: I wonder where Nessie is..

Lei: Do I have to go to school?


Lei: Damn it!

Rosette: I’m thinking about actually reading a book.




Ramiro: Whoever this person is.. I’m taking them to court.

Good luck with that Ramiro.

Ramiro: You just wait! Just wait!

I don’t take kindly to threats Mr. Montigo.. You see I created you.. I can control you. Would you like to make out with your cousin Rosette? I’m sure she’ll love that.

Rosette: SAY YES!

Ramiro: Eww Rosette! …You made be a clone but we are still related!! Fine..narrator.. I’ll be good..

Much better.



Malix decided to scare Lei. That’s very nice to pick on your little sister like that.

Lei: Oh my gosh Malix!!



Malix: Hahaha! That was funny.

I guess you want to be the resident villain?

Malix: Yeah.. I want to be the asshole.

That’s not very Malix of you..

Malix: Well I figure new story, I wanna be whoever I wanna be.

No Malix, I control your fate. You will be whatever I want you to be.

Malix: I guess I’ll be walking around in my undies again…

Rosette: STRIP HIM!



Okay guys, it’s time for you all the explore the city. Have fun!



Lei: You run like a pansy!

Ramiro: I see you weren’t taught manners yet.

Lei: I’m just saying.

Ramiro: You don’t run very well either…



How do you guys like the park?

Ramiro: I feel like drowning someone in the pool.

Malix: Me too.

Guys, there will be no drowning anyone in the pool. When did you guys become so evil?

Ramiro: I dunno.. I’m vampire. I have this urge.

Malix: I use to be vampire and I still have this urge.

No drowning…

Matius: ACHOO!

Ramiro: Haha! You got snot all over your face!

Malix: LOL




Here Matius, take these hot dogs and grill them… Wait. Why did everyone just changed into their formal attire?

Malix: Were Montigos, we gotta keep it fancy.

Right.. whatever.

Matius: Oh yeah! Grilling up some dogs. I’m gonna show ya how a real Montigo throws down on the grill!



Rosette: Let’s be smart and play some chess.

Zinnia: Yeah! That will show everyone that we are smart!

Rosette: So how do we play?

Zinnia: I move the black pieces and you move the white pieces then someone yells out BINGO!

Rosette: Okay! We are gonna be so smart!

Zinnia: Totally!

Lei: There’s no way that I’m related to you 2 idiots…



Malix: You know what would make this more interesting?

Ramiro: What?

Malix: Let’s put roofies in everyone’s drinks.

Ramiro: Hmm, I like your thinking Malix.

Malix: Shall we?

Ramiro: Be my guest, cousin.



What on earth happen there Matius??!

Matius: I burnt them..

You only had one job to do Matius! One job! …It’s okay my sweet Matius. Try again.

Matius: Okay. I will not fail you this time.



Ramiro: I see that the roofies aren’t working.

Malix: Yeah, they been roofie’d so much that they became immune to it.

Ramiro: True, what shall we do now?

Malix: We should of used cyanide instead.

Ramiro: Yes, cyanide would of been so much funnier.

Will you 2 stop trying to be a homicidal sociopath??!!



Rosette: So when do we call out bingo?

Zinnia: I dunno. Let me move this piece.

Rosette: BINGO! Did I win?

Zinnia: No! You cheated you ho bag!

..I’m not even going to bother…




Matius: I know… I’m sorry. I burnt them again..

Fine.. I’m sending you guys somewhere to eat.




Malix: I challenge you into a duel of rock, paper and dynamite. The winner strangles Rosette in her sleep.

Ramiro: Deal.


Malix: What? I’m ignoring you.



Ramiro: 3 rounds?

Malix: You’re on!

Ramiro: I’m so gonna win!

Malix: That’s what you think!

Guys… you’re going to the club.

Both: Yay!

Now stop plotting to kill the others!



Lei: Where you been?

Maria: Hiding.

Lei: Smart.

You didn’t hide well. I found you and sent you back here…

Maria: Next time you won’t find me!

Oh it will be easy, you light up like a disco ball during the day.

Maria: Fuck.



Bartender: What can I get for you sir?

Malix: Gimme some vodka, lots of it. And I want you to put this cyanide in everyone’s drink.

Bartender: Sir I can’t do that.

Malix: Fine, give me vodka.



Bartender: Here you go Sir.

Malix: What the fuck is this?

Bartender: Frog legs.

Malix: But I asked for some vodka.

Bartender:Vodka you say? Yesterday you wanted some Pandora.

Malix: What are you talking about?

Bartender: Now you want vodka? Make up your mind Sir.

Malix: What?! Who the fuck is Pandora?

Bartender: You know? The hot redhead that you’re trying to hook up with instead of saving the alien.

Malix: The fuck… I’m married! I don’t know what you’re talking!

Bartender: Sure you do.

Malix: Fuck you and give me the frog legs. Still want vodka.

Bartender: Make up your mind. Pandora or Vodka?


Well, that escalated quickly…



Lei: I would like a lemon drop martini please.

Bartender: Aren’t you a little too young to be drinking?

Lei: Yes.

Bartender: Okay, coming right up.



Zinnia: Damn Rosette! When was the last time your wore some deodorant??

Rosette: I wrote this song in 94′!

Zinnia: What?!



Lei: Ermahgerd! Erm so frekin’ drenk!

Malix: Who the fuck is Pandora?

Lei: I love pandora radio!

Malix: Shut up.



I guess I will you guys party since you’re all drunk off of your asses….



Malix: Tonight. They will all die. I added cyanide to everyone’s drink. Muhahahaha!



Zinnia: HAI GUISE! Let’s start a band!

Maria: 1..2..3. GO!

* Annoying random racket*

This was a bad idea…



♪ ♫ It was a rainy night on the south side of town…♪ ♫



♪ ♫ And my baby came home to me and said to me…  ♪♫



♪♫ Who the fuck is Pandora… ♪♫



♪♫ If she’s hot then we’ll be fucking like blue rabbits … ♪♫



♪♫ Blue rabbits fucking!  Cause you won’t see this in the lord of the rings! Wooo! ♪♫

That is the worst song that I ever heard…



Rosette: So drunk. Passing out now.

Okay guys, time to go home.

Maria: They want a encore!

No they don’t… You should leave. Seriously.



Bedtime guys. You have a big day tomorrow.

Ramiro: No way in hell am I sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag!

Oh yes you are.

Ramiro: I am Ramiro Montigo! I demand a bed!



Okay, I will give you a bed but you’ll have to share it with your cousin Rosette who has personal space issues. I know she’s dying to cuddle with you.

Ramiro: I hate you…



Aww everyone is sleeping. Is that a deer in the background? Let me zoom in.



What the what?!

Deer: Hi I’m a creepy black deer named Dayday. I want these people off of my land.

Sorry Dayday, but they are not going anywhere.

Dayday: Fine but you’ll be sorry.

Oh we’ll see about that.



That’s all for today! Tune in until next time! Peace, love and disco balls!

9 thoughts on “Tango Party Journey: Ep 1, Dearest Cousins

  1. I usually don’t like narrator to simmie paradies..but honestly with this I am not struggling to say something nice..maybe because we know these characters? It was a good funny…the kind where you really laugh.

  2. I am with Anony on this one… I laughed so much I am crying here. Lol. Omg. So funny when i saw the pic of Ramiro and said to myself ‘wow he is kinda gay running’ and then read her line he runs like a pansy. Hahahahah. The pandora bit.. Amazing. And loved “I want you to put this cyanide in everyone’s drinks” 😀 oh my. Awesome band name. Haha

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