Super Happy Mash Up Fun Time!

It’s time for some super mash up fun time! Tango Party Journey! Let’s strip away the fancy and high class living away from the first generation of the Montigo Legacy and place them on a patch of land in the middle of South Korea with no form of shelter! Let’s make our beloved Montigos rough it out with nothing but sleeping bags and a random couch. Sorry Zinnia and Rosette, no “party wall” for you.

Good news! Malix is magically alive! So how does this story portrays to the other stories? It doesn’t, the Montigos are just having a really bad dream! Tango Party Journey is my little side dish story just for fun when I’m taking a break from story writing. I gotta at least enjoy playing sims for once, right? Let’s see how well these rich kids cope without their luxury living.


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